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Last Updated Wednesday July 25, 2001

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Module Updates
July 19
Submitted by Viswanath Ramachandran <>


  • Joint efforts from Nav and Intl finally helped slay the 65251/65241 beasts.
  • Blake worked on a slew of turbo mode issues including making it possible to exit on Win9x and giving us a dialog to warn the user that the browser continues to run in the background.

Project Management

  • 0 PDT+ bugs.

Untriaged nominations 7
mozilla0.9.3 scheduled 21

Thanks To

  • Jan Varga for investigating why outliner is slow in history, but not in other places (it's a global history problem)
  • Frank Tang and Naoki Hotta for helping us get the turbo shutdown dialog on JA Win9x platforms.


  • Ben Goodger
    • continue thinking about download manager
  • Blake Ross
    • 90151 - M092/Trunk topcrash using drag and drop [@ nsMenuFrame::ActivateMenu]
    • 89624 - Improve compose window perf by reducing the command updating (focusing all the fields in the window is now instantaneous!)
    • 90849 - Classic smiley menu dropdown icons are disgusting
    • Rewrote the way we do drop insertion on the personal toolbar. The items no longer shift around in Classic when you drag over, and the odd behavior that it looks like you can drop on a button but the insertion point is to the left or right has been fixed. I also ripped off IE's insertion point. Now nothing shifts, you get the 'no-drop' cursor when dragging over buttons, and you can only drop on the spaces between the buttons -- it's much cleaner and nicer looking.
  • Matt Fisher
    • no status
  • Paul Chen
    • Fix a few other bugs and help out with topcrash bugs.
  • Steve Morse
    • help with topcrash bugs
  • Viswanath Ramachandran
    • help with topcrash bugs
    • finish writing focal reviews
    • continue to work on Performance plans
    • start providing feedback on Nav PRDs


  • Alec, Samir, Bill on sabbatical.


  • Ben Goodger
    • provided a way for localizers to disable various sections of print plus UI via a localizable hidden attribute
    • checked in best mac fix for 65251 to the trunk (thanks paul for handling the branch).
    • spent some time debugging the growing sidebar customize window, determined in the end that there is some sort of interesting interaction taking place between calls to sizeToContent and windows whose dimensions are persisted. This is likely complex, and I could investigate further, but we decided best focus on more important things for now. Further bugs have been filed however.
    • produced an initial draft of a document describing a download manager. (sent to nav-all earlier this week).
  • Blake Ross
    • 89165 - File | Exit should not kill turbo
    • 90524 - Menu for turbo mode icon doesn't work on win9x
    • 88435 - Add Clear button to remove remembered helper app pref
    • 89166 - Show dialog when last window is closed while in turbo mode
    • 50833 - nsTextBoxFrame's crop="middle" is broken (for Dean)
    • 22175 - Dragging thumb away from scrollbar should cancel scrolling (for Dean)
    • Massive help viewer improvements
  • Matt Fisher
    • no status
  • Paul Chen
    • 32801 Mac: can run 2 copies of Mozilla at the same time. Finally got this r= and sr=. Checked onto trunk on Friday.
    • 90405 M092 crash [@ nsVoidArray::RemoveElement]. Got cc'd on this bug and decided to check it out while waiting for commerical cvs access go get back online. Reproduced crash and found offending lines of code. Talked to Saari about it, and he says that he's been poking around in there and can easily fix it.
    • 90197 Mac installers fail to complete installation. This was a smoketest blocker while I was on sheriff duty. I verified that the bug was caused by mstoltz's checkin to nsComponentManager.cpp. Gave that info to Syd and Sean Su, and they took it from there.
  • Steve Morse
    • 60200: Sidebar customize window gets larger with each open
    • 49861: Remove samples from wallet menu
    • 73141: Clicking on link in mail starts up browser on home page
    • 85220: Need to set prefs to redisplay hidden toolbar button
  • Viswanath Ramachandran
    • helped drive PDT+ bugs in Nav+ to zero.
    • started formulating performance plan for next releases
July 20
Submitted by Beth Epperson <>


