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Last Updated Wednesday June 27, 2001

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Previous Updates

Module Updates
June 25
Submitted by Viswanath Ramachandran <>


  • Samir - new basic search mode feature fully complete, waiting to check into branch. 
  • Ben - landed theme switching dialog, and made it so that the theme switch happens only when you restart. 
  • Samir is the new owner of the bugzilla Preferences Component. 
  • Steve tracked down the does not load on Windows ME to be an Evangelism problem. 
  • Steve made it so that localized builds could hide specific Form Manager panels. 
  • Alec has fixes ready for a slew of mozilla0.9.2 critical bugs.

Issues / Lowlights

  • Vishy needs to figure out the l10n impact of our remaining bugs before 6/26. 

Project Management

Untriaged nominations 5 nominations
mozilla0.9.2 scheduled 8 RTM stoppers
mozilla0.9.3 scheduled and nsBranch 14 candidates

Thanks To

  • Darin for fixing the bug that made Google sidebar results not show. 
  • Darin for helping  with the bug on Windows Me.


  • All
    • finish up mozilla0.9.2 list
    • tackle mozilla0.9.3, nsBranch bugs.
  • Alec Flett
    • two regressions (neither of these caused by anything I did)
      • 11412 - remove from history broke AGAIN
      • 83489 - urlbar stops working
    • had a fix in hand for 73141 but now my build is acting funny and my fix no longer works...still investigating.
  • Ben Goodger
    • rtm bugs.
  • Bill Law
    • sabbatical
  • Blake Ross
    • Fixed, waiting to go in:
      • 85984 - sys tray icon and UI for -turbo mode (want to implement more functionality)
      • 37587 - Clicking in urlbar should select contents, nsbeta1+
      • 35866 - Need to show progress/status strings in splash screen on Windows
      • 77073 - Wallet checks slow context menu creation of forms containing many form elements
      • 71768 - Sidebar bookmark folder icon and twisty have wrong click behavior, nsbeta1+
      • 86899 - Textboxes don't appear disabled if disabled via .disabled property (specific instance)
      • 69882 - Middle-click on input type=image doesn't open in new window
      • 78367 - History list not updated after theme switch, nsbeta1+ (working on more elegant solution)
      • 72609, 72607, 72006 - Provide a way for QA to measure preferences performance
      • 77584 - Speedup population of sidebar search tab with results, nsbeta1+ (partially - converted to outliner)
      • 83763 - Remove close button from search, make it a window, clean it up
      • 78107 - Option+Reload should bypass cache
      • 85058 - Addressing panel cleanup...
    • Still fixed, still waiting to go in, probably doomed forever:
      • History outliner/profile wizard rewrite
  • Matt Fisher
    • 6486No search plugins directory getting created on mac.  Waited all week for either approvals or tree openings.   Got approval.  Now need to get it into the branch.
  • Paul Chen
    • Huddle with Blake to figure out what to do with 85984, current thinking is to check it in and have lame tray icon
    • See what all the helper add dlg UI hubub is all about
    • Try to help out on team 0.9.2 bugs
    • If I'm lucky to get some cycles for this, look into 0.9.3 bugs
  • Samir Gehani
    • Land pending mozilla0.9.2 features/fixes.
    • Peer reviews.
    • Installer docs: 
      • How to add a module to the {Linux, Mac} installer.
      • How to debug the {Linux, Mac} stub installers.
    • Download lib doc:
      • API overview and high-level design of libxpnet for AOL client engineering.
    • Few mozilla0.9.3 bugs.
    • Linux installer CRC checking and redownload.
  • Steve Morse
    • rtm bugs
  • Viswanath Ramachandran
    • Continue work on focal reviews
    • Figure out if we have any l10n impact with our limbo fixes and if so, try to get strings into tree before 6/26.
    • Keep tracking nominations so that new rtm stoppers move to the very top of our list.


  • Samir - Sabbatical planned for July 4, 2001 - August 20, 2001
  • Bill - is on sabbatical
  • Steve - will be out all next week on vacation.  
  • Alec's sabbatical starts soon.


