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Last Updated Wednesday October 18, 2000

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Friends of the Tree

  • Thanks to Blake Ross for organizing and participating along with (Scott Brodmerkle), (Keyser Sosez), (Doron Rosenberg), (Stephen Koren), (Stephen Walker), and (Joseph Elwell) in the Bugzilla Verification-O-Rama where about 1000 resolved bugs were verified (I know I've missed a few, sorry). - Asa Dotzler
  • Jonas Sicking for his patch to 5693. - Jerry Baker
Module Updates
October 12
Submitted by Wan-Teh Chang <>

NSS 3.1 release candidate is done. The cvs tag is NSS_3_1_BASE. Please give it a try. Check out mozilla/security with this tag as follows: cvs co -r NSS_3_1_BASE mozilla/security

We have also branched for NSS 3.1. The branch tag is NSS_3_1_BRANCH, rooted at NSS_3_1_BASE.

The tip of NSS is now open for checkins by NSS developers.

October 14
Submitted by Wan-Teh Chang <>
We tested the NSS 3.1 release candidate with the development version of iPlanet Web Server on Solaris and PSM 1.3 on Windows. All the tests passed, except a serious bug in the new loadable root cert DLL distributed with NSS on Windows (56442). We decided to include the fix for this bug with NSS 3.1. If things go well, we should be able to release NSS 3.1 on Monday Oct. 16.
October 16
Submitted by Steve Elmer <>

Thanks to:


  • Compose window was severely regressed by last week's checkins. Seems to be back under control now.


  • David Bienevenu Tue-Fri this week


Open RTM++
RTM Need Info/RTM+
UnTriaged RTM
Fixed RTM++
Fixed non-RTM++
Verified for RTM
0 2313 0
9 WFMs
17 CCK, WFMs, minor trunk work
33 bugs filed

Profile Manager:

  • Ja profile bug may finally be completely dead. Really.


  • Lots of bug work for CCK this week.
  • Need the installer and jar packaging stuff to settle down so we can finish this work.
October 16
Submitted by Warren Harris <>


  • Finishing up odds and ends for RTM.