  • team resolved 19 bugs between 14 July - 20 July, many of them duplicates
  • 0 PDT+ bugs
  • there are 18 open 9.3 bugs


  • 54726 : Add an option to verify the current document. It works, just needs some minor JS tweaking (window size) and r/sr.
  • Checked in XUL regression fix 90741 for Mark Anderson,
  • Worked with Vidur on reproducing a plaintext serializer mail regression. Eventually found out how to reproduce it (problem with Save as Draft) with on suggestion from Ben Bucksch.
  • Investigation and pestering related to bugs 89488, 84093, and bugscape bug 6896, regarding Java hanging on Redhat 7.1.
  • Much discussion on publishing and URL rewriting.
  • Thought about composer wishlist.


  • typical stuff: ran builds, tested, and triaged bugs
  • not so typical: had a number of my Range bugs reopened because of crashes involving my implementation of using the Document to get a Document Fragment, not realiznig that it is possible to not have a Document, this still presents a problem as to who owns a Document Fragment without a Document? I have fixed all the crashers, but it still doesnt address the problems with the Range stuff altogether.
  • On a related note, Kin and I were discussing the needed changes to fully implement Range, and some of things that were missing from first implementation. He and I both feel that when it is done (Range) it would be a very good thing (tm) and useful for Us and others.
  • worked with mjudge, and kin on the crasher for splitting nodes in lists and tables, and also on hammering out behaviour of lists with align attribute. the crasher was fixed by kin, though the underlying problem of reflowing when a frames parent has been nuked is still there, and it is a layout issue. kin was going to check in the various fixes.


  • milestone bug triage
  • test and target newly submitted bugs
  • attended W3C WG teleconference
  • spent most of the week working on the publishing technical specification
  • wrapping up reviews


  • out this week


  • Worked with Beth on Publishing Technical Specification
  • W3C teleconference for CSS
  • Worked on ShowAllTags mode issues
  • Traiged new CSS bugs
  • Worked on CSS support in Composer


  • on sabbatical


  • worked on publishing tech spec with Beth
  • Provided feedback for the Sera2 beta
  • Reviewed topcrash bugs across CPD
  • Triaged incoming bugs
  • Tested patches for Kin and Daniel
  • Reviewed several patches
  • Fixed branch bustage for jst
  • Worked with Gustavo Verdun on issues


  • Code reviews.
  • Spent a lot of time this week discussing Publishing with various members of the team.
  • Triaged and did some preliminary debugging for various editor bugs.
  • Debugged 90521 and 90528 and found them to be layout reflow problems. Worked on a couple of JS test cases that reproduce the problems in the browser, and show exactly what the editor is doing during it's edit operations.
  • Sat down with anthonyd and mjudge to debug a crash caused by aligning table contents. Ended up fixing editor bugs regarding table/list splitting while aligning, which masks/prevents the crash. I have a fix for bug 91310 , currently working on fix for 91288 which takes a slightly different code path.
  • Checked in fixes for:
    • 90499 - Can't delete selection if end of selection contains "<br>\n"
    • 86450 - pasting plaintext into text area loses significant whitespace
    • 91378 - "Find" doesnt find in some cases


  • 82993 fix checked in with some additions to preventing arrowing into the generated content AND for skipping over said generated content. Daniel wanted it to NOT go into the content instead to skip over to the next available frame so I added that.
  • 87662 That bug where you would drag around above a frame/below a frame and it would snap to what appeared to be the wrong text. This was because of the differnt sizes. checked it in with above bug
  • Some bug on tony's plate i think: where dragging in front of or at the end of a table collapsed selection mid drag. I instead made it respect the mouse drag event when snapping to correct location in tables.
  • Worked with kin on discovering and fixing that crash that happens with align and other bad splits on a table. Layout probably still broken underneath but we at least masked the change.


