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status update

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Last Updated Wednesday April 11, 2001

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Previous Updates

Module Updates
April 5
Submitted by Viswanath Ramachandran <>


  • Samir Gehani - "Pause & Resume" support completed in libxpnet for HTTP and FTP! Added blocking functionality to the mac nsIProcess::Run (for use with XPInstall and third party silent installers:
  • William Law - implementing new helper app dialog design.
  • Alec Flett - progress on dnd into personal toolbar, evaluating IE6
  • Chris McAfee - fixed mozilla linux crasher, 70164.
  • Steve Morse - massive cookie module reorg, fixed 9 M0.9 bugs.
  • Paul Chen - Have fix for 73262, crash on quitting while page is loading.
  • Matt Fisher - writing functions for performance benchmarking

Thanks To Jonas for bug 1995, metadata properties features.

Individual Reports

  • Samir Gehani
    • Highlights
      • "Resume" support completed in libxpnet.
    • Accomplishments
      • Added blocking functionality to the mac nsIProcess::Run (for use with XPInstall and third party silent installers: at least a mac version of RealPlayer is in the pipe).
      • Added FTP resume support to libxpnet (pause is for free).
      • Added HTTP resume support to libxpnet (pause if for free). Expecting HTTP/1.1 and taking advantage of byte ranges.
      • Helped Ying-lin with mac installer i18n changes (moving binary string resources to text files that use our mac INI parser).
      • Help Ian with new help system build/packaging process.
    • Current Work
      • Finish mozilla0.9 bugs.
      • Integrate libxpnet pause/resume into mac and linux installers.
      • Finish helping Ian with getting the new help system turned on as a default xp extension.
  • William Law
    • Worked on new helper app dialog.
    • IDL-ized nsINativeAppSupport to further some upcoming bug fixing and feature work.
    • Got dragged kicking and screaming into more discussions about the ill-fated "Print Preview" feature.
    • Went to poorly-attended and less than rousing "Catfood Can Opener" meeting.
    • Thanks to Paul Chen for graciously receiving and collating these status reports over the past few weeks.
    • Plans
      • New helper app dialog.
      • Misc other 0.9 bugs.
  • Matt Fisher
    • highlights
      • Finally got a little decision on Search. Starting to implement. Might change still though.
      • writing functions for performance benchmarking. Can't find bug
      • reviewed some code
    • lowlights
      • spent 2 days installing and debugging 6.0 browser for search urls.
  • Alec Flett
    • Checked in:
      • 60117 - generic startup mechanism for mozilla
      • 71590 - Bookmarks properties dialog has no labels
      • 73640 - uriloader should support true weak references
      • 73679 - assertion on exit/crash in profile switching
      • ?? (can't find #) - delayed history initialization until first window has appeared - for performance
      • lots of super reviews - finally finished reviewing cookie changes
      • checked in bug 1995 for - cool metadata properties feature...thanks, jonas!
      • evaluating IE6 to see how we're doing
    • working on:
      • more nsBrowserInstance stuff w/jag to reduce more bloat
      • global history to be the guinea pig for the outliner - will work with waterson next week
      • continuing to break up & reorganize our JS and XUL to allow us to load the bare minimum from navigator.xul, as well as other apps like mail who use our overlays
      • drag & drop into personal toolbar - kind of working in my tree, but blows away your personal toolbar every so often.. doh!
  • Chris McAfee
    • Fixes:
      • 70167: Point to new x-remote doc, started a new doc on
      • 70164: -remote openURL() was crashing
      • -----: Added bonsai fixes to tinderbox
      • 68264: Set width,height on icons in about: box for mozilla & ns builds to avoid reflows
      • I have 3 other fixes waiting reviews.
    • Other stuff:
      • Sheriff most of Wednesday.
      • Vacation 4/12 - 4/23, I hope to focus on my bug list between now and then.
  • Steve Morse
    • HILITE
      • Regarding the massive cookie-module reorg that I'd been working on, last week I reported that the light at the end of the tunnel might actually be the headlight of an oncoming train. Well I was wrong -- it really was sunlight. Final approval was obtained and 47 files were checked in. This fixed 9 M0.9 bugs. Thanks to Paul Chen for being my mac buddy in this endeavor.
    • LOLITE
      • I have embarqued on the same sort of changes for password-manager module. :-(
      • 46783: idl-izing the cookies interface for embedding
      • 40026: view cookie manager and image manager as separate dialogs
      • 64588: js warning in CookieViewer.js
      • 71071: writing cookies file on every cookie
      • 70437: js warning in cookieTasksOverlay.xul
      • 70989: clean up lots of shadows (cookies part of that bug report)
      • 72785: image manager shows nothing
      • 70391: commercial browser crashes while mousing over to image manager
      • 73288: host/domain indicator in cookie manager dialog is incorrect
      • 73955/6: smoketest blockers in form-manager and password-manager
      • 73341: password manager dialog broken
      • 63373: crash when bringing up password manager
      • 72401: real minor wording change in dialog
      • 70382: idl-izing the password manager interface for embedding (awaiting super-review, alecf 3-28)
      • 73949: text missing on wallet preview dialog on mac (awaiting review, pchen 3-29)
      • 73964: can't log on to compuserve (actively investigating)
      • bugscape 4491: cookie enable test broken (have patch, needs testing)
  • Paul Chen
    • Mozilla 0.9 bugs
      • 20943 [FEATURE] Print preview needs to be hooked up Marked as nsbeta1- and future. Still needs work in presentation layer of layout, layout has no resource to implement the work, so we don't have functionality to hook up to, therefore this is going to miss the train
      • 64025 Crash when changing the Show Tooltips pref Reassigned to A StyleContextImpl is getting overwritten (well, it's mPseudoTag data member is). Style system whackage, reassign to someone who can do a better job of fixing the problem.
      • 65322 Separators in Personal Toolbars is displayed incorrectly Looked into this a little bit, still needs some work, went off to fix 73262 because it's kinda blocking me
    • Other
      • 73262 Crash on quitting while page is loading This bug was blocking me on stuff (like every time I closed a window on mac). This one is currently assigned to danm, I had a fix, redid fix, need to get r= and sr= again, but tree is still closed anyway
      • 46783 nsICookieService.h needs to be idl'ized Mac buddy for Steve Morse. This ate up my Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning (for clean up ;-))
      • 73786 [tracking bug] land STRING_081_BRANCH Windows build buddy for scc
      • 66719 Outliner is behaving weird when all columns are hidden Reviewed fix for dr
    • Vishy is this week back, so I'm no longer a virtual mangler. Back to typing!
  • Ben Goodger
    • No Status
April 9
Submitted by Kevin McCluskey <>


