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maintained by Tim Rowley <>

Last Updated Wednesday June 13, 2001

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Module Updates
June 11
Submitted by Kevin McCluskey <>


  • none

Low lights

  • none

Mozilla 0.9.2

  • 20 bugs down from 46 bugs last friday (Mostly through bug triage)


  • none


  • none


  • none

Priorities for next week

  • Don Cone
    • 84017. A large gray rectangle can get drawn over entire page.
    • 66781 - Mac UI needs to be hooked up. This is checked in but does not show up on the builds. Have to research this.
    • 84537 - Need to prevent more than one page from printing at a time.
    • SMIL meeting
  • Rod Spears
    • 68846 - Keypress event bubbles up to the alert
    • 78319 - Win32: issue of print dialog localization
    • 83493 - Mfcembed leaves garbage when combo is rolled up
  • Eric Pollmann
    • 77950 - Form corrupted.
    • 82260 - POST submission cuts off at around 65k
    • 82463 - can't log into fantasy sports page
    • 83065 - multipart/form-data file upload with php corruption
    • 72906 - Double click on submit causes form to submit twice
  • Kevin McCluskey
    • check in patch for 76722 - Gecko blocks the main thread for > 1 sec processing events


  • Don Cone
    • Dispositioned 83750, 84075, 75902, 68142
    • Looked at 68865, large PostScript output. Found that Netscape uses almost double the number of images.
    • Fixed bug 82624, large gray rectangle in starting at the iframe. Not checked in yet.
    • Working on 84017. A large gray rectangle can get drawn over entire page.
  • Rod Spears
    • 77039 - Setting selectedIndex on SELECT MULTIPLE does not clear existing selections
    • 55336 - <input type=text>: border & padding problems (reintroduced?)
    • 70998 - Drop-down list width increases forever
    • 78526 - text in form controls has become too small under strict mode
    • 58220 - Select boxes rendering weird when using CSS to size the control small
    • 82626 - Bad alignment of items in dropdown list
    • 53165 - Changing item in select is too slow.
    • 68135 - onchange of SELECT MULTIPLE doesn't fire when OPTION is deselected
  • Eric Pollmann
    • No Status
  • Kevin McCluskey
    • Triaged Mozilla 0.9.2 bugs
    • 76722 - Gecko blocks the main thread for > 1 sec processing events. Finished patch. Tested performance on low-end 200Mhz Win95 machine and I noticed that the call to get the system time was slowing down page loads. I replaced the call to get the system time with a less costly -nonblocking call to PR_Interval_Now and the performance issue went away. Also tested latest patch on Linux and ran I-BENCH. waiting for reviews so I can check in the patch deactivated. The plan is to have a number of people try out the change by setting a pref, before I turn it on by default.
    • Completed focal review self assessment
June 11
Submitted by Viswanath Ramachandran <>

Highlights / Summary

  • We are focusing our mozilla0.9.2 performance work on turbo mode bugs.
  • Alec gave a 2 hour presentation/Q&A session about gecko architecture
  • Paul checked in the theme switching dialog for mozilla0.9.1.
  • Matt has fixes for critical Search bugs ready.
  • Bill has fixes ready for a slew of turbo mode problems.
  • Bill made it so that clicking links in Adobe Acrobat would bring up Mozilla (DDE implementation).
  • Ben fixed the bug where a chromeless window opened when a bookmark is updated. Repaired this
    so a browser window is opened,
  • Samir helped to finish up Beta stopping bugs, including the theme switching dialog, DDE implementation..

Issues / Lowlights

  • Localized beta builds will not have the theme switching dialog, as we missed the last date to check this in for localization.

Project Management

  • PDT review of our m0.9.2 list on Tuesday at 4.30pm

Bugzilla Bugscape
Untriaged nominations 22
mozilla0.9.2 scheduled 33
mozilla0.9.3 scheduled 73

Thanks To

  • Syd, Brendan and MScott for helping us to get the DDE implementation code that Adobe needed checked in for mozilla0.9.1.
  • JJ for fast turnaround on the mac external URL installer delivery
  • Syd for checking in some of Samir's patches.
  • Thanks to Sandy Lawrence for pushing to get Samir's machine delivered.