Engineering Status

  • waterson
    • Bugs 54005, 56155. Fix problems with nsLineLayout::FindNextFrame(), fallout from removing nsTextRun that wasn't caught until now, and then a regression introduced by the "fix".
    • Bug 53969, crash after printing.
    • Bug 53627, reduce number of attributes in mail/news threadpane.
    • Helped Radha with bug 53922, URL bar history. Hoping to work out a less intrusive fix for this bug.
    • Prodded and poked some miscellaneous layout bugs.
  • vidur
    • Found and (with scc) fixed 3 bugs in the sliding string implementation. Since this is work-in-progress, there are no bug numbers associated with these changes.
    • Started parser change analysis. A first blush, using Quantify we see a fairly significant cut in the number of allocations in the parser (a factor of about 3 or 4). I'm still trying to figure out how this translates to changes in perceived load time of pages.
    • Worked with jst on bugs 54121 (managing JS roots) and copying of Japanes characters (actually any wide characters) after our NOXIF changes.
    • Worked with harishd on bug 56501 (dealing with NOSCRIPT correctly).
    • Super-reviews for jst, harishd, nisheeth, mcclusk and joki.
    • More meetings on web applications.
  • rayw
    • Spent the middle three days last week in a W3C WG meeting (as an alternate rep. for Vidur) forming requirements and expectations for the new W3C activity regarding XML Protocols (Soap).
      • came up with hundreds of possible requirements, which will be pared down and focused
      • currently, no actual binding to a language
  • waldemar
    • Updated ECMAScript web site to incorporate comments from the England meeting.
    • Working on more precisely figuring out and specifying ECMAScript evaluation order semantics.
    • On vacation for the rest of this week (and first half of next week).
  • rpotts
    • no status
  • jband
    • fixed 55426 to improve xpconnect leak reporting.
    • chasing bugs found using Purify; e.g nsStringKey bug 56547.
    • worked out scheme for adding indexed attributes to xpconnect: bug 55863.
    • helped review various patches in JS.
    • wrote patch for first run security problem - bug 55506 - blocked by bug 55460.
    • working on pulling together and documenting plans and dependencies for future xpconnect (and related) work.
    • worked on web apps stuff.
  • warren
    • Attended Clayton's staff offsite, all day Friday.
    • Attended Clayton's organizational meeting, all day Wednesday.
    • Worked on removing printfs from codebase, adding logging facility instead.
  • dprice
    • checked in 53312 memory flusher for jar cache, but then backed it out.
    • fixed 54595 chatzilla install broken on linux
    • worked on reproducing talkback crashers
    • did c++ exercises and sent them to scc for review
    • finished up 4.X security work (experimented with a test case)
  • scc
    • string work
      • working on a new string class for Vidur's parser work: nsSlidingSubstringList
      • bug #54714: got the appropriate reviews and checked in the patch to make life good for waterson
      • bug #54601: checked in my string allocation fix on the trunk and the branch (thanks to everyone who helped me test this patch)
    • helped other people; reviewed, tested, and/or checked-in their patches
      • bug #54013: reviewed blizzard's chrome patch
      • bug #54345: reviewed Adam Locke's build patch
      • bug #54740: helped jag and reviewed his |.get()| patch
      • bug #55157: reviewed chris seawood's rhapsody build patch
      • bug #48155: reviewed dveditz' chrome path relativizing patch
      • bug #54715: reviewed waterson's string manipulation patch
      • bug #53417: helped hyatt land the Mac project part of his XBL changes
      • bug #53999: reviewed sfraser's build patches
      • bugscape bug #2666: reviewed pchen's search fix
      • bug #54938: reviewed pchen's theme URL fix
      • bug #4830: approved granrose's Mac release build switch-throwing (turning off traceback tables)
      • bug #46645: reviewed blake's patch to help the sidebar obey the pref
      • bug #53403: reviewed morse's drag-and-drop patch
      • helped Pink with some string work under Carbon
      • bug #55587: helped jst fix a bug in FindChar
      • helped Rahda with C++/XPCOM type navigation
      • helped ftang with C++ tricks and standard practices; and discussed string allocation policy
    • wrote documentation
    • attended meetings
      • staff meeting (1 hour)
      • footprint meeting (I only stayed for one topic: 0.5 hours)
      • all-hands meeting (0.5 hours)
      • impromptu meeting on the phrase "Netscape Gecko" and other labels with ekrock and Todd Pringle (about 20 minutes)
      • architecture off-site (7.5 hours)
    • miscellaneous
      • sheriffed Friday
  • wade
    • no status
  • kandrot
    • Profiled the product while browsing web pages. Found that we spend 25% of our time in PR_Lock/PR_Unlock. Talked with various people (jband, scc) about what could be causing this and possible solutions.
    • Profiled the product for a javascript program I wrote, which generates and displays fractal curves totally in javascript. The programs create a around 10,000 DOM objects. I found that there is an order (n)(log n) algorithm that is supposed to make drawing faster by removing obscured objects, but has the opposite effect. Removing this function makes the product very usable with a large number of objects. I will contact the authors next week to find a fix or replacement.
  • bruce AT
    • Reported leak under Unix of some plugin info. (55821)
    • Reported that BeOS plugin info is never freed. (55848)
    • Looking into some parser leaks before filing bug on them.
    • Started looking at GTK embedding test under Purify.
    • Need to look into why Purify builds crash at exit when releasing the 'scrollbar' XUL atom as that complicates my life.
October 16
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>


  • The XPToolkit team resolved 48 bugs in the last week, fixing 26 of these. For details, see our resolved bug list.
  • Still have 14 unresolved bugs on our rtm radar, including 2 rtm++ and one rtm+. Will have to triage these according to the release candidate respin criteria.
  • Will start planning for future development as time permits. If you have any requests or suggestions, now is the time to speak up!


