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Last Updated Wednesday October 25, 2000

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Friends of the Tree

  • Dan203 (dan6992 AT for implementing context menus in xul input boxes (bug 43936). - ???
  • David Hyatt for writing the XBL spec. - Axel Hecht
  • John C. Griggs (johng AT for getting the qt port back on its feet. - Christopher Blizzard
  • Ramiro Estrugo for making eazel-profile work with mozilla via autoconf. - Tomi Leppikangas
  • Pam Nunn, David Hyatt, and others for hammering out a good interim solution to the VALIDATE_ALWAYS problem (bug 56599). - Mike Shaver
Module Updates
October 23
Submitted by Steve Elmer <>

Thanks to:

  • Thanks to Conrad for testing and providing instant reviewes for mac regression fixes.


  • Root cause of activation bugs are yet to be determined. These bugs either belong to activation serverside folks or the layout/event hadling depts in CPD. Pursuing both parties to identify the cause and resolve the bugs.



Open RTM++
RTM need info/ RTM+
Untriaged RTM
Fixed RTM++
Fixed non RTM++
Verified for RTM
0 23130
9 WFMs
17 CCK, WFMs, minor trunk work
33 bugs filed
6 CCK, WFMs, minor trunk work
20 bugs filed

Profile Manager:

  • Tracking down activation problems.


  • Lots of bug work for CCK this week (again.)
  • Need the installer and jar packaging stuff to settle down so we can finish this work.
October 23
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>


  • The XPToolkit team resolved 42 bugs in the last week, fixing 15 of these. For details, see our resolved bug list.
  • We started planning for post-Seamonkey, generating a rough list of the things we'd *like* to do. We'll be posting this ASAP, and refining it as we get a better idea of requirements, specs, schedule. Your input is welcome, and will be more helpful earlier than later.
  • Had a phone meeting with some Mac embedding customers, to get their input on requirements for widgets.
  • Still have 9 bugs on our rtm radar, need to reduce these to zero ASAP, by any means necessary.


  • Brian Ryner (bryner)
    • hooked up unix makefiles for Vixen
    • started trying to help embedding team with psm issues
    • 54789Crash saving all attachments - GetFolder mode handled incorr
    • 56570Cookie Manager crashes when cookie clicked with <Shift> key
  • David Hyatt (hyatt)
    • Bullet proofed several top crashers (in XBL and in the tree widget).
    • Bug #56599 - Image cache not used when validate_always set. Patch still being tweaked.
    • Designed a scheme in conjunction with jband and brendan that will enable XBL methods and properties to be transparently accessed from C++. Have most of the code in place; just need to make some test cases now to try out my new code and jband's new XPConnect code together.
    • Updated the XBL spec further and worked on it some more.




  1. Fix RTM bugs, or help others fix 'em.
  2. Triage incoming bugs.
  3. Turn topcrashers into actionable bug reports.
  4. Test and verify branch bugfixes.
  5. Use the branch builds and report bugs.
  6. Planning for post-Seamonkey - requirements, tasks, swags, bug triage.


Bugs fixed
54789bryner@netscape.comCrash saving all attachments - GetFolder mode handled incorr
56570bryner@netscape.comCookie Manager crashes when cookie clicked with <Shift> key
50705danm@netscape.comroot_points_to_gcArenaPool assertion / crashes due to leaked
56235hyatt@netscape.commalformed content crashes XBL (e.g. reading mail)
56395hyatt@netscape.comPossible place to head off a common crash [@ nsXBLPrototypeB
44093hyatt@netscape.comcrash scrolling folder pane [@ nsXULTreeOuterGroupFrame::Fin
56167hyatt@netscape.comCursor does not change to a hand over link in a web page
56340hyatt@netscape.comCan't enter more than 2 addresses in compose window
56213hyatt@netscape.comHixie needs the updated XBL spec draft
52695hyatt@netscape.comCoalesce XBL handlers of the same type
54407hyatt@netscape.comUMR: [@ nsXBLService::GetBindingInternal]
56353hyatt@netscape.comInheritance in XBL broken when element is out of flow
52414pavlov@netscape.comMozilla ignores keyboard events unless mouse is inside windo
54710pinkerton@netscape.commenuitem sometimes has incorrect accesskey underlining if va
53896saari@netscape.comSpacebar when buttons, checkboxes, radiobuttons have focus j
54270saari@netscape.comnsMenu.cpp on Mac asserts when a window is closed

