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Last Updated Wednesday October 24, 2001

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Module Updates
October 17
Submitted by Mitchell Baker <>
  • Mozilla 1.0 manifesto posted; 1.0 tracking  metabug created. Please do not change the dependencies for this bug. Please do not begin a discussion in this bug, but in a newsgroup or by mail. If you add yourself to the CC list, please do not add a comment.
  • 0.9.5 Milestone released. Speakers lined up for Nov. 9 Developer Day
  • New document on Mozilla Modules and Module Ownership now available
  • Michael Ang to speak at the Silicon Valley Linux Users Group on December 5.  Topic is Building Applications with Mozilla and XPCOM
October 19
Submitted by Matthew Tuck <>
October 19
Submitted by Axel Hecht <>
I have checked in the code for [Bug 76070] we need namespace support from the DOM. This code gives the transformiix DOM namespace IDs and atoms for localnames. This will give us some great tools for both performance and correctness and was one of our major architecture blockers. Thanks to Jonas Sicking for starting this and both him and peterv for great input after I took over this bug. Kudos for sr go to jst.
October 22
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • darin
    • fixed bug 103979 "Crash if autoconfig proxies prefs enabled by the default"
    • fixed bug 102743 "crash pressing back/forward on"
    • nearing completion of the new standard url implementation -- probably 2 more days worth of work. matches behavior of current standard url implementation on all of our URL tests.
    • tested a linux build with mach-o patch applied -- seems to work fine.
    • triaged some bugs.
  • gordon
    • Fixed 103991 "remove IsAsciiString from nsDNSService and nsHttpChannel".
    • Fixed 103167 "netwerk MANIFEST files out of date, remove obsolete cache source files"
    • Fixed 101857 "support cache entries with no data"
    • Fixed 92908 "prefs inconsistency causes cache session creation to fail"
    • Fix 101651 "nsStdURL::SetSpec can trash memory"
  • dougt
    • Landed API freeze to nsIServiceManager, nsIObserver, and nsIObserverService.
  • gagan
    • attended a meeting on jud's proposal for 'delivering software in CPD'
  • neeti
    • Finally got review for bug 96461- ComponentManager cleanup. Will check it in shortly.
    • Triaged a lot of bugs.
  • pavlov
    • bug 83163.  fixed FMW in gtk timer code. 
    • bug 105257.  fixed javascript mouseovers being broken. 
    • bug 104999.  checked in the first few parts... working on shrinking the footprint by doing a better job of storing images in the videocard's memory. 
    • bug 104999.  Helps startup a little by making winmm.dll not be loaded at startup but instead when it is first needed. 
    • bug 92453.  Removed <img> lowsrc support.


  • pavlov
    • Laptop died. Ticket been filed-- hoping for a replacement soon!
  • dougt
    • nsIObserver landing was not as graceful as I would have liked. Change touch many subsystems, some of which could not be verified. I should have cut a branch and produced experimental builds.

Plans for next week

  • darin
    • triage more bugs
    • land standard url patch
    • fix more bugs for 0.9.6
  • gordon
    • keep knocking off bugs.
  • dougt
    • Start looking at the nsIComponent freeze dependencies.
  • pavlov
    • Continue on bug 104999. 
    • Continue fixing bugs.


October 22
Submitted by Heikki Toivonen <>


  • jst went mad and fixed 11 bugs! If you see him sleepwalking on the campus, please guide him to the B21 bridge area and gently lay him down on the sofa to recover from the ordeal ;)
  • We have too many bugs on our 0.9.6 list, needs triaging. jst is doomed with his untriaged list (over 100) and would need some help.
  • heikki will be on vacation 10/26.


