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Last Updated Wednesday February 7, 2001

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Module Updates
February 5
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>


  • The XPToolkit team resolved 18 bugs in the last week, fixing 6 of these. For details, see our resolved bug list.
  • EVaughan and Hyatt drafted a task breakdown for accessibility, with duration estimates, and are making good progress on the infrastructure work.
  • DanM et. al. are finishing up the shrinking extrafenestral UI tasks for embedding.


  • Mike Pinkerton (pinkerton)
    • 2nd browser window now appears at the correct position, not (0,0)
    • new files saved with no extension now have type 'TEXT' on mac (bug 64704).
    • verifying carbon build changes for beard (mozz and commercial)
  • Chris Saari (saari)
    • got libimg2 working on mac, rendering pngs (not perfect, but it works as a test until more code is in place).
    • totally reworked the GIF decoder and untangled it from the current libimg implementation for libimg2. Not quite rendering yet, but should be soon. .
    • moz 0.8 bug 48959 (need to define and implement focus behavior) has the code written but untested. Mainly I haven't had time to either a) figure out how to get PowerPlant to cough up the necessary events to trigger off of or b) move the code to another platform and test it there.
  • Daniel Matejka (danm)
    • Worked on bug 65233 (mozilla0.8) new window posing API and implementation, aka ExtraFenestral UI for embedding. Got my embedding tasks largely coded up, but have run into some minor design problems. These and other things I've done that aren't causing me problems will be run through API design review Monday morning. That's when I find out whether I should continue or try something new. Still on track for Wednesday, more or less, barring problems Monday morning.
  • Eric Vaughan (evaughan)
    • implemented accessible DLL
    • implemented XPIDL interface nsIAccessible
    • implemented COM adaptor
    • implemented an accessibility GUI event
  • David Hyatt (hyatt)
    • landed first part of xbl insertion points rewrite. sped up and simplified frame construction when insertion points exist.
  • Dan Rosen (dr)
    • Tried to help figuring out what needs to be done for bug 65233 (mozilla0.8) new window posing API and implementation.
    • Helped RayW with a proposal for xpath apis he's working on.
  • Brian Ryner (bryner)
    • 66886 (make PSM use correct nsIPrompt) - mostly fixed
    • 67203 (https: loading regression)


  • Still have 17 mozilla0.8 bugs left, will need to postpone some in order to make Wednesday's deadline.


  • pinkerton:
    • find out why dougt's mac event changes make the mac faster, since everyone thinks they should make it slower.
    • removal of nsIPromptService for extrafenestral UI.
    • help where needed
    • take another look at mac paint/redraw speed
  • saari:
    • fix leak caused by 61756
    • GIF decoder and more libimg2 work (JPEG decoder, color space management, design and exec reviews, new image cache)
  • hyatt:
    • the theoretical "edge case" that necessitates the second part of the xbl insertion points code turns out not to be much of an edge case. :( I will be working on finishing this up so that the regressions caused by the first landing can be repaired. should be pretty easy.
  • evaughan:
    • begin work on DOM tree walker
    • investigate accessibility event system. How does NotifyWinEvent work?
  • danm:
    • Finish 65233 (mozilla0.8) new window posing API and implementation.
  • dr:
    • Help to finish 65233 (mozilla0.8) new window posing API and implementation.
  • bryner:
    • more nsIPrompt work
    • 59228 (ftp performance)





February 5
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • gagan presented 'networking: today and tomorrow' at webplatform meeting
  • imagelib2 prototype now rendering on all platforms-- good job by saari, pavlov and tor
  • cache design review meeting a good success-- lots of good feedback for both cache and design reviews.


