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Last Updated Wednesday May 9, 2001

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Friends of the Tree

  • Thanks to Eric Williams for providing a browser buster test case that demonstrates some of the big correctness and speed improvements of the recent imagelib and network cache landings... -- Chris Hofmann
Module Updates
May 7
Submitted by Kevin McCluskey <>


  • none

Low lights

  • none


  • 28 bugs down from 70 bugs last friday. (The decrease includes triaging bugs as well as resolving open bugs)


  • none


  • none


  • none

Priorities for next week

  • Don Cone
    • 66781 - Mac UI for printing selections.
    • 73352 - ABW in DeviceContextSpecFactory
  • Rod Spears
    • Finish work on IFrame/Frame navigation Bugs (42758 & 24423)
  • Eric Pollmann
    • 77834 - More specific keys for session history state, fuzzier matching on restoration
    • 15320 - Forms/Necko: Temp file left after file upload
    • 34297 - Form controls with style="display: none;" unsuccessful in Mozilla
  • Kevin McCluskey
    • 76722 - Gecko blocks the main thread for 1 sec processing events.


  • Don Cone
    • 78523 - Printing Regression Tests dont work. Output is to verbose - Fixed
    • 76236 - IDL interface needs to be updated. Fixed.
    • 62245 - Clamp Border Values. Checked in.
    • 77733 - Found problem with Printing Blank Pages, and the Regression. -Reassigned and this was fixed
    • Started working on 66781- Mac UI for printing selections and Frames.
    • SMIL meeting.
  • Rod Spears
    • Started work on IFrame/Frame navigation Bugs (42758 & 24423)
    • Works For Me
      • Bug 57055 - Expanded listboxes in forms don't retract/redraw on tab
    • Fixed/Checkin
      • Bug 77650 - Finish Frames support for MSAA in Gecko
    • Checked in
      • Bug 64331 - Modern theme UI fonts (menus, bookmarks, tabs) too small
  • Eric Pollmann
    • 77834 - More specific keys for session history state, fuzzier matching on restoration
    • 15320 - Forms/Necko: Temp file left after file upload
    • 34297 - Form controls with style="display: none;" unsuccessful in Mozilla
  • Kevin McCluskey
    • Marek and I triaged all of the open Mozilla0.9.1 rendering bugs
    • Worked on:
      • 76722 - Gecko blocks the main thread for 1 sec processing events. Have a partially completed fix. Worked with Rick G. to allow the parser to be interrupted during the processing of tokens based on the amount of time that has elapsed. Setting the value to 1/32 of second makes gecko very responsive while loading large documents such as those found using The current patch is buggy however, Some pages do not load completely.
      • 77895 - nsIDrawingSurface::GetPixelFormat() returns junk
      • 76440 - Painting issue in some pref panels
    • Checked in:
      • 56623 - Possible typo in gfx/src/nsGraphicsImpl.cpp since rev 1.1
May 7
Submitted by Beth Epperson <>


  • 63 open 9.1 bugs, 9 are fixed and are in the review phase
  • 34 bugs resolved this past week
  • 14 nscatfood bugs, 6 nsdogfood and 22 QA High Profile bugs
  • Joe will be landing the whitespace fixes this coming week
  • Kathy will be in Mountain View next week
  • Team had sheriff duty this week


  • Triaged untargeted and 0.9.1 bug lists.
  • Investigated bug 73725 (lots of asserts replying to message from outlook) and found a workaround until Joe can look at it.
  • Investigated bug 77976 (some xul key bindings overriding xml bindings in the editor) and discussed it with saari; it looks like a focus problem, which I'll try to help with.
  • Lots of discussion with Varada, Harish and others on bug 57248 (amp entities encoded in plaintext mail). Apparently it's just too hard to stop mailnews from serializing twice (save as html, reparse then save as plaintext) and Harish is going to look into what it would take to make the parser decode entities (currently done by the html content sink, we want to avoid having to add duplicate code in other content sinks like the two serializers).
  • Poked at bug 70030 (can't stop animation with stop button) but didn't make any useful progress.
  • Sheriffed on Thursday.