  • none


  • Rods cable modem was out Thursday and Friday which impeded his progress on 7201 (When printing pages w/frames, frames print on separate pages) The new ETA for 7201 landing is Wednesday (4/11)


  • none


  • none


  • 17 bugs down from 26 bugs last friday. (11 have fixes in the process of being reviewed/super-reviewed)


  • 54 bugs, unchanged from last friday


  • none


  • none


  • none


  • Rod Spears will be on Sabbatical from June 15th thru Aug12th of 2001
  • Kevin McCluskey will be on Sabbatical July 2nd thru Aug 24th of 2001

Priorities for next week

  • Don Cone
    • Check in fixes for:
      • 74083, correct title for postscript.
      • 74827 Mac Timer fix.
    • 36796 - Mac page setup support testing and review and checkin
    • 66781 - Mac selection UI for printing.
    • 7201 - Help Rod test his FrameSet changes.
  • Rod Spears
    • Finish testing and check in fix for:
      • 7201 - When printing pages w/frames, frames print on separate pages
    • Work on:
      • 71717 - ComboboxControlFrame is resolving style on a text node: this
      • 53165 - wrong Javascript interpretation
      • 58855 - <option> disabled not disabling initial option
  • Eric Pollmann
    • Check in fixes for:
      • 64702 Browser crashes when attempting to fill in a web form.
      • 59408 - full path name of uploaded file not send
      • 73309 - [MLK] Leaking <ConstStringImpl>
      • 58189 - file-upload should send Content-Transfer-Encoding header
      • 70450 - frame.noResize scriptable but frame doesn't become resizable
      • 59675 - Occurances of uninitialized variables being used before bein
      • 70450 - frame.noResize scriptable but frame doesn't become resizable
    • Work on:
      • form.submit() causes NS_ERROR_INVALID_POINTER
  • Kevin McCluskey
    • 74934 - New View Manager2 causing full-page Acrobat to crash on Mac
    • 74543 - Browser crashes loading page (nsFrame::GetOffsetFromView)