  • Mike Pinkerton (pinkerton)
    • 54803 Mozilla can cause other win32 apps to crash after URL D&D
    • 54713 Focus ring on folder pane causes pane to resize
    • 47413 Dragging InetShortcuts created by IE into Nav doesn't work
  • Chris Saari (saari)
    • 53771 can't open Composer window with Command-Shift-N keybinding
    • 54270 sMenu.cpp on Mac asserts when a window is closed
  • Daniel Matejka (danm)
    • 53953 crash if i close the "view source" window
    • 19188 Should be able to move windows off top of screen
  • Eric Vaughan (evaughan)
    • 46877 Scroll position in page not being remembered in session hist
    • 54049 folder pane, thread pane and Buddy list often fails to refre
    • 55899 ftp and file picker columns get out of synch when scrolling
    • 54192 tree widget scrolling is too slow.
  • Stuart Parmenter (pavlov)
    • made new plugins not depend on GdkSuperWins anymore (branch, trunk, embed):
      • 45162 nsIWidget::GetNativeData( NS_NATIVE_PLUGIN_PORT) should retur
    • checked in fix to make typing work when the mouse is outside of the window on the branch:
      • 52414 Mozilla ignores keyboard events unless mouse is inside windo
    • helped review the SSL proxy bug 31174
    • reviewed filepicker bugs 51118, 52188, 55685 and 55830 from Peter "jag" Annema <>
  • David Hyatt (hyatt)
    • 54874 Double click on a bookmark folder does not open it
    • 55290 Tabs broken in Classic skin
    • 44437 Current web page disappears when switching themes
    • 55067 :hover attached to an element does not work while mousing ov
    • 50846 No Scroll bar in Profile Manager window.
    • 43248 XBL in skins is executing scripts!
    • 53425 bg chrome images load after window is displayed, looks horri
    • 56213 Hixie needs the updated XBL spec draft


  • Resolve or retarget remaining rtm bugs.
  • Start planning the next development cycle.
  • pinkerton:
    • 52565 Crashed when spinning the cursor
  • saari:
    • 53896 Spacebar when buttons, checkboxes, radiobuttons have focus j
  • hyatt:
    • 44093 crash scrolling folder pane [@ nsXULTreeOuterGroupFrame::Fin
    • 56235 malformed content crashes XBL (e.g. reading mail)
    • 56395 Possible place to head off a common crash [@ nsXBLPrototypeB
    • 54097 If '/' in path, chrome files generated incorrectly, app will
  • evaughan:
    • 39655 Switch folder after resize msg pane hides header envelope un
  • pavlov:
    • See what is going on with popups not having a close box bug 56165 with CDE
  • danm:
    • 56156 minimize and restore a scrolled window, always scrolled to t
    • The Security bug that seems best typified by bugzilla 54992 / bugscape 2362.
  • dr:
  • bryner:
    • 54789 Crash saving all attachments - GetFolder mode handled incorr
    • 56570 Cookie Manager crashes when cookie clicked with <Shift> key
October 16
Submitted by Nisheeth Ranjan <>


  • We currently have 5 rtm nominated bugs, no rtm++ bugs, 2 rtm need info bugs, and 3 rtm+ bugs.
  • As we bounce of zero rtm bugs, our priorities will be (in order of decreasing importance):
    1. fix rtm blockers
    2. fix and help out on talkback top crashers
    3. continue to triage incoming bugs
    4. verify fixed bugs.
  • The XML/DOM team resolved 39 bugs last week.
  • Johnny, Vidur, and Joe Francis did a great job landing the NOXIF changes on the branch and fixing related regressions. Thanks, guys!
  • We plan to conduct XML/DOM planning and brainstorming sessions this week to identify what we should work on over the next year.

