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Last Updated Wednesday May 23, 2001

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Previous Updates

Module Updates
May 21
Submitted by Dan Mosedale <>


  • Added hidden pref to allow short strings to be ignored by LDAP autocomplete session (bug 76593)
  • Wrote code to fix 79885 (LDAP autocomplete doesn't show prettynames); not yet checked in.
  • Reviewed various LDAP-related code changes.


  • try to land prettyname fix (79885)
  • track down crasher (81692)
  • continue work to help drive LDAP/MAPI addrbook integration landing (78933)
May 21
Submitted by Beth Epperson <>


  • 9 open 9.1 bugs, waiting for reviews on a couple, debugging a couple more they may not belong to editor team, trying to resolve the remainder
  • Team resolved 52 bugs this past week
  • Some significant checkins this past week: Joe checked in the whitespace fixes, Simon (on very short notice) resolved numerous plaintext issues, Anthony checked in the range fixes, Charley wrapped up the tabelize function, Daniel made significant strides on CSS support in Composer, Kathy resolved several keybinding issues that were driving people crazy, Kin is experiencing super-reviewer nightmares (please approach with caution)! and Mike jumped in and helped IME out with an odd little highlight issue.


  • on sabbatical


  • triaged bugs
  • ate dogfood
  • checked in my range patch which has fixes in it for 58969, 58970, 58972, and 58974. There is still some work to be done on range, but it is looking better.


  • triaged bugs in the 9.1 list
  • triaging bugs in the 9.2 bug list
  • played sheriff on Thursday
  • reviewed tech doc help document for Robin
  • meetings


  • Bugs fixed and checked in:
    • 78351 Image Dialog changes to make preview and get natural size work. This won't be totally fixed until bugs 76177 and 81210 are fixed (Important! We need to be sure these are fixed!)
    • 67337 Convert text to table feature.
    • 74137 With NHotta, finished filtering of Named Anchor name input field characters to allow foreign language unicode.
    • 81227 and 66249: Fixed HTML Source editing to detect change in source and not touch DOM doc if no changes made. Save button now enabled correctly in source mode
    • 77517 Improved layout of editor pref dialog to prevent clipping.
    • 78400 Delete rows/columns now uses selected cells to do multiple row/col deletion.
    • 79462 Fixed infinite loop problems in table editing
  • Finished, waiting for reviews:
    • 71743 (and fixes related bugs 71027, 71973, 73167, 77427) New Advance Properties dialog is done! This includes filling editable menulists for HTML Attribute Name and Value, and JS Attribute Name. Also includes filtering of HTML value input: Integer-only, Integer with %, or limit-to-one-character, depending on the rules from the DTD. New XBL for editable menulists was already checked in. Extra thanks to Beth for the translation of the DTD into a form I could use to build the attribute + values database. Besides greatly enhancing usability of this dialog, having these features will qualify us for HTML editor compliance with Accessibility Authoring guidelines, since accessibility attributes are now easily added to appropriate elements.


  • CSS WG conference call
  • Resolved:
    • 79722 : nsDOMCSSDeclaration::GetCssText not implemented
    • 62697 : ViewCSS.getComputedStyle() returns empty list
    • 80016 : crash in __strtol_internal, nsCSSFrameConstructor randomly
  • Worked on:
    • 80057 : [xpcdom] Crash importing the same stylesheet with two different media types
    • 80669 : incorrect collapsing of margin-top
    • 60289 : ::first-letter doesn't get margin-right applied
    • CSS shorthand properties in CSS Object Model
  • triage in Pierre's list of bugs
  • phone call with Marc Attinasi
  • prepared focal review
  • meeting about next week's move


  • worked to resolve 80550 (bidi editor stuff); have patch; review still in progress
  • investigated on regression involving clicking in empty list items. layout is lying to me :-(
  • provided mac support for kin on 79157 (Resurrect Plaintext Editor)
  • html mail reply performance work. patch attached to 35295.