  • darin
    • Rebirth of nsITransport (improved bidi api)
    • Cache design review (better understanding of ImageLib's cache requirements)
    • Bug triaging.
  • neeti
    • Worked on HTTP/1.1 compliance bugs.
    • Worked on bug 58034, need r= and sr=
    • Worked on bugs 58037, 58040.
    • Investigated redirection bug 54358.
    • Reassigned bug 62645.
  • gordon
    • Held 2nd half of design review for cache changes.
    • Refined disk cache design, incorporating suggestions from Rick Potts.
  • dougt
    • Proposed necko design changes reviewed and 'approved'
    • Finished converting clients in mozilla to use new interfaces
    • Contacted QA groups for possible involvement in testing before landing
  • pavlov
    • new image library:
      • Wrote some temporary code to get images to draw on X11 to test decoding.
      • Added alpha setting code so that decoders could set alpha separetely from instead of only being packed in the image.
      • Produced diagrams to show how the new imagelib will work.
      • Chris Saari got mac project files added and building. He also wrote some temporary image drawing code on Mac and is currently working on the GIF decoder.
      • Tim Rowley got the PNG decoder splitting its alpha mask/channel apart when setting the image data.
    • Attended new cache design meetings.
  • gagan
    • triaged bugs with the whole team
    • more scheme compare changes (LDAP, nsSimpleURI, etc.)
    • presented 'networking: today and tomorrow' at webplatform meeting
    • coordinated cache design review part 2


  • darin
    • AsyncWrite changes adversly affected download times on linux and mac.
  • dougt
    • Didn't settle on a final necko design change before I started making changes. This caused me to lose a day or two.


  • pavlov
    • Still unsure about using the new cache in the new image library. Will continue discussions with Gordon and Darin.

Plans for the next week

  • darin
    • Resolve AsyncWrite related slowdown.
    • Help Doug test his branch.
    • HTTP bug triaging and squashing.
  • neeti
    • Continue working on HTTP/1.1 compliance bugs.
    • More bug triage.
  • gordon
    • Help prepare for Executive review of cache changes.
    • Code cache service and memory cache.
    • Resolve requirements for ImgLib's use of cache.
  • dougt
    • Involve QA in testing necko bidi design change.
    • Work toward landing necko branch.
  • pavlov
    • Resolve my Mozilla 0.8 bugs
    • new image library:
      • Continue design and implementation.
      • Begin writing new drawing code to replace the temporary code currently being used to test decoders.
      • Chris Saari will likely get the GIF decoder up and running.
      • Design review meeting?
  • gagan
    • preparing for exec review for cache and project review for imagelib
    • check in the remaining changes for scheme compares
February 5
Submitted by Viswanath Ramachandran <>


  • XPApps group nsbeta1 mozilla 0.8 bugs = 28 (last week 43), nsbeta1 mozilla 0.9 bugs = 58 (last week 62).
  • Bill Law - working on bug to have different icons for different Mozilla applications.
  • Matt Fisher- working on Sidebar localazation problems.
  • Ben Goodger- most m0.8 Bookmarks work done.
  • Samir Gehani- porting libxpnet to the Mac.
  • Steve Morse - posted patches to several Wallet bugs, looking at Search bugs.


  • Review where we are after mozilla 0.8 freeze and firm up mozilla 0.9 plan.
  • Work on performance planning.


  • Bill - tried to get Print Preview working in viewer without success
  • Vishy - needs to propagate the dependency info from our nsbeta 1 bugs SOON.
  • Samir - too many bugs after 3 rounds of triage, stuff will fall off.

People Stuff

  • Vishy and Alec will be out for 6 and 4 weeks after this week
  • Paul Chen will manage the group while Vishy on sabbatical
  • Paul had Measles last week - hope he's feeling better now.
February 5
Submitted by Nisheeth Ranjan <>


  • Johnny continues to make great progress on XPConnecting the DOM.
  • Heikki is in Finland for this week and the next. He will work remotely from there on Feb 7-8, 12-15. He hasn't been able to get SERA working. If you want to email him, use
  • Harish made a lot of progress on his 0.8 bug list. He landed 8 fixes!


