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Last Updated Wednesday April 4, 2001

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Previous Updates

Module Updates
March 29
Submitted by Scott Putterman <>
Status for 26-March-2001
April 2
Submitted by Kevin McCluskey <>


  • Checked in two fixes which should improve page load times for large documents; bug 70211 - nsContainerFrame::PositionChildViews, 19256 - Excess frame redrawing during incremental reflow
  • Should have a fix for 7201 - Finishing the printing of "AsIs" FrameSets and IFrames completed and checked in this week.


  • none


  • none


  • none


  • 26 bugs down from 38 bugs last friday


  • 54 bugs down from 68 bugs last friday


  • none


  • none


  • none

Priorities for next week

  • Don Cone
    • 66781 (Mac UI for page setup),
    • 7201 help Rod land changes (FrameSet printing)
  • Rod Spears
    • 7201 - Finishing the printing of "AsIs" FrameSets and IFrames and getting it checked in.
  • Eric Pollmann
    • check in fixes for:
      • 64702 Browser crashes when attempting to fill in a web form.
      • 65609 form elements inside of append subtrees aren't added t
      • 56992 - Unix default plugin grabs focus, doesn't go away
      • 58189 - file-upload should send Content-Transfer-Encoding header
      • 70450 - frame.noResize scriptable but frame doesn't become resizable
  • Kevin McCluskey
    • 71195 - Printing document w/Tahoma fonts specified crashes
    • 73376 - Crash when accessing first time in session


  • Don Cone
    • SMIL meeting.
    • Worked on:
      • 7201 - When printing pages w/frames, frames print on separate pages. I implemented the PrintObject design. Rod finished the Frame to content matching.
    • Have fixes for:
      • 53494 (umr in stretchDIBits),
      • 70950 (silent printing),
      • 66943 (PS title)
  • Rod Spears
    • 7201 - When printing pages w/frames, frames print on separate pages. Don started by converting the nsDocumentViewer over to use a new PrintObject. A separate PrintObject (PO) was created for each document and sub-document, the objects were placed in a simple list for reflowing and printing. I took that initial start and completely reworked all of printing to create a tree of POs that mirror the document tree. This enables control over the reflow of the documents so the sub-docs can be reflowed to the size of the "rect" that they take up in their parent's frame layout. Unless each doc is being printed separately then they are reflowed the same size as a page. NOTE: IFrames always reflow at the size as defined by the reflow of their parent and the corresponding frame in that frame tree. Frames, as stated above, may be reflowed and printed as a whole document or as a smaller rect.

      The printing of the POs are currently done recursively and asynchronously. I will spend a little time looking into creating a "flat" list for printing, instead of rpting recursively. I will also invetsigate reflow only those docs/sub-docs that will be printed.

      Should be able to finish this work up early next week and get reviews and check in by week's end.

  • Eric Pollmann
    • Fixed and checked in:
      • 65609 form elements in appended subtree aren't added to form (will check in Friday)
    • Fixed:
      • 69455 Allow embedding apps to turn of framesets / iframes (did api changes, handed to Harish)
      • 64702 Crash when filling web form
    • Worked on:
      • 65947 form password is remembered when hitting back button
      • 34297 Form controls without frames unsuccessful in Mozilla
      • 63050 flash plugin submits garbage from a flash form
    • Other:
      • 70497 Hidden text fields on form not submitted (dup 34297)
      • 69047 First time Post fails after login (dup of 44536)
      • 71834 can't upload file (was marked blocker, can't reproduce -> wfm)
      • 74175 Crash on accessing frame page (imlib lookin, -> pav)
    • Triaged bug list with kmcclusk
    • Reviewed patch for jst
  • Kevin McCluskey
    • Triaged/re-balanced bug count between mozilla0.9 and mozilla0.9.1 for the rendering team
    • Tested and checked in fixes for:
      • 70211 - nsContainerFrame::PositionChildViews
      • 19256 - Excess frame redrawing during incremental reflow
      • 59678 - Occurances of uninitialized variables being used before bein
    • Worked on:
    • Reviewed Fix:
      • 66943- output PS file has title 'Test Title' [print][ps][quick]
      • 70950 - need to able to prevent the print dialog from comming up
      • 73406 - abs. pos. iframe interferes with painting of abs. pos. div content
    • Resolved:
      • 60347 - nothing is visible on the page
      • 58900 - Crash printing directions
      • 65730 - incomplete screen redraw when a changes
      • 32646 [RFE] Full zoom for content (objects as well as text)
    • Filed new bugs
      • 73825 - Layout is inconsistent in how it invalidates views
April 2
Submitted by Dan Mosedale <>

