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Last Updated Wednesday March 28, 2001

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Previous Updates

Module Updates
March 26
Submitted by Kevin McCluskey <>


  • Robert O'Callahan enabled the new viewmanager by default. The new viewmanager fixes bugs related to combinations of fixed positioning, transparency/translucency, clipping, and z-index handling. To go back to the old viewmanager you can set the user_pref("nglayout.debug.enable_scary_view_manager", false);


  • none


  • none


  • none


  • 38 bugs down from 39 (3/5) (Note 4: bugs were moved from Mozilla0.9.1 to Mozilla0.9)


  • 68 bugs down from 74 (3/15)


  • offline printing and printing ART images depend on the landing of new imagelib


  • none


  • none


  • none


  • Rod Spears will be on Sabbatical from June 15th thru Aug 12th of 2001

Priorities for next week

  • Don Cone
    • 7201 - When printing pages w/frames, frames print on separate pages
  • Rod Spears
    • Check in bug fixes
      • 70949 - Need API to be able to abort printing
      • 70946 - Need to report printing progress
  • Waqar Malik
    • 70424 - N601 Linux crash [@ nsRenderingContextGTK::CopyOffScreenBits]
    • 57589 crashes [@ nsWindow::GetNativeData] when opening GAIM link
  • Eric Pollmann
    • 64702 Browser crashes when attempting to fill in a web form.
    • 70497 Hidden text fields on form are not submitted
  • Kevin McCluskey
    • Test and check in fixes for
      • 70211 - nsContainerFrame::PositionChildViews
      • 19256 - Excess frame redrawing during incremental reflow


  • Don Cone
    • SMIL meeting.
    • Embedding meeting to disucss print preview API's.
    • Worked on:
      • 7201 - When printing pages w/frames, frames print on separate pages. Have an approach to solve the problem worked out.
      • 71032 - Printing crashes browse. Created reduced test case.
  • Rod Spears
    • Printing (Bugs 70946 & 70949)
      • MFCEmbed can now "cancel" the printing of a document. Kevin suggested using a Timer Event (lower priority) instead of a PLEvent and this now enables us to cancel. PLEvents were just too high of a priority and were never letting the GUI events to get thru the message pump (which is what I thought might be happening, it may also explain why certain GUI actions in mfcembed maybe aren't as responsive as they should be)
        • The PrintProgressDialog creates a ref counted delegate object that implements the nsIPrintListener interface. This allows the dialog to "go away" before the printing is completed.
        • The PrintProgressDialog is now created on the stack and uses DoModal.
        • The nsIWebBrowserPrint has a new method "Cancel" for cancelling printing.
        • The DocumentViewerImpl no longer walks recursively through all the webshells and prints them. This caused a lot of problems; i.e. a separate print job for each frame or frame that was printed or when printing to a file it would ask you for a unique file name for each frame and doc being printed. Now the entire document and sub-docs are all printed to the same print job or file.
        • Also experimented with different approaches to printing Frames and IFrames and helped Don come up with a design that should solve most al the issues.
    • Checked in
      • 72226 - -moz-box-sizing property is broken
      • 71850 - Disabled items change visual state
  • Waqar Malik
    • Resolved
      • 68007 Tables have regressed badly
    • Worked on
      • 70424 Linux crash [@ nsRenderingContextGTK::CopyOffScreenBits
      • 53492 GTK form widgets are sized incorrectly with TrueType fonts
      • 66715 unsigned integer tested for < 0
      • 69010 nsRenderingContext::FillRect is waaaaay slow because we pain
      • 57589 crashes [@ nsWindow::GetNativeData] when opening GAIM link
  • Eric Pollmann
    • Fixed & Checked in
      • 72288 scrollbars don't appear on XML documents [regression due to my 68010 fix]
    • Fixed
      • 59675 Uninitialized variable cleanup
    • Worked on
      • 72906 Double click on submit -> submit form twice
      • 68321 NS_ERROR_NULL_POINTER submitting form with form.submit()
      • 62264 Scroll to random part in document via session when going back [CC evaughan
    • Reassigned
      • 62107 Wrongly nested forms aren't corrected [-> Harishd ]
    • Invalid
      • 51134 Selects don't work correctly in colspan [server side problem?]
    • Worksforme
      • 72491 POST to frame causes POST followed by GET
      • 68710 form.submit() fails with other form named submit [fixed by jst]
  • Kevin McCluskey
    • Began triaging/balancing bug count between mozilla0.9 and mozilla0.9.1 for the rendering team
    • Met with embedding team to discuss print preview embedding API's.
    • Twice weekly SVG teleconference
    • Twice weekly performance/memory meeting
    • Checked in fixes for:
      • 72138 - Incremental page loading is broken.
      • 63951 - one pixel of cruft left after deleting an 'f' in composer.
      • 71032 - Printing crashes browser. Investigated/created fix and checked it into trunk and mozilla0.8.1 branch.
    • Worked on
      • 69134 - opening nonexistant files can cause crash. Worked with dougt to get his fix checked into the mozilla0.8.1 branch.
    • Reviewed Fix
      • 72055 - Crash in AddCoveringWidgetsToOpaqueRegion
    • Resolved
      • 54194 Printing applet page is crashing the browser [@ nsPostScript
      • 66029 Opening a link in new window causes flashing
March 26
Submitted by Dan Mosedale <>