  • triaged bugs
  • sheriff duty on thursday
  • finished commenting nsIDOMRange.idl and nsISelection.idl
  • continuing to work on my huge range patch


  • bug triage
  • w3c weekly phone conference
  • catch up with mail (from being on vacation)
  • out sick for a day


  • Mozilla 0.9.1 bugs fixed and checked in:
    • 78460 Cleanup spelling dictionary dialog and workaround for bug 74467, which was futured.
    • 77930 Detect when selection is a URI and automatically make that the href in link dialog.
    • 56673 (and 4 dependents) Reviewed, assisted with fixes, and checked in Brian King's first round of Image Map editor bugs.
    • 78204 Missing param in InsertElement calls
    • 77865 Spell check dialog enabling bug
    • 55991 Don't zap selection when context-menu popup on > 1 selected table cells
    • 76191 Use pref's monospace font in HTML source window [Waiting for confirmation on Mac and UNIX if this fix is working]
    • 65141 Don't loose selection when selecting within link text
  • Other bugs fixed, waiting for reviews: 77474, 78441, 78406, and 78227.
  • Lots of bug triage and (too much time, IMHO) shuttling bugs from 0.9.1 to other milestones.


  • Fixed and checked in:
    • 78709 : getComputedStyle not implemented for text-align property
    • 78181 : Wrong font-family name in editorOverlay.xul
  • Fix in hand but not checked in yet :
    • 78869 : Format > Align menu item in Composer not reflecting justification
  • CSSization of Composer:
    • new UI elements now reflecting the real CSS state of the selection :
      • color button (but yet not background button)
      • all menu items in "Format" > "Font"
      • U button with a fix from Harish for 78202
      • the four alignment buttons (right, center, left, justify) with the fix for 78709 (see above)
      • the four corresponding menu items in "Format" > "Align"
    • Test case added for B, I, U and color buttons
    • Preference for CSS editing added
    • code cleanup


  • fixed 77558 (and it's clones): extra br's getting stuck in table cells and list items.
  • working on a deletion issue (forget #) having to do with backspacing while at the front of a block (like the first list item in a list). People seem to want 4.x behavior there: pull the block "up" into previous block.
  • also working on ws deletion logic so i can land this stuff
  • lots of triage
  • set up new home mac for macos X. Trying to learn mac os x development tools


  • fix bugs (including 1 for joki)
  • review fixes for other team members
  • filed bugs (including one with Composer issues for Modern3)


  • Misc editor mgmt tasks on Monday. (Status, triaging group bugs, etc.)
  • Spent the week concentrating on debugging editor related crash bugs. A couple of crash bugs that were on my plate were related to the fact that Table incremental reflow code was firing off a Document loaded notification prematurely *during* a reflow, which sets of a chain of events which results in frames being deleted before the reflow stack has unwound.
  • Several small discussions with various people in the group regarding approaches to things they were working on.
  • Triaged and did some preliminary debugging for various editor bugs.
  • Lots of code reviews and integration of patches from others to play with during dogfood.
  • Attended editor QAHP bug triage meeting.
  • Ate dogfood and filed bugs.
  • Played sheriff on Thursday


  • 76916 Disabling selection at startup. Simon already checked this in really. he has some other issues with selection and find in frames so i am leaving this up for any updates he has for that. (and to remind me to bug him about it from time to time)
  • 26813 QAHP table cell selection now draws along the border. This opens possibility of confusion with border color setting but its better than what it was. We are still experimenting with different styles.
  • 46811 The mechanisms for what people want here for up/down movement in a single/multi line field are all in place. I am afraid this bug has become "What I would like the url bar to act like and how YOU can add a preference to change it". I have been putting off this hornets nest
  • 57365 Not sure why I have this one but here it is. I think joe wants me to make the BR frames have a visible selection... haha that's funny.
  • 42821 needed a review from me for eric vaughn. I said it was ok. i hope it will go from my radar then.
  • 62971 performance work... i think phil told us to hold off on this..
  • 73005. another clipboard problem probably with collapsed spaces...


  • Moved Find in view source and messages to use the new JS-loaded Find stuff (bug 78419)
  • Fixed a Find problem after my initial checkin (missing .xpt from package list) (bug 78194)
  • Tweaked event handling on Mac to yield more time to background apps (bug 70243)
  • Worked some more on NSPR synchronization issues on Mac OS X (bug 71718)
  • The usual meetings reviews etc.