Accomplishments of last week

  • Harish Dhurvasula (harishd)
    • Fixed bug 56501 ( fix in on the trunk - as PDT requested ) which in turn fixes bugs 54571,54845,55036,55462 ( all very important to be fixed for rtm ). Will checkin into the truck once it becomes rtm++.
    • Triaged my bug list and 6 of Clayton's bug list.
    • Sheriffed
  • Tom Pixley (joki)
    • Worked on some rtm bugs (53669, 49120, 51268). None of these got rtm++'d so I'm working on checking these fixes into the trunk.
  • Heikki Toivonen (heikki)
    • Fixed 55377, FMM found with Purify.
    • Resolved 2 other bugs: 56121 (invalid), 54257 (worksforme).
    • Reviewed 55244, anchors not working.
    • XML/DOM team had sheriff duty on Thursday.
    • Found my 2 remaining [rtm need info] bugs are probably duplicates of an [rtm need info] bug on Nisheeth's plate.
  • Johnny Stenback (jst)
    • Landed the NOXIF changes on the Netscape6 branch.
    • Fixed rtm++ bug 54892. The .offsetParent property on the BODY element was incorrectly returning its real parent instead of null.
    • Fixed rtm++ bug 52998 . Form controls inside <noscript> were incorrectly added to the list of formcontrols in the form if javascript was enabled.
    • Fixed rtm++ bug 54825. The form element cleanup code in the HTML sink was incorrectly adding the form element itself to it's parent event if it had already been added, this caused the content iterator to lock up when doing 'Find on this page'.
    • Fixed rtm++ bug 56212 . (NOXIF refression) The new serializers were a bit too eager about what characters to encode as entities, this caused bad things when sending email that contained double quotes (") and also when writing a message containing quotes in AIM.
    • Checked in a patch for that fixed rtm++ bug 56129. The file input stream wasn't always setting the EOF state correctly, this caused problems with saving mail messages to the sent folder and also problems with 'Save As Draft'.
  • Nisheeth Ranjan (nisheeth)
    • Fixed 34168 and checked in the fix to the trunk.
    • Fixed 54868 and figured out the cause of bugs 53763 and 54233 in the process.
    • Worked on Mac only bug 53501 with Mike Pinkerton and marked it rtm- after realizing that it was no longer a high priority rtm problem.
    • Resolved bugs 47991 (worksforme) and 52889 (invalid).
    • Conducted the Netscape W3C Reps meeting on Monday.
    • Triaged rtm bugs from the XML/DOM team with Eric Krock on Monday and Tuesday.
    • Attended a meeting with Peter Trudelle, Gagan Saksena, Frank Petita to talk about project management tools for the future.

Plans for this week

  • Harish Dhurvasula (harishd)
    • Checkin fix for 56501 on the branch
    • Triage bug list
    • Help people with rtm blockers.
  • Heikki Toivonen (heikki)
    • Help others with RTM blocker.
    • Check in Tom Lendacky's patches to XMLExtras.
  • Tom Pixley (heikki)
    • Help others with RTM blockers.
    • Help out with top talkback crashers.
  • Johnny Stenback (jst)
    • Triage untargeted bugs
    • Work on rtm blockers.
  • Nisheeth Ranjan (nisheeth)
    • Work on rtm blockers.
    • Triage untargeted bugs.


  • None.


  • None.


  • None.
October 17
Submitted by Bob Lord <>

NSS 3.1 has been released. This release has been tested on 18 OS releases.

The NSS 3.1 release notes are here.


October 18
Submitted by Simon Fraser <>


  • NOXIF branch landed on the trunk, then on the branch. jst, jfrancis and akkana dealt quickly with fallout issues. Landing this resolved a number of composer RTM bugs
  • The team resolved 65 bugs last week


  • 4 rtm-nominated bugs
  • 11 rtm need info bugs
  • Bugs need triage to get to zarro boogs


  • Frequent Bugzilla outages are hurting productivity.

