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Last Updated Wednesday May 30, 2001

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Module Updates
May 29
Submitted by Dan Mosedale <>

Stuff done

  • Fixed deadlock in LDAP C SDK triggered by mozilla autocomplete code with patch from Michael Hein ( (bug 82598).
  • Fixed LDAP-related crash in addressing widget of compose window (bug 81692).
  • Finished implementing display of real names (or any other LDAP attributes, actually) along with email addresses in the autocomplete widget (bug 79885). This has r=, sr=, and is ready to checkin once the tree opens for 0.9.2.

To do this week

  • Reviews & commercial builds for bugs related to the LDAP/MAPI addressbook integration landing (bug 78933 and friends).
  • Hammer away at 0.9.2 bugs.
May 29
Submitted by Beth Epperson <>


  • Team resolved 35 bugs for the week (20 May 2001 - 26 May 2001)
  • There are 2 untargetted bugs at this time
  • There are 2 mozilla0.9.1 remaining, fixed and reviewed, awaiting for approval
  • Current mozilla0.9.2 bug count is 121


  • on sabbatical


  • triaged my bugs for 0.9.2 (11 total).
  • ran the latest build to eat dogfood
  • continued testing of range compare methods, not working for ATTR nodes, never did apparently.
  • starting to begin work on my converter bugs
  • looked at selection issues with bidi


  • triaged 9.2 bug list
  • annoyed the team about their open mozilla0.9.1 bug list
  • annoyed them even further with the mozilla0.9.2 bug list
  • submitted a couple reviews from folks who have asked
  • prepping for team focal reviews


  • 0.9.1 Bugs fixed and checked in:
    • 82273 Text Color menuitem not working
    • 77517 New page pref dialog (again!) Also made Page Colors and Background look the same
    • 0.9.2 Bug fix work (not checked in.)
    • 71743 (and related bugs) Advanced Property editor dialog. Fixed problems with Classic skins. Fixed problems in XBL for the "editable menulist" (bug 82655).
    • 82655 Fixed Form Manager ("wallet") UI to use new editable menulist behavior (or use "autoSelectMenuitem='false'" when you don't want it.) I think I've fixed all problems, but full testing is currently being blocked by failure to get an editor interface when loading the sample HTML pages. (I could really use some debug help from Kin or Simon today if possible!)
    • 78351 Image Preview display and obtaining natural size. This continues to be frustrated by ImgLib problems:
    • 82435 Proposed using a "_moz-bypass-cache" attribute on IMG tags where you want to force image loading. This also fixes bug 72922 (need to ignore cache to get user-edited image reload.) JST isn't happy about the fix, but we might have to use it if Pavlov doesn't have the time to do required ImgLib changes. Learned a lot about imglib in the process.
    • 82713 Can't use Enter/Esc keys in Page Colors and Background dialog [This is such a simple fix and really helps usability -- I'd like to argue to get this checked in for 0.9.1]
  • Helped with tree-blockers.


  • CSS Working Group conference call
  • continued previous week's work on some style/layout bugs
  • worked on All Tags mode in Composer (not checked in yet),
    • moved from hacky background images to generated textual content
    • added for that purpose a new value for 'content' property : -moz-tagname(a, b) where a can be 'local' or 'full' to get either the local tag name of the fully qualified name, and b is a modifier 'none', 'lowercase', 'uppercase" or 'capitalize'; if no argument is provided, the default is (local, none)
    • completely rewritten AllTags stylesheet
    • that work covers bugs 82459, 76203, 82465, 82466, 82469, ...
  • continued CSSization of Composer, improved the related Txn
  • Fixed and checked in 80057 : [xpcdom] Crash importing the same stylesheet with two different media types
  • packed computers, printer and docs for Netscape France's move
  • all Nscp France employees had to work from home on friday because of the move. Network was down friday morning.


  • investigated and created patches for following bugs:
    • 80880 Deleting in empty list items can misbehave
    • 61232 Caret comes back to previous line after selecting paragraph
    • 74122 Link tags not removed correctly
    • 46209 Can't delete leftover list item after cutting
    • 54218 outdent and indent woes (partial fix, this is really more than one bug)
    • 67847 Deleting selected text in message compose makes caret go to start of doc
    • 54452 Ubercaret after deleting part of quoted text
    • 82612 Can't build nsHTMLEditRules optimized on mac
  • Investigated solutions for 69638, still in progress
  • Did a Carbon build of Mozilla and began investigating nspr problems under Mac OS X
  • filed and triaged bugs; closed a few out that have been fixed by other work