  • the sick bug has been wiggling its way through the editor group

Project Issues

  • usual issues with mail going down and the network being slow! As Daniel so aptly puts it: "DNS down most of wednesday morning, almost impossible to work.... Sounds really like a recurrent
  • strike in french public railways and airlines ;-)"

People Issues

  • Akkana leaves for sabbatical this week
  • Anthony out sick on Wednesday with bronchitis and a swollen eye!
  • Daniel was off on Tuesday: French holiday
  • Kin out sick on Tuesday
May 7
Submitted by Dan Mosedale <>

Stuff done

  • Checked in initial implementation of nsILDAPService (bug 70422) for Leif Hedstromg ( This is not yet used by the autocomplete session, but will be soon.
  • Checked in initial implementation of nsILDAPAutoCompleteSession (bug 70933). Srilatha Moturi ( has this attached to the preferences, but there are still packaging issues and a bug or two to be worked out before this is really usable.
  • Looked at initial Sun implemenation of an LDAP virtual addressbook, coordinate a bit with Sun and Netscape folks about landing this.


  • Continue working with Sun on LDAP/MAPI landing
  • File, triage, and work on LDAP autocompletion bugs
May 7
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • gagan
    • triaging underway for 0.9.1 and also lots of bug-fixing


  • darin
    • work progressing nicely on http branch. initial tests with jrgm/page-loader/ show that it provides a 10% reduction in page load times.
    • triaged bugs for 0.9.1.
  • neeti
    • Triaged bugs for mozilla0.9.1
    • Resolved/fixed bugs 61448, 58946, 70806, 75626.
    • Fixed bug 78376.
    • Working on bug 60588.
  • gordon
    • Fix bugs 76661, 77844.
    • Closed bug 55012.
    • Debugged bug 78677 (crash at
    • Posted patches for bugs 74301, 75183, 78479.
    • Spent time investigating Structured Exception Handling for Win98.
    • Triaged 0.9.1 bugs down to about 14.
  • dougt
    • Landed Pause and Resume for FTP downloads.
    • Fixed 38643 a hanger caused by multiple file:/// in html file.
    • Fixed 77937, '#''s in ftp url's dont work
    • Removed need for protocol handlers to know anything about proxy servers.
    • Working with Darin on his http branch.
  • pavlov
    • fixed crashers on unix bugs 74270 and 76032.
    • fixed image printing on unix bug 76993
    • triaged bugs
  • gagan
    • heavy triaging for 0.9.1
    • meeting with ken and alex (@ aol) to understand the need for bug 69


  • gordon
    • Bug 78677 is a bug in the Metrowerks Standard Library implementation of fopen. It is a reoccurrence of a bug from last June (bug 41360).
  • dougt
    • Alot of time wasted trying to reproduce 77500 in a debugging environment.
  • gagan
    • the fix for stdURL parsing may be much bigger than what's doable by 0.9.1-- am talking to rpotts to see if we can do a smaller fix for 0.9.1

Plans for next week

  • darin
    • branch verification builds for qa.
    • land the branch.
  • neeti
    • Work on mozilla0.9.1 bugs.
    • More bug triage.
  • gordon
    • Land posted patches.
    • Implement DNS cache.
    • Finish Disk Cache Level 2 (including overlapped i/o)
    • Add non-blocking Sync/blocking Async API for opening cache entry descriptors.
  • dougt
    • proxy changes, continue bug triaging and fixing, review necko teams bug list.
  • pavlov
    • start work on 0.9.1 bugs
  • gagan
    • continue triaging and fixing bugs


  • gordon
    • My linux box still dies; still waiting for laptop replacement.
  • dougt
    • Notebook poweroff if handled. Need to see about getting this refreshed.
    • nsmail-2 (dredd) downtime unacceptable. Waiting on hold with IS for 32 minutes! We need a direct contact person in MV IS
  • gagan
    • machines upgrades are still taking long and are beginning to affect productivity.
    • downtime for nsmail servers is still an issue-- a direct IS contact would be helpful!
May 8
Submitted by Vishwanath Ramachandran <>


  • Paul has begun profiling the time spent on startup to load various parts of the Navigator FE XUL, we're trying to find optimizations that make it faster
  • Ben - Fixed back end part of 'Cannot delete IE Favorites folder' bug.
  • Bill - landed new Helper App code partially, fixes 3 bugs. Still finishing up the rest.
  • Chris - investigated two hangs as part of the hang/crash/topcrash drive. They were both critical but turned out to be WORKSFORME after investigation
  • Alec - bugfixing and super-reviewing.
  • Matt - fixed the bug where we need to decide conservatively whether the text in the URL bar is a search item or a URL to be looked up.
  • Samir - fixed 2 sidebar, 2 search and 1 bookmarks bug.


