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Last Updated Wednesday April 18, 2001

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Previous Updates

Module Updates
April 16
Submitted by Joaquin Blas <>


  • Note Kin Blas will be acting manager from 11 April through 1 May.
  • 26 open mozilla0.9 bugs, 14 untargetted bugs, 51 bugs resolved
  • Editor group has Sheriff duty this Thursday.


  • Fixed regression 74169: image animation can't be turned off in libpr0n (regresses editor and animation pref, and blocks a couple of other bugs). Still trying to get this reviewed.
  • Applied patches for editor whitespace bug, 65557, but didn't get a working build.
  • Helped dr on updating the patches in the bug for making commands for the context menu items Copy Link, Copy Image Location and Copy Image Contents. My patch for the backend works fine, but the command/controller model has changed since the patch, and we didn't have much luck getting the context menu items to work without JS.
  • The usual assortment of reviews and bug commenting/verifying/filing.


  • Triaged Bugs.
  • Worked on Range bugs.


  • On vacation till 11 April through 1 May.


  • Fixed and checked in bugs:
    • 75747 Spell Check dialog
    • 75639 Print item in menu problems
    • 75740 Double checked items in View menu
    • 75408 Image dialog spelling error
    • 74984 Accelerator key conflict
    • 71883 Don't change selection when inserting elements in <head>
    • 75400 Replace "data" with "value" for XUL 1.0
    • 74900 Broken prefs dialog - missing JS include
    • 74093 Don't lower-case body tag when rebuilding doc from HTML source.
    • 75291 Infinite loop after using HTML source mode
  • Triaged and redirected other bugs.
  • A couple of code reviews


  • 74845 fixed and checked in
  • Detected several bugs while editing css3 tests for Selectors CR
  • Worked on these bugs
  • Fix in hand for 75872
  • Code in hand for :nth-child(), :nth-last-child(), :nth-of-type() and :nth-last-of-type() css3 selectors


  • Worked on Editor whitespace issues.
  • Investigated a few bugs for folks.


  • Blocked by network connectivity issues.


  • Misc Editor management tasks. (meetings, etc.)
  • Lots of code reviews!
  • Spent some time verifying that several new editor bugs existed prior to the 2 big editor landings last week.
  • Sat down with Nisheeth to debug and give brain dump of why top crasher bug #72186 was happening. Turns out waterson's fix for  bug #53956 also fixes/prevents #72186.
  • Had the pleasure of running into the hard to reproduce bug #73725 (content area flashes/jitters when typing in textarea/using form) while in the debugger. Managed to debug a bit and add some useful information to the bug.
  • Helped Joe with building and testing his WhiteSpace diffs (Bug #65557) on Win32 and Linux.
  • Lots of triaging and preliminary debugging of various bugs.


  • Closed out last of the fix in hand bugs by removing nsGfxTextControlFrame references and ENDER_LITE ifdefs.
  • Fixed a mail news lockup.
  • Working on bug 68046 off of tony's list which is the table cell selection/ not unselecting the second to last cell.


  • Lots of bug fixes:
    • 72965 -- PR_Poll can time out even when data is available
    • 60509 -- Download not being completed
    • 75487 -- make Find on Page dialog wider
    • 75649 -- moveToAlertPosition is broken
    • 75492 -- Can't select <button>s in composer
    • 75676 -- textField.textLength() is broken
    • 48400 -- Using with empty contents doesn't show caret
    • 48716 -- Can't select a <input type="file"> in editor by clicking in it
    • 58121 -- select all and changing style on this document causes blue boxes
    • 53610 -- Clicking on end of line in textbox puts caret a few pixels high
  • Spent some time working on these bugs:
    • 69285 -- Mozilla is unresponsive after sleep
    • 74827 -- Need to be able to cancel in-progress timers
  • Some code reviewing, helped resolve a couple of tree blocker bugs etc.
April 16
Submitted by Dan Mosedale <>

stuff done

  • checked in helper function to make code that gets nsISupports proxies simpler and more readable: NS_GetProxyForObject (bug 74792). This function is used by nsLDAPAutoCompleteSession.
  • checked in fix for getters and setters of nsLDAPURL spec pieces to allow a spec to be built up from the various pieces (bug 70420). Patch from Leif Hedstrom (
  • fixed build bustage to --enable-ldap-experimental introduced by Necko API changes.
  • checked in FreeBSD bustage fix from Jim Dunn ( and Yancey Yeargan (
  • did lots of code cleanup in nsLDAPAutoCompleteSession and friends. When used in conjunction with Joe Hewitt's patch from bug 43189, got a composite LDAP/addrbook autocomplete session working in a test harness. This code may or may not make it in for 0.9; even if it does get checked in, autocomplete probably won't actually be turned on in the compose window just yet.


