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maintained by Tim Rowley <>

Last Updated Wednesday May 2, 2001

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Previous Updates

Module Updates
April 30
Submitted by Kevin McCluskey <>


  • none

Low lights

  • Printing has regressed again. A large number of websites + mail messages print as blank pages (bug 77733). This bug seems to be caused by the paint suppression code checked in for bug 77002 (avoid eager painting of Web page content in SeaMonkey). Don is investigating this. So far he has a burned a weekend tracking this down.


  • 0 bugs down from 3 bugs last friday.


  • 70 bugs up from 57 bugs last friday. (The increase was from triaging all of the untargetted rendering bugs) Marek and I will triage the Mozilla0.9.1 bugs down to less then 40 bugs this week.


  • none


  • none


  • none


  • Rod Spears will be on Sabbatical from June 15th thru Aug12th of 2001
  • Kevin McCluskey will be on Sabbatical July 2nd thru Aug 24th of 2001

Priorities for next week

  • Don Cone
    • Regression testing for printing
    • 77729 - frameset printing -> empty page
    • 77733 - Unable to print...
    • SMIL meeting
  • Rod Spears
    • Finish Accessibility working with IFrames
  • Eric Pollmann
  • Kevin McCluskey
    • Triage Mozilla0.9.1 bugs down to less then 40 bugs.
    • 76722 - Gecko blocks the main thread for 1 sec processing events.


  • Don Cone
    • bug 75893 - Mac Crashes at various sites. It ended up being a combo box problem.
    • Fixed some other printing issues for the Mac as part of 75893. Printing never ended on Frames and a crash related to the PageEnd never being called and calling a method on a null pointer
    • SMIL meeting
    • Worked on printing regression tests.
  • Rod Spears
    • Sheriff'ed on Thursday
    • Worked on Accessibility
      • I got initial check in done for the IFrame work, which makes MSAA work with Mozilla
  • Eric Pollmann
    • Fixed, checked in:
      • 77227 Have to open new window after disabling JS to see <noscript> (0.9, minor regression from 69455)
    • Fixed:
      • 76932 Acrobat Forms fails to submit on Mac (provided patch that made it in to 0.9)
      • 77390 Should display <noscript> if securityManager::CanExecute false (0.9.1, not checked in)
    • Worked on:
      • 77834 More specific keys for session history state, fuzzier match on restore
    • Sherrif Thurs 5:30PM-12:30AM - helped back out CVS partial-rejected checkin,
    • ran/tested verification builds on Win and Linux to reopen tree
    • Employee Survey
  • Kevin McCluskey
    • Interviewed two candidates for layout,
    • Twice weekly SVG teleconference
    • Filled out employee survey
    • Marek and I triaged all un-milestoned rendering bugs (60+) bugs.
    • Worked on:
      • 76722 - Gecko blocks the main thread for 1 sec processing events.

April 30
Submitted by Joaquin Blas <>


  • Note Kin Blas will be acting manager from 11 April through 1 May.
  • 84 open mozilla0.9.1 bugs, 39 untargetted bugs, 32 bugs resolved
  • Beth back on Monday. (April 30th)
  • Editor group has Sheriff duty this Thursday.


  • Tested/reviewed Kathy's patch for key binding bug 74643, and Charley's patch for bug 55991.
  • Investigated key binding regressions (bug 77976) reported by Sujay (cause not yet found).
  • Attended Friday key binding meeting.
  • Miscellaneous dogfood eating and bug reporting.


  • Ate dogfood.
  • Working on my bugs (range specifically)


  • Back on Monday. (April 30th)


  • 0.9.1 Bugs fixed and checked in
    • 76228 and 76217: Table properties dialog bugs
    • 76191 Use monospace font in HTML Source (still needs testing to see if CSS works on all platforms.
    • 41085 Added "All files" filter to Image filepicker
    • 77175 Fixed "Check" word button in spelling dialog
    • 76680 Ok button enabling in Link properties
  • Struggling with trying to get preview image to work in Image dialog (Pavlov's bug 76177 is why it is currently broken; I'm trying to use "onload" handler instead of JS timers to get "natural" width and height of image.)