  • vacation

Related Issues:

  • from Kin: I'll need some mac/carbon help from someone for bug 91000 .
  • from Akkana: When do we want to do 66345 (embed: reorganize the editor directory structure)? Should I start preparing it now, or do we want to wait a while? It should happen before moz 1.0 if we're going to do it at all.

Vacations/Sick time/Sabbaticals:

  • Charley: out 16 July - 20 July
  • Joe: sabbatical 9 July - 17 August
  • Mike: 2 August - 10 August, sabbatical 20 August - 1 October
  • Simon: vacation 16 July - 31 July
July 23
Submitted by Viswanath Ramachandran <>

Highlights / Summary

  • Paul, Vishy, Blake - helped to scope out and investigate the "clicking links in mail / javascript window open opens home page" as well as "always go to special startup page after installing" problems. Jag (65993) and Bhuvan (91585) fixed these for RTM.
  • Blake - fixed a History bug for RTM where all entries were getting put into the Today folder spuriously. (91717).
  • Blake - made View Source and Send Page disabled for pages with Post Data (since they caused data to get reposted to the web site which is very bad) as a workaround for RTM. (91341/91342)
  • Ben - fixed a dataloss bug in bookmarks for RTM where filing a folder onto itself caused the folder to be deleted. (91438)
  • Fixed topcrash bugs for RTM
    • Steve and Vishy - 83805 @ nsSliderFrame
    • Blake - 90151 @ nsMenuFrame::ActivateMenu
    • Vishy - 84832 @ nsPresShell
  • Steve fixed a Linux Form Manager Hang on the trunk (89514)

Lowlights / Issues

Project Management

  • 1 PDT+ bug (reopened) - Need to disable Edit Page for pages with Post Data. (91341)

Untriaged nominations 7
mozilla0.9.3 scheduled 14
mozilla0.9.4 scheduled 18

Thanks To

  • Todd Pringle and Myron Rosmarin for helping to deduce the Sherlock file fixes needed to make Netscape Search work properly again in the client.
  • Xp Toolkit Staff for helping get a workaround for the Linux Form Manager hang, bug 89514.


  • Alec/Bill/Samir on sabbatical
  • Steve was on leave Fri last week


  • All
    • Stay on top of any incoming Netscape 6.1 RTM stoppers
    • Continue to see if there are any topcrash bugs we can help knock off (though now probably for eMojo)
    • Get fixes onto trunk to finish up mozilla0.9.3
    • Start getting mozilla0.9.4 list into shape.
    • Start working on longer term specifications, designs, proposals
    • Catch up on bug triaging of Nav component lists
  • Ben Goodger
  • Blake Ross
    • Many of the fixes above have to go on the trunk.
    • 89624 - Improve compose window perf by reducing the command updating (focusing all the fields in the window is now instantaneous!)
    • 90849 - Classic smiley menu dropdown icons are disgusting
    • Rewrote the way we do drop insertion on the personal toolbar. The items no longer shift around in Classic when you drag over, and the odd behavior that it looks like you can drop on a button but the insertion point is to the left or right has been fixed. I also ripped off IE's insertion point. Now nothing shifts, you get the 'no-drop' cursor when dragging over buttons, and you can only drop on the spaces between the buttons -- it's much cleaner and nicer looking.
    • 7196 - Turbo dialog only appears upon closing last window for first time per session (bugscape)
  • Matt Fisher
  • Paul Chen
    • Try to get 77758 wrapped up.
    • Triage team will probably start tackling the huge pile known as mozilla1.0 bugs. :-)
    • Since Blake has my main win32 dev box, need to get a dev environment up on the win98 partition on my linux box in anticipation of some win32 work.
  • Steve Morse
  • Viswanath Ramachandran
    • Keep watching for any stoppers on the horizon
    • Firm up eMojo plan (list of bugs for m0.9.4 and mapping of PRD items to bug numbers)
    • Restart tracking and helping with turbo issues, so that we get to a default on shippable state for eMojo.