  • Don Cone
    • SMIL meeting.
    • 74083 - Mac crashes when printing. Have fix in tree waiting for sr and r.
    • 74827 - Was created because of 74083.. the Mac repeating timers where faulty. Simon Fraser has submitted a patch.
    • 70950 - Silent Printing parameter for embedding. Checked in fix.
    • 66942 - Correct title for printing. Have fix in tree and reviewed.. waiting to check in this weekend.
    • 36796 - Mac Page Setup support is written, but I could not check because of crashing.
  • Rod Spears
    • 7201 - When printing pages w/frames, frames print on separate pages. Completed work, which actually required rewriting a majority of of the printing logic. I am now testing it on Windows and Linux. Don is also helping out by testing on Win, Mac, and Linux. Should be able to check it in Tues/Wed if testing goes well.
    • Triaged a lot of my "new" bugs that haven't been able to get to.
  • Eric Pollmann
    • Fixed:
      • 69455 Allow embedding apps to turn off framesets / iframes (0.9, worked with Harish)
      • 59408 file upload doesn't send full path (fix removes 1 function + code, -> 0.9)
      • 53347 PDF form fails to submit (provided patch for plugin submit code)
      • 63050 Flash Plugin posts random garbage (provided patch for 2nd plugin submit bug)
      • 73309 Fix memory leak in form submit code (easy fix, -> 0.9)
      • 66399 Clicking on page banner ad loads page in iframe (0.9, came up with image map patch)
    • Worked on:
      • 56743 pref to disable frame content (69455 pref/ui, marked dependency, backend fix done in 69455)
      • 71961 overwriting memory (0.9.1, added crash keyword, attached stack, ->alecf)
    • Other:
      • 47658 <noframes> content should display if not in frameset document (-> invalid)
      • 56922 plugin dialog won't go away when okay clicked (0.9, -> worksforme)
      • 57076 Referer not sent for iframe requests (0.9, -> worksforme)
      • 67346 Talkback search doesn't work (0.9, -> worksforme)
      • 43191 frameset target not pulling page from cache (-> darin)
  • Kevin McCluskey
    • Twice weekly SVG teleconference
    • Worked on:
      • 74543 - Browser crashes loading page (nsFrame::GetOffsetFromView)
    • Checked in fix for:
      • 70041 - Fixes to make gfx\tests\coverage program work again
    • Resolved:
      • 71195 - Printing document w/Tahoma fonts specified crashes
      • 73376 - Crash when accessing first time in session
      • 69656 - display bug with interacting layers
      • 72303 - Table cell borders cannot be changed dynamically
      • 4919 - images display strangely with low system resources
      • 39997 - moving dropdown while dropped down creates artifacts
      • 47173 - Dynamically changing of DIV causes errors
      • 50993 - backspace leaves crumbs behind
      • 17322 - Preference of which is preferred - fast layout/stable layout
      • 63232 - Waiting for response blocks screen redraws
      • 67381 - Scrolling leaves off by one errors when using 84dpi
      • 13371 - Win32 - Problems with resizing Apprunner window
      • 47210 - Background of client area takes too long for initial paint u
      • 47239 - scrolled image not correctly reposition when window is max
      • 48532 - [FEATURE] undrawn pages need some 'blank' state color
      • 48611 - [EVENTTARG]Clipped links in DIVs invisible but clickable
      • 57727 - Animated gif does not layout correctly.
      • 60046 - text display has an off-by-1-pixel refresh error
      • 61470 - Clipped stuff in DIV invisible but selectable, copyable, etc
      • 70062 - tables overflowing dialog menus (?)
      • 73376 - Crash when accessing first time in session
      • 73443 - Link with A:hover style set is being redrawn as part of top
      • 73782 - Using style opacity on more than one element makes Mozilla c
      • 74208 - Mozilla fails to render the page properly after the DOM has
      • 14641 - When window restored, contents not refreshed if changed
April 9
Submitted by Vishwanath Ramachandran <>


  • Consolidated xfer, find and ucth dlls into appcomps.dll which should reduce code size and speed startup.
  • Fixed bookmarks sidebar panel to load again
  • Fixed crash opening view source
  • Fixed crash on quitting while page is loading
  • Fixed crash bringing up cookie viewer
  • Redid password manager IDL for embedding requirements.


  • Interviewed two candidates for open engineering position.
  • Bill Law will take sabbatical in the summer.
  • Samir Gehani will take sabbatical in the summer (getting married!).
  • Chris McAfee on vacation 4/11-4/23.

