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status update

maintained by Tim Rowley <>

Last Updated Wednesday July 4, 2001

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Previous Updates

Module Updates
June 29
Submitted by Dan Mosedale <>


  • Got caught up on news, email, and miscellaneous bug triage.
  • Wrote focal self-review and one peer review.
  • Fixed LDAP autocomplete session to work properly with servers with search filters that are not parenthesized (bug 86144); fix checked into the trunk.

Next Week:

  • On vacation!
July 2
Submitted by Beth Epperson <>


  • team resolved 30 bugs between 24 June - 29 June
  • there are 39 nsBranch marked bugs, set to milestone 9.3


  • Back from sabbatical; caught up on mail, happenings, and bugzilla mail.
  • Took delivery of a refresh machine; the first one was bad and I spent several days working with IS to track down the problem, but the replacement works great and Redhat 7.1 installs and builds mozilla and stuff.
  • Worked out a possible fix for bug 69638, problems with quoted text in plaintext compose; heavy plaintext mail users will test next week and see if the fix solves the problem.
  • Worked on reproducing bugs 78727/ 8203 1(Seth finally found the trick) and submitted a possible fix.
  • Reviewed a keybinding bug for Kathy.


  • sheriff duty on Thursday
  • bug triaging
  • fixed and checked in 84208
  • worked on crashers for 0.9.3
  • out 1/2 day for doctor appointment


  • miletsone bug triage
  • test and target newly submitted bugs
  • attended several meetings: staff, PDT, w3c
  • prep for bug-o-rama on Tuesday
  • testing/QA editor


  • on vacation


  • back from vacation :-(
  • email triage
  • AOL-TW France big party on monday evening/night
  • Fixed and checked-in (trunk and branch) :
    • 87999 selector *:not(X):pseudo-element does not consider the negation
  • Worked on :
    • 48535 Not all of the icons appear in Show All Tags mode
    • 58634 Show all tags mode doesn't show closed out container images
    • 76203 hrule icon doesn't show up in Show All Tags mode
    • 82459 Head elements do not render in Show All Tags Mode
    • 82466 InappropriateDIV element in TEXTAREA - Show All Tags mode
    • 82469 Inappropriate INPUT element in ISINDEX - Show All Tags mode
    • gathered all the above into bug 88036 Make AllTags mode in Composer use generated content instead of background icons
    • attached a first (but quite complete) version of a patch
    • detected avatars of 82466 and 82469, currently working on them
  • some code reviews in the style engine
  • discussion with Kathy about publishing
  • had to re-install my linux box


  • no report


  • investigate several bugs and propose fixes
  • checkin fixes for composer help buttons and missing keybinding
  • discuss various aspects of publishing with several people
  • bug triage
  • sheriff duty on Thursday


  • Code reviews.
  • Checked in fix for bug 87133.
  • Attached fix for bug 86450 (pasting plaintext into text area loses significant whitespace) for review.
  • Triaged and did some preliminary debugging for several editor bugs.
  • Out Thursday, Friday and all of next week.


  • vacation 25- 27 June
  • sheriff duty on Thursday
  • finished open 9.2 bugs
  • working on a regression in keyboard navigation now, bug 88164


  • Fixed bug 87910 -- allow Edit Page to work a second time
  • Worked on bugs 87861 and 87901 , which caused necko's in-use file transport count to get out of whack, with the result that on Mac, we thought that necko was continually busy, so we loaded the CPU. Dougt checked my patch into the trunk. Bug 88075 remains open.
  • Helped Steve Adamski with the Mac static build (bug 81373 ), writing some Perl that enables us to parse and manipulate XML-format CodeWarrior projects. This opens the door for:
    • A Unix-based Camelot server that can edit Mac projects reliably
    • Using XML-format projects in the Mac build (bug 88340 ), which gives us revision history, branch merging etc., and may free us from being locked into a particular CodeWarrior version.
    • Scripted build-wide project updates (e.g. access path munging).
  • Did a Mac build to allow for testing of the patch in bug 70857 .
  • Filed several bugs

Vacations/Sick time/Sabbaticals:

  • Beth: vacation on 25 June
  • Charley: 18 June - 2 July
  • Joe: sabbatical 9 July - 17 August
  • Kathy: 2 July - 6 July
  • Kin: 28 June - 6 July
  • Mike: 25 - 27 June, 2 August - 10 August, sabbatical 20 August - 1 October
  • Simon: 16 July - 31 July
July 2
Submitted by Vishwanath Ramachandran <>


  • Ben made the prefs dialog size localizable (branch and trunk). He also made the dialog resizable (branch only) - this is a reasonable workaround since there were reports of some pref panels getting clipped in various languages.
  • Samir checked in the new Search sidebar to branch and trunk.