stuff done

  • gave feedback on UI issues to jglick, srilatha, and others.
  • reviewed nsILDAPServer and nsLDAPServer code from, tested on windows and Mac, checked in (bug 70421).
  • reviewed and checked in patch from Jim Dunn ( to make the LDAP C SDK build on AIX (bug 73096).
  • turned on LDAP XPCOM SDK by default in both windows and mac builds (bug 70658). A bunch of time was required to sort out various build issues; thanks to Zach Lipton ( and Dan Veditz ( for their help.
  • fixed MOZ_TRACK_MODULE_DEPS to play nice with --enable-xpctools (bug 72120) to make my .mozconfig work everywhere.
  • added workaround to patch(1) for bug in the version of the CVS server used by It's now much less painful to apply patches generated by cvs diff. Posted my workaround to n.p.m.unix.


  • too much time taken up by meetings & interviews

todo this week

  • LDAP C SDK portability fixes (bugs 62857 and 73211)
  • turn on LDAP XPCOM SDK for UNIX by default
  • keep hammering at nsLDAPAutoCompleteSession
March 26
Submitted by Paul Chen <>

Mozilla 0.9

  • 8 bugs fixed, 1 marked invalid
    • 67389 datafields in form-manager preview dialog shall be editable
    • 72402 re-do fixes to pref-cookies/images
    • 72603 Form manager captures bad values for sample2 page
    • 72855 WalletPreview.xul should use .dtd file
    • 46488 layout SetUserAgent initializes http
    • 50424 Run moz while moz is already running --> nothing happens
    • 71511 clean up nsIGlobalHistory
    • 71871 hierarchical history should group by day, not by age
    • 72758 After sign-in at Netscape Netcenter, there should be a NS_RE


  • Vishy is back this week (03/26)