stuff done

  • sorted out a slew of portability build-breaker bugs related to both the C SDK and XPCOM SDK. This includes bugs 73211, 73487, 73834, 62857 as well as a couple of other problems that didn't have bugs.
  • added LDAP XPCOM and C SDKs to the default build on autoconf platforms (ie Linux and friends) (bug 70658).
  • reviewed nsILDAPURL patches for

to do this week

  • hack on nsLDAPAutoComplete (bug 70933)
  • coordinate with and on autocomplete widget changes (bugs 43189 & 69700)
  • threadsafety in generic autocomplete components (no bug yet)
April 2
Submitted by Beth Epperson <>


  • resolved bugs this past week (25 March - 31 March): 41
  • untargetted bugs: 22
  • open bugs (mozilla0.9 through Future): 507 (Future: 274, moz1.0.1: 2, moz1.0: 29, moz0.9.1: 125, mox0.9: 77)


  • out for the week


  • W3C HTML WG teleconference
  • lots of meetings this past week
  • triaged bug list
  • working on array for advanced dialog
  • debugging new bugs


  • Finished first round of plaintext editor bugfixes and checked in: 69536, 69540, 69544, 69547, 73674 (these were tracked by 71702.)
  • Other simple UI bugs fixed and checked in: 73326, 73479, 47544.
  • Checked in bug 34458 (inserting DOCTYPE in new docs. and docs. without one.)
  • Bug fixes ready (need final reviews): Spell Check dialog layout fixes (72223, just needs SR), redisplay window caption with filename after edit mode change (73807), centralized "ValidateNumber()" method and used it in all dialogs that need to validate input fields (73049). This removes a lot of duplicated logic in Image, H.Line, and Insert Table dialogs.
  • Bug triage, investigation, and rerouted some bugs to appropriate owners.
  • Various discussion with editor crew: New commands architecture, table selection strategies, etc.


  • worked on namespace bugs for moz0.9 ; some of the test cases I was using contained bugs and their detection was very hard/long
  • worked on pseudo-classes accepting arguments
  • worked on using GetComputedStyle in GetInlineProperty
  • fix in hand for 72302 : Default namespace in <html:style> is HTML by default
  • code reviews
  • unable to attend conf calls this week : 10 hours time shift between MV and Paris instead of 9 because Europe moved to summer time last sunday...
  • had to clean up/reinstall several times my windows box that was unusable :-(


  • reviewed Akkana's directory reorg patch
  • reviewed Mike's idl'ing editor patch
  • lots of whitespace work
  • fixed mem leak bug


  • Out a lot of the week due to severe illness in my family
  • Lots of reviews/testing for Charley
  • File bugs
  • Some bug triage for our team and other teams
  • Check in a few fixes that have been lurking in my tree for ages
  • Gave Charley an idea on how to fix the bug for tabbing to the next field
  • E-mail discussion on drag and drop of links (a browser bug)


  • Code reviews for several people in the group.
  • Checked in a fix for loss of <textarea> and <map> tags when switching back and forth between
  • Normal and Edit Source mode in Composer. (Bugs 55224 and 73659) We still need to identify more container tags that we don't want to remove, for example <object>, so there's still more work to do for bug 55224.
  • Triaged and did preliminary debugging for various editor bugs.
  • Got mjudge's Editor XPIDL changes building on Linux, and have been running both Linux and Win32 versions as Dogfood for the last 2 days, in fact I'm using it to write and send this status report! I've been fixing runtime problems as I run across them and posting updated diffs. It's looking like we are in good shape. What's left to do is get this building on the Mac and sitting down and reviewing the actual changes.