  • Alec Flett
    • fix 62173, 71903, 73141, 83366
  • Ben Goodger
    • 46925 - Bookmark manager A.> Z Sort order not functioning in localized builds.
    • 84344 - Need ability to defer skin switch to restart. Discussed best fix for branch with hyatt.
  • Bill Law
    • Fix remaining mozilla0.9.2 bugs (82584, 58848).
    • Help out with other mozilla0.9.2 bugs (as time permits).
  • Matt Fisher
    • mozilla0.9.2 bugs.
  • Paul Chen
    • mozilla0.9.2 bugs.
  • Samir Gehani
    • Peer reviews.
    • mozilla0.9.2 search features and bugs.
  • Steve Morse
    • 83625: cookies no longer work
  • Viswanath Ramachandran
    • Keep up-to-date on new bug nominations.
    • Help convert large mozilla0.9.3 bugs to a more focused list.
    • Get started on writing focal reviews.
    • Help figure if Skinability component should still exist (Ben thinks the bugs there shd be just filed against the component that has non skinnable UI).
    • Help find new owner for Profile Manager FE Component.


  • Chris McAfee has transitioned over to Chris Hoffman's release/tools/performance group.
  • Ben - After my MM3 exam on Saturday, I'll have four weeks off school. As I am eligible to hold a J-1 visa until July 24, I went to the consulate general today to inquire about travel. They said they could create the appropriate paperwork for me by the end of the week. I plan to go back tomorrow morning with the right info. If all goes to plan that should give me a valid entrance permit on Friday of this week. I currently have a seat on an Air New Zealand flight from Auckland to LA on Monday June 18 (NZST) held. If everything goes smoothly I can be on this flight, and will be able to visit for about three weeks.