  • installed Mac development tools on Akkana's (jinxed) Mac
  • figured out that the UMR bug I had filed on the previous Friday was causing problems and duplicate bugs in Kin's list as well as mjudge's list
  • fix select all bug on Linux
  • sheriff duty
  • worked with jj on Mac tinderbox problem
  • accessibility meeting
  • review Simon's plain text editor changes
  • work with and review Mac fixes with pinkerton and saari


  • Finished review of Robin's Composer doc.
  • Lots of code reviews! (Including several BIDI changes)
  • Applied and tested various patches from people.
  • Triaged and did some preliminary debugging for various editor bugs.
  • Tried looking into the 3 crasher/dataloss bugs on my plate. I'm thinking they are all related. I can't reproduce the paste data corruption bug/crasher (bug #78980) in a debug build, but I was able to reproduce it in a MOZ_PROFILE build at work ... though I can't reproduce it with a MOZ_PROFILE build at home, leading me to believe it is either an optimizer bug (depending on the VC service pack installed) or a timing thing.
  • Submitted direct report review


  • Fixed:
    • 76346 Setting "value" of textbox (inputfield) to a single character. Table cell selection went a little overboard and we had to calm it down.
    • 68641 Highlighting doesn't work on some IME input. Sat down with frank and fixed that downstairs.


  • Made composer handle plain text files properly, including JS and XUL files, and changed the way that commands are updated for HTML source mode to be reusable for plain text mode. Fixes bugs bugs 23943, 47640 and 63515.
  • Fixed a bug that caused scrolling to show a new selection to display turds on Mac (bug 31032).
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to bring up multiple Find dialogs (bug 80660).
  • Made the Preferences dialog remember its position again (bug 80810).
  • Fixed the openDialog flags for the Add Bookmarks dialog.
  • Fixed several bugs that contributed to a smoketest blocker (bug 80722)


  • just not enough time

Project Issues

  • Netscape France will be moving this week, they could be unavailable from Wednesday till end of week due to network issues
  • As always, there were several network outages
  • Tree closures were extra painful this week too

People Issues

  • Daniel will be off on Thursday (French holiday)
  • Joe was out most of last week due to personal issues
May 21
Submitted by Viswanath Ramachandran <>


  • Decided to defer search sidebar work to post m0.9.1.
  • Collected preloader data on startup performance (all).
  • Triaged a lot of the bugs to post m0.9.1.


  • We need to recognize that Samir will be spending cycles investigating incoming installer bugs.
  • Still unable to use mail properly as Sera doesn't work with my router (Ben).
  • Tree has often failed to open before 4pm recently. A more-proactive effort in tracking down blocker bugs in the morning would probably make a big difference for getting the tree open.
  • Build has been rather shakey lately, we need to start catching regressions before checking them in.

Project Management

  • This week: continue to drive mozilla0.9.1 bugs to zero
  • start triaging the mozilla0.9.2 list
This Week (Last Week)
Untriaged nominations 38 (54)
mozilla0.9.1 scheduled 6 (40)
mozilla0.9.2 scheduled 136 (96)

Thanks To

  • Andrew Woolridge for pointers on the personal toolbar (Samir).
  • JS debugger. Installed it and build it. The tool is great but of course very basic. If you are debuging code you should spend the hour and try it. It has started to save me time. (Matt).
  • Conrad for a patch (region selection button cut off in profile wizard)


  • Alec Flett
    • <no formal status yet>
    • Mozilla startup performance
    • Help finish up m0.9.1
  • Anatoliy Averbukh
    • continue bug fixing for Navigator
  • Ben Goodger
    • just been informed of some nasty bookmarks regressions. Deal to them
  • Bill Law
    • <no formal status yet>
    • Check in mozilla -server code so that more eyeballs can start looking at it.
    • Make it so that it is not possible / difficult to execute downloaded executables from Helper app dialogs.
  • Chris McAfee
    • Work on 091 bugs as they come up.
  • Joseph Elwell
    • Work on bugs, check in fixes.
  • Matt Fisher
    • Check in new Sherlock files for m0.9.1
    • Work with QA on testing Sherlocks and Search for beta
    • Start generating patches for m0.9.2 bug list
  • Paul Chen
    • mozilla0.9.1 stoppers, esp skin switching dialog.
  • Samir Gehani
    • Tie up mozilla0.9.1 list.
    • Work on remaining search features.
  • Steve Morse
    • 81451: Bugzilla cookies are not working
    • bugscape 5026: Security firedrill involving cookies
    • configuring dsl router
  • Viswanath Ramachandran
    • Help with getting m0.9.1 list down to zero
    • Start triage of m0.9.2 list to come up with rtm stopper list


  • Samir's sabbatical planned for July 4, 2001 - August 20, 2001.
  • Paul Chen will be Blake's manager for the summer.


