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Last Updated Wednesday August 15, 2001

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Previous Updates

Module Updates
August 10
Submitted by Katsuhiko Momoi <>
Bugzilla now has a new product category, Tech Evangelism. It has sub components: African, Asian, European, Middle Eastern, Non-US English, Pacific Islands, The Americas, and US English. This was done to facilitate assignment of bugs to multiple default owners of the Evangelism category. The Evangelism bug owners will be moving their bugs to the new product category. Once this is done, the old component name "Evangelism" will be eliminated. From now on, please avoid using the component name, Evangelism, e.g. under the Browser product.
August 11
Submitted by Dan Mosedale <>


  • Checked in patch from and allow Outlook (MAPI) and Outlook Express (WAB) addressbooks to be accessed from Mozilla (bug 83103). This is not yet fully exposed to the UI (that's bug 83023, in part).
  • Made a couple of review passes over bug 75955 (getLDAPAttributes for autoconfig stuff)
  • Reviewed remaining LDAP-related stuff in 17879 (LDAP search in addressbook backend)
  • Finished initial cut at fix for LDAP autocomplete quoting issues (bug 89198). This also adds code so that more information from the LDAP server (eg organizational info or whatever) can be displayed in the dropdown. Many thanks to Joe Hewitt for doing the front-end tweaks to make this work.

Next week

  • Hammer away at my remaining 0.9.4 bugs.
August 13
Submitted by Chris Saari <>


  • The XPToolkit team resolved 44 bugs in the last week, fixing 25 of these. For details, see our resolved bug list.


  • Mike Pinkerton (pinkerton)
    • in Virginia house hunting
  • Chris Saari (saari)
    • weeding through the embedding focus bugs. Creating regressions of course.
  • Daniel Matejka (danm)
    • Fixed a couple of bugs, closed more. Nothing particularly remarkable.
  • Eric Vaughan (evaughan)
    • on sabatical
  • David Hyatt (hyatt)
    • Finished the XULElement interface for 1.0 and checked in an implementation of all methods/properties.
    • Finished the button section of the XUL 1.0 spec.
    • Wrote a button test page
    • Fixed numerous bugs in <button> in both skins
  • Dan Rosen (dr)
    • on vacation
  • Aaron Leventhal (aaronl)
    • Bug 88070 (crash in accessibility with Immersion desktop)
    • Bug 88284
    • Bug 94238
    • Bug 94245
    • Bug 94249
    • Bug 94264
    • Sent out notice to assistive tech vendors, "changes in this release"
  • John Gaunt (jgaunt)
    • bug 77648 - Landed this and caused a new bug - dependancy on ATL
    • Worked up a solution for bug 94768 - Switch to turn off Accessibility
    • Discussed with Aaron our plan for getting things into the CS build so that there isn't the confusion and pain like we had landing our branch
    • Worked with Aaron to better define our behavior in regards to HTML Selects ( in accessibility ), I have a couple of bugs to file.
  • Peter Annema (jag)
    • Bug 94458: fix event listeners who registered themselves for "create" and "destroy" events.
    • Random stuff I forgot. More string work.
  • Brian Ryner (bryner)
    • 92735 (File->Close crash on Linux)
    • Lots of tree cleanup under widget/ (93467, 94345)



  • pinkerton:
    • in Virginia house hunting
  • saari:
    • fix regression from 93521.
    • 0.9.4 Bug triage
  • hyatt:
    • XUL1.0 widget work, finishing up <button> first.
  • evaughan:
    • on sabatical
  • danm:
    • I'm still trying to figure out what the story is behind my once-topembed (but no longer) bug 88229. Something's fishy there.
    • Time to push out some 0.9.4 bugs (my favourite game) and help out with the war room thing, I think.
  • dr:
    • returning from vacation
  • aaronl:
    • Closer look at AI Squred/Zoomtext
    • Get more feedback from vendors
    • Start planning XUL accessibility
    • Check in 93016
    • Bug 91716
  • jgaunt:
    • Land Accessibility switch
    • Fix a couple of lingering Select bugs ( file bugs on them first :-) )
  • jag:
    • Top embed, war room bugs
    • Strings
  • bryner:
    • Get patches for 92210 and 66617 checked in
    • Finish up fix for 64176





August 13
Submitted by Viswanath Ramachandran <>


  • Working on bugs - turbo, windows integration, l12y.
  • Looking at outliner conversions for UI elements.