Issues / Lowlights

  • Way too many nsBranch bugs. Nav Triage will look at the nsBranch list very carefully today and cut.
  • Way too many mozilla0.9.3 scheduled bugs (non - nsBranch). Nav Triage will look at deferring most of these to post m0.9.3.

Project Management

  • We need to get in all our L10N impacting fixes this week (dtd or properties changes) and communicate each such branch checkin to Montserrat Sanz.

Untriaged nominations 3
mozilla0.9.3 scheduled 40
nsBranch scheduled 16

Thanks To

  • none


  • Alec Flett
    • check in fixes for last two bugs (62173, 73141)
  • Ben Goodger
    • Last remaining parts of 65251.
    • Try and hack around the bookmarks-resizing crash bug.
  • Blake Ross
    • 85984 - systray icon and UI for -turbo mode
    • 6930 - Instant Messenger doesn't show up in Appearances panel
    • 37585 - clicking in urlbar should select contents
    • 35866 - need to show progress/status strings in win32 splash screen
    • 69882 - Middle-click on input type=image doesn't open in new window
    • 72609, 72607, 72006 (provide a way for QA to measure prefs performance)
    • 78107 - option+reload to bypass cache
    • history outliner, profile manager rewrite...
  • Matt Fisher
    • nsBranch bugs.
  • Paul Chen
    • Keep on chugging with those bugs
  • Samir Gehani
    • Linux installer CRC checking and redownload.
  • Steve Morse
    • vacation this week.
  • Viswanath Ramachandran
    • help nsBranch landings happen.


  • Samir - Sabbatical planned for July 4, 2001 - August 20, 2001
  • Bill - on sabbatical
  • Alec - on sabbatical from Saturday
  • Steve - holiday this week


  • Alec Flett
    • Gave presentation to eclient about NSPR - spent some time talking about XPCOM as well
    • fixed 83489, urlbar broken regression
    • fixed 11412, with a simple branch-only workaround (bug still open for the trunk, as the bug is commercial only)
    • super-reviewed a bunch of fixes (covered for blizzard on some intl bugs while he was out)
    • made some headway on some post-0.9.2 architecture issues like global history in the embedding world
  • Ben Goodger
    • - More on the 65251 saga. Checked in jar packager entries for content-packs.jar. Content packs items now show up in zipped (non-installer) builds, the jar file is being distributed with installed builds but for some reason installed-chrome.txt in installed builds does not include the chrome registration entry. Investigating.
    • 87371 - preferences dialog size localizable (trunk & branch)
    • make preferences dialog resizable on branch (I forget the bug number)
    • 84232 - opening preferences dialog when one is already open (open from a different window) causes the changes made in that dialog to be lost (dataloss). Checked in on trunk. Need branch approval.
    • 68985 - bookmark this link item in content area context menu does not show "File Bookmark" dialog. checked in on trunk, need branch approval.
    • Other:
      • Took a look at 86807, really doesn't look like this is an XPApps bug. Seems like some weird combination of chrome registry and locale organization changes between 6.0 and 6.1.
      • Took a look at bug where resizing bookmarks window smaller slowly causes the app to hang when the window reaches a width of ~200px. This appears to be the infamous infinite loop in trees bug to do with trying to resize the tree (which blows the stack and leads to an unrelated random crash) Hyatt suggested adding a width of 0px to the tree widget which I tried, but this did not remedy the problem, strangely. The hang is bad but only occurs when the window is gradually resized, rather than resizing normally. It looks like the tree bug itself is never going to be fixed, because <tree/> is being deprecated where possible in favour of <outliner/>. Will look at the XUL again this week to see what can be done.
    • Awaiting branch approval:
      • 84232 (dataloss!)
      • 68985
  • Blake Ross
    • 71768 - Sidebar panel has incorrect clicking behavior (still needs to go on branch)
    • 77073 - Wallet checks slow context menu creation on forms containing lots of elements
    • 86899 - Textboxes disabled via xbl properties don't have proper styling (86899)
    • 79600, 85328, others - Fixes all known drag and drop issues between the content area, the personal toolbar, and the bookmarks panel/manager (still needs to go on branch)
    • 73064 - If Navigation Toolbar disappears, un/rechecking it in View --> Toolbars does nothing
  • Matt Fisher
    • bugs to be checked in
      • 87414 Have partial patch to sidebar panels aren't showing up. Checking for chrome file existance before creating tab.
    • Other news
      • Built new build machine and got it running builds.