Individual Status Reports

  • Alec Flett
    • Highlights:
      • Fixed 71590 - bookmarks property dialog cleanup
      • Found some cleanup work which allows us to consolidate 3 dlls (find, xfer, ucth) into the appcomps dll, reducing our total dlls by 3. These dlls were also loaded at startup, so this should speed up startup time as well.
      • Looks like reorganization of the Keyboard Navigation component will free me of lots of bugs that I didn't have time to fix.
    • Lowlights:
      • Too much tree closure == few bugs checked in
    • Plans:
      • have fixes for many of my 0.9 bugs in my tree, was unable to check in due to late tree openings this week.
  • Ben Goodger
    • Progress:
      • .9 fixes in tree for:
      • 68537 - bookmarks view doesn't automatically scroll to new folder upon creation. The scrolling problem is long fixed, however there was inline edit bustage that was causing new folder creation (and all inline edit operations) to fail.
      • 71685 - bookmarks in sidebar don't load. Have renamed bookmarksPanel.xul back to bm-panel.xul.
      • 57763 - textfield for email address to send as anon email pwd not disabling when corresponding checkbox unchecked.
      • 65328 - disabling bug in bookmark properties dialog scheduling panels.
      • 73905 - checked in a small patch to nsHTMLContentSink that ensure that JS documents are loaded from cache if they are cached, rather than always reloaded. Darin checked in a similar fix to nsCSSLoader.
      • Currently working on 53403, dragging folder into child folder deletes folder (bad dataloss). I've fixed the original problem, but now I'm suffering from a case where I seem to be trashing the container that I insert (correctly) into.
      • I've come to the conclusion that the old tree widget sucks, and dealing with it sucks. I'm looking forward to migrating the code to the outliner widget, if possible.
    • other work:
      • 68539 - inline edit operations not successful (see above)
      • 73508 - bookmarks should use the outliner widget. created nsIXULOutlinerBuilderObserver so clients can implement outliner event handling functions, like inline edit requests. (CHECKED IN)
      • began adding rudimentary inline editing support to the outliner XBL binding, based on initial attempt in the XUL tree widget.
      • begun to implement nsOutlinerBodyFrame::GetCoordsForCellItem, a method which will return the rect for an item (image, text etc) within a given cell. This will allow accurate positioning of an inline edit field over the cell, title tips, nice drag and drop feedback, marquee selection, etc.
      • reformatted the outliner idl files to use correct doc comments. (CHECKED IN)
      • Chris Waterson has factored the XUL Template builder, creating a generic base class for template generated matter, and deriving nsXULContentBuilder and nsXULOutlinerBuilder from it. The content builder is what we knew the old template builder to be, the OUtliner builder is the analog for the outliner widget. This allows an outliner to be fed by an RDF datasource. Clients can create an outliner with a template in the <outlinerbody>. Specialized applications like bookmarks have advanced requirements, for instance they may need to be able to supply information as to whether or not a given node is editable, etc. As such an interface called nsIXULOutlinerBuilderObserver has been created that allows such applications to define this behaviour for themselves.
    • Priorities:
      • Get stuff still in local tree checked in: All those mac-classic skin changes. This is going to be a bitch to merge but I want to get them in for .9.1
      • The menupopup patch that fixes pretty much every remaining positioning problem with submenus.
      • The menupopup patch from hell that implements sizable popups (yes, this has been gathering dust since before Christmas, time to dust it off.)
      • Give Silvia a bath, make sure to clean off bird excrement as it is acidic and eats paint.
    • Highlights:
      • DSL is installed, the internet is fast again, I can pull much more quickly than before.
      • Received personalized license plates for car. Fitted them. See:
      • Successfully completed break-in period in Silvia (1000 miles). Took it out tonight for a spin, tested acceleration exiting gas station, 1st@~20kph, 2nd@~60kph, 3rd@~80kph, 4th@~105kph, 5th@~105kph. The engine screams like a banshee over 5000, and accelerates with brutal precision. Need to hone shifting during panicked acceleration as carnal instinct is to use shift pattern of an Opel Astra during such situations, causing the stick to hit the barrier between 3rd and 5th, or sometimes even go into 5th.
    • Lowlights:
      • My securID seems to have stopped working. I guess this means no mail for a little while. Please reach me at while I wait for my new one to be sent out to me. I requested FedEx and they said they'd "see what they could do."
      • Silvia has acquired a nasty scratch on her dashboard, underneath her nametag. Mourned for 15 minutes, tried to figure out who was to blame, but failed.
      • Received $33 in parking fines, from fascist agents of aforementioned pinko commie government.
  • Paul Chen
    • Mozilla 0.9 bugs
      • 69572 M08 Changing Themes twice leads to crash crash [@ nsGenericElement::GetBindingParent ] Marked WORKSFORME, because it does on all three platforms.
      • 65322 Separators in Personal Toolbars is displayed incorrectly Reassigned to Blake Ross, he found the fix
    • Other
      • 74728 crash opening view source (smoketest blocker) Created fix that prevents crashing while on XPApps sheriff duty. Waterson and harishd later created correct fix.
      • 73262 Crash on quitting while page is loading Finally able to check in fix on Tuesday evening
      • 70382 need to abstract out nsISingleSignonManager iface from nsIWallet. Mac buddy for Steve Morse Wednesday evening
      • 49758 Need to get protocol handlers from Internet Config Yeah, ok, it's not on my 0.9 list, but it really is nsCatFood (and needs to be marked as such). Created fix; the only thing left is adding code to alert user when mozilla/netscape is registered in OS for a protocol we can't handle
  • Samir Gehani
    • Highlights
      • Good progress ramping down installer bugs.
    • Accomplishments
      • Finished helping Ian with new help system build changes.
      • Chased down and fixed a linux installer linkage bug (manifested as the Java hang) caused by mozilla "configure" rule changes.
      • Added "auto" mode to linux installer (pass the -ma flag on the command line) for automatic installation using defaults with no user intervention but some progress UI.
      • Added disk space checking to the linux installer.
      • Good progress on integrating pause/resume into the linux installer.
    • Current Work
      • Finish mozilla0.9 bugs.
      • Complete integrating libxpnet pause/resume into mac and linux installers.
  • Steve Morse
      • Most of my time was spent on four very difficult bugs (72186, 53956, 74014, and 73964) but no checkins were made on any of them.
      • Made substantial progress on the first three of these four bugs.
      • Redid the idl for password manager to meet embedding requirements.
      • 72186: crash if typing in before page finishes loading Spent time analyzing this top crasher. Came up with a fix for it. Editor team has asked that we hold off checking in this fix because it will mask another problem that they are currently having.
      • 53956: bugzilla login never stops loading Spent time investigating this long-outstanding bug. Discovered that bug goes away by adding a call to RemoveDummyLayoutRequest
      • 74014: form manager dialog not working on linux and mac Spent time investigating and simplifying this Finally reduced it to a simple testcase which showed that it was related to the use of editable menulists. Reassigned to andreww who has already done a lot of work in that area.
      • 70382: idl-izing the password manager interface for embedding Another very time-consuming change but not quite as bad as the equivalent work done on the cookie manager (bug 46783) Took several iterations to satisfy all the reviewer's and super-reviewer's requests
      • 74112: cookie following deleted cookie not being sent out This bug was uncovered during my investigation of 73964. I had to fix it first so that further investigation could be done on that critical bug (no compuserve login).
      • 74089: cookie strings being displayed for images
      • 74049: cookperm file is garbled
      • 74489: crash when bringing up cookie viewer
      • 74858: cookie permissions not being read in
      • 74569: cookie viewer shows no cookies on installer builds
      • 65419: errors in selectDialog.js
      • bugscape 4491: cookie enable test broken (have patch, needs testing)
      • 73964: can't log on to compuserve (investigating)
  • Bill Law
    • Completed basic version of new helper app dialog.
    • Spent 3 days hooking that dialog up to helper app add/edit dialogs (from Prefs). This works in general, but the dialogs cannot add/edit the helper app entries due to mysterious RDF errors. I'm enlisting aid of our RDF experts to try to figure out what's going on.
    • Sat in on Thur Performance meeting to discuss window open Quantify analyses I'd done. Opened a new bug to address one issue.
    • Plans
      • Resolve new helper app dialog problems.
      • Check in window icon code.
      • Complete new progress dialog.
  • Vishy Ramachandran
    • Looking at Bill Law's startup performance code to try and check it in.
  • Matt Fisher
    • <no formal status report>
    • Working on new Search specification for mozilla 0.9.
  • Chris McAfee
    • <no formal status report>
    • Sheriff wednesday
    • Work on tinderbox improvements, added support for mozconfig, configurable timeout for layout test, added support for pageloader test.
April 9
Submitted by Beth Epperson <>