  • Implemented an nsICommandParams interface, which will be used as a generic way to pass arbitrarily complex sets of arguments to commands, and for getting command state.
  • Checked in a fix for embedding-related bug 72578 -- add ability to get controllers by ID.
  • Got diffs for bug 74143 -- cleanup of nsIController API (needs review)
  • Did some investigation of why lots of our dialogs look bad in Modern; skin reorg moved files around (bugs 72930, 72530). Prodded the themes folks about this.
  • Did some quick fixing-up to address some bad library exports on Mac (bug 74181), awaits review
  • Went back and forth with Brendan on some pldhash issues (bug 72722).
April 2
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>


  • Significant improvements to context menus, such as click-hold context menus now working on Mac.
  • Starting to get applicants for open XPToolkit Accessibility Engineer position; doing lots of phone interviews, will have 2+ applicants onsite during the next week for interviews with the team.
  • XP accessibility library landed on Win32 & Linux.
  • The XPToolkit team resolved 40 bugs in the last week, fixing 21 of these. For details, see our resolved bug list.


  • Mike Pinkerton (pinkertoni)
    • fixed mac installer build crashing at startup, imagelib2's libraries were not being installed
    • put new fizzilla build on
    • fixed ownership model of bits when copying images on win32. had it backwards (bug 73517)
    • added option to mac build to allow low-mem macs to build optimized w/out having to tweak individual files
    • succeeded in getting debugging on OSX limping for fizzilla
    • helping mkaply land contextMenu event code on win32
    • rewrote embedding code to use new contextMenu DOM event
    • implemented context menu event on mac (bug 36665)
    • helped hyatt add "oncontextmenu" event to xbl/xul/html
    • click-hold context menus on mac (bug# 18726)
  • Chris Saari (saari)
    • Helped bryner, ducarroz, danm with focus issues.
    • Started in on ART decoder integration into libpr0n
  • Daniel Matejka (danm)
    • 54936 Dismissing a dialog confuses focus (not really fixed, but sufficiently hidden that it should pretty much not be a problem any longer)
    • 58539 window.scrollbars.visible -> ns_error_failure 0x80004005
  • Eric Vaughan (evaughan)
    • landed XP accessibility lib on linux and windows.
    • began design work on accessibility event system
    • tried to isolate some strange box bugs
  • David Hyatt (hyatt)
    • 72119 Need ability to load images in the outliner widget
    • 69887 splitter anon. content doesn't flex without children
    • 73506 outliner: clicking on twisties needs to call view's ToggleO
    • 73695 AttributeAffectsStyle doesn't work with scoped stylesheets
  • Dan Rosen (dr)
    • Helped evaughan with makefiles for accessibility landing
    • Fix in hand for 40105, with love from hyatt
    • Fix in hand for 72010, contributed by Alex Fritze (
    • Fix in hand for 74065, pending review by pinkerton
    • Fix in hand for 66719
  • Aaron Leventhal (aaronl)
    • Found owners & qa engineers for new 5-way keyboard component split
    • Filed last bugs related to high priority accessibility items for embedding: 73884, 73886, 74225
    • Fix in hand for 74225
    • Sent status document out to concerned individuals on 508 compliance for Netscape
    • Updated embedding API docs to show accessibility apis
    • Learned more about evaughan's MSAA work, waiting for full check-in so I can work on it.
    • Worked with new accessibility PM for Mojo to get him up to speed
    • Finally found contact at Apple and learned about accessibility plans for OS X
  • Brian Ryner (bryner)
    • 44257 (tabbing from URL bar to document)
    • 73297 (removed unused xp_regexp.h)
  • Arik Devens (arik)
    • added support to outliner to show/hide the scrollbar when needed
    • (71770) not checked in yet.