Issues / Lowlights

  • Need to reduce bloated mozilla0.9.4 list this week :-).

Project Management

Untriaged nominations 12
mozilla0.9.4 scheduled 43
Checkins in last week Bonsai

Thanks To


  • Bill Law back from sabbatical
  • Samir returns next week
  • Alec returns on September 4.
  • Matt Fisher on vacation on 8/20/2001
  • Vishy leaving Netscape.


  • Paul Chen
    • Concentrate on -turbo stuff, get 91726 into the tree, try to spare some cycles to look deeper into 88961.
    • Lots of bugs, so little time. Triage team will start looking to evict bugs from the 0.9.4 apartment complex. ;-)


  • Ben Goodger
    • Rolled back changes to editor made last week pending grid fixes from Eric Vaughan.
    • Merged changes from BookmarksOutliner_20010601_BRANCH to the tip, created BookmarksOutliner_20010813_BRANCH. Had a little mishap and accidentally checked in changes to wrong branch, will have to sort this out.
    • Began work on new Bookmarks outliner design. Idea is to improve code reuse and make interdependencies more obvious. Plan is to create BookmarksOutliner XBL binding with several content bindings that provide different appearances for the different sites where there are Bookmarks in a list. Base bindings provide single shared implementation. Currently have binding framework set up and am now copying in code and filling in blanks. So far so good.
    • Planned implementation of Inline Edit 2.0 (outliner) with logic diagrams.
    • Looked over outliner title-tip patch from Joe Hewitt.
    • Lowlights:
      • merging is boring. at least there weren't that many changes
      • I appear to have clobbered something accidentally by checking into the wrong branch. I can still access the correct files but I expect more fun ahead!
  • Blake Ross
    • 94008 - Turbo mode shuts off upon visiting Appearance panel
    • 81715 - Need to persist turbo mode if restarting after skin switch
    • 91221 - Turbo mode not enabled after disabling to replace file in use
    • 85437 - Restart turbo immediately after a crash
    • 89504 - Enabling/disabling quicklaunch should not require a restart
    • 92292 - Right-clicking system tray icon in turbo mode
    • 91762 - Turbo: one case where the system tray doesn't show the notification icon
    • 66907 - History sidebar/window is too slow
    • 30454 - Implement an addressbook sidebar panel
    • 94658 - Print Plus is last item in File menu of addressbook
    • 56996 - Sidebar should not appear when I use a web search site (pref off by default now)
    • 90469 - Some polish for menulists in Classic
  • Matt Fisher
    • 90393 Invoking browser from sidebar displays empty web page (stocks tab). Looked into this bug thoughly and verified with QA WFM
    • 94404 Sidebar needs to be moved to branding. Fixed this bug to so that Netscape could move sidebar to My sidebar.
    • 92507 Hardcoded strings in nsSidebar.js. The bug was that we where not opening the file. Added fuction to do this and now the dialogs can now be localized.
  • Paul Chen
    • 91726 Crash clicking on .exe file from web page. Ok, so far, Simon Fraser and I are kinda leery having to protect nsCRT::HashCode from a null whereas Pink and Saari are in favor of this. After talking with Simon on Friday, will see why mime info string is null as opposed to an empty string.
    • 92304 Need ability to have IM, Composer, Address Book in Start Menu. The real problem is that mozilla -addrbook and mozilla -editor (and netscape -aim in commercial) only work on startup. I looked into mac, and there's a bit of work to be done. Also, all the code to handle the startup args consists of static functions in nsAppRunner.cpp, sigh. I need to see what's going on under unix, too.
    • 93195 We shouldn't be blocking Mac OS 8.5. Asa and Claudius have 8.5.x Mac OS machines. They can't run trunk builds. I already abhor having to apply the remove build id patch every time we branch for an ns release. Will probably ignore this for another week. ;-)
    • 88961 N610 & M092 crash [@ .__ptr_glue - nsGlobalHistory::NotifyFindAssertions]. Chofmann sent out word that this was the number 2 crash area in early 6.1 talkbacks. The last time that I looked at this, I had a hard time reproducing the crash, thus it's currently sitting in my 0.9.5 box.
  • Steve Morse
    • Bugs worked on, have patches, awaiting reviews:
      • 84432: no form-manager in menu for forms in frames. have r, awaiting sr
    • Bugs left over from previous weeks and finally checked in:
      • 88661: add remove-all button to form-manager
    • Bugs left over from previous weeks and finally reassigned:
      • 91238: Incorrect cookie handling causes pages to go missing. Previously narrowed this down to a layout/plugin problem previously created patch and have been awaiting reviews. now reassigned to av where it should have been all along
    • Bugs left over from previous weeks and still pending:
      • 92387: alignment in cookie viewer and form manager. have r, awaiting sr
      • 93049: selected cookie is incorrect after a sort. have patch, awaiting reviews
  • Viswanath Ramachandran
    • helping get XPApps web page in shape
August 14
Submitted by Heikki Toivonen <>


