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Last Updated Wednesday July 18, 2001

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Module Updates
July 16
Submitted by Beth Epperson <>


  • team resolved 26 bugs between 7 July - 13 July, many of them duplicates
  • 1 bug marked vtrunk, 0 PDT+ bugs, 2 checked into trunk that are not in the branch
  • there are 17 open 9.3


  • 78727 ,86998 : Fix a hang with rewrap introduced by the string API conversion. Checked in on trunk and branch.
  • 69638 : Use <span> instead of <blockquote> for plaintext quotes, to fix caret motion problems. Checked in on trunk, decided it was too risky for branch and not enough demand. Bug is still open: I think I can improve the fix by fiddling with style tags.
  • Got some great feedback from a new composer user at the editor bug-o-rama
  • Sheriffed on Thursday; spent all afternoon chasing around trying to get builds verified and find out why it hadn't happened.
  • Fixed my scsi card at home and got SERA2 working. Woohoo!
  • Discussed publishing link rewriting issues with Kathy; filed 90550 to track some of the issues we talked about.


  • fixed bug 81288 - &nbsp removed from source when changing views. checked into trunk, awaiting branch approval.
  • continuing work on 88335 - End Key and Backspace key misbehave, not finished yet.
  • investigating new bug, 90738 - build DOM traversal idl.


  • milestone bug triage
  • test and target newly submitted bugs
  • attended W3C WG teleconference
  • attended monthly manager meeting, weekly Seamonkey meeting and pdt meetings
  • took Thursday and Friday off


  • Fixed and checked in for both trunk and branch builds:
    • 89644 Missing buttons and menulists in Image and Table dialogs. These fixes are total kludges as the real problems are layout mistakes inside XUL grids (but evaughan was on vacation last week). I will keep on this issue (bug 67333 ) in next version.
    • 89700, 89973: Colorpicker bugs that prevented proper initialization of color in dialog and resetting color back to default in page.
    • 86742, 57398, and 86009 are bugs fixed last week that were accepted by PDT to check into 6.1 branch
  • Did lots of testing and follow through on bugs in other areas that affect Composer. Helped test and review bug fixes.
  • Helped with 2nd bugorama on Tuesday. Discussed UI issues and filed some bugs as a result.
  • Sheriff duty on Thursday evening.
  • Had long discussion with Steve Elmer about PDT approval process and other software development / management issues.


  • W3C CSS WG conf call
  • had to work again on my CSS 3 selectors test suite for W3C ; began to really hate XSLT and wonder if the XHTML WG wants to improve the web or make it collapse...
  • almost finished a new All Tags mode for Composer ( bug 88036 ) based on css generated content instead of gif images ; it removes 90 files from the tree.
  • worked on FindInPage (bug 31770 )
  • windows box broken thursday morning


  • on sabbatical


  • Checked in fixes for table properties help button into branch
  • Helped Kin fix part of one of his bugs
  • Triage bugzilla
  • Looked into several topcrash bugs from talkback; one resolved as WFM; another (assigned to hyatt?) has a bogus stackcrawl but it does show up in talkback...
  • Ran ibench tests on branch and trunk for Gagan (next time would appreciate a warning that they might take up to 15 minutes each)
  • Tracked down an oddity at to be a preference setting I had
  • Edited and checked in Sheriff schedule; unfortunately I couldn't use 6.1 Composer due to lack of css support and the problem of disappearing nbsp's (and perhaps other issues)
  • Discussed a part of publishing with Akkana


  • Code reviews and testing other people's patches.
  • Spent most of Monday trying to catch up on email.
  • Triaged and did some preliminary debugging for various editor bugs.
  • Spent a lot of time reducing large test cases for various bugs to smaller ones to make debugging easier.
  • Sat down with anthonyd to debug and fix his nbsp/EditSource bug.
  • Worked with brade to fix 86450 (pasting plaintext into text area loses significant whitespace) for both copy and drag&drop. Fix was checked in to the trunk.
  • Integrated Joe's fixes for his 0.9.3 bugs into my tree and played with them a bit. They look fine, but I guess they're a bit late for branch checkin? Will try to get them checked into the trunk early next week.
  • Attended SuperReviewer monthly meeting.
  • Currently looking into bugs 90499, 90521, and 90528 which were bugs in a sample doc given to us by clayton.


