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Last Updated Wednesday October 31, 2001

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Friends of the Tree

  • for reporting and fixing CSS cascading problems in bug 43220 while going through months of debates and requests for changes without ever losing her calm. - Pierre Saslawsky
Module Updates
Necko, Imagelib, XPCOM
October 29
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • still some bugs left for 0.9.6-- need to trim down that list.


  • pavlov
    • Laptop got repaired on Wednesday.
    • Bugs 106623, 105964, 106199 - Imagelib cleanup. Removal of some extra interface inheritance, class size reductions, etc.
    • Bug 104999 - Win32 image drawing speedup/memory savings/other good stuff. Working on win32 portability issues (win95 vs 2k, etc). Will begin on Unix version of this once I finish the windows version.
    • Bug 78611 - New cross platform and threadsafe timer implementation is up and running again. Patch in bug. Running perf tests shows no slowdowns in page loads. Working on getting additional testing done on Mac.
  • darin
    • fixed bug 105478 "nsHttpHandler::mLastUniqueID not initialized!!"
    • investigated bug 101666 "checkout at fails"
    • worked on bug 103916 "standard url performance rewrite"
    • worked on bug 99165 "freeze nsI{In,Out}putStream"
    • triaged many bugs.
  • neeti
    • Have a patch for removing nsIShutdownListener from ComponentManager. Waiting for a review.
    • Checked in fix for bug 96461 - ComponentManager could PLHash or PLDHash.
    • Checked in fix for bug 106585 - crash in XPCOMM.DLL during shutdown when mail-news window was open
    • Triaged bugs
  • gordon
    • Triaged bugs.
    • Resolved (WONTFIX, INVALID) 73074, 105843, 106813)
    • Read and signed Standards of Business Conduct.
  • dougt
    • Landed nsIMemory API Freeze.
    • Finished the nsISimpleEnumerator Freeze (should land Monday)
    • Worked on my presentation for the Mozilla Developer Day.
    • Working on a Module Unloading proof of concept.
  • gagan


  • gagan
    • still quite a few bugs left for 0.9.6 :-(

Plans for next week

  • pavlov
    • Get timer patch checked in.
    • Finish new win32 image code.
    • Triage bugs.
  • darin
    • triage bugs
    • fix 0.9.6 bugs
    • land standard url changes (hopefully!)
  • gordon
    • Triage/Fix 0.9.6 bugs.
  • dougt
    • Start on the nsIComponentManager API freeze. Mostlikely going to propose on a very slim API that does not include anything to do with component registation. A second interface can exposed additional functionality. More will be posted to the xpcom ng.
    • Spend some time continuing to work on presentation.
  • gagan
    • triage triage and triage :)


October 29
Submitted by Scott Putterman <>


  • Quick Search checked in.
  • View All Headers checked in.
  • Labels backend checked in.
  • Fixed a number of crashers.
  • Resolved as fixed 50 bugzilla bugs.

Performance and Footprint

  • Cavin checked in his changes to improve folder loading by 4-8% by reducing the number of memory allocations we make. He started generating a timeline for folder loading.
  • Scott started generating a timeline in libmime for message display performance.

