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Last Updated Wednesday May 16, 2001

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Friends of the Tree

  • Frank Tang for his incredible work picking up the Bidi code after Erik left. In particular, he got the final aprovals to get the Bidi code turned on, and he tracked down a reflow issue that was causing a regression. Thanks Frank! Now go home and get some sleep! - Michael Kaply
Module Updates
May 14
Submitted by Kevin McCluskey <>


  • none

Low lights


  • 23 bugs down from 28 bugs last friday.


  • none


  • none


  • none


Priorities for next week

  • Don Cone
    • 66781 - Mac Selection and FrameSet printing UI - get checked in.
    • 73352 - ABW in nsDeviceContext6SpecFactoryWin
    • 73688 - Crash after printing this page from Composer
  • Rod Spears
    • Finish the "focus" ring for HTMLFrames when the have focus
    • Getting the focus navigation work reviewed and checked in.
  • Eric Pollmann
    • 77834 More specific keys for session history state, fuzzier matching on restoration
    • 34297 form controls with style="display: none;" unsuccessful in Mozilla
  • Kevin McCluskey
    • 74129 Damaged areas not repainted with new view manager


  • Don Cone
    • 6781 - Mac Selection and FrameSet printing UI - Finished and waiting for reviews to check in.
    • 76236 - nsIPrintPreviewNavigation IDL needed some work. Fixed and checked in.
    • 79477 - Fixed and check into both trees.
  • Rod Spears
    • Finished coding and cleaning up the HTMLFrame navigation work. Some testing remains
  • Eric Pollmann
    • Fixed:
      • 46870 nsIWebNavigation API needs to allow postdata param
    • Worked on:
      • 77834 More specific keys for session history state, fuzzier matching on restoration
      • 34297 form controls with style="display: none;" unsuccessful in Mozilla
    • Other:
      • 79570 Back button disabled when link launched from email (-> radha)
      • 61336 JavaScript onChange not firing (review for Tom Pixley)
      • 66934 Crash after printing page (provided review for adamlock's change)
  • Kevin McCluskey
    • Worked on:
      • 76722 - Gecko blocks the main thread for 1 sec processing events. Made more progress on this bug but the patch is not perfect yet. Most sites work with the patch installed, but the banner ad on the top is not displaying.
      • 74129 Damaged areas not repainted with new view manager. Tracked problem down to the fix checked in for 75591 (default background color flashes when switching btwn iframes)
    • Checked in:
      • 77895 - nsIDrawingSurface::GetPixelFormat() returns junk
May 14
Submitted by Viswanath Ramachandran <>


  • Ben fixed 5 nsbeta1+ bookmarks bugs.
  • Matt fixed a case when sidebar search results would not show up.
  • Alec landed initial version of mozilla -preloader, not yet hooked up to build.
  • Chris helped chase down three blocker crash bugs.


  • Tree closed till late evening PST meant people could not check in code easily.
  • Alec's mozilla -preloader work will not be ready for nsbeta1.
  • Ben - unable to check in a fix for "bookmarks do not show in sidebar bug" because the file gives weird CVS warnings and won't let him commit. He'll talk to leaf on Monday and see if he can get rid of the conflicting file on the CVS server or something so he can check in his copy.
  • Paul investigated 76705, application level improvements to startup and feels that there is no low hanging fruit on the apps side to reduce the time to load our chrome on startup.

Project Management

  • Completed triage of hang, crash, topcrash, compat, perf, topperf, footprint, mlk, top100, dataloss bugs.
  • Need to add triage of mozilla0.9.2, mozilla0.9.1, mozilla0.9 keyword nominations.
  • Need to push untriaged nominations to zero and mozilla0.9.1 scheduled to real beta stopping list.

