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Last Updated Monday, June 28, 1999

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Friends of the Tree

Tim Rowley contributed some Unix portability fixes - Phil Peterson

Module Updates
June 25
Submitted by Steve Clark <> and Akkana Peck <>

Our first Editor module update is from Steve Clark:

New Things:

  • API Logging - allows users to build scripts for driving the editor by recording what actions the user does. Not full-fledged macro recording, but a great testing tool.
  • Find
  • Dialogs: image props, hrule props, link props
  • Lots of work for mail composition: quoting text, ...
  • Some block transformations (indenting, centering, lists)
  • Non-text selection (images, tables, table cells, hrules, ...)

M8 Plans:

  • Editor-based HTML text controls. This will give the browser full HTML-4/CSS-2 display capability over text input form elements
  • Lots more dialogs coming on line
  • Key bindings
  • Infrastructure for auto-complete, so Browser and Mail can deliver auto-complete type-in fields for M9
  • Complete block transformations
  • Links disabled in the editor
  • Form elements disabled in the editor
  • Keyboard navigation (up/down, left/right, ...)

Our next update is from Akkana Peck:

  • The startup flag to invoke the editor has been changed from -editor to -edit (for compatibility with 4.x). -editor will be supported for a few more days, but will be turned off for M8.
  • The Ender text widget (replacing the platform-specific widgets in gfx widget mode) is looking more and more like a reality. It now handles password mode and maximum text lengths.
  • Several new documents are up on our web site, describing some of our new features: for information on the the new editor logging feature -- log all editor transactions to a file, to be played back later. for information on writing new editing rule sets.

  • Our latest schedule is at, though some of the M8 tasks will be shifted around due to dependencies from other groups.
  • Lots of work on formatting of both html and plaintext output in the XIF content sinks. Formatting of HTML source comes through to saved documents now, as do comments; html can be converted to plaintext either formatted (in a save or OutputHTML) or unformatted (as in copy/paste).
  • Other nifty improvements: Links are now disabled in the editor (you no longer have to worry about accidentally clicking on a link and destroying the page you were editing). Beginning/EndOfDocument now work more reliably. More error checking has been added in selection code.
  • Lots of discussion of editor UI in the editor and UI groups, and the toolbars have been improved from last week, as well as a few new dialogs (insert named anchor, though the jury's still out on what this really should be called).
  • Work continues on making up/down arrows move the selection correctly.
June 25
Submitted by Suresh Duddi <>

Suresh Duddi has our XPCOM update this week:

  • Critical XPCOM threading bug fixed. This was causing crash on startup on some win98 and win95 boxes.
  • ComponentManager uses nsIFileSpec to operate of dlls
  • Working on performance improvement.
Necko (New NetLib module)
June 25
Submitted by Chris McAfee<>

Chris writes:

"Necko may or may not make it for M8; this is the new networking stuff."

June 25
Submitted by Phil Peterson<>

This week

  • Fixed 29 bugs (5 by engrs in other groups)
  • Mail/news changes for new tree widget
  • Added Search Options dialog
  • IMAP protocol improvements (UTF7, namespaces)
  • Lots of warning fixes, and code cleanup (message composition and news, in particular), centralized mail/news URL parsing
  • Work in progress in Select Address dialog, message threading, message copy service (many features depend on this), getting news to use the newsrc file, preparation for Necko, and using Mork with the Address Book
  • Converted lots of mail/news code to IDL
  • Editor folks enabled copy/paste of HTML without keeping unwanted linebreaks. This is great! No more having to re-edit a message in order to copy from it!
  • Contributed a neato debugging tool for displaying DOM contents in the tree control
  • Plowed through all open issues in the multiple accounts design (prefs panels, folder pane display, multiple SMTP servers, etc.). Spec reflecting those decisions coming soon.
Footprint Watch
  • We're converting the summary files and address books to share one copy of the Mork code rather than link in two static copies. Some work is done, but more to do.
  • Win32: 1032k, Mac: 1808k, Linux: unknown, sizes.txt is way out of whack. Maybe it's a debug build?


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