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Last Updated Thursday November 2, 2000

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Friends of the Tree

  • Adam Moss (adam AT for implementing movemail on the trunk. - Seth Spitzer
  • Mike Kaply (mkaply AT for helping fix configure/build issues with movemail. - Seth Spitzer
  • Henrik Gemal (gemal AT for going on a bug logging rampage. - Seth Spitzer
Module Updates
October 29
Submitted by Henrik Lynggaard <>
here is a status update from
  • MozillaTranslator the program has been updated to version 4.35, main news are
    • xpi generation now works (thanx to kazu for the fix)
    • export translated texts as textfile for spellchecking
    • leave out accesskey and commandkey in unstranslated string view
  • new m18 language packs
    • German
    • Japanese
    • norwegian
    • chinese (simplified)
    • danish
    • croatian
October 30
Submitted by Steve Elmer <>


Open RTM++
RTM Need Info/RTM+
UnTriaged RTM
Fixed RTM++
Fixed non-RTM++
Verified for RTM
0 23130
9 WFMs
17 CCK, WFMs, minor trunk work
33 bugs filed
6 CCK, WFMs, minor trunk work
20 bugs filed
23 CCK, WFMs, minor trunk work
44 bugs filed

Profile Manager:

  • 56002


  • Cleaned the plate of CCK bugs
October 30
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • Bugs down to last few for rtm.
  • Planning for post 6.0.


  • gordon
    • Investigate Bugscape bug 2362 "Opening Security Advisor locks up Mac" w/Patrick Beard. Patrick landed a fix on branch &trunk. Additional NSPR work will need to be done post-RTM.
    • Investigate Bugscape bug 3003 "Unable to activate a new/existing member on Mac only" -developed fix, waiting for verification, reviews, and approval. Will require post-RTM NSPR work.
    • Closed Bugzilla bug 26421 "Changing Open Transport IP stack or Remote Access PPP disconnect disables Moz"
    • Investigate Bugscape bug 3003 "Unable to activate a new/existing member on Mac only" - duplicate of Bugzilla bug 49990
  • neeti
    • Fixed bugs 57326, 57746
    • Currently investigating bug 58171
  • pnunn
    • Closed bugs: 51337, 57344, 53921
    • Reassigned bugs: 52833, 57769
    • Developed notes for Imglib post 6.0.
    • Dealt with 56599: had endless discussions on problem. got RTM solution approved by PDT, reviews for checkin.
    • opened bug#57730 for long term solution.
  • gagan
    • Triaging bugs for the whole team.
    • Preparing the task list for Necko/Imglib.
    • Had fixes rolled out for bug 53580 since it was breaking on AIX and Solaris. These are now in order and ready to go in.
  • darin
    • Fixed bug 54081 (corrupting large uploads) on the Trunk and the Branch.
    • Fixed bug 56785 (ignoring 303 HTTP response) on the Trunk and RTM limbo.
    • Bug 52089 (crash while viewing certificate) is no longer a crasher.
    • Bug 51631 (mail image loading allows password trojans) depends on 56031.
    • Triaging bugs...


  • darin
    • Bug 35956 does not have a simple fix; requires changes to cache arch.
    • Opened bug 58150; necko currently ignores 307 HTTP response.


  • neeti
    • Work on bugs 58171, 58186, 52818, 55616
  • gordon
    • Investigate Bugzilla bug 52534 "On the Mac, we are opening the cache file as many as 4 times per url load"
    • Investigate Bugzilla bug 35956 "File extension not changed but gzipped files expanded when saving" (though it looks like Darin is all over this one)
  • pnunn
    • Plan out Imglib changes post 6.0
  • darin
    • Synchronous HTTP development (work on API changes and time-schedule).
    • Triage new bugs.
    • Triage futured bugs for post-RTM work.


  • darin
    • Still no new machine...
October 30
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>


  • The XPToolkit team resolved 68 bugs in the last week, fixing 19 of these. For details, see our resol! ved bug list.
  • Still have 14 bugs on our RTM radar, 3 of which are going onto branch today, and 6 others in limbo.
  • Continuing post-Seamonkey planning, as a background activity, refining our list of tasks and triaging futured bugs.


