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Last Updated Thursday July 12, 2001

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Module Updates
July 5
Submitted by Chris Saari <>


  • The XPToolkit team resolved 27 bugs in the last week, fixing 9 of these. For details, see our resolved bug list.


  • Mike Pinkerton (pinkerton)
    • fixed crash with hidden menus in plaintext compose on OSX (bug 83430)
    • cursor changes to reflect modifier keys on mac (bug 87911)
    • scrollwheel support on osx (bug 71045)
  • Chris Saari (saari)
    • Worked on PDT+ bug 77675, which dragged danm and bryner down with it as well. This is a fun one. Helped with accessiblity branch landing. Playing pointy head.
  • Daniel Matejka (danm)
    • fixed some small bugs, including one relatively obscure hang.
  • Eric Vaughan (evaughan)
    • on vacation
  • David Hyatt (hyatt)
    • sick all week. no progress
  • Dan Rosen (dr)
    • Triaged bugs, dealing with moving to SF, testing the product
  • Aaron Leventhal (aaronl)
  • John Gaunt (jgaunt)
    • Landed the Branch!!
    • dealt with lots of stuff in sr process
    • discovered a problem in the way we handle accessibility for list boxes -- have a fix in mind
    • purified our code -- found some leaks, got 'em fixed ( w/ help from aaronl )
    • Thanks to all those who r=/sr=/helped with the branch landing: waterson, jag, dbaron, hyatt, saari, jst, cls, attinasi, brendan, beard, ssu, kmcclusk.... and of course aaronl and evaughan
  • Peter Annema (jag)
    • Reviewed stuff, tested our product, tested it some more, tested it even more, found a few bugs, did some string work.
  • Brian Ryner (bryner)
    • 82123 (alternate tabbing order for embedding)
    • tried to help saari with 77675 (window focus stealing)



  • pinkerton:
    • OSX++ bugs
    • landing all my fixes on branch
    • making another fizzilla build
  • saari:
    • Continue to work on bug 77675
  • hyatt:
    • on vacation
  • evaughan:
    • on vacation
  • danm:
    • lovely pdt+ hang modal dialog comes up under the main window
  • dr:
    • 78021, 80116.
  • aaronl:
  • jgaunt:
    • handle any regressions from the branch landing ( like bug 88509 )
    • meet with evaughan and pick his brain before he goes on sabatical
    • Get listbox accessibility working properly
  • jag:
    • Review header fan-out killer patch for dbaron.
    • Review accessibility branch patch post-landing.
  • bryner:
    • on vacation next two weeks





  • Hyatt will be on vacation all week, to return 7/9
  • Danm will be out the later half of the week and the following week
  • jgaunt is out Thurs. and Fri.after the 4th
  • bryner is on vacation for 2 weeks and will be in Mt. View on the 16th
July 6
Submitted by Beth Epperson <>


  • team resolved 30 bugs between 30 June - 6 July, many of them duplicates
  • 8 bugs marked vtrunk, 4 PDT+ bugs
  • there are 30 nsBranch marked bugs, set to milestone 9.3


  • Worked on Joe's bug 89403, on lists flattening on copy/paste. Found the cause but not a safe solution yet.
  • Bug 69638, quoting in plaintext compose; Daniel Bratell had some good code review comments, mcafee tested it and says it works.
  • Went through a weird bug which Clayton encountered writing a status report, where hitting delete near the beginning of the document causes all hell to break loose. Filed as 89708, seems to involve a bad interaction between nested divs some of which are coming from pasting from mail's message pane.
  • More configuration on the new machine.
  • Tried to take SERA2 home on a jaz, discovered that my home machine has forgotten how to talk to the scsi card.
  • Hovered some at composer bug-o-rama.
  • Wednesday off (Independence Day).


  • continued working on my 0.9.3 bug list
  • checked in the fix for 88263 trunk, pending branch whenever it opens and clears.
  • had bugorama with Lisa. reviewed how she uses Composer. we then reviewed the information the rest of us gathered and beth compiled it.
  • investigated and found solution for 88055 (first character of attribute value is getting uppercased) but could not check it in because jst thought it wasn't something we should worry about (long story). i will find another solution .


