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Last Updated Wednesday September 27, 2000

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Friends of the Tree

  • Chris Seawood, for mad hacking away at jar packaging and getting it working The Right Way (tm). - Peter Annema
  • Peter Van der Beken, for XSLT hooks and making XSLT installable by a single click. - Axel Hecht
  • Axel Hecht, for organizing the European mozilla meeting. - Peter Annema
Module Updates
September 25
Submitted by Steve Elmer <>

Thanks to:

  • Nice job to warren, ssu, sfraser and others for landing JAR packages for mozilla and commercial this week! The improvement on the mac in particular is really amazing!!
  • Seeing a lot of good code getting checked in!


  • Infrastructure regressions in general getting very expensive
  • Still high nsbeta3 incoming rate
  • MacOS X is finally Beta after 5 years. Who said that Mozilla is late? :-)
  • After a lot of effort fixing them, tab and focus are again broken in mail

Vacations & Sabbaticals!


Date Open nsBeta3+ P1/2 Open nsBeta3+ P3/4/5 New, UnTriaged nsBeta3 Nominees Fixed nsBeta3+ Fixed non-nsBeta3+
7/31 0 0 630 10 46 (and 8 b2+)
8/7 0 135 57 33 47 (and 9 b2+)
8/14 0 146 43 56 16
8/21 69 62 70 43 6
8/28 54 66 53 37
(26 were P1/2)
9/5 28 13 46 44
(29 were P1/2)
9/11 23 14 41
(16 were P1/2)
9/18 21 2 44 28
(20 were P1/2)
9/25 17 2 11 23
(all P1/2)

Profile Manager:

  • Working on Ja problem


  • Trying to recover from jar packaging changes.
September 25
Submitted by Warren Harris <>


  • Jar packaging has finally landed. This has been dragging on for months now due to the complexity of the change (making it work on all platforms, all products, all installers, with the right tools on each build machine, for various build strategies, overriding some files for some products, etc). We're still sorting out numerous details like command-line length on some platforms, and problems building with jar packaging disabled. People are pitching in to help for the most part, but there's still a lot of grumbling nonetheless. Much thanks to the following people for making this happen (in no particular order):
    • David Hyatt
    • David Price
    • Sean Su
    • Viswanath Ramachandran
    • Dan Veditz
    • Simon Fraser
    • Chris Seawood
    • Scott MacGregor
    • (others out there who helped identify and fix problems as they were discovered)
  • Got first pass at memory flushing code hooked up. Flushing the image cache now frees up to a meg of memory.
  • Work proceeding on nsString optimizations, particularly to Find/RFind cutting down startup time. Also working to integrated fragmented string implementation into the parser for improved performance and memory reduction due to reduced copying.
  • Still 19 nsbeta3+ bugs for the group. 6 untriaged.