  • pinkerton:
    • finish tidying up the context menu work done this week
    • get several (critical) xpmenu patches reviewed and in the tree
    • 70355/70388 (hidden window on macosx)
    • 71219 (context menu doesn't go away opening modal dialog)
  • saari:
    • add ART support to libpr0n
    • 73987, fix the last issues with transparent animating GIFs.
    • 73725, 69258, 69259, 28467, 70224, 48959. Focus issues, now catfood issues.
    • 64313, check in patch
  • hyatt:
    • 71208 Outliner can't handle skin switching
    • 53670 Implement versioning in chrome registry
  • evaughan:
    • land XP accessibility lib mac
    • land glue code that hooks up accessibility
    • land windows MSAA code.
  • danm:
    • Make nsIPrompt service work with embedding.
    • Fix targetting content shells from chrome.
  • dr:
    • 56086 Rapidly hitting forward & back crashes in gtk/glib code
    • 65233 (as usual)
    • 74172 (may have exposed a bug in XML parser -- need to make testcases)
    • Check in all fixes in hand... if the tree ever opens... and get more bugs.
  • aaronl
    • MSAA
    • Meet with Ian Jacobs from W3C on Tuesday
  • bryner
    • 31809 (have fix ready to go)
    • 73134 (filepicker embedding API)
    • 71351 (notification callbacks in mailnews)
  • arik
    • my current bugs
    • getting cvs access asap.





April 2
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • gagan
    • cache and imagelib finally in! lots of bugs being triaged now.


  • darin
    • Fixed bug 72973 [http should release cache output stream before calling onStopRequest].
    • Fixed bug 73490 [urls with '?' should not be cached].
    • Fixed bug 73231 [nsFileTransport should report progress even if content length is unknown].
    • Fixed bug 73234 [nsInputStreamChannel should forward itself as the request in progress notifications].
    • Fixed bug 72339 [DNS service doesn't shutdown].
    • Fixed bug 72348 [page load performance worse in 0.8.1 than 0.8].
    • Fixed bug 71921 [minor bug in nsInputStreamTee::WriteSegmentFun].
  • neeti
    • Resolved bug 59856 - leak when stop load of quickly
    • Resolved bug 71308 - This page hangs Mozilla window
    • Investigated/reassigned bug 72447 - URL crashes browser
    • Investigated/resassigned bug 73875 - does not load
    • Investigated/resassigned bug 73893 - Failure to open a child window results in persistent phantom window
    • Currently working on bug 53956
  • gordon
    • landed MOZ_NEW_CACHE_20010314 branch, defaulted to off.
    • reviewed and checked in mac nspr change for sfraser (bug 73018 "SSL fails on Mac")
    • reviewed changes for sfraser (bug
  • gagan
    • cache and imagelib finally in!
    • lots of bugs being triaged


  • darin
    • didn't have time to work on necko api changes for embedding.
  • gordon
    • I was out sick for 2 days with a bad fever and sore throat.
  • gagan
    • lots of bugs to triage


Plans for next week

  • darin
    • fix more bugs!!
    • complete necko api changes for embedding.
  • neeti
    • Work on mozilla0.9 bugs
Client QA
April 2
Submitted by Lisa Chiang <>


  • Participation in W3C QA workshop - "Conformance Testing" presentation week of April 2.
  • Applications:
    • Test runs on commercial trunk builds. (Results should still apply to Mozilla builds)
      • Focus on starting complete run of functional testing to get baseline results.
      • Install: Completed update testing for Win/Mac platforms (using update.html)
      • Install: Completed modem testing of 3/29 Win build
      • Install: Completed baseline testing for 3/29 and 3/30 Trunk builds- all platforms
      • Ran mini-baseline to evaluate state of XPInstall; generally good
      • Basic functional test completed for Mail.
      • Completed baseline testing on all builds (03/29) for composer, plugins, oji
      • Tested HTML Elements on 2001-03-29-09-Mtrunk build on WinNT.
      • Executed XML 1.0/XHTML 1.0 test cases for regression testing on Linux (March 26th build)
      • Assisted with testing new cache implementation by running iBench tests.
      • Assisted with testing layout changes (large ones) in developer builds to give feedback and failures prior to checking in. Ran block/layout/table functional tests. Some problems identified so it was good to have this feedback prior to the carpool.
    • Test documentation completed:
      • Wrote some test cases for the new CSS Selectors code and the new Blender code (in Bugzilla).
      • Created 21 XML-DOM testcases.
      • Assisted development with categorizing cache and imagelib bugs to review if the bugs exist in the new implementations.
    • Performance and Other Tools:
      • Performance testing on Bookmarks, Sidebar, and Preferences.
      • Complete startup timing tests. Went back one month to gather data/trend. Will post soon with other performance tests.
  • Embedding:
    • API test strategies document sent out for review. After incorporation of initial feedback, will post to a wider audience.
    • Creating test cases for 2 NSGlobalHistory methods. Need to flush out local methods and integrate into qaEmbed.


