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Last Updated Sunday, July 11, 1999

This status update page is updated every weekend. To get updates and news throughout the week , I invite you to check out mozillaZine, a site I maintain devoted to Mozilla advocacy.

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Friends of the Tree

Nexware people (Jerry Kirk, Michael Kedl, Dale Stansberry) for their work creating and maintaining the QNX/Photon port of mozilla. - Tim Roley

Ramiro Estrugo <> did the work to allow you to use the xlib GFX with any widget set. Check it out with 'configure --with-toolkit=motif --with-gfx-toolkit=xlib'! This reduces code duplication on the unix side and allows all widget set authors to collaborate on one GFX layer - Bruce Mitchener for XPCOM memory leak bugs. - Suresh Duddi for his excellent bugs and swift responses helping me close critical hard to reproduce bugs - Suresh Duddi

Christopher Blizzard <>, 'cause the xlib stuff is so cool! - Akkana Peck

Colin Blake <>, who contributed more patches towards compiling JavaScript on OpenVMS - Mike McCabe also contributed some warning fixes to jscpucfg.h. - Mike McCabe

See the XPConnect update below for more contributors!

Module Updates
June 12
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>


  1. Resolved 54 bugs in the last week (nearly half by Hyatt alone!), see our  Bug List  for details.
  2. Drag & Drop on Toolbars: added support for new elements toolbars and frames, got item frames to initiate drags, process drops and do drop feedback between toolbar items. Remaining work: Test on all platforms once D&D is fully functioning on all platforms. (rods, mcafee)
  3. Clipboard: Image support is done on Windows, and streams for large data sets is done XP and works on Win32, just needs verification and testing on other platforms before checkin. (rods)
  4. Removed all "kIxxxxIID" and replaced them with nsCOMTypeInfo<xxxx>::GetIID()" for the xpwidgets and Windows directories (this needs to be done for Mac and Linux src directories)
  5. Made sure all the interfaces in widget/public use the macro: NS_DEFINE_STATIC_IID_ACCESSOR(xxx)  NOTE: The two previous bullets has required me to touch a lot of files in xpwidgets and windows directories. I have appended a cvs update log to give everyone an idea what has changed.
  6. Updated xul popup docs for tooltips: (pinkerton)
  7. Added generic mechanism for easily adding tooltips to items. (pinkerton)
  8. Added a way to cancel creation of xul popups and tooltips from JS. (pinkerton)
  9. Menu accelerators on Win32 (saari)
  10. Fixed 14 interface classes that didn't supply |GetIID()|, which causes bad type bugs almost everywhere they are used. Checked in code that prevents us from making that mistake again. (scc)
  11. Checked in code that eliminates our `ambiguous |nsISupports::GetIID()|' problem, which allows to eliminate instances of |NS_DEFINE_IID|, saving 16 bytes per. (scc)
  12. Expanded debug tests in pointer assignments to catch missed QIs. (scc)
  13. Documented the above items on xpcom newsgroup at <news://> <news://> and reminded everyone to use |CallQueryInterface| in the post <news://>

  1. Handle effects of Necko landing (hyatt, mcafee, danm)
  2. Helping with testing of large dataset clipboard support on Mac & Linux. (rods)
  3. Finish toolbar/toolbox D&D verification and testing, and check it all in. (rods)
  4. Window OS borders and chrome. (danm)
  5. Help jud with Necko on Mac, need to hook up Internet Config for MIME mapping. (sdagley)
  6. Carpool in appcore changes. (scc)
  7. Profile the app and identify the three biggest performance problem areas; post the data and a plan to fix it. (scc)
  8. Work with Warren on rationalized service manager issues. (scc)
  9. Work with XP apps more on getting their dialogs working. (evaughan)
  10. Finish splitter. (evaughan)
  11. Work on making boxes very solid to support xpapps work. . (evaughan)
  12. Possibly work on GFX rendered scrollbars in HTML. . (evaughan)
  13. Continue to work to make the app something to be proud of. (hyatt)
  14. Help with the creation of XUL files and make everything look good. (hyatt)

  • Embedding APIs:  XPToolkit neither embeds Gecko, nor is used by any apps that embed Gecko, nor is it itself embeddable.  However, we are somehow becoming the owners for a number of embedding  tasks and issues. We need to better understand where these fit in priority, and how they will affect the XPToolkit work that is our primary goal.
  • Mac dynamic menus: Apple sez: "Unfortunately, we are not going to export the new event functionality from the Sonata version of CarbonLib because we're just not sufficiently done with the design to freeze the APIs yet. This means that you will not be able to use the new menu notifications on the shipping version of Sonata. However, there will be a new CarbonLib released with the Mac OS X final release (and pre-release builds) that has all the new event system. That new version will also be installable on Sonata and older systems."  Since we can't depend on new APIs that aren't scheduled to be there until close to beta, it looks like we will have to write our own MDEF, increasing risk and possibly time to implement.
  • Scott Collins is now working onsite in Mountain View.
  • Peter Trudelle will be on vacation from 7/17 through 8/1.
July 9
Submitted by Suresh Duddi <>