Format = this week (last week) Bugzilla Bugscape
Untriaged nominations 54 (41) 15 (6)
mozilla0.9.1 scheduled 40 (38) 15 (14)
mozilla0.9.2 scheduled 96 5

Thanks To

  • Stephend for patch renaming Add Bookmark as to File Bookmark
  • Colin (, who volunteered to take a downloading bug off Bill's hands (was OpenVMS-specific)


  • Alec Flett
    • Land preloader work on wednesday (posting updated patch to 79765 today)
  • Anatoliy Averbukh
    • bug fixing and feature implementation for Navigator
    • land feature and continue bug fixing for Navigator
  • Ben Goodger
    • Fix remaining .9.1 bugs
    • Try and get personal toolbar D&D working properly, as people are reporting dataloss when it is used currently.
  • Bill Law
    • Fix mozilla0.9.1 bugs. Land fixes for bugs 53952, 75599 (the former later today, hopefully).
  • Chris McAfee
    • Work on 091 bugs
    • Install disk drive
  • Joseph Elwell
    • fix some Navigator bugs.
    • Work with Navigator Team
  • Matt Fisher
    • Find new sherlock files
    • Research on changing sherlock action URL in js
    • Hopefully extend sherlock parser
    • Update sherlock files with new tracking urls
    • Track keywords server code
    • Meet several times next week to talk about search status
  • Paul Chen
    • mozilla0.9.1 stopper bugs
    • check in work on 76705
  • Samir Gehani
    • Mac intra-installer session pause/resume.
    • Sherlock engine work.
  • Steve Morse
    • 45813: Folder with unread messages is not bolded after theme switch
    • 65842: visited links not colored after theme switch
    • 78367: history list not working after theme switch
  • Viswanath Ramachandran
    • Work with triage team to reduce our mozilla0.9.1 list in accordance with PDT guidelines
    • Start triage of mozilla0.9.2 scheduled bugs to get us to rtm stopping list
    • Distribute rickg's preloader and collect performance data within nav team


  • Alec on vacation 5/14 and 5/15
  • Vishy telecommuting 5/15 - will be offline from 1.30pm PDT (working on EDT)
  • Bill Law sabbatical + vacation is June 18th to mid August.

Individual Progress Summaries (not entire reports)