Engineering Status

  • waterson
    • Worked up a fix for bug 50999, which is a regression that dbaron and I introduced when we added the tear-down code to deal with script objects and anonymous content. Checked this in.
    • Banged around bug 51938 (getting the frame for a window coordinate is inefficient). I think maybe keeping the line boxes sorted by their y-coordinate once we pass a threshold may be the way to go; rickg is looking at this now.
    • Re-worked and landed initial memory flusher stuff. Still need to implement predicates on mac and linux, as well as hook up flushers for the ZIP cache and XUL prototype cache.
    • Debugged the problem with the page cycler hanging. The problem was that we were synchronously starting the next page load while observing the previous page's completion. This was evil because observers are notified before parent doc loaders, and caused a fairly confused situation. Tried to fix using a timer, but it didn't seem to work on linux. So, I just pushed and event through the event queue.
    • Helped evaughan debug a problem with some of the image loader fixes he checked in Wednesday night.
    • Spent some time profiling mail scrolling.
      • I discovered that we suck down about one percent of the time twiddling atoms in nsXULContentUtils.cpp, and'll try to get that pushed in for beta3.
      • I saw that about 25% of the time was spent in style resolution, of that, 1/5th is spent in nsStyleUtils::IsSimpleXLink(). Filed a bug on attinasi to look into that.
      • Tried to minimize the attributes in the thread pane template, and discovered that I hadn't really fixed the multiple substitutions per attribute feature that I was trying to wedge in last week. Factored the logic cleanly, and made sure that we also called it when we're constructing the initial set of bindings that the rule will need. (I'd forgotten that we'd need to set up variables in AddSimpleRuleBindings().)
    • Started looking at the problems with inline elements and margins, padding, and borders.
    • Zarro nsbeta3++ boogs.
  • vidur
    • Spent most of the week trying to clean up string usage in the browser so that I could substitute in Scott's fragmented string implementation for the scanner buffer. This is going to take some part of this week as well.
    • Ran Footprint/Performance meeting. Notes posted to porkjockeys.
    • Ran an internal web applications meeting. This will move to a more public forum shortly.
  • rayw
    • Still plagued by municipal incompetence (construction workers outside his house brought down the power grid, and after that was back up cut the phone lines again).
    • Triaging and debugging nsbeta3 bugs.
    • Reviewing, updating, and teleconferencing about the Views and Formatting model for DOM
    • Haven't yet fully transfer the XPCOM issues to kandrot.
    • Leaving for Boston now to attend the DOM working group, and will be back on Friday.
    • I think the most critical bugs have other people working on them now.
  • waldemar
  • rpotts
    • no status
  • jband
    • no status
  • warren
    • Landed jar packaging stuff. Still working out secondary problems.
  • dprice
    • Moved to bld 21.
    • Looking at jar cache flushing issues.
    • Took a brief look at the talk back stuff.
  • scc
    • string work
      • bug #53062: finished functional replacements for Find and RFind
    • fixed other bugs
    • helped other people; reviewed, tested, and/or checked-in their patches
      • bug #36908: (re-)reviewed endico's patches; tested on Mac; helped her resolve changes moving to jars; and checked in on her behalf
      • bug #37258: reviewed jst's changes incorporating brendan's suggestions
      • bug #53648: reviewed bryner's changes; tested on Mac; and checked in changed Mac project file on his behalf
      • bug #52789: reviewed rjc's changes with an eye towards appropriate string usage
      • bug #47080: reviewed dveditz' patch
      • bug #20743: reviewed sfraser's changes for low-memory handling on the Mac
      • bug #53750: reviewed dr's typo fix
      • bug #52275: reviewed tor's extra error checking
      • Helped Richard Burridge with symbol bloat problems on Solaris
      • Helped zack on IRC with linking problems in his embedded app, which led to bruce filing bug #53646
      • helped (or tried to help) waterson with an optional data-structure to speed access into a list when it grows too long
      • Gave sford's bugzilla account <> full permission to confirm and edit bugs
      • trying to help Jim Dunn with some XPCOM problems on AIX
    • filed other bugs
      • bug #53088: can't copy text of View Source
      • bug #53105: Command Keys don't work on Mac
      • bug #53107: Mozilla is crippled after returning from the background with no windows
      • bug #53295: something that looks like a typo in the source
    • wrote documentation
    • attended meetings
      • macdev meeting (1 hour)
      • staff meeting (1 hour)
      • footprint meeting (1.5 hours)
      • all-hands meeting (.5 hours)
    • miscellaneous
      • finished my bugzilla sidebar panel (with help from rjc, and others), which dougt now wants to expand on
      • removed 4.7 from my application launcher doc, replacing it with links to M17 and my latest build; now I'll always be eating dogfood (as appetizing as that sounds)
      • helped handle the Bonsai-blackout problem Thursday night
  • wade
    • Started again working on making the file/linenum info tool for Boehm on Linux work correctly.
  • kandrot
    • Spent most of the week learning about Purify and profiling the product.
    • Rewrote nsStr::FindSubstr, since it was converting compared strings more than 500,000 times at start up.
    • Filed bugs on broken functionality.
    • Profiled to find out that we spend 40% of boot time in malloc. Rewriting PR_malloc to get memory from a large block, therefore removing this time from boot, revealed that mallocs/frees do not match in out codebase (PR_malloc memory is freed sometmes with nsCRT::free or other paths to free, instead of PR_free).
  • bruce AT
    • no status
September 27
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>


  • The XPToolkit team resolved 70 bugs in the last week, fixing 43 of these, including 28 '+'. For details, see our resolved bug list.
  • Remaining open triaged bugs: zarro nsbeta3++ bugs, 4 dogfood+ bugs, 20 single-plussed bugs total.