  • Netscape declared an l10n freeze w/o any announcement

Thanks To

  • waterson for a patch for 52336 - International Folder appears as a tab after any tab from it is added.
  • Stephen Walker for a patch for 77285 - Smilies missing in pref panel
  • Boris Zbarsky ( with trouble related to new helper app dialog code (actually, the uriloader) and the handling of .xul files with incorrect MIME type (see bug 78943).
  • Angela Butler for reminding vishy to track dependencies and hangs/crashers more carefully.


  • Samir off on 5/11
  • Vishy working remotely on 5/7, 5/11 and 5/14.
  • Vishy moving to 2nd floor on 5/17.

Project Management

Bug statistics for Navigator+ Team

mozilla0.9.1 targeted

Plans / Priorities

  • Alec Flett
    • focus on preloader work
  • Anatoliy Averbukh
    • assist browser team with bugs
  • Ben Goodger
    • Address review comments in my remaining bugs.
    • Check in patch for 76502.
  • Bill Law
    • Whip up code for bug 75599 and hand off to Cathleen (or somebody).
    • Work on mozilla0.9.1 bugs (3 or 4 related to progress dialog issues).
  • Chris McAfee
    • mozilla0.9.1 bugs, crashers and hangs.
  • Joseph Elwell
    • assist browser team with bugs
  • Matt Fisher
    • .Search, P's
  • Paul Chen
    • application level improvements to startup
    Samir Gehani
    • search bugs
  • Steve Morse
    • mozilla0.9.1 bugs
  • Viswanath Ramachandran
    • help with decision on new Search work
    • help with preloader data gathering
    • help triage m0.9.1 list down, get traction on unscheduled bugs, new nominations