  • Alec Flett
    • have fixes for 2 of my 0.9.2 bugs: 62173 83489
    • Gave lecture on RDF, XUL templates, and did general Q&A for eclient team
  • Ben Goodger
    • no formal status
    • checked in 65251 - international bug on content packs switching
    • checked in postpone theme switch until restart
    • checked in theme switching dialog
  • Blake Ross
    • 80946 - Cannot dismiss pref dialog by pressing OK button
    • 70935 - Extra space to right of security icon
    • 81418 - History does not remember settings, nsbeta1+
    • 63410 - No feedback when Find Again reaches EOF, nsbeta1+
    • 78949 - Caret after list items
    • 76696 - Tooltip on dir tree
    • 79231 - Not filling in default action for helper apps, nsbeta1+ (law's)
    • 68846 - Alerts dismissed without user's consent
    • 45533 - Widgets shouldn't react to right clicks
    • 83614 - Add command() method to nsIDOMXULElement, fix some accessibility bugs
  • Bill Law
    • sabbatical
  • Matt Fisher
    •  24106 Customize item moves out of tree.
  • Paul Chen
    • 52930 Sidebar panels localization not displayed.      Checked onto trunk 06/18.
    • 81711 dialog warning for theme switch.      Fixed by Ben's fix for 84344. Thanks Ben!
  • Samir Gehani
    • Moved new basic search mode from ns tree to mozilla and designed mechanism to keep both ns and mozilla happy.
    • Chased down an HTTP/gz stream converter bug that caused google result-related problems: turned out Darin fixed it just when we found the problem.
    • Started triaging preferences bugs (took over bugzilla ownership from mcafee).
    • Fixed search sidebar tab redisplay bug when adding tabs through the customize sidebar dialog.
    • Poked my head in occasionally while Sean and Syd were dealing with the installer "beta1.1" firedrill.
    • Mozilla wants the basic search mode sidebar panel work so we'll use the notion of version instead of tagging to constrain the new basic pulldown list and make mozilla's min version be 0.0 and all the plugins will have no version tag so they'll default to 1.0 making all plugins show up in mozilla's list.
  • Steve Morse
    • 85300: form manager dialog busted since going into region packs. ftang backed out his faulty fix and came up with a good fix. I tested it and checked it in for him
    • 85299 et al. regionalize form manager dialog. began working on this, had one of the regions finished. then l10n decided this was not the way they wanted to go. abandoned all effort and filed bug 86181 instead
    • 86181: allow l10n to selectively hide form-manager panels. this replaces 85299 et al.
    • 84664: double clicking mozilla.exe should open new window. took this over from Bill, fixed patch that had bitrotted
    • 76485: doesn't load on WinME. wasted a lot of time trying to reproduce on selmer's ME machine. couldn't get the network to work on that machine. finally used machine in q/a lab. problem turned out to be one of evangelism
  • Viswanath Ramachandran
    • Attended focal review class.
    • Helped with bug 76485.
    • Triage work.
June 25
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • gagan
    • Lots of bugs getting fixed. Good job by the whole team on nailing down a significant number of 0.9.2 bugs. We still have to lookout for a few regressions.
    • Triaging continues.


  • darin
    • fixed bug 82873 "HTTP trailer header not supported"
    • fixed bug 85887 "error handling Content-Encoding: x-gzip"
    • fixed bug 84847 "refresh displays stale content when using squid proxy"
    • fixed bug 82241 "http threading crash/hang foo"
    • fixed bug 86762 "default cache validation frequency should be set to automatically"
    • fixed bug 84794 "Problem with HTTP basic authentication and cookies"
    • fixed bug 86973 "[crash] @nsHttpTransaction::IsDone() [mTransaction is NULL]"
    • fixed bug 86473 "nsHttpChannel needs to support Suspend/Resume"
    • fixed bug 87118 "Trunk HTTPConnection crash [@ nsHttpConnectionInfo::Equals]"
    • checked in Deinst's fix for bug 86608 "Content-Encoding with space in the end"
    • triaged bugs.
  • neeti
    • Investigated bug 83612 - redirect enters infinite loop and then crashes
    • Investigated bug 86486 - Invaild protocol's in HREF links fail silently
    • Investigated/reassigned bugs 82992, 86671, 87272
    • Triaged bugs.
  • gordon
    • Fixed bugs (57463, 57881, 82009, 85025, 84817, 85802)
    • Submitted patches for bugs (64857)
    • designed disk cache stream wrappers with Darin.
  • dougt
    • Landed Standard URL API Changes
    • Landed nsIFile url attribute
    • Created patch to allow plugins to use HTTPS or run without disk cache
    • Speed up ftp directory listing 5-8x on some servers (like
    • Fixed crash in multipart mixed converter
    • Fixed a security hole in multipart mixed converter
  • pavlov
    • fixed bug 38322 so that editor will be able to force the reload of an image from its source.
    • close to being able to remove the old imagelib. (bug 78690)
    • did lots of bug triaging
  • gagan
    • about 80 bugs fixed for 0.9.2!


  • dougt
    • Caused 2 regressions when I landed. Many thanks to Alec for fixing one of them!
  • gagan
    • Still struggling with not being able to reproduce 81480-- Results of ibench page not being posted on Mac.