  • Mike Pinkerton (pinkertoni)
    • 33735 [Mac] Keyboard shortcuts broken when no browser windows open
    • 51904 The contents under Preferences do not show up after dragging
    • 53121 Mouse pointer shows busy icon when filepicker open;(moved spinning cursor code into gfx and fixed print dialog, file dialog, and DnD to suspend watch cursor)
    • 53478 Can't hide menus on the Mac. (made mac menus respond to "hidden" attribute during construction)
    • 52108 Show busy cursor while opening a new window
    • updated the Fizzilla docs
  • Chris Saari (saari)
    • fixed a pile of nsbeta3+ bugs. Focus, keybinding, menus, the usual suspects:
      • 52895 drop down menus > choice all show font sizing menu (Mac)
      • 52552 new bookmarks aren't being added to top-level menu on Mac
      • 53643 Focus gets confused on Mac when popups are dismissed
      • 51641 Auto-focus to text field broken
      • 53105 Command Keys don't seem to work on the Mac
      • 52829 Must click in new window for cmd-keys to work
      • 50051 Setting foreground color then typing doesn't change text col
      • 43874 sub menus on Mac can't be rebuilt on the fly
      • 51142 task menu does not update window names
    • helped hyatt with the keybinding rewrite, and aftermath cleanup
  • Daniel Matejka (danm)
    • 51619 Strange little windows are dangerous for your health
    • 53116 crash viewing saved cookies
    • 53150 Using DOM to add tabs crashes Mozilla.
    • 51649 using comboxes w/out making a selection eats all keystrokes
    • 51642 Can't tab between form controls over a combobox
    • 52950 Close box doesn't close window when windowshaded
    • 53472 Mozilla optimized bits crash on startup
  • Eric Vaughan (evaughan)
    • 53569 leaks up from 1k to 808k
    • 52663 modern2: scrollbar becomes white after pressing escape or st
    • 53517 crash on startup in nsImageBoxFrame::UpdateImageFrame
    • 6452 HTML 4 FIELDSET (and LEGEND) display broken
    • fixed prefs horkage after dragging to page.
  • Stuart Parmenter (pavlov)
  • David Hyatt (hyatt)
    • 45989 stealing user's clipboard on Windows platform
    • 51084 3pane: tree gets all horked up
    • 52810 style buttons missing
    • 53091 Tree selection performance is horrible
    • 42320 Loading XBL from a web server
    • 44168 Scrollbar Thumb does not respond to CSS :active
    • 44170 Tree Twisty does not respong to CSS :active
    • 48782 Sidebar tab scrollbar arrows (buttons) don't depress when :h
    • 52230 Radio buttons no longer respond to hover:active CSS styles
    • 52889 Classic radio buttons no longer turn gray when :hover:active
    • 53142 UMR in call to IsSupportedHandler from nsXBLBinding::Install
    • 53234 XBL Test Case #5 is broken
    • 47395 nsXULKeyListenerImpl::HandleEventUsingKeyset is inefficient
    • 52359 convert (platform)browserBindings.xul and (platform)editorBi
  • Dan Rosen (dr)
    • 53750 Typing v acts like Ctrl-V (i.e. paste)
    • Helped with XUL syntax changes, XBL keybinding conversion, etc.
  • Brian Ryner (bryner)
    • 52749 Trees do not clear currentitem attribute when currentitem ch