    Paul Chen

    • 77758 Can't load files with slashes in filename into browser. I've reproduced this bug, needs more investigation
    • 84106 Not correctly retrieving post data when saving a page generated from a form POST. This bug isn't as orignally stated ("save as" reloads from network) since I have found out that we actually DO NOT reload from the network on a save as. The real bug is that we're not getting the post data for the current page when there should be some.
    • 85984 sys tray icon and UI for -turbo mode
    • Helping out Blake Ross on this one. Looks like we'll try to get the current functionality into tree and then try to spiff it up some before release. The fear is that if we wait too long, it won't be allowed in at all.
  • Samir Gehani
    • search sidebar work.
  • Steve Morse
    • bug 87388: block third-party cookies no longer working. investigated this in order to grease a squeaky wheel. discovered it was a real problem in the networking code
    • bug 87129: composite bug about password manager not working. investigated and determined two of the cases were works-for-me and the third was invalid. closed out report
    • bug 87210: form manager not working. tested and it works fine for me
    • bug 86700: javascript error in form manager. tested and it works fine for me
    • bug 86885: crash if cookie service is not available. waterson came up with patch and I championed it in
    • bug 87360: password manager no longer works. tested and found a problem with https sites. localized the problem to the networking code. dougt was then able to come up with a patch
    • bug 87123: possible cookie bug making webmail useless. tracked this down to bad html on the website but N4.x and IE accepted it just fine so we might need to be more tolerant of this error. reassigned to DOM to be more tolerant
  • Viswanath Ramachandran
    • bug triage
July 3
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • gagan
    • Most of nsBranch bugs resolved fixed on the branch.
    • Exciting activity gearing up on the necko-performance front.
    • John Taylor wrote a test-app that demonstrates that Necko is *approximately* responsible for about 26% of page load times. This is merely a relative number and a starting point for understanding performance issues better.


  • darin
    • fixed bug 86133 "no NOT FOUND dialog for DNS errors"
    • fixed bug 87710 "Image cache does not re-validate images before reusing them..."
    • fixed bug 86265 "Only send If-Modified-Since if given a Last-Modified header"
    • fixed bug 82418 "URL makes mozilla totally unresponsive"
    • triaged bugs
  • dougt
    • Investigating bug 85529 "Some Byte Range Requests are Returning Bad Bytes"
    • Necko preformance offsite. Generated alot of tasks to improve overall performance of necko.
  • gagan
    • Organized a necko-performance brainstorming-- lots of good suggestions and plans here.
    • Participated in the intern/manager volleyball tournament


  • darin
    • didn't get all my 0.9.3 bugs fixed before leaving on vacation :(
  • dougt
    • Multimixed streamconverter parser. (85529) Many hours have been spent tracking down this bug. Still unsure exactly how to fix it. I had started to rewrite this converter, but this late in the cycle... ugh.

Plans for next week

  • darin
    • get married :)
  • dougt
    • hope to fix bug 85529 "Some Byte Range Requests are Returning Bad Bytes"
  • gagan
    • Will be in Dulles, VA for Monday/Tuesday
    • Taking time off on Thursday
    • Dougt is virtual me for these days


  • dougt
    • 0.9.3 bug list is growing. Most of the necko staff is on vacation.
  • gagan
    • Dougt badly needs a laptop... We need a way to track some progress on this front.
July 3
Submitted by Heikki Toivonen <>