Plans for next week

  • dougt
    • 0.9.3 bug triaging.
  • pavlov
    • Continue working on 78690
    • hit zero 0.9.2 bugs
  • gagan
    • finish focal reviews for the whole team
    • planning performance issues offsite on Friday


  • gagan
    • gordon on leave for 3 weeks.
    • darin going on leave starting next week.
    • neeti going on sabbatical starting next week.
    • dougt going crazy fixing the team's bugs...
June 25
Submitted by Dan Mosedale <>

Done Last Week

  • Checked in nsLDAPAutoCompleteSession part of for bug 82169 (switching LDAP autocomplete directory requires restart to take effect)
  • Checked in code to speed up LDAP autocomplete by using the new param to SearchExt() to only ask for necessary attrs (bug 74098).
  • Lots of reviewing, testing, and debugging work on various 0.9.2 bugs with leif, srilatha, and hewitt.

To-Do This week

  • Work on various minor fixes which we'd like to see on the branch eventually.
  • Catch up on bug triage, mail, code reviews, and focal self-review.
June 26
Submitted by Beth Epperson <>


  • the team resolved 51 bugs for the time period 17 June 2001 - 23 June 2001
  • there are 78 open moz0.9.3 open bugs, will review and triage this week
  • Kathy and Simon attended MacHack


  • Akkana was on sabbatical and returned on 25 June


  • resolved and checked in my 0.9.2 bugs, except for 1.
  • the last one (extractContents crasher) is on its way in
  • worked with mike on triaging and testing his bugs, resolved several as dupes, or were already fixed and never noted.
  • began work on triaging my bugs
  • begin working on making a 0.9.3 list.


  • testing Advanced Edit dialog for Charley
  • verified/tested new bugs submitted
  • verified/tested bugs in the moz0.9.2 and 9.3 bug list
  • ate lots of dogfood
  • working on publishing spec
  • working on focal reviews


  • on vacation


  • vacation


  • fixed several 0.92 bugs and landed them under the wire
  • worked on mail performance; landed patch on mail performance branch to turn back on newline replacement with br nodes; did several things to speed that process up; measured performance and reported it to the usual gang of suspects.
  • started focals


  • partial fix for bug 68167
  • triaged bugs
  • SERA2 feedback
  • test patches for Joe
  • worked with leaf to fix tree bustage due to cvs server software bug
  • MacHack (Wednesday - Saturday)


  • Lots of code reviews!
  • Fixed bugs 86492 (double click does not bring up object props dialog ) and 87133 (Can't select last few lines of text in an Editor).
  • Helped Hurricane with spellcheck implementation questions.
  • Helped mjudge debug linux specific problems on his 0.9.2 list.
  • Looked into why Spellchecker and Find were broken. This broke because a makefile change made during the static build landing, which installed txtsvc.lib into components instead of the textsvc.dll. checked in a fix for this.
  • Completed editor peer reviews.
  • Triaged and did some preliminary debugging on various bugs.


  • no report submitted


  • At MacHack Wed-Fri
  • Worked on focal reviews
  • Did some code review
  • Set up new PowerBook

Project Issues

  • no major complaints this week


There is lots happening this summer, here is the current schedule for the editor team:
  • Beth: out on 18 June and 25 June
  • Charley: 18 June - 2 July
  • Joe: sabbatical 9 July - 17 August
  • Kathy: 2 July - 6 July
  • Kin: 28 June -  6 July
  • Mike: 18 & 19 June, 2 August - 10 August, sabbatical 20 August - 1 October
  • Simon: 16 July - 31 July
June 26
Submitted by Nisheeth Ranjan <>


  • Kudos to Tom Pixley and Johnny for finding a fix for bugscape bug 6051 and bugzilla bug 55459. Both these bugs were hairy DOM timeout related top crashes.
  • We currently have no PDT+ bugs on our team.
  • We are working on getting our limbo bug list firmed up and peer reviewed.
  • We plan to attack Tom and Johnny's untargeted bug lists and get them down to a reasonable number this week.
  • Nisheeth will be on vacation Monday and Tuesday of next week.
  • Heikki will be on vacation during the second week of July.