  • The usual, knocking down those mozilla 0.9 bugs


  • Matt Fisher is back from vacation this week

Team Member Status Reports

  • Matt Fisher
    • Matt Fisher was on vacation last week.
  • Alec Flett
    • No status report received from Alec.
  • Samir Gehani
    • Highlights
      • Driving my mozilla0.9 bugs down.
    • Lowlights
      • Didn't wind up checking in various sr'd fixes in the short window the tree was open.
    • Accomplishments
      • Reviewed XPInstall docs and submitted marked up version to Ian to post on devedge.
      • Installed SuSE 6.4 in QA lab (chased down ghost installer bug which still needs closure).
      • Added proxy settings UI, proxy functionality, HTTP/FTP functionality of libxpnet in the linux installer.
      • Miscellaneous linux installer UI cleanup.
      • Fixed few bugs: bugzilla 67246, 69154, 72719, bugscape 3855, 3351
    • Current Work
      • Finish mozilla0.9 bugs.
      • Commence pause/resume feature in libxpnet.
    • Decisions
      • n/a
    • Issues
      • n/a
    • People
      • n/a
  • Ben Goodger
    • This week's progress:
      • Nothing checked in, but analyzed .9 bugs and have formulated attack plan ;)
      • Super-reviewed code for people on IRC
      • got mac and linux off the floor (literally) and onto new desk, pulled and built on linux. yay!
      • received shiny new Silvia (, drove around lots.
    • Priorities:
      • Start fixing .9 bugs. Quite a few simple ones, should be able to knock the little ones off quickly
      • Still need to find time to do widget doc. sigh.
  • Bill Law
    • Highlights
      • Checked in fixes for bugs 26029 and 50424 (for mozilla0.8.1).
    • Lowlights
      • Print Preview: Met to review API, which went OK. But there are no resources to implement the necessary low-level Print Preview support in the presentation layer.
      • "8+ Rating" meeting wasn't too worthwhile.
    • Other Activities
      • API review meeting.
      • 8+ meeting.
      • Worked on various mozilla0.9 bugs.
    • Plans
      • mozilla0.9 bugs
  • Chris McAfee
    • No status report received from Chris
  • Steve Morse

      Had many outstanding checkins for xul files at the time that the xul syntax-change was checked in. This required (1) repulling and building a new tree and (2) hand-applying many of my patches to that tree because there were too many merge conflicts. Furthermore, the xul checkin introduced some regressions in cookie and wallet dialogs which cost me yet more time to track down and fix. All told, lost over a day due to this.

      idl-izing the cookie interface for embedding (bug 46783) continues to be a lifelong project. Latest new requirement comes from super-reviewer who has asked that many items from legacy cookie code, which have nothing to do with the embedding requirement, be updated as part of this checkin. But wait, I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel. No, I'm wrong, it's the headlight of an oncoming train!

      • 72603: form manager captures bad values
      • 73045: password-manager dialog coming up empty (smoketest blocker)
      • 67379: add checkboxes to wallet-preview dialog
      • 67389: datafields in form-manager preview dialog shall be editable
      • 72855: WalletPreview.xul should use .dtd file
      • 72402: redo fixes to prefs-cookies/images
      • 46783: idl-izing the cookies interface for embedding
      • 40026: view cookie manager and image manager as separate dialogs
      • 64588: js warning in CookieViewer.js
      • 71071: writing cookies file on every cookie
      • 70437: js warning in cookieTasksOverlay.xul
      • 70989: clean up lots of shadows (cookies part of that bug report)
      • 72785: image manager shows nothing
      • 70391: commercial browser crashes while mousing over to image manager
      • 70382: idl-izing the password manager interface for embedding
March 26
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>


  • Chris Saari and Stuart Parmenter landed libimg2 on mac and windows.
  • Aaron Leventhal participated in CSUN conference on disabilities in Los Angeles, using the opportunity to raise industry awareness of upcoming accessibility features in mozilla & Netscape and work with AT vendors and potential customers to ensure we are on the right track.
  • Dan Rosen participated in W3C XPath TF and XSL WG face-to-face meetings Wed-Fri in San Jose.
  • Hired Arik Devens as our 'summer' intern. Some readers may already know him from his work on Gnome, and most recently Nautilus. Arik is on a trimester schedule, so he is able to start immediately. Please give him a warm welcome to & Netscape!
  • The XPToolkit team resolved 39 bugs in the last week, fixing 18 of these. For details, see our resolved bug list.