  • pinkerton:
    • 2393 Can't launch installed mac build a 2nd time
    • 51603 Crash when entering the subject of the compose window
    • 49141 New window performance
    • 51447 Help menu needs to support submenus
  • saari:
    • 53760 paste pastes twice in Composer; undo undoes twice
    • 53720 No focus in classic skin
  • hyatt:
    • 44093 crash scrolling folder pane [@ nsXULTreeOuterGroupFrame::Fin
    • 53322 Possible to put toolbars into unrecoverable state
    • 53417 Create prototype XBL bindings to reduce bloat
    • 53537 [unix] middle-mouse click on scrollbar loads pasted page
    • 2327 linux, mac?: Net2Phone shouldn't be in the toolbar customiza
  • evaughan:
    • 53837 REGRESSION - Viewer does not scroll
  • pavlov:
    • 46992 ctrl-backspace and ctrl-delete do not send correct keycode
    • 36567 Starting mozilla in the background failed if there's a setti
  • danm:
    • 52733 crash sending/receiving im [@ nsXULWindow::GetPositionAndSiz
    • 52548 Sidebar Links opening in Composer window.
  • dr:
    • 53838 hitting Esc or Enter keys in Prefs dialog crashes browser; o
    • 2324 After building NS6, mozilla gets horked
  • bryner
    • 51833 Expanding tree folders sometimes causes lower-down folders t


  • Fixed:
    • 53517 crash on startup in nsImageBoxFrame::UpdateImageFrame
    • 51649 using comboxes w/out making a selection eats all keystrokes
  • Remaining:
    • 2393 Can't launch installed Mac build a 2nd time.
    • 53837 REGRESSION - Viewer does not scroll
    • 49141 New window performance
    • 53760 paste pastes twice in Composer; undo undoes twic

Beta Stoppers:

September 25
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • Steady progress.
  • Too many instructions to be productive. Peter/Jar's clearer pages have helped.

Dogfood and Risks

  • none


  • neeti
    • Working on Quantifying cache
    • Fixed bug 51095
  • pnunn
    • Bugs Closed:
      • reassigns: #53494, #52390
      • closed: #52854, :#52833, #52785, #53113, #53317, #53515, #53583
    • Bug Work:
      • Review Purgatory: #47660
      • bug#47098: Determined only throbber leaks decoder, not all animating images.
    • Other Work:
      • Art component questions for Eric Krock.
      • Code review (manske).
      • Worked with brendan, jband, rogerl on #53094 (crasher @ js_Lock). My win build from Monday can reproduce the crash seen by many others.
      • Worked with GUI folk about randomly disappearing chrome. Testing on their build with reproducable bug, proved that turning off PIN_CHROME fixes bug. [bug#52390 is syd's.]
  • gagan
    • Continuing to triage bugs for the whole team.
    • Diffused the false alarm of the status/bugs tool affecting bugzilla.
  • gordon
    • Checked in Fix for bug 44627 "[mac]local files without .html extension are not loaded correctly"
    • Checked in Fix for bug 21095 "about:cache and logging cache requests."
      • enabled Rick Potts' changes for mac
    • Developed Fix for 49990 "Networking Fails after sleep/wakeup cycle"
      • fix ready for nsDNSService, but NSPR needs to be fixed too.


  • gordon
    • These are the End Days.
  • ruslan
    • no status.


  • None.
September 25
Submitted by Nisheeth Ranjan <>


  • We currently have 7 nsbeta3+ bugswith a fix in hand for 1 of them. This is down from 12 nsbeta3+ bugs from last week.
  • We currently have 5 beta 3 nominated bugs.
  • The XML/DOM team resolved 38bugslast week.


  • Tom Pixley is away Tuesday and Wednesday of this week for the DOM working group face to face meeting in Boston.
  • Johnny Stenback is away Monday through Wednesday of this week for the DOM meeting in Boston.
  • Tom Pixleywill be out on vacation from October 2nd through October 7th.