  • filed lots of bugs
  • tested Mac fix for NSPR
  • tested Advanced Edit dialog and some other things for Charley
  • ran Purify on NT
  • investigated #77062 (failing to copy message to sent folder) but there won't be a simple fix. Unfortunately it looks like we'd need to rewrite the html serializer to output shorter lines if requested and that won't be a simple, clear cut fix. I'm not sure we should fix this for beta or RTM. :-/


  • Lots of code reviews.
  • Helped investigate Linux tree blocker issues.
  • Checked in fix for bugs 82556, 82680, and 81078.
  • Finally figured out what was causing bug 74383 (textarea input form crashed during complex edit session) . This is the bug that is causing text to disappear and random garbage to render in textareas and textfields. It seems this is due to the fact that nsBoxToBlockAdaptor::Reflow(), in certain situations, suppresses reflows that are needed to update text frames that have changed, and create new continuation frames. See bug 74383 for more details. It is currently assigned to
  • Helped mjudge debug 80048 (First letter not selectable in textbox if particular letter) . I couldn't repro it on my machine, but we could at least compare a debug NT build with his opt Win98 build. Turned out to be a regression introduced by some BIDI code in the font metrics code.
  • Triaged and did some preliminary debugging of various editor bugs.


  • Fixed last of my 9.1 bugs.
    • 80937 right arrow crashes at end of text field.
    • 80048 that god awful bug with win98. turns out to be an uninitialized variable and non-checked return value from the BIDI code. hopefully we have seen the last of the regressions/bugs introduced by the BIDI code
  • looking into why we seem to wrap sometimes to the beginning of the line when we right arrow off the edge of a text field when we navigate with "end" or "control-end" this is pretty weird and needs to be fixed. Then its on to banging away at the 9.2 list...


  • Fixed a couple of regressions from the plain text work:
    • Fix for 82243; make sure we use "html" extension when saving files
    • Fix bug 82139; ensure that Find-related items get disabled when in view source mode
  • Checked in the new splash screen for commercial, and tweaked Mozilla's splash to work on Mac OS X
  • Debugged a new problem that causes assertions on every page load (bug 82710), and a crasher in Find that only Chris Waterson saw.
  • Helped Gordon get the NSPR fix for broken networking after sleep (bug 69285 ) in.
  • Fixed some bugs in MacCVS Pro that caused the build system to clobber sticky tags when running a build (bad for those working on branches).

People Issues

  • Daniel was off on Thursday, legal holiday in France
  • Daniel will be attending the CSS Working Group meeting at Inria Sophia-Antipolis Wednesday through Friday (30 May-1 Jun) and be on vacation between the 4th and the 22nd of June.
  • Joe will be leaving for his sabbatical on 8 July.
  • Mike will be on vacation 4&5 June
May 29
Submitted by Viswanath Ramachandran <>


  • We have 6 bugzilla bugs in mozilla0.9.1
  • We triaged our m0.9.2 bugzilla list (reduced from 121 to 83)
  • Ben disabled inline editing in the app for m0.9.1, since it was causing crashes.
  • Bill checked in his mozilla -server/turbo changes, so that mozilla can be prestarted with no UI visible. This should help speed up perceived start up time, once we finish this work.
  • Bill fixed bugzilla 68279, preventing execution of downloaded executables from the helper app dialog by default. This was a security regression introduced by the new helper app work.
  • Steve fixed a cookies problem where the bugzilla cookies were not working (meaning it was hard to navigate lists generated from bug queries)


  • We have some work left on making Form Manager I18N ready, need to scope this out this week (meeting scheduled Wednesday).

Project Management

  • Did first pass of mozilla0.9.2 bugzilla triage - reducing from 120+ to 83 bugs.
Untriaged nominations 36
mozilla0.9.1 scheduled 4
mozilla0.9.2 scheduled 83

Thanks To

  • Bill - To "On Holiday" ( for pointing out the problem with window icons on Win9x in bug 57576 (if only I hadn't ignored the bugzilla spam and missed it until today :-) ).
  • Bill - To "timeless" ( for tirelessly enumerating all the evil file extensions that we need to protect against executing.