  • Alec Flett
    • Made signifigant progress on bugs: (i.e. should have fixes monday/tuesday for..)
      • 62173 - StringBundle cache-flushed notification
      • 71903 - Search History returns all possible results
    • Spent time investigating:
      • 73141 - Clicking link in mail window brings up browser on home page
      • 83366 - -turbo mode: alternative 3-pane mail view setting is ignored
    • Finished Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon in 2:59:30, 66th place out of 141 in my age group
  • Ben Goodger
    • 80833 - every other bookmark isn't deleted. (This is identical to a similar bug, every other bookmark separator isn't deleted)
    • 78020 - chromeless window opened when a bookmark is updated. Repaired this so a browser window is opened, and also added an icon for updated bookmarks to the classic skin, so the "Change Icon" option works.
    • Polish for search sidebar panel in classic skin
  • Bill Law
    • Fix checked (branch and trunk) in for mozilla0.9.1 bug 25699 (DDE Implementation).
    • Code complete for fix for bugs 81708, 81712, 81714, 82804, 83569, and 83783 (-turbo mode problems).
    • Completed peer reviews and self-assessment.
    • Lowlights
    • Other Activities
      • Triaged bugs, mozilla0.9.2 list is manageable now.
      • Coded fix for another minor DDE bug (84562).
      • Debugged mysterious mail pref interaction with -turbo mode bug (83366; solution sketched out, re-assigned to Alec).
      • Reviewed i18n Win32 file-picker bug (83345)
  • Matt Fisher
    • Fixed bugs that need reviews, sr's and a
      • 81093 Opening pref unchecks toolbar buttons. Have patch. Getting R and SR.
      • 82041 Clicking on pref first time reverts back to netsape. Have patch. Getting R.
  • Paul Chen
    • Mozilla0.9.1 bugs
      • 78409 Hierarchy menus detach at second level folders. Checked onto trunk on Monday 06/04.
      • 81711 dialog warning for theme switch. Checked onto branch on Tuesday 06/05. Forgot to edit commercial, that was checked in on Wednesday 06/06.
    • Mozilla0.9.2 bugs
      • 79837 Downloading dialog not correctly filled in sometimes [+ Set Default button broken]. Filed Simon Fraser's issues as seperate bug 84543. Created patch to fix problem reported by Sairuh. Got r=pinkerton, awaiting sr.
      • 52930 Sidebar panels localization not displayed. Utilize local-panels.rdf for tab names instead of using an internal dtd in panels.rdf. Interesting thing is that this has already been done on commercial side. Awaiting r and sr
  • Samir Gehani
    • Wound down mozilla0.9.1 bugs.
    • Added failover URL capabilities to Mac installer.
    • Changed over to external ftp URLs for commercial mac and linux installers.
    • Added ability for helper apps warning to be forced to always pop up upon file download.
    • Wrote self-assessment.
  • Steve Morse
    • 62730: localize wallet xul files. moved them into language packs
    • 84263: tabs in imageviewer/cookieviewer not being hidden. regression introduced in march
  • Viswanath Ramachandran
    • Helped tracking last few m0.9.1 stopper bugs and driving to zarro.
    • Continued m0.9.2 list tweaking and followup to make sure we're doing the right bugs.
June 11
Submitted by Dan Mosedale <>
  • lots of bug triage
  • Made LDAP autocompletion respect UI setting for maximum number of hits to return (bug 77388)
  • Checked in patch from Joe Hewitt ( to fix entry selected from autocomplete in compose window not being used (bug 81695).
  • reviewed Leif's changes to better support attributes in the XPCOM SDK (bug 70611)
  • investigated bugs 81761 (override settings require restarting browser to take effect) and 82169 (switching directory for autocomplete needs a restart). Posted bug about autocomplete widget changes (84577) to allow these to be fixed.
  • started coding fix for 77386 (nsLDAPAutoCompleteSession should use template to create LDAP filter for autocomplete search).
  • code review and commercial builds for LDAP/MAPI addressbook integration changes.
June 11
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • gagan
    • lots of focal review work


  • darin
    • Fixed bug 82200 "crashes [@ PL_strnchr] called from ParseChunkRemaining"
    • Wrote up a bunch of 0.9.2 bug fixes.
    • Focal review.
  • neeti
    • Fixed bug 83611.
    • Investigated resolved bugs 83941, 75881, 81696, 83941, 72324, 80601.
    • Working on bugs 74647, 80918, 84592.
    • Submitted focal review.
    • Triaged bugs
  • gordon
    • Worked on fix for bugscape 4890 with danm.
    • Landed DNS_BRANCH to implement dns caching (fixed bugs 30917, 54325, 83387, 84531)
    • Fixed bugs 56486, 66081
    • Submitted patch to enable UNIX async dns implementation for BeOS and OS/2.
    • Worked on Self Focal Review.
  • dougt
    • Implemented port blocking as a security prevention for 0.9.1
    • Found and fixed top FileIO crasher. Waiting on approval.
  • gagan
    • Got a more usable mac upgrade.
    • Investigated bug 81480 (hang on mac while running ibench tests)-- seems like the modal dialog issue (see bug 84047) was causing most of the problems. I still haven't seen a hang occur anymore.
    • Investigated multipart/x-mixed-replace bugs (84441, 84444, 70398)
    • Triaging bugs for 0.9.2 for the whole team.


  • darin
    • Focal review ;-)
  • gordon
    • Spent time investigating 53967 "DNS fails when it shouldn't" - only DNS isn't failing, something else is. Don't know what yet.
  • gagan
    • Haven't as yet done my own focal review :-(

Plans for next week

  • darin
    • Land 0.9.2 bug fixes.
    • Squash more 0.9.2 bugs.
  • neeti
    • Work on mozilla0.9.2 bugs
    • Triage bugs
  • gagan
    • Focal review for self, and for the team


