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Last Updated Friday September 28, 2001

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  • Joe Hewitt for his outliner column reordering work. - Jan Varga
Module Updates
September 24
Submitted by Heikki Toivonen <>


  • harishd
    • Landed nsBranch/topembed bug fixes.
    • Rewrote parser tag observer mechanism for performace and memory conservation ( bug 96364 ) - Fix in hand.
    • Fixed FONT-SELECT containment problem ( bug 98187 ).
    • Helped Shanjian in identifying the problem in nsObserverBase that was causing a few pages to render blank ( bug 99666 ).
    • Did code reviews.
    • Did P3P related work.
  • jst
    • Fixed, with help from, bug 100765. nsStringKey leak in the nsDOMEvent code.
    • Fixed bug 100847. Removed unnecessary method nsIXMLDocument::SetTitle().
    • Fixed bug 100795. Removed the method load() from HTML documents to fix backwards compatibility problems where this method was shadowing user defined functions.
    • Fixed bug 65486. Implemented HTML[I]FrameElement.contentWindow.
    • Fixed bug 100270. Crash when evaluating 'window.close();' in the JavaScript console.
    • Fixed bug 99690. Fixed crash when external apps try to open mozilla windows.
    • Fixed bug 81928. JS errors in XUL files were not always reported.
    • Lots of W3C DOM standards work in preparation for next weeks face to face meeting in Amsterdam.
  • mstoltz
    • Bug triage: set priorities for 0.9.5 bugs
    • Fixed two security holes: 101021 and 99020
    • Working on minor DOM security issues: 36946, 90757, 92773
    • Working on 'downloadable blacklists' idea with barrowman and gable
  • peterv
    • Finished fix for bug 65858 (Rework sorting), awaiting reviews
    • Worked on fix for bug 96647 (Change the way output is constructed in Transformiix)
    • Checked in fixes to buster (Transformiix test harness)
  • heikki
    • Found and fixed 100106, XMLHttpRequest.responseText empty if XML parsing error.
    • Made Mac project changes to make it possible to build WSDL.
    • Code reviews for harishd, peterv, jst.
    • Made Mac project changes for jst.
    • Worked on 41983, make XHTML elements support namespaced attributes.


  • jst
    • Discussed form submission changes with John Keiser <> and Jonas Sicking <>, these guys are doing a great job on fixing numerous problems with the mozilla form submission code.

Plans for next week

  • harishd
    • Work on 0.9.5 bugs.
    • Bug Triage.
  • jst
    • Travel to the W3C DOM face to face meeting in Amsterdam.
  • mstoltz
    • Keep fixing 0.9.5 bugs
    • Work on security manager streamlining
    • Help with security testcase coverage
  • heikki
    • Bug triage.
    • Crasher fixes.
    • Work on 41983 and XML Extras.
  • peterv
    • Deal with reviewers comments on fix for bug 65858 (Rework sorting)
    • Work on fix for bug 96647 (Change the way output is constructed in Transformiix)


  • harishd
    • Will be on a short vacation ( 3 days ) starting October 1st.
  • jst
    • I will be out of the country for the 3 coming weeks, starting with the DOM face to face meeting. After that I will be spending time in Finland, working somewhat and taking some vacation in between. I will be reading email more or less daily so email me if there are issues that need my attention.
September 24
Submitted by Dan Mosedale <>


  • finished and checked in patches for LDAP autocomplete error dialogs to the trunk (bug 79935)
  • came up with a new patch for LDAP connect() hang (bug 79509) and got some traction on the nsProxyEventObject problem that this seems to be triggering (filed bug 101252).


  • get 79509 / 101252 to a check-inable state.
September 24
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • darin, gordon fixing a huge number of bugs on the trunk as well as on the branch.
  • bbaetz (yes Da Bradley Baetz) has accepted ownership for FTP. This is an important responsibility and we all would like to thank Bradley for helping out Doug and us all.
  • dougt continues xpcom api freeze.
  • pavlov fixing some very critical and nasty bugs, just in time.