  • Mike Pinkerton (pinkertoni)
    • 21226 Popupanchor/popupalign attributes don't work for <popup> tag
    • 54710 menuitem sometimes has incorrect accesskey underlining if va
    • 52565 Crashed when spinning the cursor
    • fixed 56156 on trunk, scroll position forgotten when window is minimized (rtm+)
  • Chris Saari (saari)
    • 20298 Shift-modified Keyboard Shortcuts don't work
    • 33844 Ability to scroll is lost when using context menu "Back"
    • 35741 shift key event is not recognized
    • 43399 main window loses focus when selecting items from boomarks o
    • 53896 Spacebar when buttons, checkboxes, radiobuttons have focus j
  • Daniel Matejka (danm)
    • 57514 crash closing double alert from text box 'onchange' event
    • 55913 non-resizable windows appear hung when resized on Linux
  • Eric Vaughan (evaughan)
    • 29188 textarea doesn't update the scrolling when value changed
    • Fix for 57026 checked into trunk
  • Stuart Parmenter (pavlov)
    • 56010 Can't copy some international characters into the clipboard.
    • 57386 setting width and then height on a 1x1 window is broken
  • David Hyatt (hyatt)
    • Wrote the XBL specification. Incorporated first round of feedback (thanks Ian!) as well.
    • Four [rtm need info] tree widget bugs have led to a tree patch in 57139 that fixes several tree problems.
    • Fixed two chrome registry bugs (problem with installing add-on packages and a problem with installing "safe" skins)
    • 56599 Image cache never used when VALIDATE_ALWAYS set
    • 56916 Second address field in MailCompose not getting focus by def
  • Dan Rosen (dr)
    • Checked in John Morrison's fix for: 53047Profile Manager has blank sections- top and middle left port
  • Brian Ryner (bryner)
    • 56779 Filesystem Datasource doesn't show full directory contents
    • 57480 problem with getting back to Font size 100% after using mous
    • 57386 - unix window sizing issue, fixes Vixen (trunk only)


  • ALL:
    • Help fix, test and verify bugs for RTM.
    • Help plan for post-Seamonkey work.
  • pinkerton:
    • 56156 minimize and restore a scrolled window, always scrolled to t
    • Landing MacOS X changes on the trunk
  • hyatt:
    • 53218 Theme park can't be used to install skins with the current c
    • 56979 Tree doesn't repaint after multi-delete
    • 57280 Not all entries shown on first expansion of tree (directory.
    • 57733 Add-on packages don't work with Netscape 6
    • 57139 Subject list scrolls undesirably while reading messages
    • 57483 Scrollbar position hosed by insertion/removal above the visi
  • evaughan:
    • 56683 Scrolling using arrow buttons is twice as slow in trees and
    • 57026 Crash on a form field when position:relative
    • 55899 ftp and file picker columns get out of synch when scrolling
  • danm:
    • 55261 GTK modal dalog locks up browser when installing plugin
    • 56337 Dialogs posed from Web pages crash entire app
    • 58119 Trying to customize immobilizes app
  • bryner
    • continue to look at PSM/security issues
October 30
Submitted by Warren Harris <>



  • Wade Hennessey has decided to leave Netscape, and will no longer be working on memory tools.

