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Last Updated Wednesday August 1, 2001

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Module Updates
July 30
Submitted by Scott Putterman <>
  • Resolved as fixed 37 bugs.
  • Candice has a fix for a crash when adding a card to the Address Book. She's continuing to work on a bug where the delete button doesn't enable correctly in the 3 pane and on a bug where a crash can occur when selecting all cards in the AB and hitting delete. She's currently reviewing code to make it so that we can look at Outlook Express Address Books in the client.
  • Cavin worked on a bug where importing some Japanese folders from Eudora causes the folder names to show up incorrectly. He continued working on a bug where renaming folders with illegal characters causes problems.
  • Navin checked in code that made it so we handle updating filters when renaming or deleting a folder. He also worked on selecting the correct message and preserving view information after compacting a folder. He also worked on making it so that we can compact a folder and get new messages without losing the new messages.
  • Scott spent more time debugging his XBL brutal sharing code. He finished performing a big sr for the Sun guys for adding addressbook & LDAP search.
  • Sean made it so that mail shows up as a possibility for the Windows XP start menu mail client.
  • Jean-Francois is working on cancel in the compose window progress dialog and on creating an error management system for the compose window. Currently, many errors do not get displayed or displayed correctly.
  • Varada is working on leaks in the compose window with David Baron. He will start documenting the progress on the mailnews pages. He is also looking into landing the reply performance branch.
  • David checked in a band-aid fix for a problem handling unsolicited imap responses which caused us to try to fetch messages with a uid of -1. The real fix is coded but didn't get checked in before .9.3 closed He also fixed some imap timeouts to use PRTimeInterval instead of PRTime which might help with some mac issues.
  • Seth fixed a crash in the subscribe dialog. He also checked in code that made it so we don't open a standalone message window if the user double clicks on the thread twisty, that prevented certain imap searches from failing due to bad search queries, and that fixed certain cases where account central was not loading.
  • Håkan Waara added a filter action so you can mark messages as flagged. He also made it so that if you try to bring up search or filters twice the popup menus don't go blank.
  • made it so that we don't add the address book icon to the component bar or tasks menu unless it's been installed.
  • timeless fixed some menu bugs in the 3pane.
  • Stephen Donner fixed some js warnings

July 30
Submitted by Chris Saari <>


  • The XPToolkit team resolved 29 bugs in the last week, fixing 20 of these. For details, see our resolved bug list.


  • Mike Pinkerton (pinkerton)
    • helped bbaetz debug auto-proxy on mac and traced it to an NSPR bug in domain name resolution
  • Chris Saari (saari)
    • bug triage, war rooming, being a pointy head
  • Daniel Matejka (danm)
    • Some triage done. I'm down to 10 untargeted bugs, all wacko and promising some triage difficulty.
    • "Fixed" some bugs. WFMed some bugs. See above.
  • Eric Vaughan (evaughan)
    • on sabatical
  • David Hyatt (hyatt)
    • fixed 90081
  • Dan Rosen (dr)
    • product testing, on vacation
  • Aaron Leventhal (aaronl)
    • Took care of more fixes for screen reader vendors
    • Implented "busy" state on pane objects
    • Briefed calendar group on accessibility
    • Briefed AOL's 508 legal consultant on our 508 needs
    • Updated focus/tab nav meta bug to show all focus problems
  • John Gaunt (jgaunt)
    • Made really good progress on bug 77648 thanks to dbradley for the helpful link. Almost have it wrapped up. Have the IEnumVARIANT wroking now, just working out some bugs getting it put together properly
    • triaged some bugs
  • Peter Annema (jag)
    • 65993"") opens home page. This one actually fixed a whole bunch of bugs related to the incorrect url being loaded on opening a window.
    • 91930 Browser not opening a window on first launch. And this was a regression from 65993 :-/
    • 86734 Code cleanup for NS_WITH_SERVICE(). See also bugscape bug 7887
    • 91571 Closing popup windows from File menu crashes Mac
    • 65412 Move browser functionality into xbl
    • 87141 Extensions for inserted images are case-sensitive
    • 87704 JS warnings about winhooks at startup
    • Netscape:
      • 7067 replace align="horizontal|vertical" with orient="h|v" or <hb
      • Helping clean up the Netscape side of bugzilla bug 70857
      • 7876 Unable to open link in browser from Mail. See bugzilla bug 65993
    • I don't own these, but they're all fixed by bugzilla bug 65993:
      • 6886 Terms and Condition page coming up with wrong content
      • 7421 Different start page depending on Activation dismissal metho
      • 7443 If user presses Terms/Conditions link in Activation, wrong s
      • 7887 Code cleanup for NS_WITH_SERVICE()
  • Brian Ryner (bryner)
    • 82834 (use busy cursor in filepicker on linux)
    • 84426 (fix filepicker folder icons in classic skin)
    • 81820 (handle user-typed ".." in filepicker)



