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Last Updated Sunday, May 9, 1999

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Module Updates
May 9
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>


  • Haven't been able to fix the Tab Widget's tab visibility bug for native widgets. Waiting on an answer from PeterL. But it works for non native gfx widgets. (evaughan)
  1. Fixed 6 reported bugs in the last week, see our Fixed Bug List for details. (pinkerton, scc, danm, rods, hyatt, evaughan)
  2. Completed XP FileList for D&D of file lists. (rods)
  3. Added file list support in the Windows platform specific code in clipboard object. (rods)
  4. Made work synchronously on Windows.  (hyatt)
  5. Implemented a new event queue to wrap our crufty old C PLEventQueues (nsIEventQueue). (hyatt)
  6. Rewrote the event queue service to handle stacks of nsIEventQueues per thread instead of a single event queue per thread.  (hyatt)
  7. Changed our modal dialog code and our code to push and pop event queues to allow NetLib to continue to perform loads while inside the event processing of an outer queue. (hyatt)
  8. Converted the rest of the product over to nsIEventQueues and worked with the Necko team to convert their next-generation Netlib code over.  (hyatt)
  9. Implemented event addition through script in the AOM.  (Added support for addEventListener and removeEventListener.) (hyatt)
  10. Changed tristatecheckbox tag to checkbox. (pinkerton)
  11. Posted new checkbox spec. (pinkerton)
  12.  Fixed some of the XPToolkit tests and gave  them debug menus. (mcafee)
  13. Added verification URL's to debug menu. (mcafee)
  14. Added a COM box interface called nsIBox to fix numerous box bugs. (evaughan)
  15. Built one of German's more complex dialogs entirely with boxes. (evaughan)
  16. Posted  a completely new revision of the XPToolkit schedule, broken down by milestones, in PDF format.  We sure could use more help in getting it done though.  If you'd like to do any of it, please let me know. (trudelle)

  1. Documentation for Drag & Drop. (rods)
  2. Checking in D&D stuff. (rods)
  3. To crank out the rest of our documentation. (hyatt et. al.)
  4. Popup menu infrastructure in the AOM. (hyatt)
  5. Drag & Drop. (pinkerton, until he's dragging and dropping himself)
  6. File filter and type selection. (sdagley)
  7. Scrollbar widget (evaughan)
  8. Finish Font Retriever API. (scc)
  9. Get more buy-in on explicit, intentional, working, ownership models. (scc)
  10. Start converting AppCores to Components. (scc)
    We've decided that the modal dialog threading issue is not worth solving in the current Netlib implementation, so we will consider that Necko is a requirement for it to work, and will postpone it until Necko lands. (danm, hyatt, warren, don, et. al.)
  • Recent Mac builds crash very quickly, when they run at all.
  • Only one week after fixing 'the mother of all leaks', are we leaking WebShells again already? Could everyone please try a bit harder to implement a rational ownership model? It's not easy, but it's worth it.
  • Steve Dagley will be on vacation 5/28 through 6/2.
  • Rod Spears will be vacating 5/20 through 6/6.
  • Peter Trudelle will be vacant 5/20 through 5/23.
  • Scott Collins will return to Michigan 5/11.
May 7
Submitted by Dave Hyatt <>

Dave Hyatt has this update on XPToolkit documentation:

"I'm in the process of rewriting all of the XPToolkit documentation. Some of the new docs are now online at"

May 7
Submitted by Nisheeth Ranjan <>

Nisheeth has this update on the status of the webshell module

  • Bugs 5472, 5850 got fixed.
  • A bunch of work happened to unblock PICS. PICS can now observe document loads and call methods on the new nsIWebShellServices interface for loading and stopping urls, enabling/disabling rendering, etc.
May 7
Submitted by Nisheeth Ranjan <>

Nisheeth also has a layout update:

"I'm working on implementing the CSS direction property for block elements."

May 7
Submitted by Akkana Peck <>

Akkana Peck has our Editor update::

We stabilized M5 and began working on our M6 features (see for feature list and milestone schedule).