  • Alec Flett
    • <no formal status yet>
  • Anatoliy Averbukh
    • done with (feature) bug 76512
    • prepared patch for bug 77635, working with Gagan on that
  • Ben Goodger
    • This past week:
      • 80392 - some overflow problems relating to poor fit of preferences panels
      • 63578 - checked in Conrad's patch (region selection button cut off in profile wizard)
      • 80281 - Available tabs in customize sidebar window are blank
      • 71685 - ongoing saga in 'bookmarks in sidebar don't load'. Tried to check in patch again, found CVS is giving weird errors. When try to remove file, cvs claims 'nothing known about (file)'. When try to add file, cvs claims 'file added by an independant party' Mailed leaf.
    • Also:
      • 81575 - Make History Find use simple dialog rather than the big ugly bug ridden one. Remove the big ugly bug ridden one from the build.
      • Planned an extension package that patches several application files, inserting several tests to be run at Navigator start up during tinderbox tests. Tests would do things like open pref window, cycle through panels looking for poor fit, or test other frequently broken functionality in bookmarks, and if a problem found, dump a message to the console and invoke an action to hang the tinderbox test, to turn the tree orange. Getting proof of concept up and running now. Hopefully it'll work out and will be a viable way to reduce the regression rate in my FE components ;)
    • Other:
      • Been testing hyatt's Style branch. Feels fast, but so does the trunk. Mail 3-pane coming up in 1-2 seconds on my desktop. less fast on linux. Hyatt claims positive memory saving for standard Navigator window, and especially on the table stress test. All in all, builds are feeling snappy but not particularly stable. UI polish details are also a worry.
  • Bill Law
    • <no formal status yet>
  • Chris McAfee
    • Bugs resolved:
      • 46882, import large bookmarks file crashes, WFM
      • 75662, fonts prefs UI crash -> wfm
      • 80382, prefs dpi crash -> joki/attinasi layout, fixed
    • Bugs still out there:
      • 80946, Prefs OK button not working
      • 81415, history prefs not persistant
    • Other stuff:
      • rickg preloader times.
      • installed new disk drive.
      • installed slow tinderbox (openwound) for slow page layout timing testing.
      • sheriff all day wednesday, a lot of work chasing down blockers, tree did not open until 4:30pm.
      • running dogfood trunk builds most of the time.
      • Hacked up a javascript: url that opens a new window with your bugscape query if you're looking at your bugzilla query, attached.
  • Joseph Elwell
  • Matt Fisher
    • 81679 Added to nodes to the sherlock parser.
    • 81742 Code to read attributes from sherlock RDF
    • Downloaded sherlock files from the Took sherlocks from 6.0. Tested which ones worked in current builds. Diff'ed them and checked dates so now we have a set of sherlock files that work.
  • Paul Chen
    • 68973 [META] skin switch problems -- Pushed out

      All the tracked bugs with milestones set are targeted to at the earliest mozilla0.9.2. Retargeted this bug to mozilla0.9.3

    • 78807 Cannot Quit the app on Mac 9.0.4/G4 -- Fixed (but not by me)

      Did some debugging and found out that for some reason, hidden window wasn't passing command handling to HandleEvent in nsView which is the normal path (like for a browser window). Instead, we are going through nsWebShellWindow::HandleEvent which doesn't know how to handle key strokes. Pinkerton, Saari, and Kathy Brade huddled in Saari's cube yesterday afternoon and found some problems with hiddenWindow.xul.

      They checked in the fix, which enables menus to work again. Saari's related bug 74499 is still open to track why cmd-keys don't work, so they closed out my bug. Thanks, people! ;-)

    • 78409 Hierarchy menus detach at second level folders -- still working on it Finally got around to applying Ben's patches in bug 66848.

      Looks like it fixes the problems on windows and linux. On mac, the submenus don't pop up in funny places now, but the submenus aren't drawing. Sigh.