  • milestone bug triage
  • test and target newly submitted bugs
  • assisted with bug-o-rama on Tuesday
  • testing/QA editor


  • on vacation part of the week
  • fixed and checked in all 0.9.3 bugs:
    • 86742: No prompt for saving HTML Source when "X" used to close window
    • 57398: Spell check dialog layout problem when misspelled word is very long.
    • 89644: Kludge around the missing widgets in Image and Table dialogs. (Really and XPFE problem - bug 67333 existed long ago; can't find the more recent one I file on hewitt.)
    • 86009: Join Table cells not working in columns
  • Reviewed, tested, and checked in fix for 89644 (new help button for image dialog) for Kathy


  • Still working on All Tags mode in Composer (bug 88036) :
    • working on Beth's feedback, in particular on popup menus
    • making title and style elements editable
    • resolve some style problems with generated content
  • First fix in hand :
    • 88681 style change to background-color after disabling a style sheet is not complete
  • Worked on :
    • 24861 Quotes nesting doesn't work [GC]
  • I think I found one of the reasons why "Find in Page" feature is sometimes very slow (try to find string "rosen" in LXR's view of nsCSSFrameConstructor.cpp and launch the chronograph...) and am working on it. I hope to decrease the time needed by this example from 33 seconds (yes, thirty-three !) on my windows box to far less than a second.


  • on sabbatical


  • on vacation


  • on vacation


  • sat with Clayton during the bug-o-rama
  • resolved bug 88164 - major navigation bug
  • working on other 9.3 bugs


  • Fixed bug 84778 in branch and trunk (bad error message about framesets when loading a page with an <iframe>)
  • Fixed bug 87910 in branch and trunk (Edit page fails if Composer window up already)
  • Fixed bug 85504 on branch and trunk (Top crash in GetSelectedElement)
  • Got a final patch at add a fast_update option to the mac build scripts (bug 79280 ).
  • Carbonized the installer code so that it can run on Mac OS X (bug 89659 ).
  • Did some extensive testing for bug 87861 , which causes high CPU usage on Mac,
  • Did more work on Perl script support for manipulating XML-format projects in the Mac build system, to help the static build along.
  • Lots of code reviews
  • Stood in for a while at the bug-o-rama

Vacations/Sick time/Sabbaticals:

  • Charley: 18 June - 2 July
  • Joe: vacation 5-6 July, sabbatical 9 July - 17 August
  • Kathy: 2 July - 6 July
  • Kin: 28 June - 6 July
  • Mike: 2 August - 10 August, sabbatical 20 August - 1 October
  • Simon: 16 July - 31 July
July 9
Submitted by Chris Saari <>


  • The XPToolkit team resolved 65 bugs in the last week, fixing 34 of these. For details, see our resolved bug list. Looks like a bunch of stuff got verified.


  • aaronl and jgaunt finished landing the accessibility branch on the 0.9.2 branch
  • Mike Pinkerton (pinkerton)
    • lots of last minute osx work
    • new commercial icon for osx
  • Chris Saari (saari)
    • Finally found what I believe to be an acceptable solution for PDT+ bug 77675
  • Daniel Matejka (danm)
    • bug triage, helped out with 77675
  • Eric Vaughan (evaughan)
    • no status
  • David Hyatt (hyatt)
    • On vacation
  • Dan Rosen (dr)
    • Worked on 78021, mostly. Also helped out a little on some RTM stoppers, sheriffed
  • Aaron Leventhal (aaronl)
    • With jgaunt and saari's help, got accessibility branch merged and checked into 0.9.2
    • Worked on accessibility budget
    • Finished PRD and put online
    • Spoke with various managers about their needs regarding accessibility
    • Became keyboard navigation component owner
  • John Gaunt (jgaunt)
    • landed accessiblity branch on 0.9.2 branch. on vacation later half of week.
  • Peter Annema (jag)
    • Checked in work-arounds on the branch for bug 86726 and bug 73064. Helped lordpixel land bug 70048 on the trunk and on the branch, landed some string clean-ups (bug 88413).
  • Brian Ryner (bryner)
    • On vacation



  • pinkerton:
    • printing on osx
  • saari:
    • Finish testing and land fix for 77675. More product testing, looking better!
  • hyatt:
    • PDT+ bug 86807
  • evaughan:
  • danm:
    • on vacation
  • dr:
  • aaronl:
    • Try to find some way to get testing & feedback from accessibility vendors soon!
    • Help jgaunt get selection stuff finished
    • Triage remaining alecf keyboard nav bugs
    • Get bug numbers and links to them in online accessibility PRD
  • jgaunt:
  • jag:
    • Any more PDT+ stuff that comes up.
    • Review dbaron's header file fan-out clean-up patch, like I promised.
  • bryner:
    • on vacation