Individual Status Reports

  • Alec Flett
    • Highlights:
      • Fixed:
        • 53904 - dragging of text in framed documents
        • 77604 - make sorting work again in history and history sidebar
        • 77674 - assert when trying to sort history
        • 78243 - open history.dat when autocomplete starts
        • 54422 - URL of history items not shown in statusbar
      • Landed signifigant changes for:
        • 76944 - Lazy loading of string bundles (performance win) - string bundles now loaded if you set STRRES_ASYNC=1 in your environment
        • 76339 - removal of nsIAppShellComponent (performance/bloat win) - removed 99% of references from commercial tree, 95% from mozilla tree
        • 46456 - Personal toolbar drag & drop - lots of cleanup work, plus visual feedback when dragging into the personal toolbar
      • Super-reviewed: many bugs
      • Attended performance meeting, made progress on pre-loading DLLs from mozilla.exe/netscp6.exe by leveraging app-startup mechanism
      • Finished Wildflower Half-Ironman Triathlon in 6 hours, 26 minutes, despite 96 degree heat!
    • Lowlights:
      • a few super reviews took many rounds of reviews until they were mozilla-quality code.
    • Plans this week: focus on preloader work
  • Anatoliy Averbukh
    • prepared fix for Navigator feature (bug 76512)
  • Ben Goodger
    • Little this week. Past couple of weeks have had several school projects crash landing at once. I have been doing a fair bit of coding, just not much related to Mozilla, but classify it under the "improvement of one's mind" if you will.
    • Still waiting for a review for the patch that fixes many bugs in bookmarks window. (76502). Larger patch in bug has been sitting there for about two weeks now, without review.
    • Fixed back end part of 'Cannot delete IE Favorites folder' bug. No FE yet, but my implementation is a good start.
    • Priorities:
      • Project interviews at school this week. Need to get code done and reports finished.
      • Address review comments in my remaining bugs.
      • Check in patch for 76502.
  • Bill Law
    • Highlights
      • Fixed mozilla0.9.1 bugs 73102, 70228, 57610 (by way of new helper app dialog). There must be 10-20 other related bugs out there that this code fixes.
      • Closed out another mozilla0.9.1 bug: 24850; that one had been fixed some time ago, apparently.
    • Lowlights
      • Bug 52454 (main helper app dialog bug) still pending some final loose ends.
    • Other Activities
      • Completed fix for bugs 65305 and 53952 (DDE client code hanging on startup). Need to get it checked in for mozilla0.9.1.
      • Talked to Cathleen about work on "mozilla startup" code (bug 75599); dug up old patches.
    • Thanks
      • Received great assistance from Boris Zbarsky ( with trouble related to new helper app dialog code (actually, the uriloader) and the handling of .xul files with incorrect MIME type (see bug 78943).
    • Plans
      • Whip up code for bug 75599 and hand off to Cathleen (or somebody).
      • Work on mozilla0.9.1 bugs (3 or 4 related to progress dialog issues).
  • Chris McAfee
    • Good:
      • 76623 - 0.9.1 - Bookmarks Menu items cause application hang - WFM
      • 67960 - 0.9.1 - Netscape added bookmark called F1 Live causes Mozilla to hang - WFM
      • 78718 - RDF regression - chased down blocker with sspitzer thursday
      • 77285 - Missing smiley icon in pref panel - fixed
      • 77125 - 0.9.1 tooltip crash - over to pink for a look
      • 77640 - Also spent some time working with Curt re: boehm leak test for tinderbox.
    • Bad:
      • Browsing hasn't been as fun lately, things crash, details are just a little bit loose. Java/ESPN stuff stopped working for me, some installs crash on startup, in general a little frustrating.
      • Disappointing Netscape leadership in the space, this has been an on-going frustration for me, and others. My latest beef was how Netscape declared an l10n freeze w/o any announcement. Huh?
      • I'm on week 7 of my disk drive P.O., hopefully the latest vishy/sandy escalation will make it appear sometime soon. What happened to the days where I could solve this problem in 45 minutes with a trip to Fry's? :-/
  • Joseph Elwell
    • investigated bookmarks code, working with Ben Goodger for solutions.
  • Matt Fisher
    • bug 77261 search function needs better parsing - fixed
    • bug 73974 search button doesn't work for dot. - fixed
    • bug 32791 search button should not try urls - fixed
    • Working on Search, P's
  • Paul Chen
    • 76705 application-level improvements to startup
      • Took this over from Vishy and made this my top 0.9.1 priority. Been profiling startup with respect to XUL loading as evidenced by the "skinny dip" XUL file replacing navigator.xul. On my PowerBook G3 500, first run startup time decreases from about 14 seconds down to under 9 seconds (call it about 8.6 - 8.7 seconds) just by replacing navigator.xul with "skinny dip" (which just defines an empty window, i.e. no chrome). I measured startup time as the time from double click to open app to appearance of first window.
      • Obviously, we aren't in a position to NOT load xul, but there are a few instances where compiling xul/js or loading css is taking a big chunk of time (longest time I've seen is .7 secs). I need to dig further to see if we can optimize those (though, I have a feeling that could be just us loading tons and tons of overlays, but I hope we can make that quicker).
    • 64703 Open unknown type local files as text rather than putting up unknown content dialog asking user to save
      • Put on the backburner, though I think people agree my fix to NOT put up the unknown content dialog is a good thing despite not REALLY fixing the underlying probem. ;-)
    • Other
      • My allergies have made me a full time Claritin-D junkie.
  • Samir Gehani
    • Highlights
      • Good progress on killing nsbeta1+ browser bugs.
      • Composer is looking great: did this status report with it and was pleasantly surprised by new features.
    • Lowlights
      • Lost cycles in reinstalling WinNT and Linux partitions, build tools, and building moz/ns trees from scratch on both partitions due to laptop hardware problems. (IS was very helpful though.)
      • Commercial tree overlays don't work if MOZ_DISABLE_JAR_PACKAGING is set. Found out the hard way.
    • Accomplishments
      • Fixed:
        • Sidebar bugs: (bugzilla) 52336, 78440 (which fixed: 78218, 61299)
        • Bookmarks bugs: (bugzilla) 27495
      • Old bugs landed:
        • (bugzilla) 38708, 67247, 76606, 64704, 77980
      • Commenced sherlock engine investigation for possible revamp.
    • Thanks to
      • pchen for vending me a clue on why the ns tree overlays may not be working.
      • waterson for the patch for 52336.
    • Current Work
      • Sherlock engine investigation.
      • Search bugs.
      • Hook pause/resume into mac installer.
    • People
      • Taking personal day on Friday, May 11, 2001.
  • Steve Morse
    • Bugs worked on:
      • 62730: Make form-manager data collection conform to local customs Developed patch Waiting for review all week, still not yet reviewed
      • 45813: Folder with unread messages not boldfaced after theme switch Spent a lot of time on this but haven't zeroed in on the cause Still investigating.
May 8
Submitted by Nisheeth Ranjan <>