  • get nsLDAPAutoCompleteSession reviewed and possibly checked in
  • start integrating with the message compose window, Leif's nsILDAPService code, and Srilatha's preferences work.
April 16
Submitted by Viswanath Ramachandran <>


  • Bill checked in the per window icon setting code on Win32! When new icons get designed and checked in, we can have component icons for Nav, Mail, Composer etc!
  • Bill's making progress on the helper app dialog, has fixes for several nasty bugs in his tree.
  • Alec fixed a regression in the user agent string and did tons of super reviews
  • Samir getting started with Browser stuff, closed out 2 bookmarks bugs. Closed out problem with importing file URL bookmark as worksforme and fixed a recursion nsbeta1+ P1 problem.
  • Matt  - built xulless browser with cathleen for QA to do performance testing
  • Steve - fixed Necko bug (unforgiving error handling) to enable Mozilla users to log in to Compuserve's webmail, bugzilla 73964.
  • Steve - made form manager not prompt for already saved data - 64361. 
  • Paul - triage meetings, got nominated untriaged bug list under control. have fixes ready for 49758 (get protocol handlers from Internet Config on Mac) and 69932 (bookmarks crasher)
  • Ben - fixes ready for inline editing in Personal Toolbar and Bookmarks window.

Project Management

  • 38 open mozilla0.9 nsbeta1 bugs (13 are P1)
  • 65 open mozilla0.9.1 bugs (11 are P1)
  • 7 untriaged bugzilla nsbeta1 nominations
  • Plan this week to keep up with incoming bugzilla nominations, cut bug list to size based on schedule and triaged priorities.

Thanks To

  • Chris waterson for helping to fix 54866 - recursion when importing a bookmarks file.
  • Seth Spitzer for helping fix/review crasher 75948.


  • Paul Chen will be out on next Monday and Tuesday 4/23 and 4/24
  • Alec Flett plans to take sabbatical in summer (Aug-Sep timeframe), and participate in an Ironman triathlon!
  • Chris McAfee out till end of next week.