  • heikki
    • I will be on vacation on the second week of July.
    • Finally moved to my new primary machine, and gave my old one to gagan.
    • Code reviews for harishd, peterv, attinasi.
    • Worked on 86665, topcrash, no progress, can't reproduce.
    • Worked on 86894, context menus etc. not namespace aware, have fix.
    • Worked on 86800, crash on context menu with XML links, have fix, reassigned to jst since he is making a bigger change at same place.
    • Bug triage.
  • harishd
    • Landed fixes for a bunch ( ~7 ) of m0.9.2 bugs.
    • Fixed bug 84136 ( MLK ) - Fix yet to land.
    • Fixed bug 82971 ( data corruption ) - Fix yet to land.
    • Worked on bug 49539 ( Mem. bloat ). This bug could be related to a problem in MutiMixedConv. where OnStopRequest is not getting fired always.
    • Triaged my untargetted bugs.
  • jst
    • Fixed crasher bug 86313 Patch by and myself.
    • Fixed bug 83332. Event listeners sometimes incorrectly ended up executing on the safe context.
    • Fixed bug 80496. Making window.scrollTo() correctly scroll to the end of the document if a huge number is passed in as the coordinages to scroll to.
    • Fixed bug 74816. Added a pref check to window.dump() that lets us control the output from dump() with a pref in release builds.
    • Worked on bug 83433. Add back support for DOM object constructors in the JS environment.
    • Worked on bug 81290. Making element.offsetXXX work like they do in IE, which is the whole reason for supporting those properties.
    • Worked on (and found a fix for) crasher bug 55459, this is a crash that happens now n' then in the DOM timeout code.
  • peterv
    • Checked in fix for bug 38761 (Dynamically changing 'href' attribute of doesn't work)
    • Checked in fix for bug 59619 (MIME types should not be case sensitive)
    • Checked in fix for bug 72810 (count() function is unable to handle certain path expressions)
  • joki
    • Fixed 4 more 0.9.2 crashers
    • Continued work on bugscape 6051
  • mstoltz
    • Fixed two serious exploits (86982 and 86019).
    • Fixed a regression in the Open URL dialog.
    • Triaged my nsbranch and 0.9.3 lists.
    • Worked with Jeremy Loeb on a security whitepaper as part of marketing effort
    • Did a security review for AOL Products/Obongo auto form-fill software
  • jesse
    • Updated configurable security policy docs.
    • Wrote some text for the 0.9.2 release notes regarding the syntax change for blocking pop-up windows.
    • Investigated bug 64539.
    • Filed security-related bug: 86799.
    • Filed assertion and crash bugs: 86802, 87030, 87198.
    • Filed other bugs: 86326, 86526, 86549, 86583, 86718 (dup), 86979, 87386.
    • Helped Blake get stuck Doritos out of the vending machine.
  • guninski
    • Security regression attacks.
    • Mail attacks - one successful.
    • XUL/XML attacks.
    • Buffer overflow - ran "flawfinder" and "rats" (These are security source auditing tools)
    • could not find buffer overflow but do not like at all the amount of "strcpy", "strcat"
    • and "sprintf" in the source - I suggest the above functions be banned and replaced with
    • their "...n()" equivalent.

    • Reported bug2206 - revealing POP3 folder from email (filed as 87395)
  • nisheeth
    • Organized triage of team's bug lists
    • Attended all manager PDT meeting on Thursday


  • heikki
    • Worked on topcrash bug 86665.
    • Worked on 86894, context menus etc. not namespace aware.
    • Worked on 86800, crash on context menu with XML links.



Plans for the next week

  • heikki
    • Check in the fixes I have in my tree.
    • Work on default view for XML.
    • Work on XML Extras.
  • harishd
    • Work on bug 49539 and limbo bugs.
    • Prioritize m0.9.3 bugs.
    • Work on a better parser regression test script / test suite.
    • Remove unwanted/unused files from the htmlparser directory.
  • jst
    • Continue working on my mozilla0.9.2 bugs.
  • peterv
    • Hunt for an sr for XPath lexer/parser patch
    • Try to fix document loading in XSLT
    • Rewrite output creation in XSLT processor
  • joki
    • Finish untargeted bug triage
    • Find a fix for bugcape 6051
  • mstoltz
    • Several serious security bugs remain to be fixed.
  • jesse
    • Fix my P1 bug 69070.
    • Investigate how to fix 86147 and 64539.
    • Still awaiting review from last week: menu bug 79898.
  • nisheeth
    • Firm up limbo list of bugs for the team and get them peer reviewed.
    • Work on 0.9.3 bugs
June 26
Submitted by Zach Lipton <>

Bugzilla currently (as of 6/25/2001) lists:

  • 8 unconfirmed
  • 449 new
  • 49 assigned
  • 94 resolved

Bob Clary updated the Evangelism Letter Tool to support multiple languages. Xan Lopez completed a Spanish translation of the Evangelism Letter which is currently awaiting review

Doron Rosenberg has agreed to do a German translation of the Evangelism Letter which is currently under way.

This week (between Friday June 15th and Friday June 22nd):

  • 32 bugs changed from NEW to ASSIGNED (the site was contacted)
  • Open issues (unconfirmed, new, reopened) dropped 18 bugs
  • 50 new bugs were closed (resolved, verified, closed)
  • 37 bugs were verified

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