  • Fix in hand:
    • 60290 Comments should be allowed between simple selectors
    • 75872 bad matching in [attr |= value] selectors if value contains a dash
    • 77519 [CSS3] incorrect matching in SelectorMatches()
  • Work-in-progress code added to bug:
    • 75374 [CSS] RFE : add support for pseudo-classes accepting arguments
    • 75375 [CSS3] RFE : support for :nth-*() pseudo-classes
  • Worked most of the week on the CSSization of Composer:
    • B, U and I buttons now reflect the real state of the selection, wherever come the styles from (UA stylesheet, HTML markup, CSS rule, CSS inline style)
    • working now on color button and code cleanup
    • found various bugs in the values returned by getComputedStyle() (77882 for instance) ; these bugs have an immediate impact on my work


  • Worked on plaintext editor probs and got fixes into 09 branch and trunk
  • Continued ws work
  • Triaged bugs


  • Testing of patches for several people
  • Testing of builds (daily and special one-off for jst)
  • Filing bugs with test cases
  • Worked on some of my bugs; checked in some fixes
  • Triaged team's bug list


  • Misc editor mgmt tasks. (meetings galore, status reports, etc.)
  • Lots of code reviews, including sfraser's "Find in Frames" feature and some of Joe's WhiteSpace changes. Applied several patches to help test out various fixes.
  • Attended Super Reviewers brown bag meeting on Thursday.
  • Triaged and did a lot of preliminary debugging and creating test cases for various bugs.
  • Ate dogfood and filed bugs.


  • Helped out with testing the impact of the XPCDOM branch changes on Composer/MsgCompose.


  • Checked in the Find in Frames changes (bugs 76758, 63241 and 68307), and closed a bunch of other bugs in the process.
  • Checked in a fix to the Mac timer code for canceling repeating timers (bug 74827).
  • Fixed a Mac classic skin problem (bug 77821)
  • Backed out a set of valeski changes, helped him land them again the next day.
  • Spent some time looking at synchronization problems on Mac OS X (bug 71718). Got nowhere.
  • Did some minor MacCVS Pro fixing so that I could make a diff that shows added files.
  • Spent a lot of time fighting tree bustage, and trying to get trees building on all platforms.
May 1
Submitted by Viswanath Ramachandran <>


  • Bill has his helper app fixes ready and plans to check them in this week.
  • Steve fixed 60151 - which also fixed 5 other bugs. This means that now after theme switch, the following work fine - progress meter, back button, url bar, status bar, throbber.
  • Steve fixed 77331 - cookperm.txt destroyed after allowing stylesheet image load
  • Steve fixed 53403 - Dragging folder into child folder deletes folder in bookmarks.

Issues Need to schedule startup performance work.

Thanks To jag for helping fix 60151

Project Management

  • Still 1 mozilla0.9 bug in the team (assigned to Ben)
  • Good progress on untriaged nominations assigned to team members
  • Priorities for next week triage
    • make a pass through nsbeta1 Nav component bugs assigned outside the team
    • look at hang, crash, topcrash, compat bugs. (any other keywords of note?)
    • investigate why there are 14 non critical bugs on the mozilla0.9.1 list
    • look at intl and l12y bugs nominated by global customization team.
    • cut list down to size (need to better define what size and glide path are)
Navigator+ Team Bug Statistics
Mozilla0.9.1 scheduled
Mozilla0.9.1 & nsbeta1+ P1/P2
or nsdogfood+ or nscatfood+
Beyond mozilla0.9.1 & nsbeta1+ P1, P2
or nsdogfood+ or nscatfood+
Untriaged nominations nsbeta1, nsdogfood, nscatfood