  • Mike Pinkerton (pinkerton)
    • Turned off translucent dragging and fixed up fallback bounding rect code for dragging outlines of objects.
    • Drag and drop now works on osx (bug 67407).
    • Merged hyatt's menu command updating fixes into mac menu code.
    • Rewrote mac and osx menu code to use atoms and nsIContent instead of strings and nsIDOMNode.
    • Context menus no longer crash in bookmarks because they were using the |command| attribute incorrectly (bug 73108).
  • Chris Saari (saari)
    • Landed libimg2 on on mac and windows.
  • Daniel Matejka (danm)
    • We have a good general direction and decent breakout of tasks necessary for the remaining extrafenestral ui embedding effort. It's documented including preliminary programming notes at the usual site,

      Some of jst's xpidl dom branch has been merged and adapted into the trunk. Saves him some effort, and largely implements the ability to pass arguments openDialog-style to windows opened from the window watcher service. This is an important step preliminary to ripping Hidden Window out of Mozilla (71895) and should unblock the PSM folks so they can open windows in PSM 2.

  • Eric Vaughan (evaughan)
    • Fixed but not checked in:
      • 46287 SCROLLING="NO" doesn't allow jumping to named anchors or window.scroll
      • 42821 position of text in an input[type="text"] is off
  • David Hyatt (hyatt)
    • Added image loading to outliner widget.
  • Dan Rosen (dr)
    • Finished 71837, the finding and categorizing of all UI-posing from within the embedded app, with danm. Bug-spammed lots of innocent souls. Tasks falling out of that are attached to 65233, and they seem to be proceeding...
    • Fixed 67731 with Jan Varga's ( patch
    • Fixed 67006 with Mark Hammond's ( patch
    • Participated in W3C XPath TF and XSL WG face-to-face meetings Wed-Fri in San Jose. I got the groups to work on massaging certain parts of our data model, so that DOM can more easily create an API for XPath (something we really need).
  • Aaron Leventhal (aaronl)
    • Participated in CSUN conference on disabilities in Los Angeles.
    • Talked to accessibility aid vendors about supporting Netscape once we have MSAA support ready, generally they want to know that their will be users before they can commit resources. We're going to have to be persistent.
    • Talked with head of federal access board (the overseers of section 508) about weaknesses in our accessibility support.
    • Plotted out what needs to be done for 508 compliance.
    • Participated in, and helped with, day-long Linux accessibility conference.
  • Brian Ryner (bryner)
    • helped out with string API and XUL syntax landings
    • more work on bug 38061 (removing obsolete headers)
    • have fix for 44257 (awaiting reviews



  • pinkerton:
    • 72945 Add option to build on low-mem macs more easily
    • 70355 70355 Carbon build loses its menubar when all windows are closed
    • 70388 Showing hidden window causes problems on OSX
    • 36665 Keyboard access to context menu
    • 44809 Appshell - nsIPrompt Service needs to die
    • click-hold! context menus
    • some fizzilla work
  • saari
    • sweeping up imaging bugs and getting the ART decoder going. Look at my other bugs.
  • hyatt
    • 70547 N601 Mac #12 [@ nsCSSFrameConstructor::ConstructFrameInterna
    • 72010 mutation event listeners on document don't work
    • 53670 Implement versioning in chrome registry (New build won't sta
  • evaughan
    • Land accessibility
  • danm
    • Fix scrollbar.visible DOM 0 implementation (58539)
    • Start modifying the nsIPrompt service to work in an embedded context (72112)
  • dr
    • 56086 Rapidly hitting forward & back crashes in gtk/glib code M08
    • 40105 XBL-interleaved anonymous content does not get DOM events
    • 63056 Sawmill/Virtual WM: All windows appear mostly off-screen
  • aaronl
    • MSAA support in Gecko.
    • Do better write-up of section 508 req's
    • Participate in embedding API review
    • Meet with Ian Jacobs of W3C, who is visiting us on Tuesday - make sure someone from editing team has read AU guidelines. Browse AU guidelines myself.
    • Meet with new accessibility PM - probably Monday.
  • bryner
    • 73134 (embedding work for filepicker)
    • 31809 (tabbing from content to URL bar)



  • Performance now definitely feels slower than earlier in the week, 30% by JRGM's testing. Need to figure out if it is libimg2 or something else that went in.



