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Last Updated Wednesday December 13, 2000

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Friends of the Tree

  • The group ( who do a lot of work making sure I18N works with multibyte, IMEs, maintain a Bugzilla proxy for non-English (Japanese) speakers, contribute a very major language pack, and host the forms tester mentioned in last week's friend of the tree. Thanks for doing such a great job guys! - Ian Hickson
Module Updates
December 5
Submitted by Richard Hess <>

Interested in testing Mozilla on IRIX? Checkout the nightly builds on

Special thanks goes to our Mozilla team at Adacel (Rob Low & John Mark Vandenberg) for all the hard work that made this possible!!!

You'll need to have gtk+ 1.2.8 installed on your machine in order to run these binaries. If you don't already have it, you can download it from the SGI Freeware site.

You'll also probably have better luck if you replace the mozilla script that's in the nightly builds with the new one I've written for IRIX (see the attachment on the web site).

I'm still working on trying to update the IRIX build pages on but this should keep you busy for a while. I'll be updating my Netscape 6 for IRIX web page with our progress.

What are you waiting for?...


December 8
Submitted by Chris Waterson <>
This is a quick summary of what was discussed in the footprint meeting on Wednesday.
  • Ongoing memory tracking (curt). Able to get automation working somewhat, but still hard to collect data reliably because of frequent crashes.
  • Code coverage (dprice, kmcclusk). Seeing about 55% utilization by line in XPCOM.DLL, with notably lower utilization in `io' and `ds' directories. dprice and waterson to look into that in more detail.

    In layout:

    • little usage of XUL frames while running over several dozen web pages in viewer
    • some form controls (e.g., fieldset) rarely used
    • many methods in html/content/src that are seldom called, esp. stubs that delegate DOM methods to the `inner object'
    • Only about 1/2 of nsCSSFrameConstructor was used
  • Style system. Attinasi to turn on style context sharing by default next week, expect 40% reduction in memory utilized by style system. Pierre, evaughan to instrument style system to collect statistics on property usage which will lead to placing rarely-used properties in separate structures. Intimately tied with future-proofing issues (extensibility, adding new properties).
  • Trace-malloc Porting. mjudge has taken over jband's work to port trace-malloc to Win32. Expects to have stuff hobbling along by next week.
  • Memory allocation analysis. Go over jar's data, which shows 30% of memory (after 140 URL loads) going to imagelib structures. Waterson to discuss imagelib stuff with pnunn. Need to find owner for session history growth -- radha? rickg addressing parser node leaks, big checkin this week?
December 8
Submitted by Richard Hess <>

For those adventurous souls who just can't wait to build their own mozilla binaries on IRIX, we've just updated the Mozilla IRIX build page on

For continuing information on the progress of Mozilla, Netscape 6 and plugins on IRIX, check my web site from time to time.

Hope this helps...


December 11
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>


  • The XPToolkit team resolved 14 bugs in the last week, fixing 4 of these. For details, see our resolved bug list.


  • Daniel Matejka (danm)
    • Working on a document intended to be a rallying point for discussion and decisions for tackling the embedding windowing issues.
    • Measured the data heap hit for using XUL dialogs in an application. To be included in the above manifesto.
    • 53621 Window moved to offscreen position messages are annoying
  • Eric Vaughan (evaughan)
    • Did some work to allow non native control to clip widgets
    • The GFX scrollbars style context conflict with Mark's style system sharing scheme. He has hacked it so they don't share, I'm investigating what the problem is.
  • Stuart Parmenter (pavlov)
    • Made a patch to reduce memory allocated by the X server a good bit, while taking a performance hit.
  • David Hyatt (hyatt)
    • 61946 scrollbars missing when mozilla is embedded
    • 62132 Mac builds aren't properly reflecting scrolling positions.
    • 48642Spacebar should trigger XUL buttons
  • Brian Ryner (bryner)
    • mousewheel bugs:
      • 29244 - mouse scrolling inside text areas
      • 50339 - scrolling closes menus
      • 42313 - scrolling over IFRAMEs
      • 33733 - don't leave comboboxes open when scrolling the page
      • 57598 - scroll comboboxes when they are dropped down

Lowlights Very little real progress last week, partially due to the short week, but mostly because of a nasty cold/flu running through the team.