  • aaronl is still trying to get vendors to test our accessibility APIs



  • pinkerton - out Mon. -Wed. friend in town
  • danm - out all week on vacation
  • hyatt - back from London
  • bryner - on vacation, will be in Mt. View on the 16th
July 9
Submitted by Scott Putterman <>
  • Resolved as fixed 28 bugs .
  • Cavin continued working on a Local Folders bug where an Unknown Error dialog will popup when using folders with characters that are illegal for a platform's file system.
  • Navin made it so that when you rename non ASCII folders, they show up correctly without having to restart. He fixed a crash when exiting after renaming a folder. He also fixed a potential data loss bug involving compaction of all folders for local folders.
  • Scott tracked down a moz-icon url problem that causes moz-icon urls to not render at certain window resolutions. He added more polish on the helper app dialog and landed a bunch of stuff including the new helper app dialog onto the branch.
  • Candice fixed importing email addresses from Outlook. She has a fix for bringing up the offline setting panel when clicking in Account Central's Offline Settings and is working on a fix for making the delete toolbar button enable correctly.
  • Jean-Francois is currently looking into a hang when reading a particular Chinese message.
  • Bhuvan added context sensitive help to the account settings dialog.
  • Varada worked on the hang when reading a particular Chinese message. He also worked on enabling the format menu correctly in the message compose window.
  • Seth checked in fixes for a number of search and filter UI bugs. He made Send Unsent messages only enable if there are Unsent Messages. He made it so that right double clicking doesn't open a message.
  • David fixed copying news messages when offline. He made it so that empty trash works offline and he made it so that copying a message offline also copies the message body.
  • Håkan Waara improved some wording for the mail start page pref and prevented double right clicking from behaving as a double click in the filter list dialog.
  • started the patch for enabling Send Unsent Messages only if there are messages in the Unsent Messages folder.
July 9
Submitted by Viswanath Ramachandran <>


  • Turbo mode for Mojo (Windows) will be default off. Issues remaining to ship are
    • 89165 (blake, fix ready with r and sr)
    • 89166 (blake, fix ready with r and sr)
    • 88630 (ccarlen, fix ready with r and sr)
    • 86976 (ssu/syd, no fix yet)
  • Blake/Law - System Tray Icon for turbo mode landed.
  • Paul - removed build Id from titlebar and got rid of debug and QA menus on Mac
  • Matt and Paul - added SearchPlugins folder to Mac install builds (it was missing)
  • Blake - converted History from tree to outliner on the trunk

Issues / Lowlights

  • 65251 and 65241 (region and language switching bugs) just dont seem to die. Reopened again. We need closure very soon on them.
  • It would be nice to get an opportunity to get some Limbo/nsBranch bugs in, hope the PDT+ list dwindles fast soon.
  • Client Usage Tracking work is still not done, Vishy to pick it up this week to try and close

Project Management

Untriaged nominations 14
PDT+ (required for shipment) 3
nsBranch (nice to have for shipment) 16
mozilla0.9.3 scheduled 24


  • All
    • Drive PDT+ bugs to zero.
    • Get fixes for nsBranch bugs, land on trunk, test and then see if a Branch landing is possible.
  • Ben Goodger
    • no formal status
    • close out reopened 65251 and 65241
  • Blake Ross
    • Need to add clear button to remove remembered helper app prefs (88435).
    • Dialog for file | exit and x-close window when in turbo mode (89166).
    • File | exit should not quit turbo mode (89165).
    • Add additional functionality to the systray icon (89532).
    • Made the Help viewer shine (added d&d, context menus, fixed toolbars, spruced it up a bit, etc.)
  • Matt Fisher
    • limbo nsBranch bugs
  • Paul Chen
    • Concentrate on crash/hangs bugs such as 88961 and 88631.
  • Steve Morse
    • nsBranch & PDT+ bugs.
  • Viswanath Ramachandran
    • Work on Nav performance plan
    • Help drive PDT+ bugs to zero.


  • Alec on sabbatical
  • Bill on sabbatical
  • Samir on sabbatical
  • Steve was on vacation last week
  • Ben has returned to NZ.