From Tom's status report: Started discussing bug 52212 with people yesterday but the basic issue is that we've always depended on the system to limit us to one alert at a time. The system has changed to allow as many as you want to fire via timers/events. That hits us here causing this bug but there are other bugs we've closed that will be reopened by that also. I'm not sure what a good way to fix this is.

Accomplishments of last week

  • Harish Dhurvasula (harishd)
    • Checked in fixes for bugs 42429,52013, and 49115
    • Worked on bug 50965 ( Fix in hand - Sent patch to waterson for approval, r=jst )
    • Triaged my bug list
  • Heikki Toivonen (heikki)
    • Fixed bug 52526, image load event bubbling caused problems
    • Fixed bug 50478, DOMEvent GetBubbles and GetCancelable had inverted logic
    • Helped vladimire@netscape.comwith bug 52537, which was about old XLink syntax in samples on Fixed the wrong HTML namespace URI in the samples as well.
    • Verified all bugs reported by me and fixed by someone else.
    • Ramping up on xmlextras component.
    • Finished all my old nsbeta3+ bugs (took one new, 51211)
  • Tom Pixley (joki)
    • Have a fix for 53219.
    • Have most of a fix for 49120.
    • Started discussing 52212 with people yesterday but the basic issue is that we've always depended on the system to limit us to one alert at a time. The system has changed to allow as many as you want to fire via timers/events. That hits us here causing this bug but there are other bugs we've closed that will be reopened by that also. I'm not sure what a good way to fix this is.
  • Johnny Stenback (jst)
    • Fixed nsbeta3+ bug 37258. Redoing how 'replaceable' properties on DOM objects are resolved to be compatible with 4.x, with this change named frames in framesets override 'replaceable' properties so that 'window.toolbar' (or any replaceable property) in a frameset document with a frame named 'toolbar' actually resolves to the frame, and not the native toolbar
    • Fixed nsbeta3+ bug 38215. Made unqualified references to window.location.href work by dynamically defining the 'href' property in LocationImpl::Resolve() (since src is defined as [noscript] in the IDL).
    • Fixed nsbeta3+ bug 49112. Made unqualified references to image.src work by dynamically defining the 'src' property in nsHTMLImageElement::Resolve() (since src is defined as [noscript] in the IDL).
    • Fixed nsbeta3+ bug 52724. Fixed an oversight found by David Baron in HTMLDocument::createElement(), the fix makes document.createElement() be case insensitive, as it should be.
    • Fixed nsbeta3+ bug 52572. Renamed CSSValue::valueType to CSSValue::cssValueType to be up-to-date with the latest changes to the DOM Level 2 spec.
    • Fixed nsbeta3+ bug 50393. Made frameset windows request the principal form their parent if there's no document object nor a cached principal in the frameset window, this can happen with <frame src='javascript:...'>frames
    • Fixed nsbeta3+ bug 43741. Made mozilla ignore calls that are executed while the document is being parsed, this is needed for backwards compatibility
  • Nisheeth Ranjan (nisheeth)
    • Was away to the XML Query face to face meeting in Hawthorne, New York from Wednesday through Friday
    • Fixed nsbeta3+ bug 39368.
    • Tested nsbeta3+ bug 43472 and resolved it as worksforme.

Plans for this week

  • Harish Dhurvasula (harishd)
    • Checkin fix for bug 50965
    • To fix the linux crasher bug 53695
    • Another attempt to narrow down performance hot spots, in parser.
    • Triage bugs!!
  • Heikki Toivonen (heikki)
    • Working on 51211, at least part of it is because of the image load event
    • If there is time from nsbeta3 work, do some work on the xmlextras component (
  • Tom Pixley (joki)
    • Continue working on nsbeta3+ bugs
  • Johnny Stenback (jst)
    • Continue working on my remaining nsbeta3+ bugs
    • Attend the DOM working group meeting in Boston on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Nisheeth Ranjan (nisheeth)
    • Triage bugs
    • Catch up with email that I couldn't respond to last week because I was away for the XMLQuery meeting
    • Work on XML Query use case for querying RDF documents


  • None.

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