Individual Status Reports

  • Alec Flett
    • no status
  • Anatoliy Averbukh
    • Priorities
      • bug fixing and feature development
    • Progress
      • had meetings with Vishi, Putterman, Paul Chen, Ducarroz
    • Plan
      • continue bug fixing and feature development
  • Ben Goodger
    • no status
  • Bill Law
    • Highlights
      • Added additional patch as part of new helper app dialog (bug 52454) to get mime type description and "always ask" flag from Windows registry. This makes Mozilla work better with RealPlayer audio streams, for example.
      • Worked on a detailed "test strategy" for testing the new helper app dialog and sent doc to QA. Hopefully, this will help us do a better job of catching problems in this area in the future.
    • Lowlights
      • Nobody from jumped at the chance to super-review the changes to the URI loader. Can't say I blame them, but I'd really like to get that code checked in...
    • Other Activities
      • Reviewed patch for bug 64704.
      • Reviewed patch for bug 64955.
      • Worked on bug 77850 (problem downloading audio/mp3), seems to be a data: url thing.
      • Worked some more on new progress dialog.
    • Thanks
      • To Ben Goodger and Matthew Thomas for "tidying up" the Windows Integration pref panel.
      • To Samir Gehani for fixing a Mac file-saving bug.
    • Plans
      • Do what I wanted to do this past week.
  • Chris McAfee
    • Good stuff:
      • Helped curt start a boehm leak test for tinderbox, this is still on-going.
      • sheriff wednesday evening/night
      • Helped convince dan to work on 50881, the bug where clicking on links in mail doesn't bring the browser page forward. patch is ready, this bug had been marked 1.0.
      • Did quite a bit of tinderbox-tending this week, speedracer was running out of memory, some of the ports builds needed to be clobbered.
      • Used current builds to get most of my work done, except for java-media stuff, which is kinda flakey for me on win32 and linux.
    • Bad:
      • Sick on Friday afternoon, Saturday (sore throat)
    • Other:
      • Got back from vacation Tuesday
    • This next week:
      • Get fixes for my 5 091 bugs
      • Deal with incoming prefs bugs
      • Work on boehm tinderbox (091 bug)
      • Get danm to check in his fix for 50881, which is driving me crazy.
      • Run daily builds, even if I don't have a fix for 50881.
  • Joseph Elwell
    • Priorities:
      • Work with Navigator Team
    • Progress:
      • Checked in fix for bugzilla bug 73978
      • Talked to Joe Hewitt about theme switching problem.
      • Fixed bugzilla bug 50679
      • Plans:
      • work with Navigator team on their bug list.
      • work on the Snack Attack Initiative.
      • short vacation planned for may 17-19.
  • Matt Fisher
    • There is some heated discusstion on bug 49970 which covers buttons in the personal toolbar. Had fix bug bug was marked wontfix. Obviouly there are major issues. .
    • Investigated bug 73238 . Sidebar search panel. I can't reproduce it but claudius can. Need to sit down with QA and debug on optimized build.
    • Met with Claudius and German about bug 77261. Agreed on parsing of urls. Coded. Need to clean up. This work also covers "." bug 73974. Also he helped me build comm. since i was running down the wrong rathole of my broken build for more then a day.
    • On track to meet the goals that were set for me
      • whats related tab back to 6.0 status
      • search buttons in toolbar and personal toolbar.
      • proper tracking in search
    • This week:
      • Finish search parsing stuff. Code search queries are going to right places. Check in all this code stuff. Start working on sidebar search stuff.
    • Again a big shot out, many thanks for doing the drop down location bar. Also to Joseph for helping on some of the comm. build stuff. Sorry sent to early. That thanks was for hewitt. He created the autocomplete drop downlist that not only helps my work but mail, address, and mosedales work. I can't thank him enough. He is my XBL hero.
  • Paul Chen
    • Bugs
      • 64703 Open unknown type local files as text rather than putting up unknown content dialog asking user to save Have first pass fix which is mac only. The bug is cross platform, but there's a discussion about how necko/uriloader should load.
      • 76502 Mozilla Freezes when trying to delete bookmarks in Bookmark Manager
      • This is ben's remaining 0.9 bug. It still has issues. Need to look into this one more unless it's no longer holding 0.9 hostage.
    • Thanks
      • Samir keeps on taking a few of my bugs here and there. What a guy!
    • Other
      • Was out of office Monday and Tuesday. Butt still sore from driving down to and back from LA, not to mention all the driving I did down there.
  • Samir Gehani
    • Highlights
      • Learning about XUL/RDF innards.
    • Lowlights
      • Lost cycles in investigation of worksforme bugs.
    • Accomplishments
      • Reading on XUL templates, RDF.
      • Yes, yes, I took the (lengthy!) employee survey.
      • Fixed browser bug: 64704 (File|Save As... file type and creator settings should consult Internet Config)
      • Fixed installer bugs: 76460, 76858
      • Investigated but found worksforme: (browser) 70875, 41895, (mac installer) 53818
    • Thanks to
      • alecf, pchen, law, and matt for various tidbits of info about browser innards.
    • Current Work
      • Hook up libxpnet's pause/resume in mac installer.
      • Browser P1/P2 bugs.
  • Steve Morse
      • Lost dsl provider -- they went belly up. This has become a real time drain, and the slow phoneline connection without dsl is the least of it. Haggling with pacbell over how to reconnect, reconfiguring machines to be able to use phone modems in the interim, researching and purchasing a router, setting up a router, figuring out how to move existing dsl splitter to a different phoneline (pacbell can't reuse the old phoneline and that's a long story in itself), rewiring service box where phone lines enter building, etc. etc.
      • 77331: cookperm.txt destroyed after using stylesheet images
      • 70955: Javascript warning in context menu
      • 53403: Dragging folder into child folder deletes folder
      • 60151: Back button not working after theme switch
      • And the patch in 60151 fixed all of the following bugs as well
        • 61796: Progress meter not working after theme switch (ben)
        • 61853: Can't enter text in url field after theme switch (hyatt)
        • 61991: url bar not updated after theme switch (alecf)
        • 68227: status bar not updated after theme switch (ben)
        • 68230: throbber stops working after theme switch (pchen)
      • 65770: Download doesn't recognize disk full
      • 77073: Wallet checks are slow in context menu
May 1
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>