  • Alec Flett
    • Highlights:
      • landed initial version of preloader, not hooked up to build
      • have many tweaks and updates in my tree to improve it
      • fixed my script to pull new directories (previous it only picked up existing ones)
    • Lowlights:
      • have been unable to hook preloader into build because tree remained closed W/T/F until after 7pm (and generally I'm just not near a computer after 7pm!)
      • after some analysis, realized that mozilla-based preloader will probably not be ready for beta 1.
    • Issues:
      • 0.9.2 plate is getting pretty full, I need to start doing some triage..
  • Anatoliy Averbukh
    • got r= for bug 76512 (a feature), continue landing, doing bug 77635
  • Ben Goodger
    • Bugs fixed:
      • 77523 fixed checkboxes in winhooks panel that were broken by my earlier checkin
      • 76502 make delete work in bookmarks
      • 65063 'Smartfind queries' bookmarks cause infinite loop & hang
      • 76618 IE favorites shown as single bookmark in manager/menu
      • 76964 Bookmark clipboard operations don't work
      • 77400 Add Bookmark As should be FIle Bookmark (patch from stephend)
      • 79924 js errors in add bookmark dialog
      • 79925 redundant popupset in bookmark sidebar panel
      • 79948 Fix prefwindow size and make it non-resizable
      • 79949 Rearrange wording in navigator panel so more buttons can be viewed in toolbar customization listing
    • Comments:
      • Browser is feeling really snappy, at least on my super-hi-po machine.
      • Context menu bug is irritating but hyatt has just found a fix for it.
    • Other:
      • Got Silvia back. She's as good as new.
      • Found note under windshield wiper when returning to car after a lecture: "Dear Motorist, The parking meter people are very jealous of your car. We have decided that if you do not leave us a $10 donation each time you park, we will begin scratching your paint. If you continue not to pay us, we will have you towed. Do not fool with us, we know where you live. -- The Attendants."
  • Bill Law
    • Highlights
      • Coded up implementation of "mozilla -server" to launch at Windows startup and open a hidden browser window.
      • Whittled down my mozilla0.9.1 list.
    • Other Activities
      • Looked at billions and billions of bugs related to the new helper app dialog. Seriously, there are probably 10 or 12, with a fair number of dups that had to be sorted through.
      • Coded fix for bug 79231 (and bug 79356).
      • Worked on fixing bug 68279 (security flaw in the way we open downloaded .exe files on Windows); I inherit all these by virtue of having last touched the UI that people see when the problem occurs, I guess :-).
      • Reviewed a patch or two.
  • Chris McAfee
    • Bugs:
      • chased blockers:
        • 79711 - linux crash on startup
      • fixed:
      • reviewed:
        • 73491 - patch for embed crash on startup
      • argued:
        • 80304 - fixed pref window size
    • Other stuff:
      • Sheriff Wednesday afternoon/evening
      • The usual tinderbox restart hacking
      • Disk drive showed up
      • Used recent builds pretty much all the time, number of crashes was up from last week. Filed a few of the blockers, including the patch-submit-doesn't-work (80424), how ironic is that.
    • Comments:
      • I spent several hours every day last week except Monday hunting down crashers, trying to open the tree, talking to sheriffs, etc. This was an amazingly unproductive time for me, and everyone else I think.
  • Joseph Elwell
    • Checked in fixes for bugs 3918.
  • Matt Fisher
    • Bug Fixes
      • 73238 Search results not displaying in sidebar
      • 76544 Basic sidebar search is non-functional
      • 3119 Incorrect default Internet Search in preferences
      • 4758 What's related tab needs to revert to super old 6.0 tab
      • 3856 is overriding the otherSearchURL
    • Worked on Bugs
      • 4936 Attended meeting with really nice search people to talk about sherlock files. Need to track down new sherlocks files with Claudius.
      • 4589 Did inquisitive research on how to track people though the use of Sherlock files. Lookied in to extending sherlock to add new URL for different actions. Also talked to co-workers in order to understand better how they do tracking on server. Also did research on how to track users by using internet keywords.
    • Issues
      • Tree has been broken 4 days in a row and closed most of business hours.
      • If this continues into next week we will not hit Phil's date and still having a quality product.
      • Either the date needs to change, accept the quality will be lower, or we need to keep the tree open. Personally, i think it would be very usefully to get people who don't have nsbeta1+ bugs to help the sheriff's work on opening the tree then having them fix more bugs. We should assign deputies like the old 4.0 days.
  • Paul Chen
    • Bugs:
      • 76705 application-level improvements to startup - So I've been looking at this one for a while, and I've personally come to the conclusion that navigator is a very rich UI and there's not too much we can do to significantly speed up startup time aside from the unrealistic method of bringing up no chrome.
      • At the Thursday performance meeting, it was decided that we start from a minimal navigator.xul file and incrementally add features to see where the time goes. I was tasked with making this file, and I've got "fastnav.xul" and "fastnav.js" in my local tree. Once I check it in, people need to manually set a pref "browser.chromeURL" to "chrome://navigator/content/fastnav.xul" to get this "minimal" chrome.
      • At the moment, fastnav.xul implements the main toolbar and that's about it. I will post the files very soon to get r= and sr=.
    • Other:
      • Triage, triage, triage
      • Reviewed bugs for Anatoliy, Pinkerton, and Ben.
  • Samir Gehani
    • Highlights
      • Mac installer progress.
    • Accomplishments
      • Mac inter-installer session resume completed.
  • Steve Morse
    • Fixed and checked in:
      • 78262: Password manager won't delete certain passwords
      • 77525: Password manager saves empty forms
    • Fixed but awaiting review:
      • 53403: Dropping multiple bookmark folders into child folder deletes folder. This bug was recently fixed for the case of a single folder but it just got reopened for multiple folders (waiting for response from reviewer since 5-8)
      • 62730: Make form-manager data-collection conform to local customs. Finally got it reviewed after waiting two weeks, but now l10n is changing their mind about what they want.
  • Viswanath Ramachandran
    • Bug triage work
    • Search tracking meeting - helped scope out final pieces of work.
May 14
Submitted by Beth Epperson <>


  • The editor team resolved 57 bugs last week!
  • There are currently 30 open moz0.9.1 bugs
  • Joe checked in the whitespace fixes -- go Joe!
  • from Daniel: I would like to nominate for the Friend of the Frogs (Paris office) award Nisheeth Ranjan for providing us with the video recording of the important all-hands meetings taking place in the Pit. This is very helpful information for Peter and I, not only far away from MV in distance but also in time shift. Thanks again, Nisheeth.
  • From Joe: Thanks to Kin for build testing and reviews of massive landing. Thanks to Kathy for finding some regressions for me in time for me to fix them. Thanks to Charlie for the cool table row/column deletion code, and to me for the cool html copy code, which together made it easy to make the buglist above.