  • ALL: Firm up plans for embedding.
  • saari:
    • Get together with Pierre and figure out the weird interaction between the style system and plugins
  • bryner:
    • Available to take on new bugs and/or embedding work.


  • New estimates:
  • Alert and Dialog overriding:
    write APIs

    write callbacks to pose dialogs from Gecko2d

    obtain and implement feedback from embedders2d
    implement APIs

    hunt down and fix outstanding uses of global nsIPrompt service5d

    implement API as a service for Mozilla to use2d

    change all direct posing of UI to use the API (wallet, netwerk...)10d
    additional possibilities

    move ! from nsIPrompt-parent-window to service-and-native-window-pointer3d

    issues of message processing (both native and NSPR) while modal3d

    externalize the prefs

  • Clipboard Operations:
    • Support for cut/copy/paste in text areas, and copy from content area is complete.
    • Support for image copy is about as follows:
      • get dcone to provide necessary api's on nsIImage (1 day)
      • get editor team to hook up image copy to clipboard api's (2 days)
      • write clipboard code to go between nsIImage and native image data (2 days per platform)
      Bug on this is 56341, and this info has been copied to it.



  • Chris Saari will be on vacation Wed-Sun, returning on 12/18.
December 11
Submitted by Gordon Sheridan <>


  • darin
    • CPD offsite!
    • Closing in on a final cache design!
    • Closing in on a final redesign of AsyncWrite!
    • Submitted patch for bug 51363.
    • Bug triaging.
  • neeti
    • investigating proxy bugs
    • investigating HTTP/1.1 compliance bugs
    • bug triage
  • dougt
    • Spent most of the week suggesting possible fixes for a bug in the pipe. When Streams were converted a month and a half ago, the logic of the server response listener changed. The pipe eriter use to just read in all of the available data. Now it just reads off a line at a time (a line is seperated by an LF). This change does simplify things a bit, but writers now run the risk of not being able to complete their write based on their own internal logic (ex. what happens when there is not enough data on the stream to find an LF).
    • Created meta bug for all known ftp problems/issues.
  • gagan
    • attended class "Communicating for success"
    • set up new networking components in bugzilla-- Networking::HTTP, Networking::FTP (to help us better triage bugs)
  • gordon
    • Made a lot of progress in cache design discussions.
    • Started creating documentation for changes to cache design.


  • dougt
    • Somehow accessiblity was dropped on my lap. Had a few meetings with various people. We have concluded that there are three possible approaches all of which do not have an owner. I have committed to Trudelle that I would provide some overview and time analysis.
    • Attended offsite.
  • gordon
    • Out sick for two days this week.

Plans for next week

  • darin
    • Finalize and checkin AsyncWrite API changes.
    • Bug triaging.
  • neeti
    • continue work on proxy bugs
  • gagan
    • on vacation...
  • gordon
    • Become virtual Gagan.
    • Run cache interface proposal by ftp, imglib, and imap folks.