  • Ben Goodger
    • Not much happening this week, although did fix a bookmarks bug that Vishy pointed out to do with filing a folder into itself. The solution found wasn't the cleverest, but it was reasonable enough to go in on both the branch and trunk.
    • Revised Download Manager proposal based on feedback from Todd, and sent it to German for review and feedback.
    • Spent some time trying to get the second monitor on my Mac working, with limited success (intermitten init failures, kernel panics and so forth). I'm told my current Mac hardware isn't the best choice for running OS X (old blue& white G3). A 867MHz machine would be appreciated ;)
    • New hard drive in notebook, spent time reinstalling software. I can now keep more than just one set of source trees on this which should make it better for branch management.
    • Performed initial assessment of Mozilla 1.0 buglist for general priority, etc.
  • Blake Ross
    • 90151 - Trunk/n610 topcrash @ nsMenuFrame::ActivateMenu
    • 91341 - View Source and Edit Page need to be disabled on pages with postdata
    • 91342 - Send Link needs to be disabled on pages with postdata
    • 91720 - Open Link in New Window fails silently in standalone mail window
    • 91717 - History date/time of new pages is the date/time of the first url added in the session
    • 87192 - View Background Image is broken
    • Helped with Search bugs
    • Checked in a bunch of people's PDT+ fixes when they weren't around
  • Matt Fisher
    • 91603 Changed search urls to support new search engine at
    • 7841 Changed sherlock file to parse new search engine results Others
    • Tested sherlock updating to verify that it is working in current builds.
    • Looked into Lycos not updating sidebar after multipule searches.
    • Tested builds for RTM
  • Paul Chen
    • 77758 [Mac] Can't load files with slashes in filename into browser. Started looking at this bug again, trying to get in fix for 0.9.3. Last time I debugged this, someone (maybe xpcom file stuff?) isn't url encoding the '/'.
    • 91531 Blank browser window appears every other time a link is selected from Mail/IM. Spent some of Thursday and all of Friday getting this resolved. Big thanks to Seth Spitzer for helping out on this one. Gagan's backout of his changes for 90288 fixed the every other time issue. Then dougt's checkin for 82720 fixed the remaining issue that some pages wouldn't load at all.
  • Steve Morse
    • Performed long-overdue bug triaging
    • Bugs worked on
      • bug 89514: Form manager dialog hangs linux. came up with a safe work-around. awaiting approvals
      • bug 83805: nsSliderFrame crash. helped out in getting a hack patch checked in
      • bug 64587: js warning error. tested and works for me. closed out
  • Viswanath Ramachandran
    • Helped with Search sidebar problem.
    • Helped with breaking down the startup page problem and links/ javascript problem.
    • Fixed a topcrash in nsPresShell.cpp
    • Helped make sure we were on the RTM stoppers.
July 23
Submitted by Scott Putterman <>
  • Resolved as fixed 30 bugzilla bugs.
  • Cavin worked on more issues regarding creating folders with illegal characters in them and worked on a design for changing the user name and host name for an account.
  • David made offline download stop stalling if you have a local folders account. He implemented Download Now from the properties dialog for newsgroups, fixed the downloading of flagged/selected news messages to not skip the first message, made biff and cleanup inbox on exit work if using SSL IMAP and fixed thread unread counts to never be negative.
  • Candice is continuing to look into a crash involving Select all and Delete in the address book. She's looking into a crash when adding an address book card and she's been doing AB code reviews.
  • Navin fixed a crash that occurred when doing Save as Template. He has a fix for making it so that filters get updated when a folder is deleted or renamed. He also started looking into collecting data and fixing leaks in the 3 pane.
  • Scott made more progress on XBL brutal sharing. He made it so we unescape the suggested file name in the helper app save to disk dialog. This stops us from showing %20s in file name's with spaces. He fixed a problem where the suggested file name in the save to disk dialog showed garbage for files with Japanese characters. He made it so we display forwarded apple double attachments in the message pane. He fixed the browser URI content listener so we stop opening a new browser window the 2nd time you click on a bugzilla link in mail. He localized the close button in the helper app progress dialog and began super reviewing a patch to add address book & ldap search support.
  • Jean-Francois is working on making the cancel button work in the compose window progress dialog. He is currently able to cancel SMTP.
  • Varada started looking into memory leaks in the compose window. He will start posting some baseline data soon. He is also looking into adding a context menu to the message compose window which is one of the top requested feedback items from the Netscape 6.1 Beta. And, he's looking into landing some performance work that has gone on including the reply performance branch and Blake Ross's command updating work.
  • Sean made it so that we can show up in the Windows XP start menu.
  • Bhuvan worked on a number of bugs to make sure the correct start page is shown each time the browser starts up.
  • Seth fixed a subscribe crasher, worked on reviewing the folder pane branch, and helped track down some of the bugs where clicking on a link in the message pane was not opening the url in the browser.
  • Håkan Waara added an accelerator for Search Messages.
  • fixed a crash when downloading news articles with extremely long line lengths.
  • Henrik Gemal fixed some javascript warnings in the message pane code.
July 24
Submitted by Nisheeth Ranjan <>