  • During performance investigations:
    • We found that running in 8-bit video on win98 slows down page loading by 50% (bug filed ). But an additional test at 16-bit showed that there is no degradation at that level on win32. Planning to check Mac and Linux platforms for this.
    • Due to jrgm's curiosity and bug 73256, we measured that download size could be cut by perhaps 250KB if we just strip the license from all the XUL, JS, and CSS files in the chrome
  • Smoketest Blocker Bugs:
    • Valid (non-duplicate, non-worksforme, non-invalid) blocker, smoketest bugs found 3-26-2001 to 4-1-2001 . Bugzilla - 7.
April 3
Submitted by Nisheeth Ranjan <>


  • Johnny and Jband are now working on the XPConnected DOM on the same branch (XPCDOM_20010329_BRANCH). Check it out if you want to see what the new world looks like. Mozilla runs with these changes and Johnny and Jband are working on fixing the obvious glitches they see while interacting with Mozilla. The hope is to have a better idea by the end of this week about the stability of the branch and the severity of bugs in it. We will then make a call about when the branch can land. Meanwhile, as the stability of the branch build increases, we plan to:
    1. run smoketests and the automated DOM tests, and chofmann's browser buster tests to assess stability.
    2. run John Morrison's page loading tests and dump Gecko performance metrics to assess performance
    3. gather leak data
    4. figure out the memory footprint win caused by removing the IDLC glue code
  • Harish is making good progress on a high level list of what needs to happen next regarding P3P. See "harishd on P3P" in the Accomplishments section for more information. Jeremy Loeb, our new PM in charge of privacy, has jumped in feet first to co-own this project.
  • Tom has finished a rewrite of nsEventListenerManager for generic events. He will wait till after the Komodo team pulls a pre-beta Gecko build on April 4th to check in his changes so that potential regressions can be fixed by 0.9 tree freeze and don't affect the Komodo effort. Tom's changes don't need to be carpooled in because they don't affect many files. But, he will do adequate QA on them before he checks them in later this week.
  • Heikki has written an initial design document for a link manager: Please check it out and provide us with feedback.