  • joki
    • Worked on bug triage of untargeted bugs
    • Checked in branch fix for bugscape 6051
    • Working on thorough trunk fix for similar problems to 6051
  • jst
    • Fixed bug 87961. Problems with accessing items in DOM 'array' objects.
    • Identified the problem in bug 84648 and worked with Vidur on a fix for the problem. The parser blocking code had regressed to re-introduce a problem with document.write()'ing elements from inline scripts.
    • Fixed bug 81290. The element.offsetXXX properties were incorrect when used with positioned elements.
    • Worked on fixes for some of my m0.9.3 bugs.
    • DOM standard work.
  • peterv
    • Checked in fixes for bug 85606 (Need -venkman command line handler), 85548 (Move Transformiix to PRInt32/PRUint32) and 83589 (Doing a commercial build clobbers DefinesOptions.h, forcing an entire rebuild).
    • Helped Jonas Sicking land patches for 75102 (Rewrite of XPath lexer and parser) and 65986 (xsl:key).
    • Did some code reviews.
    • Worked on changing output creation in XSLT processor.
    • Thanks to jst for sr'ing bug 75102.
  • jesse
    • Filed 6 security bugs: 87701, 87980 (fixed), 88124, 88143, 88167, 88417.
    • Filed 1 assertion bug: 88172.
    • Filed 12 other bugs: 87410, 87501, 87504 (dup), 87578, 87726, 87746, 87949, 87952 (dup), 87963 (dup), 88110, 88178, 88334.
  • mstoltz
    • (on vacation most of the week)
    • Fixed JS URL exploit(88167)
    • Met with EA engineer to discuss their browser security needs.
  • heikki
    • Will be on vacation during the second week of July.
    • Fixed 75700, bad internal namespace with xmlns="".
    • Fixed 86894, context menu and metadata dialog to work with non-default namespaces.
    • Fixed 84002, removed unused files nsExpatDTD.*
    • Worked on 64945, default view for XML without style. Have implementation that can do this via default XSLT transformation, but that will not work if scripts want to change the document later. Can maybe do this by adding a menu option like View Source ("Apply Default XSLT Transformation"?).
    • Worked on 88309, xhtml:script element does not work if it is the document root, have fix.
    • Worked on 88327, XMLHttpRequest.responseText does not support charsets, have fix.

Plans for next week

  • joki
    • Work on 0.9.3 bugs
    • Keep up with untargeted triage
  • jst
    • Continue working on my remaining m0.9.3 bugs.
  • peterv
    • Try to fix document loading in XSLT.
    • Change output creation in XSLT processor.
    • Land some of the fixes that went into the trunk on the branch.
  • jesse
    • Fix 87913, 88153, 88417, 69070.
    • Investigate how to fix 86147 and 64539.
    • Still awaiting review from last week: menu bug 79898.
  • mstoltz
    • Fix showstopper exploits that were filed this week.
  • heikki
    • Manage the team while Nisheeth is on vacation, produce our team's nsBranch buglist.
    • Attack some XML regressions.
    • Finally fix 64945.
    • Work on crashers.
Fabian Guisset
July 3
Submitted by Fabian Guisset <>
  • DOM website is up and running :
  • Trying to finish the rough edges in the documentation, the upgrade of the older documents is taking a lot of time.
  • Finished a first part of the new doc about interfaces. Pushing for Class Info and the Global Object now. Non-trivial, they said.
  • Debugging, always debugging incoming DOM bugs. Chatting a lot with sicking and jst, asking a lot of questions ;-)
  • Answering Mozilla DOM questions on ppk's mailing list. Pretty cool posts in there.
Jonas Sicking
July 3
Submitted by Jonas Sicking <>


  • Landed the new XPath lexer/parser. This should fix a ton of XPath bugs and make the XPath engine a lot more stable. Apart from namespace nodes we are now very close to conforming to the XPath spec!!!
    Thanks to all the people that made this landing possible: Pike for the lexer code and for cleaning up my parser patch, peterv for reviewing Pikes and my code and jst for super-reviewing it.
    The checkin fixed the following bugs:
    • 45831 Don't catch XPath syntax error in "category/hascategories='true'"
    • 67004 Infinite loop caused by malformed XPath expression
    • 67307 Missing closing ) are not signaled
    • 69478 Use of illegal syntax ("||" instead of "or") in Xpath expression eats up the whole memory
    • 70866 lexer wants some lovin' too
    • 71062 unary - not implemented
    • 75102 New XPath parser and lexer
  • Produced patches and/or checked in fixes for the following bugs:
    • 53518 Double maths not handling NaN +-Infinity correctly on some platforms
    • 65986 Need to implement the key() XSLT function
    • 77830 we search for <xsl:param> in far too many places
    • 84677 Do default priority for patterns right
    • 85189 cleanup of ListIterator
    • 88612 Remove unsued cruft in the XPath classes
    • 88736 FilterExpr needs to check result type before casting
    • 88964 sortByDocumentOrder has a few minor problems
  • Reviewed patches for the following bugs:
    • 88623 Cleanup Transformiix code
    • 88901 Ill formed code in MozillDocument.cpp in Document::createAtt
    • 89017 PredicateList::evaluatePredicates isn't nifty

Plans for next week

  • Get a job (no bugnumber)
  • Produce patches for the following bugs:
    • 65858 Rework sorting
    • 65983 Need to implement the format-number() XSLT function
    • 78068 xsl:import not supported
    • 82625 we should support DOM treeWalker
    • 88745 PathExpr::matches is broken if the path contains //
  • Check in patches as I get r/sr

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