  • darin
    • fixed bug 99183 "JAR channel allocates and uses a monitor even though it is accessed exclusively by the UI thread"
    • fixed bug 99410 "further res protocol cleanup"
    • fixed bug 68950 "resource://MagicVar/ broken"
    • fixed bug 97997 " does not display"
    • landed fixes on the 0.9.4 branch
    • triaged bugs... closed out a lot of stale/now-invalid bugs :)
    • worked on revising/cleaning up nsI{In,Out}putStream intefaces.
    • worked a bit on adding better support for http trailers.
    • played lots of volley ball :-)
  • neeti
    • Investigating/started work on ComponentManager bloat.
    • Triaged bugs.
  • gordon
    • Fixed nsbranch+ bugs 78480, 88768, 92348, 97620, 100216.
    • Reviewed sfraser's patches for MacOS X bugs 71718, 97866.
    • Participated in iDNS meeting.
  • dougt
    • nsISupports freezing is closer to being done. Rick has some final suggestions.
    • Bradley Baetz is the new owner of the FTP protocol. This is great news!!!
    • Neeti Jain has offered to help out with XPCOM tasks! More great news! Her first task is to make the component manager faster. (13009, 96461)
    • Lots of code reviews.
  • pavlov
    • Bug 100470 - Add more error checking and proper return values to the GIF decoder. This should avoid crashes in imagelib due to out of memory errors and fixes the GIF decoder to stop processing invalid GIFs immediatly. This hopefully helps with mac heap corruption bug 95410 which has the GIF decoder in 2 of its stacks, but I'm not entirely sure.
    • Bugscape 7180 - Problems with partial image cancelations. Good progress is being made on solving this and fix is expected early during the week starting on 9/23.
    • Bug 87923 - I believe that I fixed this crash, but now there is another crash (not in imagelib) that we are investigating.
  • gagan
    • http://status/bugs/ almost up ;-)


  • darin
    • didn't get a chance to hash out the initial pipelining patch like i had planned... maybe next week ;)
  • dougt
    • Work Internet connection to work has been cut off since Friday. Have not checked email since Thursday night. I will try to catch up today. This is possibly related to some internet worm/virus.
  • pavlov
    • Bug 88895 - Certain image doesn't print. I tracked this down to a problem with printing, and with the way printing does not wait for the loadgroup to complete all loads. I've given this back to dcone
  • gagan
    • http://status/bugs/ almost up... :-(
    • couldn't deliver the bugzilla/proj. mgmt. presentation cuz we ran out of time...

Plans for next week

  • darin
    • http pipelining patch (maybe)
    • triage more bugs
    • investigate/fix remaining nsbranch+ bugs
  • neeti
    • Continue work on ComponentManager bloat
  • gordon
    • Work with Vidur on Mach V Necko requirements for web apps.
  • dougt
    • Get through more email that usual.
    • Test nsISupports patch on Mac.
    • Continue with XPCOM API work.
  • pavlov
    • Bug 92368 - This bug seems related to bug 87923. More investigation needed.
    • Bug 95410 - Random Mac only heap corruption. I could use some help with this bug from Mac people and QA on getting a real reproducable test case.
    • Bug 92248 - Flickering images on mouseover.
    • Bug 80292 - Black hash marks in the personal toolbar. After fixing the original problem a while ago, there still seems to be a small set of people seeing this. Looks to be a rounding bug in the tiling code.
  • gagan
    • do the presentation that couldn't be done :-)
    • get status/bugs up and working again...


  • gagan
    • Bug 88895
September 25
Submitted by Mitchell Baker <>
  • Mozilla 0.9.4 now available on a record breaking 15 platforms including Win32, MacOS, MacOS X, Linux, AIX, BeOS, Irix, OpenVMS, OS2, HPUX, FreeBSD, NetBSD, BSD/OS, Solaris and Tru64.
  • Implementing plans announced long ago, began relicensing of code in CVS repository to be available under not only the MPL, but the GPL and LGPL as well. Relicensing begins with NPL files. The plan is check in files with the new license header incrementally, in batches of approximately 500 or so. For greater detail, see the Mozilla Relicensing FAQ.
  • Website reorganization. Not much happened here, as efforts were focused on the relicensing
  • Coding of the Reqest Tracker feature for Bugzilla (98801) is nearly completion. Actual implementation requires review, checking and testing before's installation of bugzilla is updated to include this feature. ETA is approximately 3 weeks, barring the unforseen.
  • The module owner survey has been enhanced; it now generates a list of all unowned directories and the last five people who checked into them.
  • There is a new Czech language mozilla news site at The site also has recent builds to download as well as Czech language packs.

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