Engineer Status

  • jband
    • Fixed rtm++ Activation related bug 57962.
    • Continued ongoing helping/finding/fixing/reviewing/testing of JS related bugs.
    • Some time went to webapps work.
    • Worked on porting bloatblame to Win32.... I have test versions of the core platform specific services working: fast bp-chain based stackwalking (like the linux code), pointer -> symbol resolution, and arbitrary imported function hooking that deals with LoadLibrary correctly - for malloc/new/free/delete/realoc/etc. I still need to integrate with nsTraceMalloc and twiddle bloatblame to work on Windows. Apparently this will be most of what we need to get the Boehm collector working too.
  • kandrot
    • Learned enough Perl to write basic scripts, then wrote a perl script to merge the files produced from the live bloat tool, to determine deltas.
    • Moved to second floor office.
    • Helped Steve Adamski get set up as a new employee.
    • Worked with waterson to generate baseline bloat numbers.
    • Sat in on Intel meeting to provide technical info.
    • rtm'ed bug #55003.
  • dprice
    • no status
  • waterson
    • Bulletproof XUL & RDF topcrashes
    • Working on memory & footprint doc: data collection and analysis.
    • Lots of code reviews.
  • vidur
    • no status
  • waldemar
    • Trying to find compromise between dynamic additions to the top-level scope and the needs for lightweight, static compilation.
    • Defined syntax and semantics of unit expressions.
  • rpotts
    • Bug #54725 - Java does not shut down correctly and hangs the browser. I spent *alot* of time isolating this problem and trying to come up with a solution. It turns out that until Javasoft can ship a new version of its Java Plugin (with a patch for this bug) java applets will *not* run correctly when mozilla is embedded :-( I have a "low risk" band-aid patch that allows the current Java Plugin to shutdown when inside of SeaMonkey. I'm trying to get this patch checked into the N6 branch.
    • Bug #54004 - Printing documents with framesets causes random crashes. I tracked down the cause of this problem and talked with dcone about it... If no progress is made, I'll submit a patch...
    • Spent time investigating how mozilla can be built without C++ exceptions when the containing application builds with exceptions enabled - and still get a version of operator new that returns NULL...
    • Lots of code reviews.
  • scc
    • wrote code, analyzed/filed bugs, or discussed solutions (primary engineering)
      • bug #57864: quick discussion with jelwell about opening new content in the right place
      • bug #57011: discussing UTF-8 options
      • bug #50641: offered nsXPIDLString as the right solution
      • bug #57087: possible solution to the problem of multi-line literal strings under NS_LITERAL_STRING
      • bug #57981: return better errors in nsSupportsWeakReference::GetWeakReference
      • bug #58038: advised on possible solutions where strings are involved in a race
    • reviewed code: bug #'s 57006, 47207, 57011, 57633, 54740, 58258, 31367, 56744, 56747, 56762, 56644, 53580, 58038
      • bug #57006: reviewed mkaply's nsCOMPtr usage
      • bug #47207: reviewed warren's huge patch, and registered my concerns about nsNoop
      • bug #57011: reviewed conrad's path encoding patches
      • bug #57633: reviewed rginda's/timeless' big honkin' chatzilla patch
      • bug #54740: reviewed jag's ToNewCString leak fixes
      • bug #58258: reviewed blizzard's warning fixes
      • bug #'s 31367, 56744, 56747, 56762, and 56644: reviewed leak aspects of dbaron's patches
      • bug #53580: review gagan's most recent patch
      • bug #58038: reviewed Adam Moss' string-related code
    • general assistance and/or mentoring
      • helped Jud, rpotts, et al, with questions about RTTI and exceptions in conjunction with embedding
      • nsCOMPtr help for mkaply, et al, on IRC
      • input to pork-jockeys on the cost of virtual dispatch
      • helped jag with new string tech
      • bug #32148: started working with timeless (more to come), advising him on new string tech
      • helped blizzard with some C++ knowledge (in the course of his warnings fixes)
    • wrote documentation
      • started a Best C++ Practices document (no, don't look now; it still sucks) that will, with some friends, become criteria for reviewers to measure code and contributors (for CVS access) against; I have much more to do on this, and I need to seek input (again) from everyone on the reviewers lists. 6 hours (so far)
    • growth
    • attended meetings and/or general process
      • had lunch with the rest of the Michigan crew, Kathy, Mark, and Chuck, to meet remote intern Hurricane, Ryan Cassin (and mom)1 hour
      • MacDev meeting 1 hour
      • staff meeting 1.5 hours
      • read and signed all the AOL Standards of Business Conduct 1 hour
      • reading and answering email 5 hours (so far this week)
      • newsgroups 1 hour (so far this week)
    • miscellaneous
      • A HP PA-RISC C3000 box showed up on my doorstep thanks to Jim Dunn, John Gaunt, and Shannon Dienner. Now I can do HPUX builds!
  • rayw
    • no status
  • thesteve
    • attended orientation for new employees
    • met co-workers in the memory effort, and management staff in my department
    • set up my office and, with much-appreciated help of Edward Kandrot, installed linex on my machine, and tailored it to my needs.
    • got the source of mozilla from cvs, and attended to various problems in the build process on my machine.
October 31
Submitted by Nisheeth Ranjan <>