  • Triage bugs
  • Recheck in 59005 after it accidentally got nuked from he tree
  • Went to doctor on Thursday (been sick now for over a month). Doctor says it can take 6 weeks or more to recover from viral infection.
  • Made some more changes to my range patch, its not quite ready
  • Waiting to check in my comment patchs to nsISelection.idl and nsIDOMRange.idl, but patch.exe doesn't seem to patch the files correctly, patching by hand.


  • triaged incoming bugs
  • triaged m0z0.9.1 bug list
  • began reviewing future bug list, retesting, keywording and assigning
  • reviewed help docs for Robin
  • working on the reviews for this coming review cycle


  • Bugs fixed and checked in:
    • 74972 Spellcheck dialog layout fix (another 'cover' for underlying bug 74467: menulist doesn't size correctly if empty.) (Fix was supplied by
    • Fixed regressions caused by stomping one of my checkins when new Modern theme (bug 78221) was checked in.
    • 78227 Cleanup Find and Replace dialog strings.
    • 77474 Append ".html" in Window's Save File Dialog when user doesn't supply the extension.
    • 70619 Fixed all occurrences where we close a dialog but didn't return right after.
    • 78351 Use "onload" handler on Image Dialog's preview image to get the natural size (preview image now displays, need to follow up to see if changing URL correctly supplies new natural size -- bug 76177).
    • 78406 Fixed order of keybindings in XUL, but real problem (79491) needs to fixed in XPFE.
  • Reviewed help docs with Robin Foster-Clark.
  • Talked to UI people about problems with new modern theme and other UI issues (e.g., how to fix color picker focus bug 64160; Joe Hewitt promises to help.)
  • Mostly finished "Convert to table" feature (bug 67337): Need to finish:
  • Find the table just insert to place caret in it and do "Normalize table" to fixup layout
  • Fix new problem I found today: We replace the "separator character" within the tags' attributes (i.e., between "<" and ">" since string we are manipulating is HTML output string)! This trashes any source that has attributes set. :-( Any regexp experts who can help would be appreciated!
  • Worked on table cellmap bug (74731 and others dupped to this) and made related improvements to nsTableEditor code.
  • Fixed Delete rows or columns bug (78400) Waiting for reviews to checkin.


  • CSSization of Composer:
    • new UI elements now reflecting the real CSS state of the selection :
    • Strikethrough menu item
    • added code to the editor to retrieve and handle the parsed CSS declarations contained in a style attribute (special thanks to Johnny Stenback and all XPCDOM contributors ; what they checked in this week is a great help for the CSSization of Composer)
    • added new transaction for the assignment/modification/removal of a declaration in the style attribute
    • working on the "increase font" and "decrease font" buttons
    • working on style assignment to the selection
    • I expect to have a first working demo of existing UI elements in Composer generating CSS styles instead of HTML presentational hints by the end of next week.
  • Fixed and checked-in:
    • 78869 : Format > Align menu item in Composer not reflecting justification
    • 80000 : Advanced Dialog for CSS properties should rely on ElementCSSInlineStyle
  • Worked on:
    • 75872 : [CSS] bad matching in [attr |= value] selectors if value contains a dash (needs more discussion between CSS folks)
    • 79722 : nsDOMCSSDeclaration::GetCssText not implemented (fix in hand)
  • started to read focal review documents