Individual Status Reports

  • Alec Flett
    • Highlights:
      • got some fixes landed: bugs 73313, 75053, 74908
      • have fixes for 4 patches in my tree, waiting for super reviews
      • did TONS of super reviews
      • continued to help review pref and autocomplete stuff
    • Lowlights:
      • DNS problems friday prevented me from seeing my buglist, reading e-mail, basically preventing me from doing my job
      • late tree openings still hurt
      • broken ssl settings in SMTP prevented me from sending mail for ~24 hours. I didn't change any settings to get in this state, so something broke either in the client or on nsmail-1
      • been too busy to finish reviewing autocomplete stuff (sorry hewitt!)
      • overloaded with requests for super reviews.
  • Ben Goodger
    • Progress (0.9):
      • 17920 (Context menus for personal toolbar items). Implemented basic functionality for personal toolbar items (clipboard operations, delete, rename, etc). Reorganized inline editing code so now have inline editing on personal toolbar as well as in bookmarks window. Fix in tree. Fixes for all of this stuff (and other .9 bugs) in tree. Will land in next couple of days.
    • Other work:
      • 74831 (Outliner cell item coordinates). Completed patch, received review, but will postpone updating patch to address comments until .9.1.
      • Poked at outliner title-tips using patch for 74831, but ran aground, so stopped and worked on 17920 instead.
      • Began to get Gigantic Mac Classic Skin Patch off the floor. (This was a patch that I produced while still in Mountain View, however it's somewhat crusty and needs repair). I want to get this in for .9.1 because it has significant visual improvements for the Mac Classic skin.
    • Priorities:
      • Get .9 stuff checked in.
      • Get Classic Skin patch working again.
    • Other stuff:
      • Took Silvia on a cross country drive to Wellington over the Easter weekend. She performed admirably. I have her running on a new cleaner burning 98 octane fuel now, which she seems to enjoy.
  • Bill Law
    • Highlights
      • Taxes are due.  The fact that that's my "highlight" should tell you something.
      • Checked in the per-window icon setting code (bug 57576); now just waiting for some icons (and a little bit of Linux code).
    • Lowlights
      • My status report is like a broken record.
    • Other Activities
      • Helper app dialog.  See last weeks report.  I have fixed about 10 show-stopper bugs.  This thing has never, ever worked worth a shit. Perhaps I should be grateful that the bar has been set so low.
      • Worked on new, generic download progress dialog.  Not going to make 0.9.  I don't see the same obstacles as with the helper app dialog 'cause I know the underlying code works to a considerable extent.
    • Plans
      • Try to get the new helper app dialog up and running to some extent in 0.9.
      • On to 0.9.1.
  • Chris McAfee
    • on vacation
  • Matt Fisher
    • Highs
      • 74130 doing final work on what's related
      • Built xulless browser with cathleen for QA to do performance testing
      • Review of new autocomplete url bar
    • Lows
      • Every thing is just peachy keen
  • Paul Chen
    • Mozilla 0.9 bugs
      • 63820 Crash dismissing app while theme is changing. My dependent bug 75476 got duped to 71129 which itself got duped to 43350. Fine, I can play that game, too, marked as dup of 43350. This crash was already noted in 43350 anyway.
      • 69932 Crash when filing root bookmark folder into root bookmark folder itself. Have fix, it's posted in the bug. Check for a) moving root bookmark, b) filing a bookmark folder into itselt, and c) filing a bookmark back into container (i.e. not really moving it). Also found and fixed a bug using file bookmark menu and multiple selection. Waiting for r= and sr=. Note: if/when Ben moves bookmarks to outliner, this will break some of this code.
    • Other
      • 49758 Need to get protocol handlers from Internet Config. Finally got the full fix done Friday morning. My, it takes a lot of code to put up a stinkin' dialog with strings from properties files. Not to mention trying to find the right string class to handle stuff. Lot's of good critiques from Simon Fraser. Hoping to get r= and sr= and checked in Monday
      • Added another triage meeting on Fridays for a few weeks. I've been scheduling and running triage meetings since Vishy's been back. Pretty much finished with untriaged, nominated bugs on Friday.
      • Internal Netscape DNS problems on Friday a real pain in the butt.
    • Next Week
      • 54957 Modern and Classic skin explanations are hardcoded. Been avoiding this one because it's actually a bit of work, but tackling this one now.
      • Hope to fix other Mozilla 0.9 as time permits.
  • Samir Gehani
    • Highlights
      • Resolved both (all) my mozilla0.9 browser bugs.
      • Winding down mozilla0.9 installer bugs.
    • Accomplishments
      • Fixed mozilla linux installer bustage (build change repercussion from under our feet).
      • Completed integration of inter- and intra-installer session pause/resume into the linux installer.
      • Fixed a bookmarks bug with waterson's help.  Closed out another bookmarks bug.
    • Current Work
      • Linux installer download dialog rework.
      • Linux installer CRC checking.
      • Start peeling of some browser P1/P2s to get familiar with our group's areas
  • Steve Morse
      • 73964: can't log on to compuserve
        • determined that this was actually two separate problems
        • one was a cookie problem that I already fixed
        • second is a stream conversion problem for which I fixed and checked in this week
      • 64361: prompting on form submit even if nothing to save
        • this was particularly bad because it was affecting every form submit and so was quite visible
      • 75410: removed cookies not being cleared from cookie viewer details regression caused by the recent xul syntax changes
      • 75754: password manager does not show all saved logins
      • 75654: bogus cookie description when multiple cookies selected
      • 75948: crash when viewing certain messages
      • bugscape 4491: cookie enable test broken
      • 27417: No tree item selected after a removal takes place
      • 75661: crash if image-warning box comes up
April 16
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>


  • John Gaunt is starting immediately as our new XPToolkit Accessibility Engineer!  John is a current Netscape employee, transferring from work porting mozilla to HP/UX.  Please join us in welcomimg him in his new role.
  • Chris Saari has ART images checked in, ready to turn on.
  • The XPToolkit team resolved 39 bugs in the last week, fixing 17 of  these.  For details, see our resolved bug list.
  • Still have 24 bugs targetted for 0.9, including blockers listed below.


