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maintained by Tim Rowley <>

Last Updated Thursday April 26, 2001

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Module Updates
April 19
Submitted by Scott Putterman <>

Status for 16-April-2001

April 23
Submitted by Joaquin Blas <>


  • Note Kin Blas will be acting manager from 11 April through 1 May.
  • Editor Bugs:
    • 0 open mozilla0.9 bugs
    • 182 open 0.9.1 bugs (we will be triaging this week to get this to reflect reality)
    • 17 untargetted bugs
    • 31 bugs resolved


  • Checked in the fix for 74169, image animation regression fix.
  • Helped investigate a cache bug, apparently due to running more than one mozilla concurrently (the new cache apparently doesn't        have the safeguards that previous implementations did).
  • Fixed bug 54090 (rewrap doesn't work on Mac), a problem with output flags (will probably need mac help to test).
  • Filed bug 76731 -- checking out a new Unix tree tries to check out a second time after finishing the first checkout -- and suggested a fix.
  • Helped with bug triage/verification.


  • Triaged bugs
  • Building a test case for all of the new range code
  • Worked on fixing some small problems with my range code
  • Ate dogfood


  • On vacation till 11 April through 1 May.


  • Helped Mike with bug 68714 - Selection of named anchor
  • Fixed bugs, not checked in because of 0.9 freeze:
    • 76217 Appropriate disabling of selection buttons in Table Dialog
    • 76228  Don't check background color if user cancels colorpicker
    • 41085  Added "all files" filter to image filepicker UI.
    • 55991  Fixed right click in multiple cell selection killing the selection
  • Lots of time debugging regressions and sideeffects of massive 0.9 milestone checkins, especially busted preview image in Image Properties dialog.
  • Worked more on Advanced Edit dialog


  • Looked at various bugs.
  • Optimization of code for pseudo-classes with arguments
  • Call with Marc Attinasi to prepare forthcoming CSS WG meeting


  • Fixed bugs:
    • 75618 CR line breaks not recognized when inserting data in a plain
    • 76258 IsEditable() needs to be smarter
    • 72968 browser crashes when doing REDO after doing some cut/paste i
    • 55224 switching from HTML Source mode to Normal causes dataloss
    • 71355 style buttons do not work from 2nd cell onwards inside table
    • 71362 empty tables inside (otherwise) empty list item disappears w
    • 74655 40% of reply time in mailcompose spent converting linefeeds
  • Worked on plaintext mail bug 76888 - candidate fix in hand
  • Performance meeting
  • More ws work (65557)


  • Verified lots of bugs for Sujay
  • Filed a few bugs
  • Triage bug list for part of the editor team
  • Looked into a few bugs
  • IRC conversations about keybinding issues


  • Misc Editor management tasks. (meetings, status, etc.)
  • Lots of code reviews and testing of patches.
  • Spent this week focussing on debugging editor crash bugs. Editor bugs 75305  (caused by 73291), and 73170 turned out to be layout bugs. Updated bugs with my findings and simple non-editor test cases. I have a workaround patch for 75305 that I'll need sr'd by sfraser.
  • Several discussions with sfraser regarding the Find through Frames/IFrames feature which he graciously volunteered to work on!.
  • Triaged and did some preliminary debugging of various bugs.
  • Currently working on making selection auto-scrolling work past Frame/IFrame boundaries so that we can see the results of the Find through Frames/IFrames feature in pages like layout's test9.html.


  • Finished last 3 bugs for 0.9 so didn't have to push of any more bugs to 0.91 ya!
    • (60846) Fixed that annoying table cell selection bug where the next to last cell's contents remain selected.
    • (76442) Changed the remaining nsString copying badness to use nsAReadables and Writables.
    • (53151) Fixed lockup in mailnews with arrowing down.
  • Also some other stuff to help everyone get to 0.9.
  • Working on 0.91 now and testing the app for regressions, new bugs.


  • Implemented most of Find in frames (63241), which involved reusing the embedding Find code for mozilla (68307) and writing a docShell enumerator (76758). This is all ready to go in.
  • Filed lots of bugs

Project Issues

  • Several editor dialog regressions after 0.9 milestone checkin rush.

April 23
Submitted by Dan Mosedale <>

Stuff done

  • Reviewed nsLDAPService code (bug 70422).
  • upgraded my machine to newest version of RedHat.
  • Filed a bunch of bugs about remaining autocomplete work to be done. I'm not quite done with my bug-filing yet, though; should finish today or early tommorrow. Dependency tree.
  • Submitted the initial nsLDAPAutoCompleteSession for super-review (bug 70933).