  • Got whitespace work to a reasonable place and landed it and there was much rejoicing. This fixes:
    • 65557 Tracking bug for editor whitespace issues
    • 65561 Lots of spaces being added to my document when editing
    • 47015 editor needs a way to ask layout what whitespace is significant
    • 76371 Trailing spaces don't render while hitting the space bar.
    • 76685 backspace does not convert space to nbsp where needed at block
    • 43033 composer doesn't like non-rendered whitespace and adds extra
    • 77781 Extra spaces introduced in editing lines containing link
    • 60274 typing spaces in empty composer behaves oddly
    • 61228 Anomalous spaces added in the middle of HTML
  • plus a gazillion bugs that are dup'd to these
  • started a test html document that has and self-documents the various whitespace issues addressed (and those remaining to be addressed) by the landing.
  • fixed kandrot's build bustage sunday night.
  • fixed trivial bug 51923 before tree clamps shut


  • fixed bugs
  • reviewed fixes
  • tested whitespace fixes from Joe
  • filed bugs


  • Lots of code reviews and discussions about patches. (Including Joe's whitespace work.)
  • Attended embedding-leads meeting for Beth.
  • Figured out how to reliably reproduce the ever elusive and quite annoying bug #73725 (content area flashes/jitters when typing in textarea/using form) and updated bug with details.
  • Checked in fixes for 79157 (Win32 and Linux), 75305, 79177.
  • Triaged and did some preliminary debugging for various editor bugs, with an emphasis on crashers and dataloss bugs.
  • Fixed Thursday morning Linux commercial tree bustage.
  • Fixed Friday morning bustage, and spent most of the morning tracking down other regressions.


  • Fixed:
    • 68368 composer looses focus when pressing right arrow
    • 62971 sluggish performance on certain large pages.
    • 68367 right arrow in text fields causes focus to be lost.
    • 46811 Up/Down arrow keys should move to start/end of first/last line
    • 80272 copy doesn't work. (fixed but this was a regression)
    • also fixed some caret jumping weirdness around the end of blocks
  • 9.1 bugs left
    • 76916 Initial selection in a document should be disabled
    • 80100 text areas draw cursor in wrong place after some deletions
    • 80048 First letter not selectable in textbox if particular letter


  • Fixed a regression from my events optimization Mac (bug 79158) but this reveals continued weirdness with event queues.
  • Got a patch for a scrolling-turds problem on Mac (bug 31032)
  • Did some work on the Mac build scripts to eliminate a useless AppleScript glue library which is used to talk to MacCVS (bug 78800), and some other tidyup.
  • Finally found the cause of the nasty bug that caused xulbindings.xml to fail to load (bug 62787).
  • Dogfooded quite a bit, filed lots of bugs.

Project Issues

  • The tree seemed to be closed more than it was open, mainly due to poorly tested checkins

People Issues

  • Akkana left for sabbatical
  • Anthony has been in and out with bronchitis! yuck
  • Daniel was off on Tuesday (legal holiday here in France : end of WW2)
May 14
Submitted by Dan Mosedale <>


  • LDAP autocomplete is now working in both non-installer and installer builds!

Stuff done

  • lots of bug filing and triage
  • preparations for helping Sun folks land LDAP/MAPI addressbook integration code (hopefully immediately after the tree opens for 0.9.2). See for the latest.
  • misc code review
May 15
Submitted by Nisheeth Ranjan <>


  • The 0.9.1 bug count for the XML/DOM team is down to 34 from from 68 last week, thanks to the triaging effort led by Heikki.
  • All of us are plugging away on 0.9.1 bugs.