  • Mike Pinkerton (pinkerton)
    • fixed bug 71219, context menus showing modal dialogs would re-display the context menu.
    • landed patches to remove special-case activate code for hidden window and rely on OS. Also move it offscreen to avoid a bug in OSX with windows of no size being visible. bugs 70355, 70388.
  • Chris Saari (saari)
    • Art is checked in but not turned on (didn't want to do that 10 minutes before the verification builds when I finally got a cvs lock removed). I'll turn it on later today, tree willing.
    • Getting animated gifs pretty much sorted out after way too many hours of debugging. A combination of our windows graphics code and 4.x and IE backward bug compatiblity are making simple GIF animation compositing much harder than it should be.
  • Daniel Matejka (danm)
    •   Find a foster parent for alerts and prompts given no parent ("appshell service must die" bug (44089?)). It's coded, waiting review.
    •   We no longer have an explicit dependency on Hidden Window; a good thing, since embedding apps won't have one. However a side effect of its absence in embedding apps will likely be edge-case failures in modules like Caps. That issue hasn't yet been explored.
    •   Reimplement nsIPrompt to fit the new overrideable UI spec (72112 ?).  This is done in the Mozilla app, but all the embedding test beds need to be updated as well. And docs written. Conrad Carlen is helping out with that, though.
  • Eric Vaughan (evaughan)
    • Finished event system
    • Hooked focus up to MSAA and got "babble" to rattle off button names.
  • David Hyatt  (hyatt)
    • 74997 Outliner causes crash when loading inbox
    • 75039 Crash using Search / logging in.
    • 72081 mutation events on anonymous content crash the browser
    • 36550 Window unresponsive if in negative coord-space [such as in
    • 75189 Scoped stylesheets don't always load
    • 73137 [RFE] capability to have half-size scrollbars
  • Dan Rosen (dr)
    • Fixed 66719 (outliner columnpicker weirdness) for real.
    • Worked mostly on 64313 (implement cmd_copyLink, cmd_copyImageLocation,  cmd_copyImageContents) - Patch existed but had bitrotted to the point of just not working. Cleaned up, got working again. Also, blew away old js copy-link code, hooked up browser and mailnews frontends to new commands. Cleaned up utilityOverlay.xul.
  • Aaron Leventhal (aaronl)
    • Checked in fix for bug 74425
    • Fix in hand for bug 75609
    • Reviewed & understood evaughan's new implementation work for 12952 (MSAA), ready to start helping with widgets and messaging
    • Investigated problems with app losing keyboard focus.
  • Brian Ryner (bryner)
    • worked on nss autoconf branch (updated to NSS_3_2_1_RTM, misc. fixes)
    • checked in outliner-based filepicker on a branch (bug 75838)
    • remove smart-scrolling warning (bug 61707)
  • Arik Devens (arik)
    • fixed bug 71760, haven't committed yet.
    • fixed bug 69922, haven't committed yet.
    • fixed bug 59511, haven't committed yet.
    • got bug 29856 patches merged, still working on excluding popup windows.
    • got cvs form in.


  • Far too many bugs still targetted for 0.9. Most won't make it, focussing on blockers, unfinished embedding features and crashers.


  • pinkerton:
    • Help out where needed.
    • help saari find bottlenecks in image loading
    • work on mach-o build for osx
  • saari:
    • 62562 Printing of ART images needs to be supported
    • 73978 transparent animating gif problems
    • 76068 art animations don't work on windows
  • hyatt:
    • 70484 browser windows go 'keydead': keyboard stops working
    • 28467 Windows switch z-order when running a URL
  • evaughan:
    • Get John G working on label, link, and "html4 button" support
    • Work on gfx and native scrollbar support
  • danm:
    •   44089 and 72112, which I believe are all my bugs that must be finished for 0.9.
  • dr:
    •   Finish 64313 ASAP: test on win32 and mac, double-check functionality for all the embedding we care about, and get checked in.
    •   - 70224 (implement nsIWebBrowserChromeFocus APIs)
    •   - After 0.9: 56086 and 21747
  • aaronl:
    • MSAA
  • bryner:
    • tabbing (31809) -- awaiting r/sr
    • filepicker posing for embedding (73134)
  • arik:
    • getting 2 more sr's to approve my cvs access.
    • committing the code on my local tree.
    • bug 75572, Separator support in outliner.
    • bug 70485, nsIDOMWindow needs zoom method.
    • finishing 29856.