  • dougt
    • No owner for accessiblity work.
  • gagan
    • On vacation next week. next status from gordon!
Build Config
December 12
Submitted by Chris Seawood <>
  • Proposed changes for new standalone build system
    • Bug 57282 - Building components selectively
  • Started consolidating build tools into config
    • Bug 62098 - Move elf-dynstr-gc into config/
  • Spent time working on parallel build issues
    • Bug 55174 - Race condition in creating jars
    • Bug 31365 - parallel build fails in nsprpub
  • Porting issues
    • Bug 37095 - Make distclean failes: too many args on command line
    • Bug 21138 - Compliation of src with Sun Workshop 6 fails at various points...
  • Misc
    • Bug 61856 - BUILD BLOCKER!
    • Chasing down bustage due to added intermodule dependencies
    • Attended footprint meeting
    • Applied and tested bryner's nss/psm autoconf patches
December 12
Submitted by Joaquin Blas <>
  • Akkana
    • Caught up on mail from last week, responded to some of Robin Whittle's message on whitespace problems.
    • Triaged bug list, separating off mozilla 0.9 bugs from Future bugs.
    • Fixed 42452 (which also fixes 61173) on plaintext conversion of lists -- reviewed, awaiting sr and checkin.
    • Filed and fixed 62398, on eliminating debug printfs from the gtk clipboard code.
    • Helped Aaron Leventhal with some Linux problems.
    • Reviewed editor code for use of wrapping (bug 33088); plaintext seems fine but we could be better by letting the user configure the wrap column for html output, which I'll fix next week.
    • Check in code for 42452, 61173, 62398, and perhaps 33088.
    • Look into 51799, quoted rewrap problems.
    • Look for interesting editor stuff to work on.
  • Anthony
    • Triaged bugs.
    • Worked on several selection and range bugs.
    • Continue fixing selection and range bugs.
  • Charley
    • Continue with bug triage, debugging, fixing.
    • Worked with Joe on copy/paste issues, especially in tables
    • Continue with bug triage, debugging, fixing.
    • Help with UI tasks generated by the embedding/modularity work being done with the editor.
  • Daniel
    • css+fp wg audioconf
    • CSS 3 Selectors Module almost ready; only need to finish the attached tests ; should be delivered next week...
    • imagined another way to add css1 support to the editor w/o turning the markup to html strict. Verifying with java prototype if it works.
    • understand exactly how code splits the contents of a block container element if some textual selection very deep in subtree changes of style and if the corresponding style comes from that container
    • ui xul prototypes for css1 support
    • final touch to CSS 3 Selectors Module, including test cases
  • Joe
    • discussed the copy situation with tables and divided up the work toimprove copy/paste for table substructures
    • discussed css vs html style issues with daniel
    • fixed a mac-only build problem in editor for optimized builds
    • did some clean up in my plaintext editor work
    • continued on whitespace work
    • read a lot of mail and moz.editor posts
    • prioritize my bug list
    • continue to support embedding as needed
    • continue to support feature completeness thru continued whitespace work and other bug fixing, and working with Charlie on table copy/paste
    • assist daniel with editor learning curve if needed
  • Kathy
    • On leave.
  • Kin
    • Code reviews for several people in the group.
    • Helped anthonyd with various range issues he is working on.
    • Talked with jfrancis and anthonyd about possible solutions for indexing into content, which is needed by Aaron Leventhal for the accessibility feature he is working on.
    • Triaged and did some preliminary debugging for various editor bugs.
    • Fixed a couple of bugs in the find code. Will check it in when I landthe replace feature.
    • Finish off Replace work.
    • Handle misc management tasks for editor group while Beth is out.
  • Mike
    • Worked on memory fixes.
    • Worked some with tony on selection bugs.
    • More memory work.
    • Bug fixing.
  • Simon
    • Fixed some string badness in nsEditorShell with GetBundleString (62039).
    • Added some more build options to the Mac build scripts for TInderbox (bug 61401).
    • Had some more embedding discussions, trying to figure out how command dispatching should work.
    • Reviewed some code for Joe
    • Other code reviews
    • Do more preparatory work for pre-embedding code wrangling:
      • Change nsIDiskDocument to use nsIFile
      • Fix nsEditorShell to use the better file widget implementation
    • Work more on embedding architecture
December 12
Submitted by Scott Putterman <>


