9. Getting Involved with Mozilla

9.1. How do I get involved with testing Mozilla builds and reporting bugs?

We would be very happy with this. Start at the Getting Involved with Mozilla page.

Test builds are created nightly, with a more stable milestone build every five to six weeks. The milestones should be reasonably safe; the nightlies will be more cutting-edge. Please note that these builds are almost certain to have odd new bugs in them—which is why they need testing! Be sure to back up your data before installing a test build.

When testing in order to report bugs back to mozilla.org, be sure that you are using the mozilla.org packages, not vendor or third-party packages. Bugs in non-mozilla.org packages of Mozilla should be reported first to the vendor or packager.

9.2. I (or my company) would like to get involved with contributing to the Mozilla code.

We would be even happier with this. Again, start at the Getting Involved with Mozilla page, which details the entire process of submitting code patches and getting them into Mozilla. The Mozilla developer newsgroups will also be helpful.

Companies wishing to get involved in the Mozilla Project, to contribute developers or to make products or software using Mozilla code and technology, should first contact Mitchell Baker, so that mozilla.org can help as much as possible.