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These 1.5 pages are wholly based on the 1.4 pages. All credit belongs to those listed below and all blame belongs to Asa Dotzler.

Due credits of the Mozilla 1.4 Start Page are to the following contributors:

  • Neil Marshall
  • Bill Mason
  • Andrew Schultz
  • Daniel Wang

And to the contributors of the Mozilla 1.0 Start Page (on which the 1.4 Start Page is based):

  • Mitchell Baker
  • Mark Bokil
  • Catherine Corre
  • David Gerard
  • Robert Ginda
  • Karl Guertin
  • Brian Heinrich
  • Michael Hendy
  • Jason Johnston
  • Nicolás Lichtmaier
  • Gervase Markham
  • Brent Marshall
  • Neil Marshall
  • Ralph Mellor
  • Jayesh Sheth
  • Jiri Znamenacek

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