  • harishd
    • Landed fixes for bugs ( 84491,83119,91051,54096,88992,84000,88243 ) that got moved out from 0.9.3 to 0.9.4.
    • Fixed bugs 94208 ( topembed residual style problem ).
    • Worked on bug 93365 [ topembed FONT-TABLE containment issue ] and bug 56245 ( Residual style problem ) - No fix yet!!
    • Worked on PCDATA parsing in and effort to reduce memory usage.
    • Code reviewed for ( bug 91437 - Speed up nsScanner ) and ( bug 93269 ).
    • Did a little bit of triaging.
  • joki
    • Prioritized 0.9.4 bugs list
    • Worked on some 0.9.4 bugs
    • Began examination possibly adding DOM Level 3 Key Events to mozilla
  • jst
    • Did some DOM specification work.
    • Fixed topembed crash bug 92433. Problem with replacing an element with itself using element.replaceChild(child, child); caused crash.
    • Fixed bug 92912. Problem with executing javascript in dynamically created iframe's due to JSContext initialization failing.
    • Fixed bug 76603. Backwards compatibility issue with method argument handling in window.setTimeout() and window.setInterval().
    • Fixed crasher bug 72613. Crash in nsIDOMHTMLDocument::Write() when called from C++.
  • mstoltz
    • Fixed about: protocol exploit (91714)
    • Made security error messages more descriptive (83131)
    • Fixed bug in signed script verification
    • Additional bug fixes: 86984, 93951, 56260
    • Worked with Marketing and PR on responses to CERT and C-NET security stories
    • Working on proposal for Bugzilla security group
  • heikki
    • Code reviews for harishd.
    • Trying to work on Bugscape 8288, spent the whole week with build, connectivity etc. problems and I am still not able to debug the actual bug :(
  • jesse
    • Started working on a fix for bug 69070, remote content shouldn't be able to load images from file.
    • Made a few small changes to the configurable security docs, not yet checked in.

Plans for next week

  • harishd
    • Work on topembed bugs.
    • Checkin PCDATA parsing changes.
    • Meet with Dave Barrowman to discuss P3P.
    • Triage.
  • joki
    • Work out scope of new event work so we can establish a schedule
    • Determine benefits/risks of DOM Level 3 Spec work
    • Will be on vacation from 8/13 - 8/17
  • jst
    • Continue working on topEmbed bugs.
    • Do more work on DOM specifications.
  • mstoltz
    • Keep working on 0.9.4 bugs
    • Finish security group proposal
  • heikki
    • Bugscape 8288.
  • jesse
    • Finish fixing bug 69070.

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