  • Hired Arik Devens as our 'summer' intern. Some readers may already know him from his work on Gnome, and most recently Nautilus. Arik is on a trimester schedule, so he is able to start immediately. Please give him a warm welcome to & Netscape!
March 26
Submitted by Beth Epperson <>


  • Editor team had sheriff duty this past Thursday
  • Akkana is finalizing everything to check in the editor reorg for embedding
  • Joe is preparing to check in a slew of whitespace fixes
  • Mike is preparing to check in his changes to the editor file structure
  • Team resolved 31 bugs this week (3 reopened, 15 fixed, 1 invalid, 7 dups, 5 wfm)
  • There are 86 open mozilla0.9 bugs and 22 untargeted bugs


  • More editor reorg work: got a review from Kin, Joe is reviewing. The plan is to check this in in stages: first the changes to the editor files, so that Mike and others can merge their fixes more easily, then move the files in a separate stage, which Leaf said we could carpool when we are ready (with a few day's warning).
  • Coordinated with Kathy and checked in the fix for the key binding bug 57078 (and several related bugs), then followed up regarding a related regression that happened just before we checked in. We still have some cleanup to do to finish out this bug.
  • Investigated and triaged several plaintext paste bugs: bugs 61173 and 72605. Both seem to be the result of not passing along enough parent information into the html copy, so when the html is converted to plaintext, it's formatted inconsistently.
  • Sheriffed on Thursday -- lots of calling around to get people moving on blockers.


  • fixed bug 59785, can't select root element, crash if try. crasher was no longer valid, but i
  • added in the code to allow the selection of root element and unblocked 56858.
  • continuing work on my bugs, will have some more checked in soon
  • re-prioritized my bugs
  • helped pav out with some build issues when he landed libpr0n
  • had a lot of build issues, thanks to shaver for suggestions on how to fix them
  • bug triaging with mjudge, elimnated several dupes and invalids


  • wrapped up the review of the XHTMLMOD spec for W3C, it has been approved
  • attended the w3c HTML WG teleconfoerence, was the minute taker for the meeting
  • began creating the array entries for the advanced dialog data
  • reviewing open mozilla0.9 bugs with team members
  • triaging new bug submissions, debugging, verifying, etc.
  • attended an embedding session with Simon, Kin and a thrid party, compiled the notes and sent them out
  • no progress on the goals and objectives documents this week
  • began to get my cube ready for moving this coming week


  • Fixed and checked in: (73043) missed "label" conversion for XUL 1.0., (71985) "Join cell to right" menuitem enabling, (72090) Added quick acces to last-picked color by Shift+Click on toolbar buttons, (72194) Named anchor dialog Ok button enabling.
  • Bugs fixed, waiting for final reviews: (34458) Setting DOCTYPE element in doc that has none, (71202 tracking bug for 69540, 69541, 69544, 69547) Plaintext editor problems, (73049) Show error message when empty "rows' or "columns" input field, (73326) Align = "left" and "right" are backwards in Image dialog.
  • Spent a lot of time on Thursday testing and recovering from big XUL 1.0 landing.
  • Worked with Beppe on Advanced Edit dialog improvements.
  • Worked on a CSS solution to show where image really exists when align="left" or "right" is used (no bug filed yet.)


  • W3C CSS Working Group audioconference
  • Style team audioconference
  • checked in 71647 (support for css3 :not() pseudo-class) and 57686 (Invisible table borders don't render in composer unless you specify border=0)
  • detected 72302 and had to reopen 71647 for a bug well hidden behind that one; fixed and checked in
  • integrated comments from other WGs into the W3C spec I am helping to author, should hopefully reach CR status this week.
  • worked on 72302 ; various reviews and tests.