  • Heikki is nearly done with separating content from layout. He has run into a blocker and needs Mac help


  • heikki
    • Worked on separating content from layout; I am blocked by a linker error in xpinstall (win32) and by not having found anyone to do this on the Mac.
    • Fixed 44564, several problems with view source, bad code patterns, internal subsets etc.
    • Fixed 53615, XHTML title element did not change window title.
    • Fixed 51815, XHTML textarea did not have default text.
    • Had security review of the XMLExtras component with mstoltz.
    • Reviewed some bugs for harishd.
    • Maintained our group's tasks and statistics on bug triage.
  • harishd
    • Landed changes for 8 bugs in my 0.8 list.
    • Made a second pass on by 0.8 and 0.9 bugs and triaged atleast 15 bugs.
    • Worked on the remaining 0.8 bugs ( fix imminent! ).
    • Worked on GetComputedStyle.
    • Code reviewed for Heikki.
    • Atteneded Phil's Staff meeting.
  • jst
    • Continued working on "XPConnecing" the DOM, viewer is now running with more or less working DOM, including support for methods and properties that use DOMString's thanks to jband.
    • Fixed bug 44615. Made the default value of radio buttons be "on" to match older browsers.
    • Fixed bug 53860. Made inputElement.getAttribute('checked') return the value 'checked' if the attribute was ever set.
    • Checked in a patch from that fixed bug 66413, crash when closing windows after using LiveConnect.
    • Fixed bug 63484. Made mozilla not spit out messages about javascript errors when reporting a javascript warning.
    • Fixed bug 64755. Moved code around to make plugins instantiated from an <object> tag be scriptable.
    • Fixed bug 58753. Makde document.referrer work for documents in [i]frames and'ed windows.
    • Fixed random bugs here n' there, checkins pending.
    • Finished my bug triaging.
  • peterv
    • Corrected behaviour of when to output HTML according to spec.
    • My patches for function-available (65978)
    • and element-available (65977) were checked in (by Axel Hecht).
    • Distributed new .xpi's for the Transformiix module (Win and Linux only, Mac is waiting on broken Powerbook).
  • nisheeth
    • Attended XML Query teleconference on Wednesday.
    • Attended meeting with Bruce Whittaker and Paul Bloom of and talked about cross department integration opportunities.
    • 1-1s with all members of the team
    • Attended the web platform department meeting where Gagan gave a presentation on Necko's current state and future plans.
    • Attended a meeting with rayw, jband, and waterson that explored how RDF can be used in the context of web applications
    • Started arranging for Peter and Tom to come to the Mountain View campus in the first half of March.
    • Attended a Cornell networking event and met a marketing guy intereted in working at Netscape. Forwarded his resume to Michael Laguardia.
    • Continued with personal bug triage and monitored group bug triage.

Plans for next week

  • heikki
    • Get help on Mac for the separation of content from layout, and solve the Windows linker problem. Schedule a carpool for the week starting Feb 12(?)
  • harishd
    • Work on 0.8 bugs.
    • Work on GetComputedStyle.
    • Attend Phil's staff.
    • Triage my untargeted bug list.
  • jst
    • Continue "XPConnecting" the DOM.
  • nisheeth
    • Continue with XML/DOM group bug triage.
February 6
Submitted by Beth Epperson <>


  • team resolved 41 bugs this week
  • Joe checked in the plaintext editor embedding work
  • team is focused on embedding work and mozilla0.8 bug list
  • editor team plays sheriff this Thursday

Individual Status Updates:

  • Akkana:
    • Checked in fix for 66718 (signed/unsigned fix).
    • Wrote code to implement basic editor tableize (bug 67337).
    • Extended the fix for bug 64313, cmd_copyLink, and added commands for copy image and copy image location. Had some problems with getting reviews, and with focus; handed off to xpfe group.
    • Talked with Blake about his patch for 62431, mousewheel not doing the right thing when focus is in text fields or non-scrollable textareas; had some questions and he's working on an improved fix. The related bug, 27771, still needs work since it doesn't call GetScrollableView() (it probably should).
    • Helped test/verify lotsa linux bugs.
    • Helped Anthony et al track down and fix of 67007 (unknown tags dropped).
  • Anthony:
    • fixed and checked in 55921 - cant place caret to right of link after selection (thanks kin and sfraser)
    • fixed and checked in 67007 - Unknown tags dropped from composer when switching views. (thanks harishd, akkana, and joe)
    • worked with arronl some more on accessibility bugs with mjudge also.
    • more bug triaging and testing.
    • continuing to work on my range/selection/caret/output bugs.
  • Beth:
    • triage mozilla0.8 and mozilla0.9
    • attended W3C HTML WG phone conference
    • reviewed CSS Functional Spec for Daniel.
    • debugged incoming bugs, reassigned as appropriate
  • Charley:
    • no report
  • Daniel:
    • weekly audioconf with Marc Attinasi on style ; started to discuss the agenda items we want to see discussed at forthcoming CSS WG face-2-face meeting.
    • work done on various DOM 2 CSS stuff needed for the cssization of the editor
    • last version of "adding css to the editor" ready for public discussion
    • CVS access (thanks all !-)
    • started to implement new transactions for CSS
  • Joe:
    • stayed away from the long term issues and instead fixed a lot of smaller bugs for moz0.8: 64152, 67109, 65789, 56135, 57170, 57736, 51923, 67241
    • worked some on performance issues.
  • Kathy:
    • lost most of the week to doctor appointments, caring for sick kids, or being sick myself :-(
    • caret bug fixes to kin and simon for review
    • triage my inbox
    • probably some other things which I've forgotten
  • Kin:
    • Code reviews for akkana, jfrancis, cmanske, anthonyd, brade
    • Reviewed/tested a couple of versions of brade's fix for the caret offset problem.
    • Filed bugs, triaged and did preliminary debugging of several editor bugs.
    • Helped dbaron verify Monday morning js build bustage fix on win32.
    • Tracked down cause of Monday morning Composer/MsgCompose runtime horkage to changes in editor.js, notified
    • Worked with tony on a much shorter patch for 55921. (Clicking to the right of a link doesn't clear selection)
    • Several editor api discussions with sfraser and jfrancis.
    • Tracked down textarea newline blocker problems on friday morning, backed out changes to nsHTMLContentSink.cpp. (bug #67408)
    • Reviewed ccarlen's nsIWebBrowserFind implementation for embedding apps. (Bug #46869)
    • Checked in fixes for bugs 65857 and 67256
  • Mike:
    • working on translating header files to xpidl. then i need to get the current code to work with the newly generated files. this is going to take a while...
  • Simon:
    • Made significant progress on the embedded editor work. Hooked up editor and composer controllers so that all the C++ implemented commands work when editing framesets/iframes, all without the nsEditorShell.
    • Started working on the problem of extricating command updating from the XUL document.
    • Checked in a fix for a nasty startup crash on Mac (bugs 64978 and 24312) during autoregistration (hitting some kind of OS problem that maxed out the number of open files).
    • Fixed a small modifier key problem that I ran into (bug 67113).
    • Fixed a Mac build problem (bug 65621).
    • Wrote an initial draft of the design for editor extensions in bug 66344.
    • Several code reviews.
    • Took part in performance discussions.


  • none

Project Issues:

  • I've been sidetracked several times this week because of editor run time horkage. People should be testing the impact of their layout/parser/io/editor changes in Composer, HTML MsgCompose, PlainText MsgCompose, textfields, textareas and password fields before checking in.
  • from our Paris folks: could it be possible to have a web server providing us every week with a video capture of the all hands meeting ? Someone proposed it some time ago as a feasible thing (Nisheeth ?) This meeting is usually at 3 or 4pm, which is the middle of the night here... We miss a lot of information.

People Issues:

  • Beth out sick 1/31-2/1
  • Daniel out on 2/1
  • Kathy out on 1/29, 1/31& 2/1
  • Simon on vacation 1/29
  • Chris Blizzard (

    I've been working on fixing bugs for the 0.8 release. There's one bug that's been outstanding for a long time that I finally got around to fixing where the main browser window would lose focus when popups (right clicking, menus) would be shown:

    I've also been working on the event queue for linux again. I've got a patch which speeds things up a bit:

    People that have tried it have liked it.

  • Scott Putterman (

    We got some great things in this week. It was especially nice to see a lot of really good checkins from people who don't work on the Netscape Mailnews team in addition to all of the great work they did. Thanks to all of those who contributed code and to all of those who applied, reviewed, and checked in patches.

    Mailnews status for 2/5/2001

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