  • heikki
    • Code reviews for harishd, nisheeth.
    • Bug verifications.
    • Bug triage.
    • Worked on 73958, XMLHttpRequest dataloss etc. Hard to reproduce, but got a little traction finally. Might be a bug in some stream implementation.
    • Worked on 77078, crash with XMLHttpRequest and mixing async and sync loading, no traction yet.
    • Worked on 64945, default view for XML without style, thought I had a workable plan and some code, but not sure if that is what we want anymore.
    • Worked on 77076, XMLHttpRequest hang, can't reproduce, might be worksforme now.
  • harishd
    • Fixed bug 77352 ( residual font style overriding heading tags ).
    • Fixed bug 75641 ( huge MLK caused by unclosed font tags ).
    • Fixed bug 57248 ( tweaked attribute entity parsing in parser. Fix ready to go ).
    • Fixed bug 63188 ( Made a parameter's semantics, in nsHTMLTokens, to be consistent. - issue raised by dbaron ).
    • Triaged my untargetted bugs.
    • Attended Phil's staff meeting.
  • jst
    • Landed the XPCDOM branch, yeehaa! Many thanks to jband, mstoltz, shaver, dbaron, brendan (and everybody else that helped with the coding) for all the coding that made this possible, thanks to nisheeth for organizing all the testing of the branch builds and thanks to everyone involved in the testing. Also thanks to everyone involved in getting the tree green again after these changes landed. 1280+ files touched (of which ~470 were removed), 80k+ line diff.
    • Fixed a few XPCDOM regressions.
    • Worked on post XPCDOM landing changes.
    • Bug triaging.
  • peterv
    • Assisted jst with xpcdom landing
    • Landed fix for 74879 (Makefiles must die), 72141 (Enable XSLT in default builds) and 72142 (Add XSLT component to installers). Thanks to Nisheeth and jst for help in the landing of Transformiix in the main build.
    • Recovered my tree with local patches from the xpcdom landing
    • Continued reviewing of patches by Axel Hecht and Jonas Sicking
    • Tuesday May 8th was an official holiday and I took a holiday on Monday too
    • I'd like to second Daniel Glazman's nomination of Nisheeth Ranjan as "Friend of the Frogs" (Paris office) for providing us with webcasts of the all-hands meetings. This makes it an unanimous vote and we have a winner!
  • nisheeth
    • Checked in Linux build changes to enable Transformiix (bugs 72141, 72142)
    • Fixed bug 29171. We no longer attach HTML semantics to XHTML namespaced elements that are incorrectly cased.
    • Tested out bug 50995 on Mac, Windows, and Linux and verified that no fix was needed.
    • Triaged bugs.


Plans for the next week

  • heikki
    • Work on the XML Extras stuff.
    • Figure out what to do with the default XML view and memory leak with document.load and timers.
    • Might need to do a little triage.
  • harishd
    • Work on m0.9.1 bugs
    • Identify leaks and performance hot spots.
    • Attend Phil's staff
    • Triage bugs.
  • jst
    • Work on my mozilla0.9.1 bugs.
  • peterv
    • New patch for 7515 (dynamically adding LINK-ed or pi-ed style sheets does nothing) after xpcdom landing/review by jst
    • Review of the XPath lexer/parser patch
  • nisheeth
    • Continue work on 0.9.1 bugs.
May 15
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>


  • After much hard work completing features over the last couple of weeks, the accessibility branch has now landed in the mozilla trunk, enabling basic MSAA support in Gecko. Let's all give a big 'thank you!' to Eric Vaughan, Aaron Leventhal, John Gaunt and Rod Spears for getting this done in time to land for 0.9.1. We are now finishing off some remaining details, and working with major AT vendors to ensure smooth interoperability with MSAA clients.
  • Mike Pinkerton landed drag&drop support for outliner widgets.
  • Mike also posted another Fizilla build (Carbon-ated mozilla, for MacOS X )
  • The XPToolkit team resolved 59 bugs in the last week, fixing 20 of these. For details, see our resolved bug list.