  • We have 1 re-opened PDT+ bug (bug 89710) assigned to Heikki.
  • We will focus on triaging our 0.9.3 bug lists this week.
  • We will also start planning for what we should do for the next six months.


  • heikki
    • Fixed 89710 (PDT+) typo in context menu code prevented save link as bookmark in certain cases. (Hmm, seems like Mac was not completely fixed but I think that is a different cause.)
    • Worked on 82022, XUL file with PIs without href pseudo-attribute come up blank, have fix.
    • Catching up with mail (~1500) and news.
    • Worked on 89402, reordering class data members to save in footprint. Initial investigations showed only little improvements so I futured this. It would still be useful, so looking for volunteers!
    • Reviews for harishd.
  • harishd
    • Helped Gagan with bug 90288 [ not honoring "Pragma: no-cache" from HTTP-EQUIV ] - PDT+.
    • Helped Mark Attinasi with bug 88849 [ Crash after pressing left arrow key in textbox! ] and identified the problem - PDT+.
    • Helped Gagan with bug 91538 [ Crash in content sink ] - PDT+.
    • Worked on bug 91320 [ Cleaning up htmlparser module ] - m0.9.3.
    • Triaged my bugs.
  • jst
    • Worked on 83433, exposing DOM constructor objects and prototypes.
    • Checked in fix for bug 86147. Added code that does security checks on access to getter and setter functions for properties of DOM objects in JS and also fixed a JS engine bug.
    • Worked on other mozilla0.9.3 bugs.
  • peterv
    • On vacation
  • joki
    • Continued work on 0.9.3 milestone.
    • Continue looking at larger event issues and changes we're looking at for Moz1.0
  • mstoltz
    • Fixed 4 exploits for RTM: 88087, 91043, 90591, 90418.
  • nisheeth
    • Code reviewed fix to bug 90733
    • Managed nsBranch bug list
    • Went to PDT meetings to seek approval for branch checkins of bug fixes.




Plans for the next week

  • heikki
    • Bug triage.
    • Check in bugs I have fixes for.
    • Get back to serious bug fixing.
  • harishd
    • Work on m0.9.3 bugs.
    • Triage my bugs.
  • jst
    • Continue working on mozilla0.9.3 bugs.
  • peterv
    • Try to finish fix for document loading and rewrite of the output for transforms.
  • joki
    • Work with Philippe at W3C to finalize DOM Level 3 Event Spec
    • Prioritize bugs in the post 0.9.3 timeframe
  • mstoltz
    • Triage & fix remaining 0.9.3 bugs, finally
    • Make sure signed scripts are working
  • nisheeth
    • Triage 0.9.3 bug lists.
    • Organize a team offsite to plan post 0.9.3 work.

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