  • jst
    • Fixed crasher bug 104774. Added null check in nsStyleLinkElement before calling CallQueryInterface() on mStyleSheet, which will be null if there is no stylesheet.
    • Fixed bug 70613. element.innerHTML came up empty if element was not part of a document hierarchy.
    • Fixed bug 79133. Image onerror events cause window.onerror handlers to be called since the events bubble up the tree.
    • Fixed bug 103188. Made window.prompter [noscript] since it's not accessible from web scripts anyway.
    • Fixed bug 76049. Made access past the end of a 'DOM array' return undefined and not null.
    • Fixed bug 104031. Bad string code in nsHTMLDocument::WriteCommon().
    • Fixed bug 102583. Fixing bad old string usage in nsXMLContentSink.
    • Fixed part of bug 104297. Made calling window.close() on an already closed window not throw exceptions and not assert.
    • Fixed bug 101492. Made self.close() do nothing when called from within a frame in a frameset (or from an iframe) for backwards compatibility. 
    • Fixed most of bug 62536. Adding support for the properties scrollTop, scrollLeft, scrollHeight, scrollWidth, clientHeight, clientWidth and the method scrollIntoView() to elements for compatibility with IE. Patch by Fabian <> and myself.
    • Fixed bug 105572. Don't bother GC'ing on context destruction when we're tearing down a frame in a frameset (or an iframe) since the tear-down of the frameset will do a GC.
    • Reviewed (almost done) John Keiser's form submission rewrite.
  • harishd
    • Landed fixes for a bunch of 0.9.6 bugs.
    • Worked on parser performance issues.
    • Discussed with Dave Barrowman about the plans for landing compact policy changes.
    • Code reviews.
  • peterv
    • Checked in some cleanup of Transformiix code.
    • Looked at my topembed bug (102209 - When copying text from composer to AOL, it takes out spacing randomly).
    • Worked on the XSLT output rewrite.
    • Did reviews for sicking, Pike, jst.
  • heikki
    • I will be on vacation 10/26.
    • Attended AOLU course on Thursday and Friday.
    • Worked on 41983, lots of testing and some fine tuning.
    • Code reviews for harishd.
    • Bug triage.

Plans for next week

  • jst
    • Fix some more of my 096 bugs.
    • Bug triage.
  • harishd
    • Triage... Triage... Triage... bugs.
    • Land compact policy changes.
    • Work on parser performance issue.
    • If time permits (!!) work on 0.9.6 bugs.
  • peterv
    • Work on my topembed bug (102209 - When copying text from composer to AOL, it takes out spacing randomly) and the XSLT output rewrite.
  • heikki
    • Land 41938.
    • Work on FIXptr.
October 22
Submitted by Scott Putterman <>


  • Good progress on Message Compose performance and Folder Loading made this week.
  • A number of top crashers fixed this week.
  • Resolved as fixed 26 bugzilla bugs.

Performance and Footprint

  • Seth started working on 104989.  This would improve the performance of opening a compose window on the next window after a send.  We'll hide the most recently used compose window and then reuse it on the next compose operation.  Results look promising so far.  If this works out we'll look into the costs of making it behave this way for the first compose window.
  • Cavin and David worked on folder loading performance.  They have an improvement for UpdateFolder() which looks to have some promising results.  The overall improvement appears to range from 4%-8% based on 1000 and 4000 message folders, where the larger folders see the larger improvement.  The improvement to UpdateFolder() itself ranges from 17%-30% based on the size of the folder.  The improvement involved a reduction in the number of times we call memset and memcpy.

Mailnews Accomplishments

  • Cavin
    • Made it so that when removing an account from the Account Settings dialog, the current panel doesn't stay on the deleted account.
    • Worked on performance changes for UpdateFolder() which will speed up folder loading.
  • Navin
    • Completed Quick Search.  The review is under way.
    • Made the pop3 message downloading limit size pref work again.
    • Fixed a bug where there was no error when creating a duplicate local folder through the filter ui.
    • Created an initial design doc for the manual execution of filters.
  • Scott
    • Fixed an imap top crasher.
    • Created XBL widgets for the message headers.
    • The new XBL widgets were used to do View All Headers.
  • Sean
    • Started work on the Labels feature.   He worked on getting the new column to show up and started working on the preference panel.
  • David
    • Fixed a crash that occurred while emptying the trash folder.
    • Fixed a crash when you tried to rename a local folder while it's being reparsed.
    • Fixed a MIME crash.
    • Fixed a problem which caused a bunch of assertions when searching newsgroups if you hadn't opened the newsgroup.
    • Worked with Cavin on the folder loading optimizations mentioned above.
  • Jean-Francois
    • He started rewriting the way we store attachment information in the message compose window.  This will let us store more information about the content-type and the attachment name.  We have a number of bugs where we don't show a good name for the attachment or where garbage shows up in the attachment pane in international builds.  This should allow us to fix these.  
  • Varada
    • Prefill Filters is going through review.
    • Started working on Block Addresses.
  • Bhuvan
    • Investigated using the new Wizard for the Account Wizard.  Converting to this will solve a lot of the accessibility problems we have with the current Wizard.
  • Seth
    • Started working on the compose window performance improvement mentioned above.
    • Bulletproofed a topcrash in outliner.
    • Created a default height for the thread pane, thereby preventing an extra paint on startup.
    • Started working on landing Address Book Search.

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