  • Note: Kin Blas will be acting manager from 11 April through 1 May
  • 44 open mozilla0.9 bugs, 0 untargetted bugs, 38 bugs resolved
  • All sorts of embedding checkins landed this past week!


  • 66345 (editor reorganization): Merged editor changes from the last week and early this week into my editor reorg tree, and landed phase 1 (file changes) of the reorg.
  • Participated in meeting with Ian Jacobs to discuss accessibility issues.
  • Talked to IS about my Mac problems; got a new Mac, set up the build environment and ran several builds. I still see hangs in various places; need to talk to Mac team members about whether this is expected.
  • Helped Mike merge my changes with his; stood by for mac assistance for his landing in case he couldn't find a real mac developer.
  • Caught up on mail and bugs from the week I was gone.
  • Installed the TotalView linux debugger, but haven't had time to try it out yet.
  • Got DSL hooked up at home!


  • bug triaging and reviewing
  • Thursday - sheriff duty
  • reviewed 74991, needs input from jfrancis as the fix might break some of his stuff
  • bug - 74145, fixed, reviewed and checked in.
  • the big thing I'm working on is finishing up the range code, all the code is done, I just need to test it and then get it reviewed. should be done this next week.
  • worked with eric vaughn on some selection issues for accessibility
  • worked late on wednesday and thursday with mjudge so we could get our stuff in so we could go to a funeral of a mutual friend, but we didn't make it. Although mjudge did land friday evening.


  • bug triage
  • facilitated meeting to resolve mail timing issues (bugs 43863 and 35294)
  • completed the advanced dialog content array
  • met with Ian Jacobs from W3C about accessibility issues


  • Fixed and checked in bugs 73775, 73049, 57649, 73807, 72223.
  • Worked with Tony to fix "caret shows when enabling an edit field" bug.
  • Fixed 74900 - waiting for reviews.
  • Triaged and sent bugs to proper owners.
  • Spent most of Tuesday meeting with W3C accessibility contact (Ian Jacobs), demo'd Composer and had interesting discussions about improvements to Composer UI.
  • Spent Thursday and Friday at San Diego office: Did some tests to figure out why inserting large tables in Composer is so slow.