Suresh Duddi has our XPCOM update this week:

Startup performance improved greatly on all platforms. Areas of improvement:

  • xpcom interaction with registry (thanks to Dan Veditz)
  • number of dlls being loaded (thanks to Bill Law and Cata)
  • Factory caching by XPCOM
XLib Port
July 9
Submitted by Christopher Blizzard<>

Christopher Blizzard updates us regarding his work on the XLib port:

"I've made a lot of progress with the xlib port. Although there's nothing in terms of new screenshot material, I did manage to get native widget scrolling working. This means that when you scroll, buttons, text areas and other related goodies will scroll off the screen. This is actually a pretty big deal although it sounds trivial. X is not good at doing this kind of thing.

Also, removing loud and numerous debugging messages has revealed the fact that the xlib version is actually faster than the gtk version now even though it doesn't compress expose events or use shared pixmaps or shared images yet. It's going to spank when performance becomes a priority."

July 9
Submitted by Troy Chevalier <>

Trow writes,

"Mostly bug fixing for M8. Some things worth noting:

  • we're now using a hash table implementation for GetPrimaryFrameFor() to speed up the mapping from content object to its associated frame
  • high on the list of problems to fix is the poor painting performance when doing incremental reflow. Today what we do is we repaint the entire visible area when processing a reflow command. The plan going forward is to have each frame damage the dirty area within its frame rect."
July 9
Submitted by Akkana Peck <>

This week has been devoted primarily to fixing M8 bugs and to tracking down regressions introduced by the free-for-all late last week.

Cool feature of the week:

"Apply Style Sheet" lets you apply different styles to the document being edited.

Recent checkins of particular interest:

  • Progress on the ender gfx text control (including some workarounds for netlib and event handling bugs which were holding up progress on the gfx widget), and on autocompletion within it.
  • Bug fixes to text and html output.
  • Improvements to selection up/down arrows.
  • Major progress on many editor dialogs, now that dialog sizing finally works; most of the dialogs are now usable.
  • Work on defining block vs. inline tags in a way which will be usable from different parts of the product.
July 9
Submitted by Mike McCabe <>

Mike McCabe has our Javascript update:

"Thanks go to Colin Blake, who contributed more patches towards compiling JavaScript on OpenVMS. Some porting issues remain with other aspects of Mozilla, but it looks like JavaScript is in the clear. also contributed some warning fixes to jscpucfg.h. Thanks - every bit helps.

From the standardization front, Waldemar writes:

ECMAScript Edition 3 is almost wrapped up and on track to becoming a standard in December. This brings the ECMA standard up to date with de facto JavaScript and adds some important features such as the ability to catch errors and better support for regular expressions.

We're having an ECMA meeting next week. I am preparing to lead a discussion on the interaction of COM with JavaScript 2.0's (which comes *after* Edition 3) package, class, and versioning mechanism."

July 9
Submitted by Mike McCabe <> and John Bandauer <>

Mike McCabe has our XPConnect update, with news from John Bandhauer as well:

"Mike Ang's line-number tracking fixes for the xpidl compiler are in. Writing and debugging IDL should now be a little easier.

In related news, representatives from Sun's 'Blackwood' Java/Mozilla integration project met with Mozillans to create Mozilla modules for some of the cool stuff they're working on, including an XPConnect-like layer for manipulating and implementing XPCOM interfaces in Java. Expect to hear more soon.

John Bandhauer reports:

I'm been rooting every vestige of JS_ReportError out of XPConnect. JS exceptions are the one true way.

I have the "stack of JSContexts per thread" service working. After the tree reopens vidur will insert the magic calls for the DOM. This allows us to always know what the current JSContext is - even for functions that don't pass it around. Very exciting stuff :) I've been starting to write code that depends on that...

I've extended xpconnect to provide a service that will give a linked list of xpcom objects representing the JS stack on the current JSContext on the current thread. This will be useful for debugging purposes and for exceptions. Currently (in my tree) it is exposed to JS too as 'Components.stack'. This will likely need security protection in web scripts.

I'm working on making JS and xpconnect easier and more transparent to use. This includes tools to more quickly and easily find errors. Ideas, suggestions, and help are welcome.

We still need xptcall ports for many platforms.

Duncan Wilcox fixed 'this' adjustment problems for BeOS that will also benefit other Unixish x86 xptcall ports that use gcc.

Glen Nakamura contributed an Alpha Linux xptcall port. This is a good starting point for other Alpha platforms.

Bert Driehuis contributed some cool code to help dynamically figure out vtbl layouts for this fun xptcall stuff.

All of this is waiting on the tree to reopen before it gets checked in."

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