June 11
Submitted by Beth Epperson <>


  • the team resolved 20 bugs for the time period 3 June 2001 - 9 June 2001
  • there are 31 unresolved moz0.9.2 open bugs (anthonyd: 2, brade: 3, cmanske: 4, jfrancis: 13, kin: 2, mjudge: 6, sfraser: 1)
  • lots of folks heading out for vacation soon


  • Akkana is on sabbatical and is scheduled to return on 25 June


  • ate dogfood
  • continued to prioritize bugs
  • fixed 4 bugs: 83363, 83743, 84208, 84417
  • working on 73606, and 57913


  • teleconference for the W3C HTML working group
  • verified/tested new bugs submitted
  • verified/tested bugs in the moz0.9.2 bug list
  • triaging as usual
  • ate dogfood
  • working on focal reviews


  • Fixed and checked in 0.9.2 bugs:
    • 84175 Better testing of empty cell for table editing
    • 55991 Join with cell to right if only 1 cell selected
    • 64160 Add keyboard support for colorpicker's array of colors.
    • 77427 Advanced Edit attributes now saved correctly for tables.
    • 77596 Eliminated extra separator line at end of popup context menu.
    • 83335 Don't set "center" attribute on horizontal line -- use that as default state.
    • 82655 Fixed Wallet UI to use new editable menulists.
    • 82652 Upgrade to editable menulist: Autoselect user's input in menulist, add up/down key support etc.
  • 0.9.2 Fixes ready, need final reviews:
    • 72583 Make URLs relative to document.
    • 71743 (and dependent bugs 73167, 71973, 71027) New Advanced Edit dialog. (Thanks for excellent reviews by Kathy and Kin.)
    • 78251 Image dialog fixes relating to showing preview image and getting natural width and height This is still dependent on bugs 76177 and 82435 to make this all work.


  • on vacation


  • provided some ongoing support for mail reply performance work: measured performance of johnny's patches and landed his and my patches on a private branch for testing by mail folks.
  • worked a bit more on the Fizilla mac os x dual cpu bug, because I can't help myself.
  • tackled the high priority list bugs. First up was getting lists to paste more intelligently. To do this I had to fix 57477 and 57989. While doing this I also refactored the huge paste routine in nsHTMLDataTransfer.cpp quite a bit, which should further lower the amount of memory we need on the mac to do an optimized build (see bug 82612). This work also fixes a couple of unreported bugs in paste.


  • out sick 3 days :-(
  • tested and reviewed changes, gave feedback to Joe
  • tested and reviewed changes, gave feedback to Charley
  • ran Purify


  • Lots of code reviews!
  • Tested several patches for various people.
  • Triaged and did some preliminary debugging on various bugs.
  • Sat down with anthonyd and discussed how to fix the remaining ExtractContents() and CopyContents problems.
  • Spent some time trying to find the cause of an ABR I saw in Purify in nsTextFragment. I'm thinking this might be the cause of one of the crash bugs on my plate. (Bug 78980)


  • working on 9.2 bug list
  • doing reviews as needed


  • Helped check in fix for Mac blocker bug 83669 (crash in Classic skin's History window).
  • Found performance bug 84224 (opening cookperm.txt file for every image loaded)
  • Helped Ian Oeschger with some dialog help over XUL/JS (bug 52778).
  • Did some debugging with Nisheeth on bug 81576 (loading page pops up download dialogs), which (I hope) directed folks towards the final fix.
  • Got patches for a couple of Mac build scripts issues:
    • Add option to the Mac build scripts to pull by date (bug 84216)
    • Implement a fast update option in the mac scripts (bug 79280)
  • Lots of code reviews
  • Dogfooding

Project Issues

  • no major complaints this week


There is lots happening this summer, here is the current schedule for the editor team:
  • Beth: 13 June - 18 June, and 25 June
  • Charley: 18 June - 2 July
  • Daniel: 4 June - 22 June
  • Joe: sabbatical 9 July - 17 August
  • Kathy: out sick 6-8 June, on vacation 2 July - 6 July
  • Kin: 28 June - 6 July
  • Mike: 4 - 6 June, 2 August - 10 August, sabbatical 20 August - 1 October
  • Simon: 8 June, and 16 July - 31 July
June 12
Submitted by Nisheeth Ranjan <>