  • pinkerton:
    • profile window activation
  • saari:
    • bug triage, tear into 0.9.4 bugs
  • hyatt:
    • finishing xul syntax changes
  • evaughan:
    • sabatical
  • danm:
    • More boring triage.
    • Bug 92291.
    • I'm considering a small rearchitecture of stacked event queues, to simplify the embedding interface and fix some common (mis)usage problems; for example dbaron and I suspect this is the root problem behind bug 89488 ).
  • dr:
    • on vacation
  • aaronl:
    • Get Gecko accessibility fixes into trunk and branch
    • Work more with screen reader vendors
    • Read timeless's keyboard suggestions and alter plan based on sensible parts
    • Get resources estimates on bugs in access-radar
  • jgaunt:
    • Finish accessibility select work ( bug 90179 )
  • jag:
    • bugs
  • bryner:
    • Fix focus-related crash/hang in komodo (bugscape 6214)
    • Keep hacking away at 0.9.4 bugs.
    • Start planning docshell/tab navigation rewrite.



  • pinkerton is having trouble with Quantify licenses again



  • pinkerton will probably be out monday (in LA)
  • evaughan on sabatical
  • dan rosen is on vacation for 2 weeks
July 30
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • gagan
    • darin is back and fixing critical bugs again :)
    • bug-fixing and triaging continues.


  • darin
    • fixed bug 90196 "M092 crash [@ nsHttpConnection::OnHeadersAvailable]"
    • fixed bug 91710 "opening page several times quickly shows completely blank page"
    • fixed bug 92598 "'cache-control: no-store' response should not be cached"
    • outlined design for http pipelining and partial reads from OnDataAvailable.
    • spent time in the "war room"
    • triaged bugs
  • gordon
    • From pre-vacation:
    • Fixed bugs 84116, 86671.
    • Worked on disk cache stream wrappers for bugs (61363, 81724), but ran into some thread safety issues.
    • Worked on cleaning up the cache profile/pref observer code for bugs (78480, 85054).
    • Post Vacation:
    • slogged through over 2000 emails backlogged from vacation.
    • Massaged truncation patch to build on Macintosh so it could be landed on 6.1 branch.
  • dougt
    • Fixed a couple of ftp bugs (91019, 59039, 84525, 84854, 77032, 88482)
    • Fixed a couple of top crasher (84073, 82720, 75633) for the branch.
    • Spent day at Adobe investigation 89191 which I fixed.
    • Fixed the two remaining problem in byterange support for HTTP.
    • Spent a couple days on an internal project involving PSM and setup a build machine so that I could have a tinderbox for this project.
  • gagan
    • attended the Oreilly open source conf.
    • presented 'Networking in Mozilla' session at the conf.


Plans for next week

  • darin
    • more time in the "war room"
    • triage bugs
  • gordon
    • Try to land truncate patch on trunk before 0.9.3 closes.
    • Triage bugs aquired while on vacation.
    • Fill in as virtual Gagan while he's in San Diego.
  • dougt
    • Think about taking some vacation time.
  • gagan
    • publish the slides of my presentation to


July 30
Submitted by Nisheeth Ranjan <>


  • Bug fixing continues on the trunk by all team members.
  • Triaging and task list definition for future Netscape releases is ramping up.
  • Johnny Stenback is away for a DOM face to face meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week (July 31, Aug 1)
  • Peter van der Beken will be out on vacation from August 6th through August 10th.