  • Samir Gehani
    • Highlights
      • Completed Mac installer pause/resume.
      • Good progress on browser bugs.
    • Lowlights
      • Spent cycles investigating incoming installer bugs.
    • Accomplishments
      • Installer bugs:
        • Completed Mac intra-installer session pause/resume. (bugzilla 77979)
        • Fixed license dialog last line display issue. (bugzilla 18904)
        • Added RealPlayer to the Mac installer. (bugzilla 68209)
      • Ran preloader test.
      • Helped Ian with commercial installer/build strategy for help.
      • Helped Ying-lin land Mac installer i18n changes.
      • Helped Allan with ja-JP i18n build and chrome issues.
      • Helped Don with Mac and Linux ports of PIRU (post-install replace utility) and apprunner code.
    • Decisions
      • Don't ship obsolete sherlock plugins but don't delete it from an old installation either. Users won't see obsolete sherlock plugins when in basic search mode, but will see them in advanced search mode.
  • Steve Morse
    • Fixes checked in:
      • 53403: Dropping multiple bookmark folders into child folder deletes folder. This bug was previously fixed for the case of a single folder but it just got reopened recently for multiple folders
      • 78262: Cannot delete certain passwords using password manager. This bug was previously fixed for normal passwords but it just got reopened for encrypted passwords
    • Patches available:
      • 81286: Labels on checkboxes are missing. Problem affects all apps, but notably cookie-manager and password-manager. Have patch, awaiting, review
    • Extensive review Done on:
      • 53354: UI for reduced-lifetime cookies. Did a careful review of the proposed patch and rejected it
    • Other:
      • Ran preloader test
  • Viswanath Ramachandran
    • Collected preloader data and published results.
    • m0.9.1 triage with Nav triage team and with PDT.
May 21
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • gagan
    • HTTP branch landed with an amazing number of bugs getting squished. Darin alone fixed about 30!
    • Cache L2 branch landed-- promises cleaner disk cache and perf upgrades and solves a bunch of cache bugs.


  • darin
    • HTTP branch landing fixed/resolved bugs: 47352, 61229, 66694, 70208, 70919, 71645, 72383, 74221, 76866, 76409, 70968, 77074, 30373, 75783, 74239
    • Fixed bug 80544 " regression"
    • Fixed bug 44536 "http post fails after authentication"
    • Fixed bug 80939 "don't use cached HEAD response to satisfy GET request"
    • Fixed bug 80345 "frequent crash in nsWindow::UpdateIdle"
    • Fixed bug 81273 "infinite recursion when clicking URL with unknown host"
    • Fixed bug 81119 "email message (forwared cnn page) crashes mailnews"
    • Fixed bug 71740 "Stock news articles frequently do not display"
    • Fixed bug 80468 "Lock icon never locks"
    • Fixed bug 81537 "crash in nsHttpConnection::GetSecurityInfo"
    • Fixed bug 80899 "crash when authenticating with wrong password"
    • Fixed bug 81336 "nsHttpAuthCache causing assertions when switching profiles"
    • Fixed bug 81008 "HTTP/0.9 responses not handled properly"
    • Fixed bug 80621 "Cannot view source or go back on diaryland member pages"
    • Fixed bug 80949 "pref general.useragent.override ignored"
    • Checked in patch for bug 56978 "alert dialog consumes 100% cpu if network is down"
  • neeti
    • Fixed bugs 78639, 78876, 60588, 74767.
    • Closed bugs 79571, 78088.
    • Triaged a lot of new bugs.
  • gordon
    • Landed DISKCACHE2_BRANCH to fix bug 72507.
  • dougt
    • Discussed unicode URI work with i18n, embedding and necko.
    • Fixed many ftp proxy bugs (52615 59310 66139 70375 58872)
    • Investigating an Adobe PDF performance bug. (53363)
    • Reviewed Directory Listing stream convertors cleanup
    • Fixed nsStdURL::GetHost() inconsistent results (68335)
    • More investigation into top crash 74057. Isolated to a css loader problem.
    • Fixed Crash if page viewed offline w/ stylesheet link (63745)
    • Reviewed and checked in IME in GtkEmbed (66951)
    • Implemented byterange support in HTTP. (77775, 81383, 81384)
    • Started implementing RequestRead() based on patch.
    • reviewed and checked in minor optimization in GetName() from simon fraser
    • Added a new generated macro "NS_FORWARD_SAFE" which tests the value of the forwaring pointer before calling it. (81464)
  • pavlov
    • fixed crashers on unix bugs 74270 and 76032.
    • fixed image printing on unix bug 76993
    • triaged bugs
  • gagan
    • attended "Intern Training for Hiring Managers"-- I am now armed with intern info :)
    • reviewed bugs
    • investigating a lot of the bugs to track down their real problems.
    • continued triaging bugs for 0.9.1


  • dougt
    • Found lots of problems in our plugin impl.
    • Implementing RequestRead() has been mostly trial and error since the expected behavior was never really defined by the documention!

