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Last Updated Wednesday November 15, 2000

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  • L. David Baron is the Leak Catcher Supreme. - Pam Nunn
  • R.K.Aa. (dark AT for all her help in triaging unconfirmed linux bugs. - Asa Dotzler

Missing Status Reports

The following engineering groups failed to submit a status report by the Wednesday 6:00pm EST deadline.
  • Architecture
  • Composer
  • Necko/Imglib
  • Rendering
Module Updates
Memory and Footprint
November 9
Submitted by Chris Waterson <>
Our memory meetings have fallen on somewhat ill repair due to NS6 focus. I talked about some charts that I'd come up with recently; I'll make a separate post about those. Here's a quick run-down of tasks that we came away with to look into for the next week or so...
  • WS tuning
    • find and try code from msoft (jband)
    • find GROPE source code (magnus)
  • Compiler
    • codegen (specifically, why does gcc generate 2x as many instructions as VC++?)
      • -Ox on win32 (rpotts)
      • Compare with trunk (newest) gcc (thesteve)
      • Find Intel's i386 reference compiler (rusty)
      • AIX? HP-UX? (waterson->jdunn)
      • Low-level comparison Win32 vs. gcc codegen (kandrot)
    • Redundant Data
      • iids (tbd)
  • Allocation Analysis / Leak Fixing
    • GC & bloatblame foo (waterson)
  • Code coverage analysis / Dead code
    • First level investigation of PureCoverage (dprice)
    • GROPE? (tbd)
  • DLL merging / Code Refactoring
    • Hopefully to be guided by above
November 13
Submitted by Steve Elmer <>


Open RTM++
RTM Need Info/RTM+
UnTriaged RTM
Fixed RTM++
Fixed non-RTM++
Verified for RTM
0 23130
9 WFMs
17 CCK, WFMs, minor trunk work
33 bugs filed
6 CCK, WFMs, minor trunk work
20 bugs filed
23 CCK, WFMs, minor trunk work
14 WFMs, minor trunk work
Helped QA w/candidate testing for Editor

Profile Manager:

  • no new news is good old news


  • some new minor bugs fixed
  • attended ISPCON
November 13
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>


  • The XPToolkit team resolved 22 bugs in the last week, fixing 14
  • Zarro Boogs on our RTM radar, and zarro nominated. Nothing left to fix for N6!
  • Will continue fleshing out our post-Seamonkey plans, and starting on the obvious high-priority tasks.


  • Mike Pinkerton (pinkertoni)
    • started stabbing out work for embedded DnD (45605)
    • implemented nsIClipboardCommands for embedding (46867)
    • pref for tooltips (56920)
    • show tooltips on disabled buttons (39358)
    • tooltips go away when typing (53653)
    • tooltips time out (45530, 46544)
  • Daniel Matejka (danm)
    • Browser windows opened from modal dialogs (an affliction peculiar to preferences, security and syphilitic dachsunds) no longer freeze Linux or the Mac.
    • 52372 Internet keywords 'More infomation' button brings up new bro
    • 58829 When browsing through 'more information' browser locks up
    • 56677 window->OpenDialog not behaving in an XP fashion.
  • Eric Vaughan (evaughan)
    • did some preliminary work on widget clipping
  • Stuart Parmenter (pavlov)
    • 44535 windows raise themselves before closing
  • David Hyatt (hyatt)
    • Held the forces of global terrorism at bay with much help from Daniel Matejka and Stuart Parmenter. This coordinated effort to reduce the threat posed by maniacal unbalanced terrorist warlords has enhanced our team interoperability as well as our communication skills. Armed with the knowledge that we can combine our ass-whipping energies in such a synergistic fashion, the three of us are prepared for new challenges in the Mozilla codebase.
    • Infiltrated the Body of the Many in an effort to stop a rogue AI's creations from running rampant. While trapped inside the pulsating innards of this hideous monstrosity, I learned an important lession. This cautionary tale warns us all of the perils of technology. Knowing that one missstep in the Mozilla codebase could lead to kilotons of fleshy madness will cause me to be more careful when checking in future code.
    • Upgraded my work system to contain a Xitel Storm Platinum (Aureal 3D Vortex II-based) sound card and an Elsa (nVidia GeForce2 GTS) Gladiac video card. Armed with this new hardware, I will be better entertained during my idle time waiting for a build to complete.
    • While installing the aforementioned new hardware, I noticed that my computer had way too many gigabytes free. I therefore took the liberty of installing many games into these free gigabytes in an effort to ensure that those rarely-used gigabytes were still functioning properly. I also tested the games extensively to ensure that my disk access times were well within the expected boundaries. I am pleased to report that my disk is in good shape.
    • 54203 Command dispatcher needs to be independent from XUL
    • 55577 modern--the preference dialog box messes up
    • 59130 Mozilla crashes when clicking on any story link
    • 53190 Existing style attribute prevents runtime binding attachment
    • 25739 Alt+F;Alt+E select File|New submenu instead of Edit
  • Dan Rosen (dr)
    • worked heavily on scoping and documenting dynamic xslt project (see
    • submitted proposed requirements for xpath 2.0, for nisheeth's upcoming conference
  • Brian Ryner (bryner)
    • 58437 Fix the ftp and file trees; add a min-height for <treerow>
    • 57178 xp filepicker scrollbar hidden when dir menulist very wide
    • 53731 No directory symbolic links in file picker
    • 59465 right-clicking on 1 selected treeitem in a group of selected


  • All:
    • Keep triaging, testing, fixing for RTM, if needed.
    • Celebrate!
    • Continue fleshing out post-Seamonkey development plans, and starting on the high-priority items as appropriate.
  • evaughan:
    • Learn how to use memory tools
    • analyze benefit of widget clipping
    • continue to plans of increasing performance and lowering footprint
  • bryner:
    • get patches checked in for 59465, 58589
  • pinkerton:
    • more embedding DnD work (45605)
  • dr:
    • get involved, kick some ass.

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