  • Harish is on vacation through Wednesday.
  • Johnny is in Seattle for the DOM meeting and gets back on Thursday.
  • Mitch Stoltz and Jesse Ruderman have joined the XML/DOM team. We will now be known as the XML/DOM/Security team. Welcome, guys!
  • The team did their focal reviews last week. Kudos to all of you for getting them to me in time for the Friday deadline!
  • We currently have 5 PDT+ bugs within the XML/DOM team. The plan is to give them our highest priority.
  • Mitch has 10 0.9.2 bugs on his plate most of which he considers rtm stoppers. He is working on them in decreasing order of priority and hopes to nail them. Due to the large number of bugs, though, there is a risk that some of them will not make the 6/26 0.9.2 freeze.


  • heikki
    • Code reviews for, jst, peterv.
    • Attended AOLU course about focal reviews.
    • Worked on 83557 XMLExtras embedding probs, (testing jst's patch).
    • Did bug triage (or prioritized my 0.9.2 list).
    • Did self assessment.
    • Setting up my new primary machine - 1.5GHz, baby!
  • harishd
    • Worked on m0.9.2 bugs ( 82544, 83119, 82498 ). Have fixes for six of my m0.9.2 bugs!
    • Investigated bug 51355 and reassigned it to nhotta.
    • Did code reviews.
    • Triaged my untargetted/unconfirmed bugs.
  • jst
    • Vacation!
  • peterv
    • Checked in fix for bug 82955 (XML unable to load stylesheets without type="text/css" attribute)
    • Found fix for bug 38761 (Dynamically changing 'href' attribute of doesn't work)
    • Finished review of lexer/parser patch
    • Monday was day off in France
  • joki
    • Triaged 0.9.2 bugs
    • Set up new machine and build environments on new machine
    • Continued investigation of crasher bugs
  • mstoltz
    • Triaged 0.9.2 bug list
    • Wrote my focal review self-assessment
    • Worked with Jesse on updating signed script documentation
  • jesse
    • Successfully built Mozilla for the first time (WinNT).
    • Got CVS access for the documentation.
    • Worked on updating the documentation for signed scripts.
    • Found two session history bugs: 84519, 84527.
    • Found two minor mailnews bugs: 84812, 84828.
  • nisheeth
    • Presented plan to identify and remove rtm stoppers as soon as possible to the PDT on Thursday.
    • Helped get a review and super review for bug 77600 that was blocking automated DOM tests. Thanks to Xiabon Lu ( for checking the fix in!
    • Fixed 0.9.1 blocker bug 81576: multiple save as dialogs would pop up on sites like
    • Worked on focal reviews
    • Organized 0.9.2 bug triaging


  • mstoltz
    • Worked with an external developer to help them use a signed script


  • mstoltz
    • The machine delivered to Jesse is somewhat underpowered, despite my request.


Plans for the next week

  • heikki
    • Check in fix for 83557.
    • Finish setting up my new system.
    • Work on my 0.9.2 bugs.
  • harishd
    • Work on bug 82498,82971,83453.
    • Complete self-assessment.
    • * Will be on vacation *
  • peterv
    • Work on/check in fixes for my 0.9.2 bugs
    • Help to try to get lexer/parser patch in for 0.9.2
  • joki
    • Work on fixing bugs in 0.9.2 buglist to bring down bugcount
    • Continue triage
  • mstoltz
    • Start fixing 0.9.2 bugs!
    • Work on some security reviews with Jesse
  • jesse
    • Finish updating the signed scripts documentation once I get signtool to work.
    • Update the configurable security policy docs (81467).
    • Look for bugs to fix and fix them.
  • nisheeth
    • Do focal related work.
    • Continue triaging team bug lists.
    • Work on outstanding 0.9.2 bugs.

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