  • W3C CSS WG conference call; discussion about Selectors Module reaching CR
  • editorial work on Selectors Module
  • style team conf call on monday
  • code in hand for all CSS pseudo-classes accepting an argument like :lang() or :nth-child() ...
  • code in hand for css3 :nth-child(an+b) pseudo-class ; all tests green !
  • checked in 72302


  • sheriff on Thursday
  • fixed bugs
  • code reviews
  • dealing with connectivity issues


  • Lots of code reviews.
  • Sat down with sfraser and ran Purify in search of a particular bug which we didn't find. Ended up filing several bugs on other groups for all the things that kept popping up.
  • Several Editor Performance discussions, also sat down briefly with sfraser and hyatt to see what hyatt found in Quantify.
  • Did some poking around for top crasher bug #72186 which atinassi and morse were looking into.
  • Updated the bug with my comments.
  • Did some poking around for smoketest blocker #74997 on Friday, tried out several patches from sspitzer.
  • Helped mjudge smoketest, debug and fix several problems in preparation for his XPIDL Editor changes landing.
  • Triaged and did some preliminary debugging for several editor bugs.


  • checked in a load of stuff, specifically bug 66318 (idlizing)
  • some other 0.9 bug with multiline window.selection implemented.
  • for both checkins, there were no hitches, all went in with no regressions
  • 2 more fixinhands to check in this week, not anticipating any problem
  • 1 bug remaining in mozilla0.9, 68714 (has to do clicking on named anchor)


  • Checked in fix for 74143 -- change nsIController to use DOMStrings.
  • Checked in lots of work-in-progress on command updating and editor embedding, pending review before switching on.
  • Filed two bugs for the implementation of embedding work, which attached patches which need review. Bugs are:
  • 74922 -- docShell work to hang editors off of docShells
  • 74927 -- need a way to pass lists of parameters to commands
  • Got a fix for the Mac timers for Don Cone (bug 74827)
  • Spent a couple of hours getting some fixes for bad library exports (bug 74181)
  • Collected some more data at disk reads on startup; data attached to bug 72128, and the libreg bug 15115, filed bug 74815 on i18n libreg abuse.
  • Helped Mike get a Mac tree with his changes in, and smoketested them.
  • Code reviews for Mike, Akkana and others
  • Sheriffed on Thursday, 1 performance meeting, 2 meetings on mail compose performance

Project Issues

  • Daniel: really a lot of network problems during all week, in particular with DNS... Name resolution is hardly done and HTTP access becomes really slow.
  • Simon: Some firewall outage, occasional short-term mail server outage.

People Issues

  • beppe out from 11 April through 27 April
  • Daniel took Friday off
  • Simon took Friday off
  • Kathy took Friday off
April 9
Submitted by Dan Mosedale <>

stuff done

  • after picking waterson's nose^H^H^H^Hbrain, decided on and implemented threadsafety strategy for nsLDAPAutoCompleteSession: marshal everything back to the main thread using nsISupports proxies. Ideally, we would make nsLDAPAutoCompleteSession (as well as some of the code in xpfe/components/autocomplete) threadsafe instead, but there's not time for that now.
  • found an apparent thread-safety bug in nsISupports proxies (bug 75166).
  • wrote a helper function for creating nsISupports proxies more simply (bug 74792)
  • filed bug 74896 on getting a replacement for nsReplaceSubString that I can use to parameterize the autocomplete session
  • lots and lots of cleanup work nsLDAPAutoCompleteSession.

to do this week

  • finish cleanup and parameterization of nsLDAPAutoCompleteSession; get it reviewed
  • supply any help necessary to get existing autocomplete.xml changes landed (bugs 43189, 69700)
  • hook up the AutoCompleteSession to the mail/news compose window


  • no progress was made last week on landing hewitt's autocomplete changes (bug 43189), upon which blake's multiple datasource work (bug 69700) depends.
  • turning on the LDAP C SDK code in the builds broke the distclean target as well as the use of a system installed NSPR in the mozilla builds (bug 62920).
April 9
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>


  • Chris Saari got ART images decoding fully working under libpr0n.
  • Ian Jacobs from W3C came for a visit, talked with folks from different teams about accessibility. He also offered to help mozilla developers learn about accessibility.
  • The XPToolkit team resolved 43 bugs in the last week, fixing 27 of these, including 11 crash, dogfood or catfood bugs . For details, see our resolved bug list.