Mailnews Accomplishments

  • Cavin
    • Checked in his fix for improving folder loading by 4-8%.
    • Worked on a hang during autocomplete.
    • Started generating a timeline for folder loading.
  • David
    • Fixed a topcrash in Mork code.
    • Fixed a crash using movemail if filters were set up.
    • Fixed an ABR in message header parsing.
    • Implemented the backend and some of the frontend for labels.
  • Navin
    • Checked in Quick Search and fixed some bugs relating to this feature.
    • Fixed a top-crasher on reading local messages.
    • Fixed the folder-picker in general to not show bogus folders. This will help users identify incorrect filter targets in their rules.dat.
    • Fixed a bug where sort info was not being preserved after empty trash for imap accounts.
    • Fixed a small memory leak for folderNames in nsImapProtocol.
  • Scott
    • Started adding timing macros into libmime to generate a timeline of where the time goes for message display.
    • Landed view all headers changes.
    • Started playing around with the S/MIME experimental builds.
    • Started re-working the initial S/MIME patches to mailnews to work as an extension to the mailnews product.
  • Jean-Francois
    • Finished rewriting the way we manage attachments in the compose window. This enabled him to fix a number of leaks and to fix a bunch of bugs where attachment names weren't displaying correctly in the compose window.
    • He fixed a crash while closing the compose window.
    • Has fixes for providing a better error message when copying to sent fails, for closing the progress window when the compose window is closed on send, for a crash when viewing a message with an invalid attached web page, and for fixing the wording of an error message when saving a mail with a nonexistent file.
    • Will be taking over the caching a compose window fix from Seth.
  • Varada
    • Prefill Filters is ready for review
    • Finished the designs for block address.
  • Bhuvan
    • Started work on AccountWizard conversion to adapt to new <wizard/> .
    • Has a fix for making Show Name As Last, First work correctly in the address book.
    • Has code for adding some context menus to the address book.
  • Sean
    • Continued working on Labels frontend.
    • Helped with Installer.
  • Seth
    • Fixed a regression where quoting stopped working in html compose.
    • Made it so that the account manager, nsIMsgIdentity and nsIMsgIncomingServer can be dynamically extended. This will be used for S/MIME and will first be checked onto their branch.
    • Worked with Jessica Blanco in landing address book patches listed below.
    • Fixed a bug where there were no items in the subscribe tree until a search was started.
    • Worked on a smoketest blocker where many windows in the product were crashing on opening.
  • Joe Hewitt
    • Helped out with the message header XBL widgets for View All Headers.
  • Jessica Blanco
    • Mmade it so that clicking on a link in the address book opens it in a browser window.
  • James Green
    • Added mnemonics to the mailing list dialog.
    • Made View | Sort By and View | Messages radio buttons.
  • Stephen Donner
    • Changed the Get Msg and New Msg toolbar buttons to Get Msgs and Compose.
    • Removed the Folder Character Coding menuitem.
  • Håkan Waara
    • Got the Quoted Text Color preference working again.
    • Made news links reuse whatever 3 pane window is currently open.
  • Alexey Chernyak
    • Made it so that we can filter on spaces.
October 31
Submitted by Daniel Glazman <>


  • Fix EDITORBASE bugs, publishing.


