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Last Updated Sunday, December 6th, 1998

This status update page is updated every Friday evening or Saturday morning (but check back, because I may add in late updates on the weekend). To get updates and news throughout the week , I invite you to check out mozillaZine, a site I maintain devoted to Mozilla advocacy.

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Module Updates
December 4th
Submitted by John Bandhauer <>

John Bandhauer writes in with this Javascript update for us:

Mike Shaver says:

XPIDL continues apace. I hope to be generating real headers from XPIDL as of Tuesday (andrewv's releasing 0.5.7 with new syntax for me this weekend)

Chris Cooper says:

In LiveConnect: Throwing of JS types (string, number, boolean, Object, etc) as exceptions now works as advertised. ie. wrapping and unwrapping now preserves the original type

Mike Ang says:

I just put up the File object API at this location. I'd like for people to look at it, comment, and contribute.

We are working on implementing COMConnect (transparent JavaScript <-> XPCOM communication). There is a proposal that more-or-less lays out the scheme here.

December 4th
Submitted by Vidur Apparao <>
  • The DOM generated code went on a diet. The IDL to JavaScript class glue code generator was improved to spit out slimmer code. The jsdom DLL was reduced in size from ~280k to ~190k (optimized).
  • There's ongoing work on JS Security. The capabilities library from the old codebase is now built with NGLayout and will be used to implement the old security model.
  • We're working on getting together the documents that will be part of the soon-to-come first working draft of the W3C DOM Level 2.
RDF and HT (HyperTree)
December 4th
Submitted by Chris Waterson <>

Chris Waterson writes in with this RDF update:

  • Got some architecture docs up at that talk about how RDF and NGLayout will work together.
  • Implemented an NGLayout content model for RDF.
  • Got RDF XPCOM-ified.
  • Got RDF into the build on Mac, Windows, Unix.
December 4th
Submitted by Troy Chevalier <>, Nisheeth Ranjan <>

Troy writes in with this update:

Not that much in the way of excitement. Mostly bug fixing. On the plus side quality is up greatly and memory leaks are way down.

Nisheeth writes:

I'm working on making HTML attribute changes from the DOM work inside NGLayout.

I'm also working on implementing XSL. Look out for some docs about XSL on soon.

December 4th
Submitted by Akkana Peck <>

Here's Akkana's update on the status of the editor (composer):

The editor team has been hard at work building the selection mechanism and the transaction manager. We may be a bit behind in updating our documentation pages on, so you can get a better idea of what we're doing by watching the editor newsgroup/mailing list (we post there about new checkins and about future design ideas) and by following checkins to the mozilla/editor directory and to mozilla/layout/base/src/nsRange*.

Currently, the editor code is pulled by default and the build will export the editor public interface files; the editor code itself won't be built unless you define NGEDITOR or configure --with_editor. The new selection code is #ifdefed NS_NEW_SELECTION; it doesn't work yet, and won't be turned on by default until it works as well as the current temporary selection code.

December 4th
Submitted by Chuck Boatwright <>

Leif has done a bunch of stuff with PerLDAP this week. The FAQ has been updated.

Chuck, the genius, broke the trunk by not getting the autoconf stuff done on time. The trunk is still broken, and a bug is filed. There is a workaround to the problem in the bug report.

PasswordPolicy was added to the Java SDK (Thanks to rob weltman) For those interested in seeing how easy it is to extend the ldap java sdk, check out the diffs.

I expect to produce tar files for all sdks before the end of the month.


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