  • Mike Pinkerton (pinkertoni)
    • wdef for borderless windows, makes modern look much better and puts us in line with win32.
    • fixed leak in menu code, leaking RoutineDescriptor with every menubar created
    • fixed regression (blocker) in text dragDrop
    • investigating embedding solutions on OSX
    • fixed right-click in parent item of submenu of a context menu causing parent context menu to go away and leaving submenu hanging (bug 71795)
    • ressurecting mach-o build for macosx.
  • Chris Saari (saari)
    • Got ART decoding fully working under libpr0n. It animates, it plays sounds, it slices and dices.
    • Reviews and checkin are next up.
  • Daniel Matejka (danm)
  • Eric Vaughan (evaughan)
    • landed accessibility
    • implemented selection and focus
    • implemented state on checkboxes so they check and uncheck
    • partial implementation of accessible events
  • David Hyatt (hyatt)
    • fixed several smoketest blockers, fallout from others landings
    • implemented versioning in chrome registry
  • Dan Rosen (dr)
    • Fixed 61187 (cleaned up patch contributed by
    • Checked in last week's patches, finally, except for 66719 (merge conflicts and tree closures make dr a dull boy)
  • Aaron Leventhal (aaronl)
    • Implemented status flags in MSAA
    • Fixed API cross reference to include Gnome accessibility .
    • fixed make file bug when accessibility was turned on - viewer wouldn't compile, stopped build process
    • Brought Ian Jacobs from W3C in for visit - we talked with folks from different teams about accessibility.
  • Brian Ryner (bryner)
    • PSM2 work (fix an assertion, fix client auth)
    • More work on 38061 (removed 17 obsolete headers)
    • Started working on rewriting Linux filepicker to use outliner
  • Arik Devens (arik)



  • pinkerton:
    • 68632 Right-clicking on bookmark while in-line editing causes cras
    • more work on getting the mach-o build off the floor
    • finally landing my hidden window patches
  • saari:
    • 70484 browser windows go 'keydead': keyboard stops working
    • 64313 Implement command "cmd_copy_link"
    • 59543 Closing multiple tiled dialogs (Security and JS alert) cause
    • check in a bunch of work
    • GIF bugs followed by focus bugs
  • hyatt:
    • 54542 Large tables are slow
    • 74902 crash on quit in nsOutliner*
    • 74944 Crash in outliner when closing mailnews window.
    • 74416 invalid key or keycode in xbl keybindings nukes keybinding
    • 28467 Windows switch z-order when running a URL
  • evaughan:
    • finish accessibility event system
    • make accessibility work with iframes
  • danm:
    • Finish bug 72112 and bug 71895, consolidating the disparate nsIPrompt implementations and ripping out uses of Hidden Window.
    • 69922 intrinsic sizing is broken in embedded apps
    • 68454 Crash when trying to save an image that opens in a javascipt
    • 70775 Crash on find in page if you cancel find dialog before 'text
  • dr:
    • 30841 (Double right-clicking on a page disables keyboard, hopefully should be easier to fix now that we have NS_CONTEXTMENU events)
    • 66719 (Outliner is behaving weird when all columns are hidden)
    • 74753 (Can't use intl characters in <window title="...">)
  • aaronl:
    • MSAA widget accessibility.
    • 56118 INPUT with type of password is read out loud
    • 24423 allow user to navigate panes+frames using keyboard only
    • 70696 Crashed in set caret
  • bryner:
    • 31809 (tabbing to URL bar)
    • 73134 (work with dr on filepicker embedding API)
  • arik:
    • 73610 Mozilla crashes when I use Ctrl-W to close a window
    • getting a test case for 59511 Can't change rows attribute on trees dynamically (would love it if someone would magically appear with a test case that works)
    • 71760 (Move JS spacebar handler code into C++)
    • finishing up 29856 Window Class the same for all mozilla windows



  • Tree has been closed too much during the day. People need to test more before they checkin. Even XUL authors should be careful to test for regressions that can be triggered by their changes exposing bugs in underlying C++ code. If you can't use it as dogfood yourself, don't check it in!



April 9
Submitted by Scott Putterman <>

Status for 02-April-2001

Status for 09-April-2001

April 10
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • darin
    • Fixed bug 73875 " does not load"
    • Fixed bug 72320 "socket ownership issues"
    • Fixed bug 72520 "add support for cacheKeys"
    • Fixed bug 73029 "caching broken in certain timezones"
    • Fixed bug 74118 "can't launch with a new profile"
    • Developed patches for bug 74221 "necko api changes"
    • triaged bugs
  • neeti
    • Investigated/resolved bugs 71746, 73603.
    • Worked on bug 53956.
    • Had to go to court for jury duty.
  • gordon
    • Touched down DISKCACHE1_BRANCH to fix several bugs.
    • Continuing to work on Level 1 Disk cache.
    • Held meeting with Darin, rpotts, and radha concerning history accessing POST results.
    • Landed DISKCACHE1_BRANCH to implement dynamic eviction and efficient cache miss detection (and fixed several crash bugs)
    • Rewrite about:cache.
    • Triaged network:cache bugs, eliminating a couple dozen.
    • non-Future Network:cache bugs are down to 43.
  • pavlov
    • Killed off a lot bugs.
  • gagan
    • http://status/bugs/ is online.
    • Fixed the graphs on status/bugs to be bigger and lighter to allow people to print it.
    • Art images are now decoding, animating, printing, etc..! Great work by Saari and Pavlov.