This week

  • work on an initial cut at integrating LDAP autocomplete into the mail compose window.
  • Taking Thursday, Friday, and possibly Wednesday off.
Client QA
April 23
Submitted by Lisa Chiang <>


  • Applications:
    • Working on starting testing on Windows XP Beta 2.
      • Ran startup tests on Windows XP and Windows 98 and compared the resulting timings.  Forwarded results to the performance team.
      • Started to install Windows XP on identified machines to do a run of tests.
    • Test runs:  Test runs on commercial trunk builds. (Results should still apply to Mozilla builds)
      • Some highlights:
        • Tested PSM 2.0 on Win32, Mac and Linux, testing warning messages, ciphers, cert handling, lock icon behavior, and the prefs UI.  Also, tested SSL/IMAP and SSL/SMTP.
        • Tested new help system.  Functionally looks good, but more content is needed.
        • Tested ftp and http extensively on trunk builds
        • Testing Form Submission, and DOM 2 Events
        • Completed functional testing 100% on Send Later feature on all three platforms
        • Completed Mail Menu functional tests on Windows for:  Stand Alone,  Plain/New Message, HTML/New Message, Address Book
      • Development build testing (prior to checkins/carpool):
        • Tested DHTML, DOM, Javascript, DOM Inheritance on XPCDOM experimental builds.
    • Test documentation completed:
      • Wrote 10 new test cases for XML namespace and updated 12 test cases for XML namespace.
      • Wrote a perl script to change the DOCTYPE in the HTML 4.01 transitional test cases to HTML 4.01 strict.  There are now 530 HTML 4.01 strict  test cases.
      • Completed a perl script that loads the html elements, xlink and xml namespace test cases and waits for the user input and then writes the test result in the output file in html format.
      • Wrote testcases for JS getter/setters
    • Performance and Other Tools:
      • Performance testing on Bookmarks, Sidebar, Preferences, Startup, Page Load
      • Performance testing on Mail/News.
      • Investigated data for bug 75868, and bug 75988, which are "bookends" to each other. Basically, a regression in page load times for mac-only (but  masked by other concurrent changes on the trunk at the same time)
      • Did some trial builds with '-O2' optimization on Linux, which looks promising (modulo more testing with release build versions of gcc/egcs). Bug 53486.
  • Embedding:
    • API
      • Good progress with API test implementation; testcases starting to be built.
      • First set of bugs filed by API testing by QA.


  • Smoketest Blocker Bugs:
    • Valid (non-duplicate, non-worksforme, non-invalid) blocker, smoketest bugs found 4-16-2001 to 4-22-2001 .  Bugzilla -  2.  Bugscape - 0.
April 24
Submitted by Nisheeth Ranjan <>


  • nisheeth
    • Current XPCDOM branch bugs are viewable here.  Looking at the current bug list, it looks like the earliest we can land is late next week.  A more conservative estimate would be the week starting Monday, May 7
    • Thanks a lot to the following people for testing the XPCDOM branch build: 
      • Prashant Desale ran the pre-checkin tests, the automated DOM tests, the page loader tests, and the browser buster. 
      • Tracy Walker ran the Mozilla smoketests. 
      • Paul Wysckoza ran the startup/relaunch tests. 
      • Curt Patrick is in the process of running leak tests. 
    • Johnny is away to the DOM face to face meeting in Hawthorne, NY from today till Wednesday, April 25. 
    • Peter van der Beken is on sick leave from Monday through Wednesday, April 25.


  • heikki
    • Compared NS_ConvertASCIItoUCS2 vs. NS_LITERAL_STRING, and AssignWithConversion() vs. Assign(NS_LITERAL_STRING()). Posted results to netscape.public.mozilla.xpcom. NS_ConvertASCIItoUCS2 is SLOW!
    • Fixed 51339, XHTML map element not working. 
    • Code reviews for harishd, pollmann, peterv. 
    • Worked on 73160, xml-stylesheet PI without href causes page to come up blank, have fix. 
    • Worked on 75031, application/xml mime types does not work, have fix. 
    • Worked on 65848, application/xhtml+xml mime type not supported. 
    • Worked on 64945, better default layout for XML documents.
  • harishd
    • Worked on bug 69455 ( enabling noframes content ). Fix is in finally. 
    • Fixed bug, m0.9.1, 26347 ( Residual style ). 
    • Fixed another residual style bug that Vidur pointed out ( <p><b><font>bold</p></b>not bold ).
  • jst
    • Merged the tip into the XPCDOM_20010329_BRANCH on April 20th morning.
    • Continuing work on the XPCDOM branch.
  • nisheeth
    • Gave a talk to the Web Platform department on industry trends and future directions. 
    • Talked to Ray Whitmer on Friday about the web services workshop he attended. 
    • Attended the W3C reps meeting on Friday 
    • Did a design review of senior projects for two teams at the Santa Clara University on Wednesday. 
    • Met with chofmann, granrose to talk about the XPCDOM branch landing plan. 
    • Contacted Prashant Desale, Tracy Walker, Paul Wyskoczka, Curt Patrick for help in testing the XPCDOM branch builds.

Plans for the next week

  • heikki
    • Start bug triage again. 
    • Hopefully start checkin in the fixes I have in my tree. 
    • Try to fix all of the XHTML bugs on my 0.9.1 list.
  • harishd
    • Work on m0.9.1 bugs 
    • Prepare for the P3P presentation. 
    • Triage my bugs.
  • jst
    • Attend the DOM face to face meeting in Hawthorne, NY
    • Continue with the XPCDOM work.
  • nisheeth
    • Continue to manage the XPCDOM branch landing. 
    • Work on 0.9.1 bugs.

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