  • Alec Flett
    • continue 0.9.2 pretriage
    • start work on 0.9.2 bugs
  • Anatoliy Averbukh
    • continue bug fixing for Navigator (have bug 77635 for 0.9.2),
  • Ben Goodger
    • Investigate mac only .9.1 bug in profile manager (63758)
    • Find somebody else to own profile manager front end
    • Bugs, bugs, bugs
  • Bill Law
    • Meet to talk about mail attachment handling issues vis-a-vis helper app dialog.
    • See if there are mozilla0.9.1 bugs I can help out with.
    • Tackle mozilla0.9.2 bugs.
  • Chris McAfee
    • I will move to chofmann's group sometime next week, to work on the embedded build system, tinderbox 2.0, and other things. First up to bat is getting the static build up & running on the new branch.
    • Find new owners for XPApps bugs owned.
  • Samir Gehani
    • mozilla0.9.2 search features and bugs.
  • Viswanath Ramachandran
    • whittle down mozilla0.9.2 list to stopper list.
    • Help scope out form manager I18N work remaining.


  • Alec will be taking sabbatical: 7/9-8/31 (i.e. out from 7/7 - 9/3)
  • Paul Chen will be out for the rest of the week (back June 4)
  • Samir - sabbatical planned for July 4, 2001 - August 20, 2001
  • Bill - sabbatical planned from June 18th.
  • Chris McAfee is transferring to Chris Hoffman's group sometime next week. Best of luck Chris and thanks for your work on XPApps/Navigator!


  • Alec Flett
    • lots of super reviews, seeing good, safe stuff go into moz 0.9.1!
    • did a little bit of 0.9.2 pre-triage
  • Ben Goodger
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • 71685 - Fixed mozilla part of bookmarks in sidebar don't load. Need to edit commercial panels.rdf.
      • 77125 - Crash in inline edit field for personal toolbar. (Disabled inline editing fixing this, and numerous other bugs)
      • Removed Gerv's fix for 35835 as I checked in a fix for plaintext copy of bookmark URLs (which was broken)
      • Back out fix for 79639 (problems with sidebar toggle menuitem not showing up in all apps)
      • Checked in patch from blake to repair drag and drop in history which was broken with D&D wrapper changes some months back.
    • Also:
      • have fixes for a couple of bookmarks sidebar panel issues. Currently, none of the items in the context menu for bookmarks sidebar panels work, in fact in debug builds they assert. Fix for that, and some appearance issues.
    • Other:
      • began poking at non-sucky toolbar widget for bookmarks that collects overflowing bookmarks into a popup menu (useful when numerous static items force your personal toolbar items off screen), and contains built in inline edit capability.
  • Bill Law
    • Checked in code for bug 75599 (enables "turbo" mode execution).
    • Checked in fix for bug 68279 (block execution of downloaded executables).
    • Checked in fix for bug 79236 (download dialog cropped).
    • Checked in "workaround" (aka, "fix") for bug 79543 (helper app dialog not redisplaying properly).
    • Coded fix for problem with window icons on Win9x (attached to bug 57576, waiting for review/approval).
    • Other Activities
      • Investigated lots of download issues still to be resolved (problem with ftp: vs. http:, issue re: mail attachments).
  • Chris McAfee
    • Bugs I worked on:
      • 80426: Crash on exit, wfm.
    • Other stuff:
      • Created STATIC_BUILD_20010523_BRANCH tag for chofmann's team, both trees.
      • Set up a static build tbox for this branch.
      • Cleared two cvs locks for people this week.
      • Triaged a bunch of incoming pref UI bugs.
  • Paul Chen
    • 78409 Hierarchy menus detach at second level folders -- still working on it. Still investigating patch from 66848. Mac submenus are not drawing their contents because the menu item strings are emtpy. Pinkerton, Ben, and I have no clue how the patch could be affecting this, especially only on mac since the fix is xp.
    • 82413 Task Menu does not switch windows -- need to investigate
    • Took a few minutes to try and find where the window switching code is, hopefully, I can find the problem with 78409 and dive into this next
  • Samir Gehani
    • Completed mozilla0.9.1 bugs.
    • Mac and linux installers' DOWNLOAD_ONLY attribute support implemented..
    • Worked with Don on Win32 child process inheriting open file handles PIRU problem.
  • Steve Morse
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • 81451: Bugzilla cookies are not working Caused by two regressions here, both in networking layer:
        • A compare to "set-cookie" was being done in a case-sensitive manner. Tracked this down and then discovered that dougt checked in a fix for it three days earlier
        • Set-Cookie requests coming in as MultiMixedConv were not sending notifications to the listeners so cookie module was never being invoked
    • Left over from last week
      • 81286: Labels on checkboxes are missing. Problem affects all apps, but notably cookie-manager and password-manager. Had patch that fixed cookie-manager and password-manager. Someone came up with more general patch that fixes it for all apps, so my patch was never checked in.
  • Viswanath Ramachandran
    • Helped keep mozilla0.9.1 bug list triaged
    • Started mozilla0.9.2 triage.

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