  • gagan
    • the customizing queries feature is broken on http://status/bugs/ I will look into this.

Plans for next week

  • darin
    • land necko api changes
    • fix serious http/cache bugs
    • work on phase 2 of necko api changes "http changes"
    • triage bugs
  • neeti
    • Work on mozilla0.9 bugs.
  • gordon
    • Continue work on level 2 disk cache.
  • pavlov
    • Check in my patch for some pages not loading (bug 74506).
    • Check in my fix for broken images with alt text not turning in to inline text (bug 75185).
    • Figure out why images arn't drawing in trees.
    • Continue killing bugs.
  • gagan
    • bug triaging
    • work on my bugs for 0.9


  • gagan
    • A lot of intranet sites are/were broken-- expense reports, time-off requests and manager's inquiry tools. I have had little success trying to find out who owns (is responsible) for this stuff.
April 10
Submitted by Nisheeth Ranjan <>


  • The XPCDOM landing will not happen before the 0.9 tree freeze. Leak fixing, security manager integration, and plugin scriptability are tasks that remain. We will collect performance, stability, and footprint reduction data as we get closer to finishing these tasks.
  • The XML/DOM team is over Marek's 0.9 bug limit. We will triage our 0.9 bugs this week to get back within the limit.


  • heikki
    • Fixed 48217, use baseURI (DOM Level 3 node property) in nsContextMenu.js to clean up and fix the Show Link in New Window when XML Base has been used.
    • As a proof of context, implemented FIXptr (simplified XPointer) in 3 hours and 200 lines of code. Not checked in because the spec has no official status as of yet. See bug 74800 for more details.
    • Worked on making map element work in XHTML, bug 51339.
    • Worked on fixing a regression with XMLHttpRequest, bug 73958.
    • Triaged half of our team's nsbeta1 nominated bugs with Clayton.
    • Worked on P3P Mac project files, still does not quite work.
  • harishd
    • Fix imminent for a couple of my m0.9 bugs (69455,68790)
    • Analyzed bug 73518 - no where close to a fix. Need jst's help.
    • Had a P3P meeting with Tom Lendacky & Jeremy Leob.
    • Attended Phil's staff meeting.
    • Triaged my untargeted bugs.
  • jst
    • Worked more on the XPCDOM, things are starting to look pretty good, still need to work on memory leaks n' various details here n' there.
  • peterv
    • Checked in the fixes for 65237 (redesign wrappers), 69091 (remove HashTable), 72143 (allow use of Transformiix in embedding), 72179 (leaks), part of 59853 (new operator should be used with more care) and 74873 (Make transformiix |#include|s better, patch by Axel Hecht).
    • Worked on style loading through the dom. Still having problems.
    • Worked on enabling Transformiix in the main build, will have to wait on superreview of Transformiix
    • Made jst's branch build and run on Mac.
    • Checked in fix to keep MathML building on Mac.
  • joki
    • Continued work on ESM rewrite and worked on additional 0.9 bugs
  • nisheeth
    • Sheriffed the tree on Friday.
    • Worked on bugscape bug 3076.
    • Chris Waterson found and fixed a bug in the dummy layout channel code that improves document loading. Continuing to investigate how that fix affects other document loading related bugs on my plate.
    • Did code reviews.
    • Finished the report on the three conferences I've attended since January 2001.


  • heikki
    • FIXptr work. Ad hoc XML Linking WG work, and wanted to see how difficult it would be to implement a simple subset.
    • Lots of time spent getting reviews for XHTML map bugfix, and a lot of time spent quantifying changes.
  • harishd
    • Lost all my changes for bug 69455 due to a problem in my computer!!


  • Peter van der Beken cannot enable Transformiix by default until the code is super-reviewed. We've started the process of finding super reviewers for the component.


Plans for the next week

  • heikki
    • Fix 51339, 73958 and work on XML Extras stuff.
    • Bug triage.
  • harishd
    • Work on my m0.9 bugs.
    • Work with Jeremy Loeb in creating a report on P3P.
    • Attend Phil's staff meeting.
    • Triage my bug list.
  • jst
    • Continue with my XPCDOM work.
  • peterv
    • Work on style loading through the DOM.
    • Go through 0.9 bugs, should be able to get patches for some of those in.
  • nisheeth
    • Continue with fixing 0.9 bugs.

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