  • nisheeth
    • The XPCDOM branch landed today (Tuesday, May 8th)! Congrats and thanks to jst, jband, and mstoltz for all their hard work! 
    • Thanks also to the following people: 
      • Chris Kritzer for testing security on the XPCDOM branch builds 
      • Shrirang for testing Java on the XPCDOM branch builds 
      • Peter van der Beken for ongoing Mac build bustage fixes on the XPCDOM branch 
      • Curt Patrick for leak testing the XPCDOM branch builds 
      • Samir Gehani and Sean Su for running the installer scripts on the XPCDOM branch 
      • Jimmy Lee for providing pointers to XPInstall tests 
      • Paul Wyskoczka for doing startup tests 
      • Tracy Walker for doing smoketests 
      • Prashant Desale for running the DOM tests, the browser buster, and jrgm's page loader
      • Paul Chen and Simon Fraser for Mac build help in Mountain View 
      • Vidur Apparao for doing code reviews of the extensive changes
    • Heikki has been doing a tremendous job fixing 0.9.1 bugs and organizing the bug triage of the XML/DOM team.  Last week he fixed 7 bugs and triaged our team's 0.9.1 bug numbers down from more than a 100 down to 60 bugs.  Thanks, Heikki!
    • Thanks to Harish, Peter, and Tom for triaging their bug lists and continuing the 0.9.1 bug fixing!


  • heikki
    • Fixed 77923, XHTML/DOM2 GetElementById() matched XHTML name when it shouldn't. 
    • Fixed 67887, XHTML base href not working. 
    • Fixed 67893, XHTML base target not working. 
    • Fixed 67893, XHTML meta not working. 
    • Fixed 67893, XHTML link not working. 
    • Fixed 73160, xml-stylesheet with no href causes blank page. 
    • Fixed 78455, regression with HTML base target. 
    • Bug triage (nsbeta1, 0.9.1). 
    • Worked on 77078.
  • harishd
    • Worked on bug 77352 ( Marc is working on the layout fix ). 
    • Worked on bug 57248 - Moved attribute entity parsing from the sink to the parser. 
    • Worked on bug 70148. 
    • Ran quantify & purify - Did not notice anything unusual. 
    • Triaged my bugs.
  • jst
    • Continued working on the XPCDOM branch, we're now ready to land!
  • peterv
    • Made a small fix to kill assertion from PAC (bug 53080)
    • Kept XPCDOM branch compiling on Mac
    • Checked in patches for P3P support on Mac (bug 62399)
    • Checked in Mac build script changes for P3P and the JS Debugger
    • Updated patch for dynamically adding LINK-ed or pi-ed style sheets (bug 7515)
    • Split up patch to turn on Transformiix in main build to please reviewer (bug 72141)
    • Bug triage
  • joki
    • Checked in fixes for most of my bugs from week before. 
    • Still waiting on approvals for 55020 and 61336. 
    • Working with heikki on bug triage
    • Not counting fixinhand bugs, down to 9 0.9.1 bugs
  • nisheeth
    • Organized the XPCDOM branch landing. 
    • Attended talk on Web Services by Jawahar Malhotra, CEO of Interkeel, to the Web Platform department on Thursday.
    • Not much else. Gotta hit my 0.9.1 bugs this week.



  • Peter was ill in the week from April 23rd to April 27th.  Still hasn't fully recovered.
  • The network connection in the Paris office keeps acting up.  Either it is out completely or DNS lookups are painfully slow.  This is hampering the productivity of Peter and Daniel.  We hope that the situation improves when the Paris office relocates to a bigger building.  If not, we'll escalate this further.