Plans for next week

  • darin
    • fix 0.9.1 bugs
  • neeti
    • Work on mozilla0.9.1bugs
  • gordon
    • DNS caching.
    • Fix regressions from disk cache branch landing.
  • dougt
    • Take a look at my topcrasher. 74057. I think this is really a CSSLoader refcnt problem.
    • More working on the plugin API.
    • Pray that my other 0.9.1 bugs get fixed by little gnomes which live inside my boxes of old computer stuff.
  • pavlov
    • start work on 0.9.1 bugs
  • gagan
    • Make sure 0.9.1 goes out in a good shape.
    • Start triaging for 0.9.2 bugs.


  • gagan
    • rumor of new machines?... where are they?! :-)
May 22
Submitted by Nisheeth Ranjan <>


  • Harish did a great job on his 0.9.1 bugs. He landed all his fixes with a few days to spare! Great planning, Harish!
  • Peter was up almost all night to land the fix to bug 7515. With his checkin, stylesheets can be loaded dynamically from script. Thanks for all your hard work on this, Peter!
  • Tom fixed five 0.9.1 bugs last week and plans to get in fixes for two more before tree closure at Tuesday midnight.
  • We plan to start triaging our untargeted and 0.9.2 bugs after the tree closes for 0.9.1.


  • heikki
    • Code reviews for harishd, peterv, vidur and
    • Bug triage.
    • Worked on 69145, turns out this is not a "real leak" because the memory is freed when you load another page. Have a proof of concept fix, needs some tuning.
    • Worked on 73958, a new regression has crept up and now I can't even work on this. Necko changes are probably reason for both bugs, but still no real traction.
  • harishd
    • Landed fixes to all of my m0.9.1 bugs.
    • Fixed bug 79492 ( Entity parsing for TITLE ).
    • Worked on bug 77145 ( off-by-one error ).
    • Investigating bug 49539 ( Excessive memory usage in loading a huge document ).
    • Triaged a few of my unconfirmed/m0.9.2 bugs.
    • Did code reviews.
    • Presented a talk on P3P.
    • Attended Phil's staff meeting.
  • jst
    • Fixed bugs 61984, 80754, 60173 (and part of 27382), 81115, 80794, and 81915.
    • Did a bunch of random code cleanup.
    • Fixed a number of xpcdom regressions (no bugs)
    • (Super)Reviewed lots of changes.
    • Helped scc land a large string code change (bug 75220).
    • Checked in patches that fixed bugs 65777, 81308, and 79818.
  • peterv
    • Added DOM ClassInfo for the Transformiix components, so they're useable from JS
    • Two Mac build script fixes: bug 79271 (Option-specific #defines should move from into MozillaCheckoutList.txt) and added option flags for all extensions
    • Finally landed the fix for bug 7515 (load stylesheets inserted dynamically through the DOM)
    • Fixed two regressions from the fix for bug 7515: bug 81823 (rel attribute should be treated case insensitive) and bug 81918 (Setting preferred style sheet via HTTP headers is broken)
    • Reviewed some fixes
    • Went to a class about the move (so now I know how to fill a box)
  • joki
    • Fixed 54820, 61336, 78987, 77437, 77321 for 0.9.1
    • Working on a couple more crasher bugs for deadline
  • nisheeth
    • Worked on fix for 0.9.1 bug 57636.: Onload event handler does not fire on document.written content.
    • Attended DIG group's presentation on their technical architecture




Plans for the next week

  • heikki
    • Work on the two remaining 0.9.1 bugs on my list.
  • harishd
    • Work on bug 49539.
    • Work on m0.9.2 bugs.
    • Triage my unconfirmed/untargetted bugs.
    • Attened Phil's staff meeting.
  • jst
    • Work on mozilla0.9.1 bugs.
    • Start working on mozilla0.9.2 bugs.
  • peterv
    • Review of lexer/parser rewrite
    • Try to fix xsl:import/xsl:include/document()
  • joki
    • Finish 0.9.1 bugs, move on to triaging 0.9.2
  • nisheeth
    • Start work on 0.9.2 bugs

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