  • heikki
    • Wrote Win32 debugging FAQ, located at
    • Update XML Extras, XML in Mozilla and Win32 build instructions pages on
    • Worked on 86975, need to treat scrolling to ref identical between XML and HTML, have fix.
    • Checked in 82022, xml-stylesheet PI in XUL without href pseudo-attribute stopped layout.
    • Worked on 87030, crash with document.load() done from URLbar.
    • Code reviews for harishd, timeless.
    • Sheriffed on Friday.
    • Testing NS6.1 builds.
    • Bug triage.
  • harishd
    • Fixed bug 84491 [ Twin banners appear on page - IFRAME content interacting with BODY content ]
    • Fixed bug 7870 [ One line fix for parsing hexadecimal entities in attributes ].
    • Fixed bug 92530 [ TABLEs mishandled when FORM was present inside TD/TH - Made FORM to behave as a container in such cases. ]
    • Worked in bug 89456 [ Frameset page does not display in strict mode ]. Identified the problem [ incorrect comment declaration ] and reassigned to evangelism.
    • Worked on bug 88992 [ Content end up inside OBJECT tag - Bug in containment rules ].
    • Deduced a testcase for a, topembed/regression, bug 92647 [ layout problem in TechCU site ]. Bug assigned to karnaze.
    • Participated in "War Room". Helped Bob Clary with triaging / deducing testcases.
    • Triaged & prioritized my bugs.
  • peterv
    • Checked in a first part of bug 88623 (Cleanup Transformiix code), a fix for bug 88901 (Ill formed code in MozillDocument.cpp in Document::createAttributeNS).
    • Landed fix for bug 83589 (Doing a commercial build clobbers DefinesOptions.h, forcing an entire rebuild) and bug 75102 (Rewrite of XPath lexer and parser and implement the remaining XPath features).
    • Worked on my fix for bug 73936 (xsl:include/xsl:import/document() doesn't work).
  • mstoltz
    • Fixed two memory leaks in caps (61619 and 83902)
    • Wrote handler for view-source: protocol in CheckLaodURI
    • Fixed per-site JS disabling(86932)
    • (all of the above have not been checked in yet)
    • Massive bug triage/reordering
    • Brainstorming better JS content filtering mechanisms
  • jesse
    • Two weeks ago:
      • Filed security-related bugs: 91043 (fixed), 91215.
      • Filed other bugs: 91168, 91337, 91338, 91592, 91699, 91703.
      • Discussed several possible plans of attack against "hydra" pop-up ads.
      • Started working on a fix for bug 69070, pages from http shouldn't be able to load images from file.
    • Last week:
      • Filed bugs that make us render existing web sites incorrectly: 92010 (evang), 92216.
      • Helped some friends get their web sites to display well in Mozilla.
      • Filed a security bug: 92773.
      • Filed other bugs: 92217, 92491, 92723, 92745, 92748.
      • Testcased a bugscape bug about
  • nisheeth
    • Was out on Monday, Thursday and Friday of last week.
    • Gave a talk on Mozilla's XML Platform at O'Reilly's XTech 2001 conference in San Diego on Friday.
    • Gathered 6.1 post mortem feedback from team for PDT all managers meeting.
    • Started triaging bugs and soliciting team input on future work items.
    • Started trolling Mozilla newsgroups to gather feature requests from web developer community.




Plans for the next week

  • heikki
    • More bug triage.
    • Bug fixing, bug fixing, and then some more bug fixing...
  • harishd
    • Work on remaining 0.9.4 bugs.
    • Help Bob Clary with evangelism bugs.
    • Triage bugs.
  • peterv
    • Try to finish fix for document loading and rewrite of the output for transforms.
  • mstoltz
    • Attack some caps feature work for 0.9.4
    • Work on fixing signed scripts
    • Write out a workplan for the next few months
  • jesse
    • Keep working on bug 69070.
    • Still awaiting review from over a month ago: menu focus bug 79898.
    • Coerce three super-reviewers into giving me check-in access (90731).
  • nisheeth
    • Start building out task list for future Netscape releases
    • Fix bug 64248

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