  • Dave Hyatt continued racking up significant performance gains in page loading.
  • Finished work for mozilla0.9.

  • The XPToolkit team resolved 46 bugs in the last week, fixing 25 of these. For details, see our resolved bug list.


  • Mike Pinkerton (pinkerton)
    • got the bulk of drop feedback working in outliner
    • auto-scrolling works in outliner
    • made autoscroll work on mac, needed to fix bug in widget for sync painting
    • no longer get watch cursor when dragging into mozilla from another app
    • cleaned up some editor misuses of the dnd api's
    • buttons like bookmarks now behave correctly and do not bring up the context menu if you click-hold. bug 75842
    • Fixed text files not showing up in the file open window. bug 77761
  • Chris Saari (saari)
    • GIF animations moving along
  • Daniel Matejka (danm)
    • 76541 XPI Installer Refuses to Install Themes
    • 76350 dialogs come up in mail/news too small
    • 72112 nsIPrompt impls need to coallesce into a single impl
    • 76021 Alert window is too small in Password Manager
  • Eric Vaughan (evaughan)
    • Created a branch for accessibility work, and got it building and running.
  • David Hyatt (hyatt)
    • added paint suppression to layout
    • changed memory and disk cache settings and cleaned up prefs UI for cache
    • fixed mutation event crashers and made it possible to create mutation events using createEvent
    • implemented contentDocument for XUL iframes, browsers, and editors.
    • fixed a speed problem in list controls that involved overeager attribute setting
    • have a patch in 76495 that keeps the old page around until the new one unsuppresses painting.
  • Dan Rosen (dr)
    • Finished 70224 (need nsIWebBrowserChromeFocus for embedding) with help from saari and danm, finishing off my 0.9 bugs.
    • Helped test and work out minor linux kinks in saari's bug 73978 (libpr0n animated gif bustage).
  • Aaron Leventhal (aaronl)
    • Tested accessibility in XPCDOM branch
    • In talking with leading AT vendors, found time-savings in what we need to do for accessibility - no caret work, many fewer events.
    • Checked in widget work onto accessibility branch.
    • Started testing accessibility with WindowEyes.
    • Got group together to make list of what accessibility fixes we want for Mojo.
  • John Gaunt (jgaunt)
    • Implemented the nsIAccessibleEventResolver for accessible widgets who will have to determine the type of event they need to fire to MSAA.
    • Eliminated the nsMutationEvents from consideration to handle the StateChange, NameChange, ValueChange issues.
    • Talked with Joki about creating our own events, this sounds most promising, nsIDocuementObserver will also be used for the Attribute Changes
  • Brian Ryner (bryner)
    • Helped Saari with focus bugs.
  • Arik Devens (arik)
    • fixed bug 69922, intrinsic sizing is broken in embedded apps.
    • fixed bug 71760, Move JS spacebar handler code into C++.