Bugs in progress (need to reduce these to zero by any means necessary):
56779bryner@netscape.comFilesystem Datasource doesn't show full directory contents
56337danm@netscape.comDialogs posed from Web pages crash entire app
57026evaughan@netscape.comCrash on a form field when position:relative
56683evaughan@netscape.comScrolling using arrow buttons is twice as slow in trees and
56156evaughan@netscape.comminimize and restore a scrolled window, always scrolled to t
57280hyatt@netscape.comNot all entries shown on first expansion of tree (directory.
57483hyatt@netscape.comScrollbar position hosed by ContentInserted
56010pavlov@netscape.comCan't copy some international characters into the clipboard.
53047trudelle@netscape.comProfile Manager has blank sections- top and middle left port

October 23
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • Great fixes coming from darin.
  • Product stabilizing well.
  • Some regressions still to be resolved.


  • neeti
    • Investigated bugs 56599, 55809
    • Fixed bugs 55405, 42606, 50559
    • Resolved bugs 52221, 53921
    • bug 57326, have fix in hand, need review and super review
  • pnunn
    • Bugs closed: 51337, 52833, 57344, 53921
    • Meeting: Load Attribute/ValidateEvery Issue
  • gagan
    • Continuing to triage bugs for the whole team.
    • Checked in fixes for 31174 on the branch and 56935 (trunk + branch).
    • Fixed 53580 but had to back it out since Substring is not completely XP yet (AIX and Solaris had problems)
  • darin
    • Fixed bugs 32335, 49168, 54081 (pending s/r)
    • Got CVS access :-)
    • Triaging bugs...
  • gordon
    • Investigate Bugzilla bug 50929 ""localhost" doesn't work -- freeze whentrying to use search"
    • Investigate Bugzilla bug 56599 "Image cache never used when VALIDATE_ALWAYS set"
    • Investigate Bugscape bug 2362 "Opening Security Advisor locks up Mac"
    • Investigate Bugzilla bug 56599 "Image cache never used when VALIDATE_ALWAYS set" and associated meetings.


  • darin
    • Not sure how to deal with localization hotspots in nsHTTPChannel.cpp (bug 55738)
    • Not sure of the cause of bug 52089 (crasher)
    • Waiting for new machine
  • gagan
    • sick on Tuesday-- missed the "Managing Meetings" training. :-(
  • gordon
    • Mac Security bug requires optimized build that is difficult to build. Several projects must be built by hand because they failwhen building under automation.
  • pnunn
    • Load Attribute Issue: refer to bugs 56599 & 57015. I need input as to how tobest handle tradeoffs for RTM


  • neeti
    • Work on bugs 52818, 55616
  • gagan
    • Close on all the bugs that have landed on the trunk but not on the trunk (per PDT's plan)
    • Continue triaging.
  • pnunn
    • Resolve Load Attribute Issue for both RTMand Long Term Solutions. (Note, solution may be same for both.)
    • Organize notes on Imglib future plans
  • darin
    • Push for getting 54081 rtm++
    • Investigate bugs 52089 and 35956
    • Follow up on bug 51631
    • Help verify resolved/fixed bugs
    • Plan for next generation Necko (synchronous HTTP, etc.
  • gordon
    • Investigate Bugscape bug 2362 "Opening Security Advisor locks up Mac"
    • Investigate Bugzilla bug 52534 "On the Mac, we are opening the cache file as many as 4 times per url load"
    • Investigate Bugzilla bug 35956 "File extension not changed but gzipped files expanded when saving"


  • darin
    • Still no new machine...
October 23
Submitted by Vidur Apparao <>


  • Architecture group held a footprint/embedding strategy meeting. We believe that there's going to need to be a shift in the Components & Tools departments focus towards footprint and embedding issues. The embedding group is planning on holding brown bags to discuss embedding goals.