  • Resolved as fixed 23 bugs.
  • Jean-Francois Ducarroz fixed a memory leak where we were leaking the whole body every time we sent a message. He also improved how we pass arguments to the compose window.
  • David Bienvenu made good progress on downloading imap messages into a localstore, and being able to display messages from the offline store.
  • Seth Spitzer made it so that we allow '@' in the username. This bug was showing up as a highly requested item on our feedback response and it was preventing a number of people from using mail. He also fixed a few subscribe bugs.
  • Navin Gupta continued working on some IMAP rename folder issues.
  • Bhuvan made it so that the mail server port changes automatically based on the state of the secure checkbox. He also made it so that you can't have identical account names.
  • Scott MacGregor worked on a fix for a top crasher in nsglobalHistory::AddPage.
  • Candice Huang made it so that creating a mailing list makes the mailing list show up in the Address Book results pane.
  • Fabian Guisset fixed 61967 which made it so that hitting enter twice on a blank addressing line moves the cursor to the subject field.
  • fixed 61748 which made it so that signature truncation no longer occurred in some cases.
  • David Baron helped fix some mailnews build bustage.
  • Blake Ross removed more dependencies we had on navigator.js. This fix also made it so we can bookmark through the mail context menu.
  • gave us the basis of the work that Bhuvan used to fix the mail server port bug mentioned above.



  • Jennifer Glick held an Issues Meeting to discuss first usage usability study with mail team. She prioritized top mail related issues and posted meeting summary to n.p.m.mail-news. This week she'll focus on issues related to getting started using mail.
December 13
Submitted by Kevin McCluskey <>


  • Performance analysis of Lazy creation of dropdowns for Comboboxes indicates that we could reduce the number of reflows between 3% and 25% on common pages.


  • none


  • none


  • none


  • none


  • none


  • none


Priorities for next week:

  • Don Cone
    • SMIL teleconference
    • Work on Frame/crashing problem for printing. Bugs 47478, 56146,58900,59006
    • 62245 - pixel borders draw incorrectly when inset is to large..
    • Work with Adam Lock on Embedding print APIs
    • Check in bugs 46871, 55095
  • Rod Spears
    • 44464 - support uploading multiple files using one file select control
    • Performance work
    • Other misc bugs
  • Waqar Malik
    • bug triage
  • Eric Pollmann
    • bug triage
  • Kevin McCluskey
    • bug triage
    • scheduling


  • Don Cone
    • Working on getting the entire page with a Frameset to print.
    • 62245 - pixel border.. worked on some cleanup.
    • Worked on some border drawing issues..
    • SMIL meeting and HP/Gateway meeting
  • Rod Spears
    • Performance analysis of Lazy creation of dropdowns for Comboboxes
      • Created a hack for comboboxes where it did not create the dropdown andthe size was determined by measuring all the option text
      • I can drastically improve memory usages and layout speed when a page contains 10 or more comboboxes, when there are less than 5 comboxes, it will improve memory and layout speed, but it may not be worth the effort for this release, when next release we will probably be going to XBL-based form controls.
    • Worked On - Bugscape 3458
      • Converting all the NS_DEFINE_IID to NS_GET_IID in the "ns" tree
    • Worked On/Triaged
      • 44464 - support uploading multiple files using one file select control
      • 58220 - Select boxes rendering weird when using CSS to size the controlsmall
      • 62350 - forms.css was optimized incorrectly.
    • Checked in
      • 25657 - When does 18 = 29? When you use the SIZE attritbute in atext type input field.
      • 57137 - checkbox.checked does not always work.
      • 57239 - Radio button onclick fires before clearing previo
      • 58460 - Validating Checkbox and Confirm PopUp using 'onCli
  • Waqar Malik
    • Worked on:
      • 40977 Mozilla doesn't fill window when significantly taller than a
      • 42093 Window title displays wrong image type
      • 45810 Printing non-existent image fetched with Alt-L dumps core
      • 46112 Overflow: hidden not working correctly on Linux
      • 49986 onfocus event of the Button element fails partially.
      • 57589 crashes when opening GAIM link
      • 57101 page freezes moz
  • Eric Pollmann
    • Worked on:
      • 35340 wyciwyg: dropdown url in back button history list - one remaining issue (no document.close)
      • code reviews for rods
      • 62300 text runs outside of table cell that it should be contained in (reported)
      • Triaging and cleaning up buglist:
      • 62136 iframe % height doesn't work in all cases (dup of 41656)
      • 62107 forms don't nest as with Nav and IE (accepted, cc'd harish)
      • 62088 secure submit in js gives insecure warning (dup of 59499, ddrinan)
    • CPD offsite
  • Kevin McCluskey
    • Attended memory/footprint meeting
    • Weekly embedd-staff meeting
    • Ran PureCoverage to discover how much code is executed in layout.
    • Started analyzing code coverage within gfx/widget/view.
    • Updated rendering team task list
    • CPD Offsite
    • reviewed
      • 47098 Animated throbber leaks after first loop
      • 46871 CSS background PNG does not have alpha channel
      • 55093 When display is 32 bit depth, printing can fail.
      • 62408 should remove #include "nsIFileWidget.h" and #include "nsFileSpec.h"
December 13
Submitted by Heikki Toivonen <>