Plans for the next week

  • heikki
    • Still a bit more bug triage. 
    • Work on XML Extras bugs.
  • harishd
    • Work on bug 77352 & 60511 
    • Work on P3P presentation. 
    • Attend Phil's staff. 
    • Triage my bugs.
  • jst
    • Land the XPCDOM branch on the trunk. 
    • Work on remaining XPCDOM post-landing details. 
    • Bug triaging.
  • peterv
    • Really finish and check in patch for style loading through DOM. 
    • Finish review/rewrite of patch to XPath lexer/parser. 
    • Try getting Transformiix turned on in default build.
  • joki
    • Continue fixing 0.9.1 bugs
  • nisheeth
    • Work on 0.9.1 bugs.
May 8
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>


  • Accessibility branch is coming together nicely.  With feature work wrapping up, we are starting to show it to AT vendors and get feedback.  We should be able to get it finished, reviewed and merged to the trunk in the next week.
  • Dave Hyatt fixed an 800K leak that was exposed by the autocomplete landing.
  • The XPToolkit team resolved 66 bugs in the last week,  fixing 35 of  these.  For details, see our resolved bug list.


  • Mike Pinkerton (pinkerton)
    • 49173 [Mac] `spinning' cursor should be pointer + spinning ball
    • <on vacation>
  • Chris Saari (saari)
    • 66974 [libimg]New GIF decoder work
    • 73969 Should throttle interlaced GIF loading redraws
    • 73978 transparent animating gif problems
    • 74300 GIF transparency sometimes broken.
    • 74917 iPlanet Fasttrack (Web) Server directory listing draws wrong
    • 76119 Gif crashes Mozilla
    • 76230 Images at //jazz/users are broken
    • 76413 Inverted color animated gif
    • 76551 password dialogs don't have correct focus
    • 78166 Browser crashes loading page
    • 78730 gif decoder crashes going to
    • 78753 Potential Topcrash for M09
  • Daniel Matejka (danm)
    • 50881 Clicking link in message does not bring Navigator window to
    • 58294 "No Plugin Downloader Plugin" dialog cuts off on Mac
    • 69923 wean PSM 1.0 of Hidden Window
    • 75657 Window position is not persisted if quickly moved then dismi
  • Eric Vaughan (evaughan)
    • Rewrote the accessibility DOM tree walker to walk content nodes not frames to fix link bug.
    • Fixed bounds code to return accurate bounds on wrapping text, and links
  • David Hyatt  (hyatt)
    • fixed 800k leak on tinderbox from autocomplete landing
    • checked in patch to keep old doc around until new doc is ready to display
  • Dan Rosen (dr)
    • Fixed 65617 (unsecure use of "new" operator in PresShell)
    • Checked in patch from to fix 75524 (XBL conflicts with XUL outliner[col]-image class name).
    • Worked on 78010 (implement nsIClipboardHelper) and 78824 (implement AdoptData and AdoptDataWithLength on nsISupports[W]String), tentative patches in hand for both.
  • Aaron Leventhal (aaronl)
    • Brought Doug Geoffray from WindowEyes here, learned detailed info about how they work.
    • Called Glen Gordon of Henter Joyce, and convinced them to look at our stuff, and also convinced them that doing things consistent with our plan will be best, so now JAWS and WindowsEyes can both use the same interfaces.
    • Got HTML areas working.
    • Added proper frameset support - correct name and role for frames
    • Support for document titles
    • Got rid of MutableAccessible stuff in layout
    • DoDefault action for links and areas
    • Got test binaries to Doug from GWMicro
  • John Gaunt (jgaunt)
    • Got custom events working! ( nsIDocumentObserver looks to be unneccessary )
    • Catching events for Checkbox and RadioButton state changes ( fired when they are clicked on )
    • Ironed out the problem with EventListener methods not getting called ( problem with QueryInterface in nsRootAccessible )
    • Code is ready to check in( running a sanity build with fresh source to make sure I have everything )
  • Brian Ryner (bryner)
    • 44183 (explicit rule for moz-user-focus: ignore on disabled widgets no longer needed)
    • 76328 (don't pull now-removed files in on NSS_CLIENT_BRANCH)
    • 75865 (Fix HTTPS through proxy)
    • 76920 (Fix stuck tooltips when mousewheel scrolling)
  • Arik Devens (arik)
    • landed bug 59511, Can't change rows attribute on trees dynamically.
    • fixed regressions caused by 71760, Move JS spacebar handler code into C++.
    • more work on bug 29856, *nix only : Window Class the same for all mozilla windows.







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