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Last Updated Thursday September 13, 2001

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  • I nominate Bernd Mielke ( as a Friend of the Tree for completely rewriting the BugAThon page to get more people concentrated on standards bug testcases. - Gervase Markham
Module Updates
Build Config
August 31
Submitted by Chris Seawood <>


  • Spent some time helping Pavlov & Bryner add support for Intel's linux compiler to the build system.
  • Continued attempt of xptcall port for sparc64.
  • Attempted to figure out why BeOS tinderbox is hanging on SIGTERM rather than exiting. Currently, suspect timer thread is blocking waiting for a semaphore in nsTimerBeOS code.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • 96993 - LDFLAGS ignored on solaris
    • 97152 - Update packages list with smime->simestb name change
    • 96997 - Escape ^ in nspr-config
    • 97386 - Update REQUIRES to use proper jpeg,png,zlib,mng headers
    • 96911 - app crash bringing up mailnews due to gcc opt issues
  • Bugs checked in for others:
    • 81353 - Add getter for mAlphaDepth to nsIImage


  • Spent far too much time stuck on gcc 2.x >= -O2 optimization issues. Specifically, bug 96911.
  • Went hunting after reason for nearly the entire Ports page turning orange Thursday night. Found xpcom crash on shutdown.


  • I'd like to revisit the idea of upgrading our release compilers on linux to a more recent version of gcc. There are some higher level optimization issues that appear to be fixed in the gcc 3.x releases.
  • While working on a minimal browser config (--disable-everything), I once again discovered that we have non-removable extensions.


  • Bug 93630 is currently in a no-win state. The bug is to remove the What's Related feature until bug 53239, What's Related privacy issue, is fixed. Matt made a last minute quick fix patch for bug 53239 but I cannot get anyone to signoff on it as it causes panels to be deactivated when they are deselected by making them load about:blank. This has the unfortunate side-effect of causing panels to be reloaded from their various sources whenever they are re-selected.
September 5
Submitted by Peter Jeziorek <>

You ever run smoketests? You notice how long they take? You want it your way, right away?

The smoketests are automated and up on komodo for the world to see. I encourage all to check it out and give me any feedback.

Automate your smoketests today! OR go to and click on "Smoketest Automation"

I'll be putting up the auto-installers pretty soon too.

Build Config
September 7
Submitted by Chris Seawood <>


  • Fixed bugs:
    • Bug 91840 - Worked with Pavlov on sparcv9 xptcall code. We have a complete implementation now.
    • Bug 53239 - Checked in matt's fix for the What's Related privacy issue in time for 0.9.4
    • Bug 98293 - Removed unused fullcircle build infrastructure from mozilla (win32 & unix)
  • Worked on:
    • Bug 20860 - Tested various alternatives to current NS_PTR_TO_INT32 macro
    • Bug 98663 - Helped track down AIX compiler bustage due to string literals inside of triconditional expressions
    • Bug 97249 - Worked with Syd on tracking down installer segfault issue


  • Spent more time attempting to track down the beos hanging problem. The timer manager thread never dies because it still has one repeating bookmarks timer running. So, unless bookmarks are shutdown properly, the thread (and therefore the app) won't exit correctly. The shutdown appears to occur correctly in mozilla but not in viewer. But not in either case on a SIGTERM (used by tinderbox scripts). I keep meaning to file a bug on this (it's on my whiteboard!).


  • Discussed the possibilty of splitting xpcom into a core (component features) library and an auxillary library in m.xpcom thread "Freezing Embedding Interfaces"
September 10
Submitted by Dan Mosedale <>


  • Spent most of the week and weekend working on bug 79935, LDAP error feedback UI.  It's turning out to be hairier than I had expected.  I've already got some errors showing up in the dropdown; now I'm working on error-string handling in the LDAP XPCOM SDK itself as well as an exception format for passing this info around.
  • Reviewed leif's asynchronous DNS changes (bug 82412)
  • Did a bunch of testing work to narrow down the introduction of a regression to the autocomplete dropdown one day after I checked it in (bug 98642).  Fortunately , this regression was only on the trunk, not the branch.
  • Cleaned up lots of stderr spewage from the mail compose window so that I could tell if my changes were introducing new warnings (fortunately, they weren't).  I'll file a bug with the patches soon.

This week

  • Hammer away at 79935; re-triage remaining bugs.
Fabian Guisset
September 12
Submitted by Fabian Guisset <>
  • Fixed bug 96489: "insertCell method not returning cell object"
  • Fixed bug 62613: "CSSStyleDeclaration doesn't support array access for item()
  • Sent a patch for bug 74281 "inline style sheet's href is document url (should be null)" but there's a controversy
  • Sent a patch for bug 65486 "Document objects need a reference to their window object", need r=/sr=
  • Fixed bug 85448 "HTMLAnchorElement.text returns the first child node value"
  • Sent initial patch for bug 83012 "Add comments to the DOM code", still working on this.
  • bug 9550: Implemented window.find() for 4xp, waiting for r=/sr=
  • bug 80494: "Extra verical separator on personal toolbar": need a checkin buddy
  • Worked with the website reorg team on the URI structure and other points, advancing pretty well. Been thinking of a new design and structure for the DOM part of the new site, to accomodate URI changes.
  • Put up the latest "Mozilla DOM Hacking Guide" at, there are some errors but I will correct them asap.

For next week:

  • Website reorg
  • Get patches reviewed and checked in
  • University starts again next monday. Eeeeek!
September 12
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • darin
    • fixed bug 83526 "http should use fewer connections per server per page"
    • fixed bug 59016 "jpg don't display"
    • fixed res/jar/file portion of bug 97528 "1200 urls created on startup about:blank"
    • triaged bugs
    • reviewed digest auth patch
    • reviewed iDNS patch
  • neeti
    • Back from vacation, read thousands of emails from vacation.
    • Triaged a lot of bugs.
  • gordon
    • Took a couple days of vacation.
    • Installed Linux 7.1 on HP Vectra Gagan "found" for me.
    • Met with Vidur on Cache requirements for web applications.
    • Closed bugs 88575, 91097.
    • Investigating bug 97620 (crash in nkcache.dll in -turbo mode).
  • dougt
    • Landed nsServiceManager/nsComponentManager merge. Thanks DP for all your help. 3% startup inprovement.
    • XPCOM bug triaging
    • Selecting required XPCOM API for freezing based on embedding requirements.
  • pavlov
    • Fixed bug 87739
  • gagan
    • upgraded status to a new machine with 7.1 (not thru yet-- still some issues to work out)
    • finished all the reviews! yeah!


  • dougt
    • xpcom ownership issues with

Plans for next week

  • darin
    • investigate http pipelining solution
    • fix more 0.9.5 bugs
  • gordon
    • Move files from old HP Vectra (with bad disk controller) to new HP Vectra.
    • Attend iDNS meeting.
    • Begin attending Performance meetings.
  • dougt
    • hack away at xpcom API bugs - 98278.
  • gagan
    • be virtual clayton for this week


  • gordon
    • Linux laptop?

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