  • 70484 browser windows go 'keydead': keyboard stops working.  Still no reproducible case.
  • 62562 Printing of ART images needs to be supported. Checked in, need to turn on.





April 16
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • gagan
    • Lots of bug fixing underway.
    • Big chunks of cache and imagelib bugs being cleaned swiftly.


  • darin
    • Fixed bug 71054 "nsIChannel interface revision"
    • Fixed bug 71058 "nsIURI interface revision"
    • Fixed bug 71059 "nsIURL interface revision"
    • Fixed bug 72689 "nsILoadGroup interface revision"
    • Fixed bug 72690 "nsIStreamObserver interface revision"
    • Fixed bug 74512 "file transport should support non-blocking streams"
    • Fixed bug 43191 "frameset targets not selecting from cached frame"
    • Fixed bug 75679 "nsIRequest:: load flags need revision"
    • Fixed bug 75752 "after reloading this page several times the page appears blank"
    • Fixed bug 75098 "Pages without explicit "Last-Modified" HTTP header shouldn't be fetched from cache"
    • Fixed bug 56346 "Need to cache *all* pages for session history purposes"
    • Triaged bugs
  • neeti
    • Checked in patch for bug 58034 - Accept-Language header needs q values
    • Worked on bug 75063 - Typing\ gives unexpected results. Found it was a docshell problem.
    • Investigated, reassigned bugs 74546, 74266, 75336, 58037.
    • Resolved bugs 73890, 74070, 75605.
    • Found status of imglib untargetted bugs.
    • Working on bugs 72225, 75637
  • gordon
    • Worked on redesign of validate flags for http with Darin. (several cache bugs are related to these flags)
    • Implemented and tested nsDiskCacheBlockFile class for "flat-file" storage. (For Disk Cache Levels 2 & 3)
    • Investigated removing old cache code.
  • dougt
    • Added cool new ftp logging window to the directory viewer.
    • Fixed 75110, 72774, 75289, 73797, 75836.
    • Investigation in to hard-to-reproduce 74057.
    • Patch ready for 75836. Need SR.
  • pavlov
    • fixed some images in trees not drawing. bug 74037.
    • fixed various crashes and loading problems with images. at least bugs 6074,74506,75190,75180,74165,69857,75576,75326,75417,75474.
    • fixed skin switching not clearing the image cache. bug 75181.
    • fixed alt text not going inline when there is a broken image. bug 75185.
    • improved error checking of corrupted images.
    • Down to 9 moz0.9 bugs from 43 last week.
  • gagan
    • Fixed bug 68086.
    • Reviewed several bugs.


  • gagan
    • Imagelib can still use some help with its untargeted bugs. If you'd like to help just search for Component: Imagelib and milestone = --- If you can even help confirm that these bugs still occur with the new imagelib that would be great help!

Plans for next week

  • darin
    • Fix remaining 0.9 bugs.
    • Triage bugs for 0.9.1.
  • neeti
    • Work on mozilla0.9.1 bugs.
    • Vacation 4/18 - 4/20
  • gordon
    • Integrate nsDiskCacheBlockFile with the rest of the disk cache for Disk Cache Level 2.
  • pavlov
    • Kill off the remaining 0.9 bugs and continue fixing crashers and other important bugs.
  • gagan
    • triage bugs for 0.9.1
    • last few of 0.9 bugs.