  • Mike Pinkerton (pinkerton)
    • finished drop feedback for containers in outliner
    • landed drag/drop for outliner
    • put up new fizzilla build
    • added a way from nsIScriptableRegion to get an nsIRegion to fix custom drag regions on mac. Needed for outliner drag drop. (bug 80196)
  • Chris Saari (saari)
    • Came up with a way to resolve current focus problems, avoiding a focus rewrite in the short term
  • Daniel Matejka (danm)
    • Fixed a general window activation issue that was causing several unrecoverable hangs in the Macintosh client.
  • Eric Vaughan (evaughan)
    • Prepared and landed accessibility branch
  • David Hyatt (hyatt)
    • about 2/3 of the way through the rewrite of CSS style resolution and rule matching.
    • fixed popup regression in context menus
  • Dan Rosen (dr)
    • 78010 (Implement nsIClipboardHelper)
    • 78824 (Implement AdoptData and AdoptDataWithLength on nsISupports[W]String)
    • 79393 (Gray vertical splitter isn't)
    • 80067 (Assignment vs. equality typos)
    • 55918 (Some GIF images incorrectly parsed and displayed), for saari
    • 75828 (Mozilla repeating animation of images when it shouldn't), for saari
    • Fixed crash/regressions in mailnews caused by 78824 (bugs 80112, 80088 and the root cause 80097)
    • 60584 (Page keeps jumping to the bottom).
    • 73725 (Content area flashes/jitters when typing in textarea) awaiting qa verif. to be sure.
  • Aaron Leventhal (aaronl)
    • Changed nsIAccessible so that more than 1 action can be associated with an accessible object, rather than just a default action
    • Cleaned up and added comments accessibiltiy branch, got it ready for review and checking
    • Reviewed branch, found and fixed some important errors
    • Started dealing with feedback from WindowEyes folks
    • Fixed a bug with image map areas, where they were showing up as images in accessible object hierarchy
    • Wrote draft documentation on accessibility architecture
    • Made accessibility strings such as names of actions localizeable
    • Implemented gett_AccFocus
    • Fixed iframes so they return a proper document title for their accessible name
  • John Gaunt (jgaunt)
    • Custom events now work! Yay! ( i just had to figure them out )
    • Focus event cleanup, wrapping up some stuff and then will get review for the trunk:
      • checkbox and radiobutton focus events work and fire to MSAA ( using custom events )
      • Text input fields fire focus events to MSAA now ( ender was keeping them from bubbling to us, using custom events )
      • working on getting selects firing their focus events to MSAA ( again, should be using custom events )
    • Fixed problems with branch pointed out by Brendan ( in my code at least ) for sr
    • Accessible branch landed on Friday!
  • Brian Ryner (bryner)
    • Graduated from college!
    • 75838/72482 (outliner filepicker branch ready for review)
    • partial fix for 74387 (mail send errors related to SSL)
    • 76234 (xpcom cleanups in psm2)
  • Arik Devens (arik)
    • Out sick all week



    • pinkerton:
      • context menu accessiblity (bug 36665)
      • on-again/off-again topcraser in mail compose (bug 51603)
    • saari:
      • land all my changes, tree permitting
      • command dispatching/keybinding bugs
    • hyatt:
      • remaining 0.9.1 bugs (full page plugins being broken).
      • finish CSS rule-matching rewrite
    • evaughan:
      • add GetAccessible to nsIFrame
      • Fix accessible bounds bug
      • checkin bug fixes
    • danm:
    • dr:
      • Help out on plugins as needed.
    • aaronl:
      • Continue to implement fixes based on GWMicro's feedback
      • Make it so Henter Joyce can get involved, by allowing them to query interface and basically get a DOM node.
      • Discuss accessibility in teleconference with AOL and accessibility guru's they've invited
      • Talk to Sun about their needs for Gnome Accessibility
      • Continue to fix MSAA bugs, such as the one I found with a large image inside an anchor not doing proper hit testing
    • jgaunt:
      • Land focus event cleanup
      • selection for text and for combo/list boxes
    • bryner:
      • get filepicker branch checked in
      • 77913 (focus no longer cycles)
      • 31809 (can't hit tab to get to URL bar)
    • arik:
      • 79843, Space no longer activates buttons, checkboxes, radiobuttons.
      • 59543, Closing multiple tiled dialogs (Security and JS alert) causes a crash




    May 16
    Submitted by Michael Kaply <>

    We finally landed the new XP region code which will give us region support on par with other platforms. It should enable us to better support the new view manager. Thanks to Dainis Jonitis for this effort. Note that any platform can use this if their native region code is not up to par.

    We also have most issues resolved with the new image library.

    Our main issue right now is trying to get our PSM and NSS changes checked in. We are continuing to work with the crypto team on this. Once this is done, our nightly builds can contain security.

    We are also attempting to start putting nightly builds up consistently. This will always be the latest nightly. We will not be keeping archives right now.

    May 16
    Submitted by Michael Kaply <>

    Bidi is now officially turned on in the build. We are working to resolve some regressions and miscellaneous issues that have come up. We are also working on getting the approvals to put the user interface in (new pref panel and menu).

    Note that the cross-platform Arabic shaping is not in the build yet. Arabic only works on platforms that support Bidi.

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