RTM status

  • Currently have 11 [rtm need info] bugs

Goals for this coming week

  • Akkana
    • Help out with rtm bake issues if needed.
    • Triage post-rtm bug list and work on stuff.
    • Play around with linux performance tools.
  • Anthony
    • Help with RTM bugs
    • Look at Talkback data
  • Joe
    • No status
  • Kathy
    • eat dogfood
    • file more bugs
    • help others with their bugs (confirming, testing patches, reviews, etc.)
    • work on the publishing spec
  • Kin
    • Revisit bug #55385 (Text Fields don't update there values whenreflowed) which is blocking dcone.
    • Checkin one line fix, on the trunk, for using the correct fontin textwidgets when in the context of a font tag. (bug #33654), and perhaps also checkin fix for bugscape bug #2730.
    • Help out with any RTM editor bugs.
    • Eat dogfood file bugs.
    • Extract XP spellchecker code from the commercial build so it can beshared with Hurricane who is working on the ASpell glue for Mozilla.
  • Mike
    • No status
  • Simon
    • Get remaining [rtm need info] bugs in
    • Help with other RTM bugs
    • Use dogfood

Last weeks' progress

  • Akkana
    • Worked on several RTM bugs, most of which ended up getting fixedalong with JST's various noxif checkins.
    • Reviewed code from various people
    • Helped test lots of patches
    • Monitored, commented on, and tested, lots of bugs.
    • Fixed a couple plaintext copy bugs that didn't make it in to rtm.
  • Anthony
    • Tiger Team: Looked at talkback reports, trying to find bugs tofile sothat MTBF will improive if they are fixed.
    • Reviewed and triaged Editor Team bugs.
    • Fixed and Checked in 55750 Crash opening "new composer window"to boguslocation
    • Worked on 55250, which ended up being a layout bug, and I re-assigned itto buster who fixed it.
    • Continued to work off my bug list (no more rtm's though), trying to reproducebugs, and create patches.
    • Tried to help others with thier rtm bugs.
  • Joe
    • No status
  • Kathy
    • checked in fixes for various approved bugs
    • reviewed fixes
    • did some investigation on entity-related bugs (which jst fixed)
    • triage bug list for the team
    • reported and attempted to track owner of blocker runtime problems for builds two days last week
    • ate dogfood (when I could)
    • filed bugs
  • Kin
    • Did code reviews for anthonyd, brade, mjudge, sfraser, and jfrancis.
    • Checked in fixes for bugzilla bugs #52858 and #56519.
    • Checked in fixes for bugscape bugs #2542 and #2698.
    • Have fix for bugscape bug #2730 (spellchecker language pop-up menu not localizable) but pdt turned down checkin on the Netscape_20000922_BRANCH.
    • Did some triaging and preliminary debugging for various editorbugs.
    • Did some testing of patches from jfrancis.
    • Ate dogfood and filed bugs.
  • Mike
    • No status
  • Simon
    • Checked in changes for 52808 -- standardized editor shutdown procedure, to fire doc listeners at the correct time.
    • Fixed 53999 -- build issue with non-jar builds getting the correct files.
    • Checked in workaround for 56157 -- use a new window for each editor preview, to avoid crashing. Reassigned the bug to danm for the real fix on the trunk.
    • Fixed 53310 -- implemented IsLowMemory() on Mac
    • Fixed 52548 -- prevent sidebar panels loading in composer's content area.
    • Submittd patch for bug 20743 -- better low-memory handling in image code
    • Submitted patch for bug 56136 -- crash changing character coding in composer.
    • Reviewed lots of patches for other people


  • Charley Manske on sabbatical
October 18
Submitted by Mike Kaply <>
We're putting together an M18 build, hope to have it by Friday.
October 18
Submitted by Dan Mosedale <>
Checked in first part of massive error-handling cleanup. More to come.

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