  • heikki
    • Minor fixes in nsXMLDocument (no bug number).
    • Made and checked in a testcase for document.load() and updated docs at
    • Fixed 72675, crash when document.load() loads HTML document.
    • Worked on 51339, image maps not working in XHTML, no clues yet.
    • Worked on 72522, tried first to create new DOM 3 interfaces but proved quite tricky, now working on extending the existing Node interface with baseURI (DOM 3 property).
    • Code reviews for pollmann, harishd, mstoltz and
    • Wrote an initial design document for link manager:
    • Bug triage.
    • Fixed 72522, implement DOM Level 3 baseURI property.
    • Fixed 71869, make XML Extras load in startup for embedded case as well as browser.
    • Fixed 56858, set pref layout.selectanchor to true to make link traversal select link end.
    • Worked on 48217, show link in new window should use XML Base, have fix.
    • Worked on 51339, make image maps work in XHTML, have fix.
    • Updated XML in Mozilla web page on
  • harishd
    • Fixed a few of my m0.9 bugs ( changes are in the review process ).
    • Spent some time reading the P3P spec.
    • Landed seven m0.9 bug fixes ( Current count:4 )
    • Landed P3P code into extensions directory ( not part of the build..yet ).
    • Code reviewed nsFixedAllocator changes for waterson.
    • Attended Phil's staff meeting.
    • Triaged my untrageted bugs.
  • harishd on P3P
    • Landed P3P code into extensions directory ( not part of the build yet ).
    • Succeeded in creating a P3P enabled build with complete UI.
    • Discussed with Tom Lendacky and identified defects ( covered by bug #s ) in the existing code ( Refer to P3P tracking bug 62399 ).
    • Have created a todo list, in bug 62399, to get to December 2000 specification since the current code is based on September 2000 specification.
    • Still don't have Mac. support. Heikki has promised to help me out with it.
    • Had a meeting with Jeremy Loeb ( our new PM ) and discussed about P3P issues.
    • Creating a P3P project page for
  • joki
    • More or less finished rewrite of nsEventListenerManager for generic events
    • This fixes 5 0.9 bugs.
  • jst
    • Fixed bug 72476. Added a null ptr check to the window.location setting code.
    • Checked in my fix for bugs 64523, 50018, 57626, 59024, 61413 and probably others. Made the document and form JS engine resolve hooks find what they're supposed to find, and nothing more. Made the element-by-name and element-by-id lookup in the document be hashtable based to avoid walking the whole DOM tree over and over again when resolving names on the document object and also on form objects. This is an order of magnitude speedup for pages that contain a large number of form controls, such as hotmail and aol mail. Also did a bunch of cleanup here n' there.
    • Good progress on the DOM/XPConnect conversion. Almost all DOM classes now have class info that XPConnect uses to present a flattened view of the methods in the objects and things are looking pretty good, mozilla runs, and in general it works as it should, obvious glitches here n' there, but we're getting there. Jband's and my work is now merged onto a new branch (XPCDOM_20010329_BRANCH, created on thursday), check it out if you wanto see what the "new world" looks like :-)
    • Fixed crasher/regression bug 74431 that I caused a few weeks ago.
    • Did code (super) reviews for various people.
  • peterv
    • Tried to cope with jet-lag and moving.
    • Worked on loading stylesheets through the DOM, ran into unforeseen problem.
    • Started pulling and building jst's XPConnected-DOM-branch on Mac.
    • Reviewing huge patch by Jonas Sicking to XPath lexer/parser.
    • Finished patch for 65237 (Transformiix dom wrappers).
    • Made patch for 69091 (removing Transformiix HashTable), 72179 (leaks), 59853 (new operator should be used with more care) and 72143 (allow loading of Transformiix in embedding build).
    • Working on style loading through DOM.
  • nisheeth
    • Sheriffed the tree on Friday, March 23.
    • Fixed bug 57592.
    • Attended a Forrester Research conference call on Content Management and Commerce Platforms on Thursday.
    • Spent more time on dummy layout channel related document load bugs.
    • Spoke to Dave Buccholz in Boston about the Playstation 2 project.
    • Bug triage.
    • Spent a large part of the last week working on a report describing thoughts stemming from the Consomer Electronics Show, the Peer to Peer conference, and the ACM conference.

Plans for the next week

  • heikki
    • Check in the fixes I have in my tree.
    • Concentrate on XML Extras again.
    • Triage our team's nsbeta1 nominated bugs.
  • harishd
    • Fix a couple of my m0.9 bugs ( current count:4 ).
    • Meet with Jeremy Loeb and discuss about P3P.
    • Work on getComputedStyle to support aural property.
    • Attend Phil's staff meeting.
    • Triage untargeted bugs.
  • harishd on P3P
    • Create a P3P enabled build ( private ) for the interested people to get a feel of it.
    • Measure dll size, code size, etc..
    • Gain some understanding on P3P related bugs and identify the blockers.
    • Prepare the road map for P3P.
  • joki
    • Finish testing and check in changes.
  • peterv
    • Really finish and check in patch for style loading through DOM.
    • Finish review/rewrite of patch to XPath lexer/parser.
    • Try getting Transformiix turned on in default build.
  • nisheeth
    • Finish the report.
    • Continue working on layout dummy channel related bugs.


  • heikki
    • I usually come to work early, and since the tree opens so late I have trouble checkin in anything (or then I check in and leave others to take care of any problems I caused).
April 4
Submitted by Michael Kaply <>

IBM released the IBM Web Browser last week, an official OS/2 port of Mozilla. Note this is NOT a free product, but an open source version is available. The only thing it is missing is the spellchecker. The IBM Web Browser is based on Milestone 0.6 with fixes corresponding to Netscape 6.01.

We also released a 0.8.1 milestone which is currently available on the IBM ftp site.

We are in the process of recovering from the libpr0n landing which broke image rendering on OS/2.

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