April 17
Submitted by Nisheeth Ranjan <>


  • From Peter's status report: "Both Axel Hecht and Jonas Sicking have been getting out patches for various issues in Transformiix. They really are a great help - thanks guys".
  • Prashant Desale from QA has started testing XPCDOM branch builds.  
  • We've met with Chris Hofmann and Jonathan Granrose and gotten input on our branch landing plan.  We are shooting to land in the week of April 30th through May 4th if the set of bugs identified by QA over this week and the next are small enough.
  • Heikki did a great job leading the 0.9 bug triage for the XML/DOM team.  We are down from 50 0.9 bugs for the team to 13.


  • heikki
    • Worked on XHTML map, bug 51339, have fix for real now. 
    • Worked on XMLHttpRequest crash, cleanup only so far, no real traction, bug 73958. 
    • Worked on fixing TestXMLExtras, have fix. 
    • Worked on documant.load() not initializing all variables, probably have fix, bug 50661 (have fix for bug 45337 which is a subset). 
    • Checked in P3P Mac project files for someone to finish, they do not work correctly. 
    • Triaged all of our teams remaining nsbeta1 nominated bugs with Clayton. 
    • Fixed my Linux system that I broke by trying to upgrade libc.
  • harishd
    • Worked mostly on my m0.9 bugs [ have fix in hand for all of 'em ] 
    • Talked to AOL folks about bug 4591 ( bugscape ) and moved it off the m0.9 komodo beta stopper list. 
    • Did code reviews. 
    • Attended Phil's staff meeting.
  • jst
    • Made good progress with jband on the XPCDOM branch, tracked down some leaks that were caused by a JS engine bug (thanks to jband and brendan for helping me figure this out, and thanks to brendan for coming up with a fix). Resolved problems with multiple native scope creation in XPConnect that caused weirdness on the branch. Things are starting to look very good. 
    • Checked in a workaround for scrollbar code bug 55334, this bug caused scrollbars to not show up in pages that were completely generated with document.write() after the document had been loaded (i.e. in an onload handler). 
    • Checked in's fix for bug 37649, added missing trailing '/' in the xmlns namespace uri. 
    • Worked on form regression bug 75645, have a fix in my tree. 
    • Bug triaging.
  • peterv
    • Checked in fix by Axel Hecht for bug 75534 (transformiix doesn't compile)
    • Checked in fix by Jonas Sicking for bug 71367 (use Node::getBaseURI to resolve relative urls for import and include)
    • Checked in fix by Jonas Sicking for bug 70979 (DOMHelper::getParentNode doesn't work in mozmodule)
    • Fixed bug 75724 (duplicate data in inline stylesheets)
    • Finished patch for bug 7515 (dynamically adding stylesheets)
    • Fixed up Mac projects for p3p (still need to check in)
    • Helped Daniel Glazman with XSLT-generated CSS tests
  • joki
    • Checked in ELM rewrite that fixes five 0.9 bugs.
    • I have anther 0.9 bug ready to go today with one more I'm working on during the day which I'll move out if it doesn't look like I can finish.
  • nisheeth
    • Document loading related bugs 60842, 72186, 60486 were fixed as a result of Chris Waterson's fix to bug 53956. Thanks, Chris. 
    • The behavior of bug 54718 changed. Spoke to dmose and re-assigned the bug to him for further analysis because it is LDAP related. 
    • Did code reviews. 
    • Preparing talk for Web Platform department on thoughts related to the CES, Peer to Peer conference, and ACM1. 
    • Working on the landing plan for the XPCDOM branch with the QA and Build teams.


  • peterv
    • Couldn't turn on Transformiix in the main builds (bug 72141).


  • peterv
    • Network access has been bad over the past weeks in the Paris office (DNS problem, slowdowns)
    • Powerbook is still acting up

Plans for the next week

  • heikki
    • Fix remaining 0.9 bugs. 
    • Bug triage.
  • harishd
    • Triage my untargeted bugs. 
    • Prepare for P3P presentation. 
    • Start working on m0.9.1 bugs. 
    • Attend Phil's staff meeting.
  • jst
    • Work on a few mozilla0.9 bugs. 
    • Continue with the XPCDOM work.
  • peterv
    • Clean up Transformiix bug list
    • Try to get patch for 7515 in
    • Try to get Transformiix turned on in main build
  • nisheeth
    • Continue work on XPCDOM branch landing plans. 
    • Speak at the Web Platform Department meeting.

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