  • David Baron is rewriting the block line layout code. he is making the list a doubly linked list. This will have some affect on my own code and will affect bugs 55031, 4302. I am trying to talk to him about those changes to lineup/down.
  • 55031 i am reworking fixes for bugs 55031. I have something that works here but i think it might cause a side affect of getting stuck on tables
  • I am currently adding a new parameter to the API for peek-offset. this will add a boundary frame to the PeekOffsetStruct. This should put an end to the wrapping weirdness at the end/beginning of the textarea/edit controls. I didn't want to do this before because i was nervous about the branch. since the branch is basically done...


  • Checked in fix for bug 84216 : added an option to the Mac build scripts to pull by date, which should reduce mid-checkin bustage on Tinderbox.
  • Spent a lot of time helping Steve Adamski with the Mac static build; got as far as getting something that links and runs, but crashes on startup. The debug app is 25Mb in size!
  • Debugged some mailnews problems with Seth
  • Helped Brendan debug some problems with the fast load branch.
  • Lots of code reviews
  • Lots of meetings
  • Completed focal review.

Vacations/Sick time/Sabbaticals:

  • Beth: vacation 12-13 July
  • Joe: sabbatical 9 July - 17 August
  • Mike: 2 August - 10 August, sabbatical 20 August - 1 October
  • Simon: vacation 16 July - 31 July
July 16
Submitted by Chris Saari <>


  • The XPToolkit team resolved 39 bugs in the last week, fixing 30 of these. For details, see our resolved bug list. This appears to be largely catching up with verifications.


  • aaronl is getting traction from accessiblity product vendors on testing our accessiblity APIs
  • Mike Pinkerton (pinkerton)
    • working with kensington for scrollmouse changes to their driver
    • close to a solution with our Carbon printing woes. Works on X, not on 9
  • Chris Saari (saari)
    • still figthing with mac specific regressions in the patch for 77675
  • Daniel Matejka (danm)
    • on vacation
  • Eric Vaughan (evaughan)
    • on vacation
  • David Hyatt (hyatt)
    • testing the product
  • Dan Rosen (dr)
    • testing the product, sheriffing
  • Aaron Leventhal (aaronl)
    • Worked on long-range accessibility planning
    • Got screen reader vendor on board to test our stuff, problem reports already coming in
    • Fix in hand for first problem report: accGetBounds problems, rewrote it to be cleaner and correct
    • Reviewed John Gaunt's combo box/ list box accessibiltiy fixes
  • John Gaunt (jgaunt)
    • Checked in fix for mac build bustage due to accessibility branch landing ( bug 89473 ) and bidi issue ( bug 88509 )
    • worked up patches for bug 90182 and 90181 -- accessibility select fixes
    • reviewed aaronl's patch for 90624
  • Peter Annema (jag)
    • "Fixed" (by working around them) a bunch (well, 3) of PDT+ bugs
    • String work
  • Brian Ryner (bryner)
    • on vacation



  • pinkerton:
    • bug triage
    • last minute OSX bugs before the cutoff
  • saari:
    • tame 77675 if I can
    • planning event and focus code changes with joki, bryner, jag, blizzard and friends
    • get progress report done on Friday for a change
  • hyatt:
    • testing, helping brendan with jamming CSS into the fastload file
  • evaughan:
  • danm:
  • dr:
    • testing the product
  • aaronl:
    • Get next round of accessibility fixes to vendors
    • Long-range planning for AOL/Netscape accessibility
    • Finish budget
    • Get bug numbers into PRD, update UAAG guideline #'s
  • jgaunt:
    • Finish accessibility select work ( bug 77648 )
  • jag:
    • Showstoppers for RTM
    • String work
  • bryner:
    • Bryner returns to the Mt. View office!