  • We currently have no rtm nominated bugs, no rtm++ bugs, 10 rtm need infobugs, and no rtm+ bugs.
  • The XML/DOM team resolved 21 bugslast week.
  • We will verify the limbo bug fixes in Tuesday's alternate rtm candidate build.
  • We will run the QA tests for DOM Level 1, Client Side javascript, and XML on Mac/Windows/Linux in Tuesday's alternate rtm candidate build.
  • We will continue with post Netscape 6 planning work.


  • Nisheeth will be on vacation from November 20th to December 17th.

Accomplishments of last week

  • Harish Dhurvasula (harishd)
    • Worked/Working on bug 27006 - A crucial form POSTING bug!
    • Verified a few ( ~7 ) unverified bugs
    • Triaged my bug list
  • Tom Pixley (joki)
    • Not too much to report this week. I'm working on a couple of event system performance enhancements. Also working on going through old bugsand prioritizing dropped items. That and some DOM spec edits.
  • Heikki Toivonen (heikki)
    • Fixed 57437 (trunk only): anchors not working in external XML files.
    • Added some relnote text to 53118 which is about events that bubble but shouldn't.
    • Went through all Netscape 6 topcrashers (as shown in the topcrash sidebar). Reported 2 bugs: 58252 (looks like waterson has a fix) and 58256 (combines two call stack signatures, similar to 3 bugs fixed by me & nisheeth but still frustratingly different so no fix yet).
    • Attended XML/DOM brainstorming meeting, and did my action items (posted info on XML Base, XLink, XPointer & a bit on XInclude).
    • Attached patches to some bugs that had a fix but it was not in patch format.
    • Tested Tom Lendacky's patch to 56518 but it does not seem to work.
    • Have been using latest branch builds without crashing in unknown places; it becomes increasingly difficult to find new crashers. Actually, I have not crashed even once this week using a Talkback build! But you can still find other new problems... like (English) grammar errors in error messages :-)
  • Johnny Stenback (jst)
    • Fixed rtm+ bug 57495 . Made element.getElementsByTagName() case insensitive if called on an HTML element (this is only fixed on the trunk, branch chekin pending, limbo bug).
    • Fixed rtm++ bug 56529. Necko was unescaping the content of URL's if a segment of the URL is requested (but not if the whole URL is requested), the DOM code used this unescaped string as is and that caused backwards compatibility problems, the only thing I fixed here was the query getter in nsIURL.
    • Other than that I did some bug triaging, sat in meetings, worked on topcrasher bug 58256 (and came up with a possible fix), celebrated halloween :-) .
    • Currently I have one rtm++ (limbo) bug (bug 57495).
  • Nisheeth Ranjan (nisheeth)
    • Conducted a brainstorming session for the XML/DOM team on Monday to generate a task list for the team for the next year and beyond.
    • Held a brainstorming followup meeting on Wednesday to refine the task list. Vidur attended the meeting and gave the architecture group's perspective on how tasks should be prioritized.
    • The summaries of these two meetings will be posted to the mozilla newsgroup this week.
    • Attended the XML Query teleconference on Wednesday and sent out notes on it to w3c-reps.
    • Attended a half day course on "Managing within the Law" on Thursday.

Plans for this week

  • Harish Dhurvasula (harishd)
    • Come up with a safe fix for bug 27006.
    • Triage bug list
    • Verify the unverified bugs.
  • Heikki Toivonen (heikki)
    • Continue using the latest bits, report problems, fix/help fix/verify bugs...


  • None.


  • None.

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