  • Still have some unfinished accessibility work


  • pinkerton:
    • check in long-standing busy-cursor changes (bug 41973)
    • key access to context menus (bug 36665)
  • saari:
  • hyatt:
    • get 76495 landed.
  • evaughan:
    • get selection, statechange, valuechange events up and running.
    • Test some accessibility software like window eyes and see how we did.
  • danm:
    • Bug 76225, modal dialogs that open before (!) their parent cause all sorts of wacky carnage.
    • Coordinate with Ellen Evans to update the embedding API docs.
  • dr:
    • Assuming my gdb/insight snapshot works correctly, bug 56086 (crash rapidly hitting back and forward buttons).
    • As soon as I have a working tree (as I write this, I'm recovering from Friday's mess) check in quick fixes for 75524 and 65617.
    • Maybe write widget validate() API on linux for hyatt's evolving 76495 patch.
  • aaronl:
    • Get mfcembed to work with WindowEyes!
    • Meet with Doug Geoffrey of GW Micro, maker of WindowEyes.
  • jgaunt:
    • Get custom events working, get nsIDocuementObserver working
    • Start catching some events other than Focus
  • bryner:
    • get r/sr for 74387, 76328, and 76920
    • 72111
  • arik:
    • check remaining patches into the 0.9.1 tree.
    • bug 75572, Separator support in



  • Product is still crashing a lot, more than is tolerable in dogfood; frequent hangs don't even show up in Talkback.



May 1
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>



  • darin
    • Fixed HTTP part of bug 75865 "SSL proxy doesn't work"
    • Fixed bug 77269 "ibench performance regression"
    • Making steady progress on HTTP re-arch bug 76866.
  • neeti
    • Necko Offsite.
    • Investigated/reassigned bugs 69336, 75758, 76325.
    • Investigated/resolved bugs 76278, 76200.
    • Working on bug 75637 - Response from CGI never ends.
    • Reviewed and spent some cycles testing ftp changes.
    • Completed employee survey.
    • Triaged untargetted bugs.
  • gordon
    • Fix bugs 66482, 74668
    • Triaged 0.9.1 bugs (down to 29).
  • dougt
    • Attended team offsite. Had a great discussion about necko's future.
    • Cool Feature - FTP Download Resume (non persistant). Should land after I get an sr=.
    • Checked in fixes for 77032, 65270, 71556, 76274, 61290, 47689.
  • pavlov
    • fixed crashers on unix bugs 74270 and 76032.
    • fixed image printing on unix bug 76993
    • triaged bugs


  • gordon
    • Spent time trying to find solution for bug 76661 (recursive use of cache service).
    • Had no time to move forward with DISKCACHE2_BRANCH.
  • dougt
    • Disabled directory viewer. Until we have more time to fix the problem with the directory viewer we will have to use html content. This new content is much faster and less buggy. Details on how to use the directory viewer are posted in the netlib newsgroup.