  • Akkana (Composer team)
    • Removed the now-obsolete files in editor/base to close out (finally) 66345 , the editor reorganization.
    • Fixed the Unix prefs for word selection, as a minor addendum to Pinkerton's fix for bug 98546 .
    • 106111 : Flags to build plaintext only is missing on Unix (somehow didn't get checked in). Worked with Kin on various fixes. Awaiting sr from Kin.
    • Lots of bug triage, comments and testing on newly filed bugs; helped on various blockers and regressions that showed up this week.
    • Took Friday off.
  • Kathy (Composer Team)
    • nsIDiskDocument work, vacation, publish UI discussions
  • Charles (Composer Team)
    • 0.9.6 bugs fixed and checked in:
      • 102036 Use "middle", not "center" for image align attribute
      • 106047 Fixed HTML attribute setting in Advanced Edit dialog
      • 106733 Fixed dead toolbar -- first side-effect of getAttribute returning null instead of "".
      • 106822 Fixed side effects of getAttribute returning null instead of empty string (when attribute doesn't exist) in Composer dialog code.
      • Reviewed and checked in fix by Neil: 106224 Fixed warnings in editor.js
    • More discussions and progress on Publishing dialog. We decided to have simpler dialogs when publishing, a separate full-featured dialog to edit publishing setings, and use a wizard to help novice users add new publishing sites.
    • Spent lots of time struggling with Windows build system (thanks to Kin for help.)
    • Bug triage and load balancing for milestones through moz 1.0.
  • Daniel (Layout team)
    • CSS WG conf call
    • bug triage
    • Fixed and checked-in :
      • 18894 STYLE attribute expands CSS shorthand property assignment to equivalent longhand assignments
      • 102147 table alignment not visible in AllTags mode
    • Worked on
      • 34849 dynamically added STYLE element doesn't alter style ; this bug has a very annoying side effect in Composer (bug 60841, marked as dup) : changes in embedded CSS rules in the source view are not reflected when back to other views. It's not an easy fix and I have to patch CSSLoader to be able to remove a stylesheet from sheetMap if needed.
      • fixed problem in my patch for 77705 (CSS in Composer) : the U button was not reflecting correctly the underline state of the selection if the element carrying 'text-decoration:underline' was an other ancestor than the direct container of the start of the selection. That was caused by the behavior of the CSS property itself, not inherited but the underlining affects all descendants of the node.
      • started coding for 16255 [RFE] allow class assignment to elements : CSS in Composer step 4
      • started coding for 54479 Nested lists are incorrectly generated ; looking at cut&paste code for this issue
  • Kin (Layout team)
    • Code reviews/superreviews
    • Started looking at glazman's CSS Composer changes.
    • Have fix for bug 103539 (Find does not always find strings containing spaces) waiting for r=.
    • Checked in fix for bug 104692 (Edit field line brake didn't updated)
    • Looked into bug 105004(Crash scrolling absolute positioned textarea), passed it off to since it was caused by BIDI code.
    • Helped look into Wednesday morning editor/composer smoketest blockers.
    • Helped look into bug 99354 (Crash after 2nd email written offline and stored as "send later")
    • Helped sspitzer look into and fix bug 106269 (Reply quoted broken with HTML composing)
    • Lots-o-meetings this week
    • Several discussions with editor folks.
    • Started triaging *all* my bugs to load balance across mozilla0.9.x milestones.
    • Did some preliminary debugging on incoming Editor:Core bugs.
  • Joe (Layout team)
    • found problems with previous weeks work on 98351 , had to make significant changes to how indention works.
    • need related but unfortnately not identical changes to outdent, this is in progress (no bug number yet)
    • began review and testing of Daniel's css editor work, still in progress
    • finished up work on 98260 , getting delete to merge unlike blocks


  • Akkana
    • Work on various bugs related to the file saving APIs.
    • More bug investigation, particularly 104195 (rewrap problem).
  • Kathy
    • I will be back Tuesday and focusing on publishing issues again (revising nsIDiskDocument->nsIURI patch).
  • Charles
    • Continue on Publish UI and 0.9.6 bug fixing.
    • Review Daniel's CSS code.
  • Daniel
    • continue the above
    • 1st of November is a legal holiday in France
  • Kin
    • Triage Triage Triage
    • Continue working on 0.9.6 bugs.
    • Finish up glazman's CSS Composer code review.
  • Joe
    • finish css editor review for Daniel
    • review kin's Find whitespace fix
    • debugging session with Roy in I10N to isolate IME woes
    • land current crop of fixes
October 31
Submitted by Michell Baker <>
  • OEone Corporation contributes calendar functionality for Mozilla
  • Nov. 9 Mozilla Developer Day content revised to include XUL and XBL
  • Special "Bug Week" underway, continues through Nov. 4. Bug Week gives assistance to those who would like to work with Mozilla code, and could use some help getting started.
  • Progress on templatizing Bugzilla continues (bug 86168): code to templatize "createattachment.cgi" has been checked in, resolving bug 98602; work on templatizing query.cgi (bug 98707) and enter_bug.cgi (bug 103953) continues. Goal is to allow interface changes and customization without forking.
  • Mozilla and to be represented at Comdex, thanks to Tuxia at and
  • Relicensingwork continues, begins asking MPL copyright holders to agree to MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-licensing.
  • Document on Tips For Contributing New Features To Mozilla now available.

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