  • Alec Flett
    • no status, left for sabbatical
    • Fixed bugzilla 73141, clicking link in mail window brings up home page on the trunk.
  • Ben Goodger
    • no formal status
    • bugzilla 65251 and 65241
  • Blake Ross
    • History outliner finally landed, but there's a major problem with rdfliner that slows rdf-based outliners down immensely (filed a bug)
    • Click in urlbar should select all (37587).
    • Relying on cached text length too heavily upon retrieval (87348).
    • Systray icon when turbo is running (85984).
    • History searching is broken (89093).
  • Matt Fisher
    • 6486 Uhhh, where'd the Search Plugions folder go on Mac? Thanks to paul for helping out on this bug. Fix checked in.
    • 5371 Final Clean up of all urls - Most links changed. Waiting on bug 5839 and a decision on bug 89525 to close this bug out.
    • 89525 Seperating find more tabs url from sidebar directory url. Have fix and reviews. Needing PDT approval.
  • Paul Chen
    • 32801 Mac: can run 2 copies of Mozilla at the same time. Created new patch over weekend (07/08), posted to bug, awaiting review
    • 86235 Binary crap is saved on Yahoo News page. This looks like a regression from bug 35956, need to talk to Darin Fisher about this.
  • Samir Gehani
    • No formal status, left for sabbatical
  • Steve Morse
    • Was on vacation
  • Viswanath Ramachandran
    • Merged some code onto branch for Blake (85984) and Ben (65251)
    • Helped with smoketest blocker 89600
    • Tried to get to closure on turbo mode for this release.
    • Worked on focal review assessments
    • Kept abreast of bug lists, tried to drive PDT+ bugs in Nav to zero.
    • Attended embedding meeting.
July 10
Submitted by Nisheeth Ranjan <>


  • Our team currently owns 4 PDT+ bugs, 1 nsBranch+ bug that awaits PDT approval, and 6 nsBranch bugs that need to be triaged to determine whether they should granted a nsBranch+ nomination.


  • harishd
    • Checked in fixes, on the trunk, for bugs 58809, 72249, 82971, 88386, 88746.
    • Worked on bugs 65467, 88952.
    • Verified hekki's & johnny's nsBranch bugs ( a few ).
    • Attended embedding & performance meetings.
    • Triaged my untargeted bugs.
  • jst
    • Worked on 83433, exposing DOM constructor objects and prototypes.
    • Checked in fix for bug 86147. Added code that does security checks on access to getter and setter functions for properties of DOM objects in JS and also fixed a JS engine bug.
    • Worked on other mozilla0.9.3 bugs.
  • peterv
    • Checked in a first part of bug 88623 (Cleanup Transformiix code), a fix for bug 88901 (Ill formed code in MozillDocument.cpp in Document::createAttributeNS).
    • Landed fix for bug 83589 (Doing a commercial build clobbers DefinesOptions.h, forcing an entire rebuild) and bug 75102 (Rewrite of XPath lexer and parser and implement the remaining XPath features).
    • Worked on my fix for bug 73936 (xsl:include/xsl:import/document() doesn't work).
  • joki
    • Triaged most of my untargeted bugs.
    • Assisted with some current stop-ship bugs.
    • Continued work on 0.9.3 bugs, most not stop-ship level bugs.
  • mstoltz
    • Fixed AIM security bug (6934)
    • Worked out security change to support EA game plugin
    • Spoke on a panel & led a focus group on Open Source at UC Berkeley's Human Centered Computing retreat
  • jesse
    • Filed 3 -turbo bugs: 89504, 89505 (dup), 89511 .
    • Filed 6 other bugs: 88943 (wontfix), 89490, 89691, 89697, 89699, 89703.
    • Wrote patches for 87913, 88153, and 88417.
  • nisheeth
    • Was on vacation for three days last week.
    • Went to PDT meetings, managed nsBranch bug list, bestowed nsBranch+ nominations, and negotiated PDT+ markings on bugs.
    • Code reviewed content module part of the patch for enabling SVG in Mozilla.

Plans for the next week

  • harishd
    • Work on crucial bugs.
    • Triage my bug list.
  • jst
    • Continue working on mozilla0.9.3 bugs.
  • peterv
    • Try to finish fix for document loading and rewrite of the output for transforms.
  • joki
    • Continue work on 0.9.3 bugs.
    • Begin to work with saari on plans for future event work.
  • mstoltz
    • Fix 2 remaining serious exploits
    • Do some sanity check testing to make sure no major holes exposed on the branch
  • jesse
    • Fix bug 69070.
    • Try to get my pending patches reviewed: 79898, 87913, 88153, 88417.
  • nisheeth
    • Prepare presentation for O'Reilly Open Source conference.
    • Manage team's nsBranch bug lists.

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