Some features we added this week:

  • Insert link and other dialogs: some nice features, like preview, have been added. Unfortunately we're still wrestling with basic dialog functionality, so our new features work inconsistently because of problems with the underlying dialogs. Other UI elements, such as heading style, color, and font size, are being added to the toolbar and will be hooked up over the next few weeks.
  • A Save dialog has been hooked up, and backend code has been written to allow for file saving; work will continue on that next week.
  • Text services work is progressing, and should be usable for spell checking and find and replace (both of which are actively being added and have made great progress), and similar services; internationalization work is also progressing.
  • Lots of backend work, including splitting/joining of html block elements, hooks for insert html (waiting on a parser/dom implementation).
  • Research is taking place on the implications of using the editor as the cross-platform text/rich text field widget; we're hoping to make progress on this
  • Middle mouse paste has been hooked up, though currently it only pastes to the current caret position. - Work continues on selection, particularly getting arrow keys working again.
May 7
Submitted by Phil Peterson <>

Phil Peterson has news regarding the Mail/News client:

This week

  • Mac version of mail/news added to Tinderbox and default build process
  • Address Book spec posted to
  • More decisions on message composition, spec update coming next week
  • Work in progress for IMAP, News, and incremental writing in Mork
  • 10 M5 bugs fixed since last week
  • General stability work on checking for null pointers from allocations, improving reference counting using nsCOMPtr and NS_WITH_SERVICE

Next week

  • First UI review on multiple accounts/identities. Public spec to follow.
  • Platform parity: IMAP to be added to Linux, and IMAP and news to be added to Mac
  • XPConnect-izing the Messenger app core (msg compose app core to follow)
  • RDF group providing performance help, esp. for IMAP
  • M6 work. Schedule notes
    • Milestones doc receives a major update
    • M4 removed for brevity, M9 added by necessity
    • Scriptable modal dialogs and RDF drag/drop moved out into M8 to reflect dependencies on XPFE.

Footprint watch

Pretty much the same as last week. Win32 is currently building the whole mailnews tree, while Mac is not building IMAP or news and Linux is not building IMAP. Next week, we'll add these components to all platforms, which will widen the footprint gap shown below, but it will give us an apples-to-apples comparison of footprint across platforms.
  • Win32: 739k
  • Mac: 948k
  • Linux: 1452k
May 8
Submitted by Robert Churchill <>

Robert Churchill has this RDF update for us:

Checked in some preliminary support for template nodes for XUL content builders. This means that a <xul:tree> can contain a <xul:template> which specifies how the builder should construct rows in the tree when they are added. Previously, this logic was hard-coded, inflexible C++ code. Now, you can have XUL trees with just about any type of content. We need to add much better "rule" support on templates to make the row construction more powerful... maybe in the next week or two, it will be good enough to construct menus and toolbars via templates as well. Anyway, as an example of what a <xul:template> looks like, take a look at "mozilla/rdf/resources/sidebar.xul" (look for the <xul:tree> near the end of the file.) The sidebar is the only thing to be using <xul:template> at the moment, but the interesting thing is that the code for template construction actually sets all attributes on nodes before adding them, so just by using templates some CSS style bugs are worked around. For example, now all items in the sidebar get their proper icons from CSS. (Before, to work around the bug, one had to sort on a column for the proper CSS styles to be picked up for icons, for example.)

Javascript and XPConnect
May 8
Submitted by Scott Furman <>

Scott writes:

"This week Netscape released the source code to Rhino, a production-grade JavaScript implementation written in 100% pure Java.  Rhino has all the features of the JavaScript engine that will be used in the Mozilla browser, including  LiveConnect, and an interactive shell for executing scripts.

The version of JavaScript implemented by Rhino is JavaScript 1.4, which implements several significant extensions to the ECMAScript-262 standard, including

  • regular expressions
  • switch statements
  • do...while loops
  • statement labels and labelled break and continue
  • object literals
  • nested functions
  • the Script object
  • exception handling
  • the instanceof operator

  • the in operator
Finally, Rhino has implemented JavaAdapters, which allows JavaScript to implement any Java interface or extend any Java class with a JavaScript object."



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