Engineer Status

  • jband
    • Helped fix topcrash bugs 57070 and 57096.
    • Checked in interim fix for xpconnect bug 56843.
    • Added xpconnect support for hyatt's XBL enhancements: bug 57370.
    • Worked on xpconnect requirements and plans for conversion of DOM to use xpconnect.
    • Attended webapps meetings and did some related research.
    • Looked into porting bloatblame/nsTraceMalloc to Win32 and ran screaming.
  • kandrot
    • Found 2 more O(n^2) algorithms in the code: nsFrameList::LastChild(), since we always seem to append and this class contains no last pointer, and nsLineBox::IndexOf is called to append (the class nsLineBox also walks the list to find the item number of the last item, then walks the list again to return a pointer to that item number as the last item numbered, and other such fun).
    • Researched how Purify accounts for vtable time in virtual function calls (it is accumulated in the caller). There seems to be a 1.5x time increase in calling overhead in making a method virtual, as well.
    • Started looking at how waterson's memory tool works and how it could be used to gather other memory data (high water mark, churn on each object, etc).
    • Footprint tactics meeting.
  • dprice
    • tweaked memory flusher for jar cache so it passes super review
    • worked on reproducing top talkback crashers in XBL
    • making a windows tree that doesn't have a res directory (3/4 completed)
  • waterson
    • Helped radha finish off patch to implement URL bar history (bug 53922, buf 57246). PDT is evaluating for the RTM branch.
    • Implement "clear global history" on the trunk. Pending review from bienvenu for the RTM branch (bug 42001).
    • Fix drag & drop problems with bookmarks on the trunk (PDT is evaluating for the RTM branch) (bug 56349).
    • Fix problem with intl buddy lists in AIM. pending super-review (bug 2856).
    • Did some work analyzing code bloat on Linux. See news article, bug 57470.
    • Plans
      • Several block-in-inline problems that need evaluation
      • Continue code bloat analysis, esp. bug 57470
      • Investigate topcrash data, esp. bug 56713
      • At zarro boogs; available for working on regressions, crashers
  • vidur
    • Attended first XML Protocol Working Group teleconference. Signed up to clarify and wordsmith requirements for RPC conventions.
    • Super-reviews and consulting on bugs for harishd, jst, heikki and pollmann.
    • Held web applications meetings and started related investigation.
    • More analysis on parser copying and additional changes. I really need to land these changes to the trunk soon!
    • Attended embedding/footprint strategy meeting and weekly footprint status meeting.
  • waldemar
    • no status
  • rpotts
    • no status
  • scc
  • rayw
    • no status
  • wade
    • no status
October 23
Submitted by Nisheeth Ranjan <>


  • We currently have 4 rtm nominated bugs, 1 rtm++ bug, 1 rtm need info bug, and no rtm+ bugs.
  • The XML/DOM team resolved 41 bugs last week.


  • Nisheeth will be on vacation from November 20th to December 17th.

Accomplishments of last week

  • Harish Dhurvasula (harishd)
    • Checked in fix for 56501 on the branch.
    • Worked with rickg in fixing a rtm+ bug.
    • Triaged my bug list [ but my untargted bug list grew a bit over the weekend :-( ]
    • Worked on a [rtm need info] bug ( 56563 ) which later became rtm-
  • Heikki Toivonen (heikki)
    • Fixed 53763, crash when dialog dismissed and content was changed.
    • Fixed 54233, crash when quitting via keyboard.
    • Checked in patch from Tom Lendacky of IBM (, this fixed 55508 (DOMParser does not work without script environment) and 55599 (added GetChannel method to nsIXMLHTTPRequest). The patch also included a test program for XMLExtras component.
    • Reviewed fix to 56285, anchors not working in external HTML docs.
    • Made patch for 57437, anchors not working in external XML docs.
    • Marked 55414 fixed, the fix went in with 55413. Filtering some load events that messed up search sidebar.
    • Resolved 44972 (worksforme).
  • Johnny Stenback (jst)
    • Bug triage, bug triage and bug triage
    • Fixed rtm++ bug 54121. Fixed nsHTMLEmbedElement to unroot the JS object before setting the script object to null to avoid referencing deleted memory later on in the JS GC. helped with testing and ironing out problems with my proposed fix.
    • Spent one day in URL (un)escaping "hell" while fixing rtm++ bug 56529. Necko is unescaping URL's if a segment (the query part, in this case) of the URL is requested and that breaks backwards compatibility with 4.x since contains a different string in mozilla compared to 4.x (and IE). The fix for this has not yet been checked in.


  • None.


  • None.

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