  • We are focused on stability, bloat and memory leak reduction and performance work.
  • The XML/DOM team resolved ~14 bugs last week (bugs not assigned to us do not show up).


  • Nisheeth will be on vacation from November 20th to December 17th.
  • Johnny will be on vacation from December 18th to January 3rd.
  • Heikki will be on vacation from December 22th to December 26th.
  • Tom will be on vacation from December 26th to January 11th.

Accomplishments of last week

  • Peter Van der Beken (peterv)
    • no status
  • Harish Dhurvasula (harishd)
    • Helped Vidur in parser regression testing..
    • Fixed bugs 61462 - META charset bug ,58992 - NOSCRIPT related bug, 61842 - SCRIPT performace bug.
    • Looked into XML PI issue ( Losing PI in composer when XML document waspassed in with a mime type of text/html!! ) pointed out by Beppe
    • Triaged my untargeted bug list. Down to 35 from 48 :-)
  • Tom Pixley (joki)
    • Worked on reworking of event dispatch to both optimize it and deal with design problems.
  • Heikki Toivonen (heikki)
    • Worked on our team's task list.
    • Worked on 51218, problems with DOCTYPE handling in XML content sink, and a typo in DOMSerializer.
  • Johnny Stenback (jst)
    • Completed and checked in my fix for bug 57466. XML documents loaded with document.load() weren't doing the correct security principal fixup on redirect.
    • I participated in two DOM teleconferences and also in our internal W3C reps meeting.
    • Started working on a DOM specification for document.load and related Load/Save functionality found in IE (some exist in mozilla too), this will be defined in a new DocumentLS interface.
    • Participated in the CPD offsite on Thursday.
    • Put some more thought into what needs to happen in the removal of IDLC.
    • Worked on a bunch or random bugs on my buglist.
  • Nisheeth Ranjan (nisheeth)
    • Vacation

Plans for this week

  • Harish Dhurvasula (harishd)
    • Work on removing parser nodes.
    • Attend Memory meeting.
    • Triage my bugs.
  • Heikki Toivonen (heikki)
    • Check in the fixes I have in my tree.
    • Help joki with his buglist.
  • Johnny Stenback (jst)
    • Get my content model changes checked in.
    • Continue working on DocumentLS.
    • Continue struggling with my buglist...
  • Tom Pixley (joki)
    • Keep working on event rework, finish redistribution of bugs.


  • None.


  • None.
December 13
Submitted by Dan Mosedale <>
Made nsIEventQueue and nsIEventQueueService (partially) scriptable and added the getSpecialEventQueue method to the service. This means that it's now possible to create nsISupports thread-crossing proxies from JavaScript (bug 61692).
December 13
Submitted by Dan Mosedale <>

Checked in a patch from ( to make tooltips work over bug number links and show things like status and short description (bug 59515).

Added a bit of infrastructure to Bugzilla to allow multiple SendSQL queries (bug 62618).

Note that the above Bugzilla patches are checked into the CVS tip, but not yet up on

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