  • hid from world and worked on ws stuff a lot
  • spent about a day doing testing/reviewing for akkana's reorg


  • fix background color on Mac (waiting for sr=)
  • fix clipboard problem on Mac
  • checkin some fixes from previous week
  • tested and resolved some bugs as worksforme
  • Sheriff duty on Thursday (lots of phone calls, testing, coordinating, etc.)
  • fallout from Sheriff duty continued into Friday
  • lots of code reviews and feedback to Charley


  • Code reviews galore. Spent lots of time applying and testing out patches.
  • beppe, sfraser and I met with a thrird party for an arhitecture overview of the editor. They are considering using the editor as a front end for one of their toolkit apps.
  • Command Handling Args discussions with sfraser.
  • Handed off editor reorg files to akkana.
  • Triaged and did some prelimnary debugging for various editor bugs.
  • Spent some time trying to figure out why my win32 build at work got sooooo slow. Turns out the VirusScan program that IS installed, was initiating a scan every time a file was deleted or was being built. I ended up turning most of VirusScan off just to get build performance back up!
  • Used trunk for dogfood and filed bugs as I came across them.


  • fixed bunch of bugs waiting for big checkin
  • broke tree on accident checked in 1 too many files
  • bug triaged other bugs
  • sheriff thurs
  • m.09 bug count now at 7 really +1 backed out change that will be readded
  • 2 fixes in hand


  • Fixed a Mac NSPR bug in PR_Poll which broke PSM (bug 73018)
  • Changed the controller APIs to allow us to identify known controllers by ID (bug 72578)
  • Talked with Kin about command handling in the embedded world, to clarify issues regarding passing parameters to commands. We came up with a command params interface which seems good.
  • Implemented that command params interface.
  • Collected data on places we read from disk -- PR_Read calls, for performance evaluation
  • Meeting with the a company interested in embeddign the editor in their application
  • Attended phone conference with some Apple folks about networking issues on Mac OS X.
  • Some code reviews for Pavlov, Charley, Chris Saari, Pinkerton, Samir Gehani.

Project Issues

  • there are a lot of bugs getting complaints that look like editor bugs, but aren't. We need to turn up the heat on some folks to get these fixed.
  • Continual tree busage is affecting everyone
  • Continued mail outages and network outages are impacting work as well

People Issues

  • Charley was off on Monday, 19 March
  • Kathy out on Monday, 26 March and Friday, 30 March
  • Beth out on vacation 11 April through 27 April, Kin will be acting manager
Client QA
March 26
Submitted by Lisa Chiang <>


  • Applications:
    • Test runs on commercial trunk builds. (Results should still apply to Mozilla builds)
      • Ran HTML Table scripts.
      • Ran a full run of all the secure form submission testcases.
      • Ran Mail basic functional test on trunk builds after the performance landing.
      • Ran XPInstall Automation for WinNT and Win98; no new changes
    • Test documentation completed (to be posted to soon)
      • Created 10 new test cases for the html 4.01 elements.
      • Created sample XML-DOM testcases and ran them successfully with NGDriver.
      • Added additional installation testcases Mac and Windows proxy support, Desktop Integration
      • Test documentation posted to (or other place accessible by all)
        • CSS1 XHTML Transitional test cases, and XHTML Negative test cases are now available on
        • Wrote a considerable number (20+) of test cases (for DOM, Style and Layout; both automated and manual).
    • Performance and Other Tools:
      • Ran Gecko Performance testing - reported results to Marc Attinasi.
      • Sorted through and identified existing bugs for "hanging" page loads using performance loader. Filed bugs for cases which trigger this condition.
      • Ran some performance page load tests on the Kayak 500 mhz machine (as per Cathleen's performance meetings). Trying to clock down the Kayak CPU without success. Still trying to resolve the problem.
  • Embedding:
    • Completed first draft of document outlining API Testing strategies. Includes different approaches, mixed strategies, and schemas that will be helpful testing the APIs. Review from team and development prior to posting.
    • Ran basic functional test on mfcEmbed.


  • Smoketest Blocker Bugs:
    • Many regressions this week. Need to promote running of the smoketests prior to checkin to help reduce regressions.
    • Valid (non-duplicate, non-worksforme, non-invalid) blocker, smoketest bugs found 3-19-2001 to 3-25-2001 . Bugzilla - 16

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