Plans for next week

  • darin
    • Verification builds for HTTP re-arch.
    • Bug triaging for 0.9.1
  • neeti
    • Work on mozilla0.9.1 bugs.
    • Triage bugs
  • gordon
    • Resolve issue of when to delete unused cache folders.
    • Clean up profile/preference interaction with cache.
  • pavlov
    • start work on 0.9.1 bugs


May 1
Submitted by Nisheeth Ranjan <>


  • The XPCDOM branch is on track for landing early next week. The two major blockers to landing right now are:
    • Bug 76540 that Mitch is working on as part of integrating the security manager with the new XPConnected DOM.
    • XUL overlay display problems in AIM on the commercial build that Syd and Johnny are attacking.
  • All other XPCDOM branch specific blockers reported by QA and other teams have been fixed. More testing is happening this week and we are watching closely to see if new problems emerge.
  • Tom has seven 0.9.1 fixes ready to go! Great work, Tom!


  • heikki
    • Reviewed fix by jst and checked in fix for 76641, back out baseURI property to fix binary compatibility. baseURI will be back when the DOM conversion branch lands.
    • Reviews for
    • Made patch for bug 51923, nsSelectionState::IsEqual compares only first range.
    • Tested XML Extras on the xpcdom branch. Found some problems. Told jst how to test.
    • Fixed 65848, support application/xhtml+xml mime type.
    • Fixed 75031, support application/xml mime type.
    • Worked on 77970, xml-stylesheet PI handling code should not default the type attribute if it is not present, the spec says the attribute is required.
    • The following are ready to be checked in:
      • Fixed 77923, XHTML/DOM2 GetElementById() matched XHTML name when it shouldn't.
      • Fixed 67887, XHTML base href not working.
      • Fixed 67893, XHTML base target not working.
      • Fixed 67893, XHTML meta not working.
      • Fixed 67893, XHTML link not working.
      • Fixed 73160, xml-stylesheet with no href causes blank page.
  • harishd
    • Worked on a fix for bug 54096 and 75873.
    • Discussed, with Marc Attinasi, and suggested a plan to solve bug 77352.
    • Analyzed bug 70148 and 61684.
    • Code reviewed for Boris Zbarsky, David Baron, and Heikki.
    • Discussed with Jeremy Loeb about P3P and suggested a few points for the final draft.
    • Triaged my untargeted and m0.9.1 bugs.
    • Attended Phil's staff meeting.
  • jst
    • Attended a two day W3C DOM WG face to face meeting in Hawthorne, NY on tuesday and wednesday.
    • Made good progress on resolving a large number of problems reported with the XPCDOM branch. Got David Baron involved in memory leak tracking on the branch and he worked with jband on fixing the leaks introduced on the branch while I was in Hawthorne, thanks David and John! The XPCDOM builds are looking really good, QA and lots of teams have been running the builds and finding problems, most of which are fixed by now.
  • peterv
    • Reviewing huge patch by Jonas Sicking to XPath lexer/parser.
    • Finished patch for 65237 (Transformiix dom wrappers).
    • Made patch for 69091 (removing Transformiix HashTable), 72179 (leaks), 59853 (new operator should be used with more care) and 72143 (allow loading of Transformiix in embedding build).
    • Working on style loading through DOM.
  • joki
    • Triaged untargeted bugs down to 15.
    • Worked on 0.9.1 list, currently at 25.
    • Of 0.9.1 bugs, have fixes locally for 55020, 61336, 64442, 68568, 69328, 77362, 77251

Plans for the next week

  • heikki
    • Check in my fixes.
    • Really start triaging our team's bugs.
    • Start working on XML Extras issues.
  • harishd
    • Work on m0.9.1 bugs.
    • Identify performance hot spots in parser.
    • Triage my bug list.
  • jst
    • Continue working on getting the XPCDOM changes completed, reviewed and checked in...
  • peterv
    • Really finish and check in patch for style loading through DOM.
    • Finish review/rewrite of patch to XPath lexer/parser.
    • Try getting Transformiix turned on in default build.
  • joki
    • Keep working on 0.9.1 bugs

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