  • bryner is in Mt. View again, sitting in the hyatt/danm area
July 16
Submitted by Dan Mosedale <>
  • Recovered from vacation (email, news, bugmail, etc)
  • A bunch of bug triage.
  • Started coding for a couple of 0.9.3 bugs.
  • Installed compilers and build tools on new PC, still having build problems.
  • Talked to various folks about Sun Ireland addrbook landing issues.
  • Updated linux box packages to make laptop less flaky.
July 16
Submitted by Scott Putterman <>
  • Resolved as fixed 48 bugs .
  • Cavin did some more work on making it so that folders with characters that are illegal on that OS's file system don't cause an Unknown Error when selected. He and Seth worked on a design for making it so you can rename the user and host name in account settings. He also worked with Navin on making it so that the temp files we create when sending a message and saving to a local sent folder get cleaned up upon sending.
  • Candice is working on a crash when doing Select All in the address book and deleting. She has a fix for making Offline Settings in Account Central open up to the correct panel in the Account Settings dialog.
  • Navin fixed a bug on the trunk where copying messages from a local folder to another local folder could cause corruption in the destination folder. He worked with Cavin on cleaning up temp files as mentioned above. He checked in the changes to make it so we can automatically compact folders when a specified amount of space can be saved.
  • Scott worked on making it so that the scrollbar placement doesn't persist across messages. He fixed a bug where opening an attachment after the message had been forwarded caused corruption of the attachment. He made it so that we delete temporary files generated by using helper applications. And, he started working on XBL brutal sharing again.
  • Jean-Francois helped work on the left over temporary files bug with Cavin and he continued helping with a bug where a particular Chinese message would hang upon displaying.
  • David fixed a top crash which occurred when expanding a thread in a database when the threading info for a db is broken. He
    fixed code that detected corrupt local folder .msf files and made it regenerate the .msf file. He checked in a fix to run imap filters before downloading messages for offline use when doing an offline synchronize. He added bulletproofing for a topcrash in nsMsgDatabase::GetThreadForSubject.
  • Bhuvan is working on removing event handlers from templates and account manager twisty management.
  • Varada worked on the Chinese message hang bug mentioned above. He helped work on the forwarding attachment crash and corruption mentioned above. He started looking at leaks and performance (some external patches and the reply perf branch). He worked on some regressions in the trunk UI and also some problems with Ja attachments in the branch.
  • Seth added the total and unread counts back to the status bar of the alternate 3 pane. He fixed the filters bug were we could only have 3 rules. He got date searches and date filters to work.
  • Håkan Waara fixed a number of filter and offline wording and UI bugs.
July 17
Submitted by Nisheeth Ranjan <>


  • PDT+ bug fixing all of last week. We are now at 0 PDT+ bugs.


  • heikki
    • On vacation
  • harishd
    • Spent most of the time fixing bug ( PDT+ ) 87110. Fix landed.
    • Landed fixes for bugs ( PDT+ ) 40072,81253,76722,89732.
    • Did a bit of triaging ( untargeted ).
  • peterv
    • Checked in a first part of bug 88623 (Cleanup Transformiix code), a fix for bug 88901 (Ill formed code in MozillDocument.cpp in Document::createAttributeNS).
    • Landed fix for bug 83589 (Doing a commercial build clobbers DefinesOptions.h, forcing an entire rebuild) and bug 75102 (Rewrite of XPath lexer and parser and implement the remaining XPath features).
    • Worked on my fix for bug 73936 (xsl:include/xsl:import/document() doesn't work).
  • joki
    • Worked on 0.9.3 bugs
  • mstoltz
    • Fixed target JS-link exploit (77485).
    • Added localization to above fix.
    • Tested and checked in 2 exploit fixes from jesse.
    • Fixed blocker caused by change to Components.manager.autoRefresh by adding new function.
    • Working with Dave Barrowman, John Gable, et al, on marketing messaging for security
  • jesse
    • Filed security bugs: 90386, 90418, 90591, 90757.
    • Filed assertions: 90770, 90776, 90779, 90780.
    • Filed other bugs: 89781, 89910, 89923, 90240 (fixed), 90546, 90587, 90728, 90731, 90764, 90783, 90786
    • Tried to come up with a fix for bug 90386 (document.writing userAgent at about: creates security problems) but didn't find one.
  • nisheeth
    • Landed bugs 40072 and 76722 on the branch for Harish
    • Landed bug 88327 for Heikki on the branch
    • Sheriffed the tree on Friday.
    • Went to PDT meetings every day to get approval for branch checkins of bug fixes.



  • mstoltz
    • Guninski is waiting for his contract to be renewed before he sends us any more reports.


Plans for the next week

  • heikki
    • Vacation.
  • harishd
    • Work on crucial bugs ( topcrash, PDT+ ).
    • Triage bugs.
  • peterv
    • Try to finish fix for document loading and rewrite of the output for transforms.
  • joki
    • Triage down new bugs (count is creeping up again)
    • Continue 0.9.3 and later bugs
  • mstoltz
    • Quick sanity-check security reviews of the branch
    • Start on post-RTM 0.9.3 fixes.
  • jesse
    • Fix bug 69070.
    • Continue thinking about how to fix bug 90386.
    • Still awaiting review from several weeks ago: bug 79898.
    • Try to get CVS access (90731).
  • nisheeth
    • Work on PDT+ bugs, topcrashers, ship stoppers etc.

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