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Last Updated Wednesday October 17, 2001

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Module Updates
October 15
Submitted by Heikki Toivonen <>


  • We have 2 nsbranch+ bugs.
  • mstoltz working on security reviewers' guide.
  • jst, peterv were on vacation, both are now back.


  • harishd
    • Focused mainly on compact policy issues ( integrating with cookie manager etc. ). Yet to build on Linux and Mac.
    • Fixed bug 103387 ( DIV-DD containment issue ).
    • Fixed bug 102370 ( DT-DD containment issue ).
    • Worked on bugs 100466, 100397, 20163 ( partial fix in hand ).
    • Tiaged my untargeted bugs.
    • Did code reviews.
  • peterv
    • (Includes previous week)
    • Checked in fix for bug 97687 ([serializer]cs/gecko: copying using keyboard shortcuts>paste>source pasted) and follow up bug 102809 (ABR in nsPlainTextSerializer::AppendText; indexing -1 on array).
    • Checked in some warning fixes.
    • Reviews of some Transformiix patches by sicking and Pike.
    • Helped bbaetz and akkana with mac project changes.
    • Implemented the DOM Level 3 XPath WD.
    • Looked into extension functions for Transfromiix.
    • Tracked down memory leaks in my ouput rewrite.
    • Took 3 days holiday.
  • mstoltz
    • Security review of window size & position restrictions
    • Found 2 window size/options bugs, fixed one
    • Looking through old security bugs to create regression test list
    • Tested signed scripts on 3 platforms; still broken on the Mac
    • Background reserach for security reviewers' guide - studying some books on security
    • Trying to reverse-engineer ckritzer's "loaderman" test harness so we can write new testcases for it
  • heikki
    • Fixed 103250, topcrash, selecting text while page loading.
    • Fixed 98214, minor performance improvements and cleanup.
    • Worked on 41983, works except for mysterious crashes.

Plans for next week

  • harishd
    • Land compact policy changes.
    • Work on 0.9.6 bugs
    • Discuss parser performance issues with dp.
    • Triage bugs.
  • peterv
    • Bug triage.
    • Fix any important serializer issues.
    • Attach a new patch for the Transformiix output rewrite.
    • Look into extension functions some more.
    • Take Friday off.
  • mstoltz
    • More research & work on reviewers' guide
    • Fix signed scripts on the Mac again :(
    • Fix some more bugs
  • heikki
    • Finish 41983, need to figure out the crash & needs some testing.
    • Provided the above items gets done, land FIXptr.
    • Bug triage.
    • Documentation.


  • peterv
    • Dial-up in Belgium seems down, this caused me to be offline during the two days that I worked from there.
    • Thanks to heikki for fixing a topcrasher that I caused.
October 15
Submitted by Scott Putterman <>


  • Lots of leaks fixed.
  • Performance work continuing
  • We use the operating system's new notification sound on Windows and Mac.
  • You can now rename the user name and server in Account Settings.
  • Custom Headers for search and filters implemented.
  • Go to folder in the search window now works.
  • Resolved as fixed 68 bugs.

Mailnews Accomplishments:

  • Scott MacGregor
    • Fixed a problem with simple mapi which was causing a browser window to come up when mozilla was started via simple mapi instead of just a compose window.
    • Fixed an infinite loop in our bin hex decoder.
  • Cavin Song
    • Made it so we can rename the user name and server in Account Settings .
    • Started working on folder loading performance. He did some tests to show that the preference calls we make are not affecting performance.
  • David Bienvenu
    • Fixed a lot of memory leaks
    • Sped up local search dramatically. This will also speed up offline search.
    • Checked in code to close nntp sockets when shutting down which should fix some shutdown assertions and some shutdown leaks.
    • Fixed a bug where we were losing the read state of news messages
  • Sean Su
    • Worked on Simple Mapi bugs.
  • Varada Parthasarathi
    • Worked on the Prefill Filter feature.
  • Bhuvan Racham
    • Worked on making Get All New Messages work for all accounts.
  • Navin Gupta
    • Checked in the Custom Headers feature for search and filters.
    • Checked in a fix for dataloss when compacting a folder with an outdated summary file. This also fixed a top crash.
    • Started working on Quick Search.
  • Seth Spitzer
    • Made it so we use the OS new mail notification sound.
    • Improved performance by making it so that folder listeners can choose which notifications they receive rather than receiving everything.
    • Implemented Go To Folder in the Search window.
    • Made next folder navigation work correctly.
    • Made it so that parent folders are bold if they are closed and their subfolders have unread messages.
    • Made it so that we can send news messages when only the browser is open.
    • Made it so users can remove non-existent newsgroups.
    • Continued looking into ways we can improve performance.
  • Jean-Francois Ducarroz
    • Started fixing bugs to improve our handling of Outlook Express mail
    • Made it so that UNC files are treated as a remote attachment rather than local.
  • Simon Fraser
    • Made it so we play the OS sound on the Mac for new mail notifications.
  • Stephen Donner
    • Continued to file a number of memory leak bugs.
  • Jan Varga
    • Made it so we invalidate the scrollbar position when switching folders.
  • Denis Antrushin
    • Made it so we put "re" back into the subject when forwarding a replied to message.
October 15
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • bug fixes going in for the last minute cases. Thanks to darin and gordon.
  • heavy triaging continues.
  • still lots of triaging to be done.


  • darin
    • fixed bug 103043 "nsSocketTransport should only fire OnStatus when status changes"
    • backed out now-obsolete patch for bug 89191 "Acrobat fails to load PDFs from HTTP/1.0 only servers"
    • attended intel vtune performance meeting
    • worked on patches to fix URL parsing performance problems
    • fixed bug 104181 "SH should not store layout state if server sends 'Cache-control: no-cache'"
    • got mach-o trunk build up and running :-)
    • triages bugs
  • neeti
    • Working on removing nsIShutdownListener from nsServiceEntry in ComponentManager.
    • Triaged a lot of bugs.
    • Waiting for review on bug 96461.
  • gordon
    • Bugs resolved (FIXED, WFM) 52590, 72066, 88904, 93845, 99760.
    • Reviewed changes for 103883, 101651.
  • pavlov
    • bug 104311 - removed lots of xpcom overuse inside imagelib. This helped to clean up some code up as well as help to avoid lots of useless virtual function calls, etc.
    • bug 64096 - added a method to get the mimetype of an image after it has been decoded.
    • bug 92453 - removed lowsrc support from <img>
    • Gave cool demo on Wednesday


Plans for next week

  • darin
    • triage more bugs
    • finish patches for URL perf work
    • work on bugs for 0.9.6
    • work on plans for DIG
    • test optimized mach-o build
  • neeti
    • Continue work on ComponentManager cleanup.
  • gordon
    • Fix bugs 103167, 102229, 101857, 97097.
    • Revisit NSPR API for truncating files, in hopes of adding it to the next release.
    • Develop cache plan for Vidur's Web App proposal.
  • pavlov
    • Keep working on bugs


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