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Last Updated Thursday August 30, 2001

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Friends of the Tree

  • Randell Jesup for his outstanding performance work in various areas lately. - Hakan Waara
  • Suresh Duddi ( and Randall Jesup ( for their kick-ass performance work in various areas. - Blake Ross
Module Updates
August 27
Submitted by Heikki Toivonen <>


  • harishd
    • Checked in topembed fixes.
    • Worked on bug 96440 - Fix in hand.
    • Worked on bug 96130 - Got fixed along with fix for bug 56245 ( though they are not duplicates! ).
    • Had phone meeting with Tom Lendacky regarding P3P.
    • Spent some time looking at MLKs on enabling P3P.
    • Triaged my untargeted/0.9.4 bugs.
  • jst
    • Was on vacation tuesday through thursday.
    • Fixed bug 95871. Makde it possible to put null pointers in nsISupportArrays.
    • DOM standards work.
  • peterv
    • Worked on bug 96647 (Change the way output is constructed in Transformiix), which would fix 53030, 59912, 88198, 94921 and probably 53944, and other unfiled bugs.
    • Fixed a crash in Transformiix (no bug)
  • mstoltz
    • Finished and tested changes to caps to support wildacrd property policies
    • Worked out new mailnews blocked-properties list.
    • Wrote Jesse's intern review
  • heikki
    • Went through the latest 500 postings on several NS 6.1 and beta feedback messages to try and identify work items for the team. Filed a few bugs.
    • Worked on 96459, progress indicators for XMLHttpRequest, close to fix.
    • Code reviews for harishd.
    • Bug triage.

Plans for next week

  • jst
    • More DOM standards work.
    • Help get m0.9.4 out the door.
    • Bug triage.
  • peterv
    • Try to finish patch for 96647.
  • mstoltz
    • Fix as many 0.9.4 bugs as possible
  • heikki
    • Finalize fix for 96459 and check it in.
    • XML Extras and XHTML bugfixing.
    • Bug triage.
  • harishd
    • Work on important issues.
    • Spend time fixing P3P related MLKs.
    • Triage bugs.
August 28
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • darin
    • fixed bug 94811 "leaking sockets; nsISocketTransport::IsAlive not implemented reliably"
    • fixed bug 90288 "not honoring Pragma: no-cache from HTTP-EQUIV"
    • fixed bug 95981 "Changes in background images on pages do not show on reload"
    • fixed bug 47041 "Unable to unregister an HTTP Notify listener"
    • triaged bugs
  • dougt
    • Accepted the responsibly of the new owner of XPCOM.
    • Reviewed many Necko bugs fixes.
    • Fixed 96761 - FTP does not handle a couple of connection errors during RETR.
    • Fixed 63048 - We now display a File-Not-Found alert message when you try to access a file that is not found!
  • pavlov
    • Fixed bug 87739
  • gagan
    • Met with a bunch of folks with the embed project.
    • Am working on the new bugzilla usage style guide (program mgmt in bugzilla and how not to do it)


  • dougt
    • confused at some of the organization decisions.
  • gagan
    • this week was way stressful...

Plans for next week

  • darin
    • fix more bugs!
    • triage bugs
  • dougt
    • Start triaging xpcom bugs


  • dougt

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