6. ChatZilla

6.1. What is IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and what is ChatZilla?

IRC is the original Internet chat network. For a general introduction to IRC, look in the Open Directory IRC Help section.

ChatZilla is a Mozilla application written entirely in XUL and JavaScript, as a demonstration of what can be done with Mozilla technology.

6.2. I’ve clicked on the ‘cZ’ button and opened ChatZilla. What do I do now?

ChatZilla accepts the same standard commands as most IRC programs (/server, /join, /nick, etc). The ChatZilla home page has a list of FAQs for new users.

Some simple commands to get you started:

Lists all available networks as clickable links.
/server server-name
Attach to a particular server. Or, just click on one of the network names listed at the top of the ChatZilla window after ‘[INFO] Available networks are’.
/nick new-nick
Change to a new nickname.
List all channels open on the network.
/join #channel
Join a channel by using the #channel name.
/me description of action
Say that your nick is performing an action.
/whois nick
Information about a person on the server.
/help command
Help for a command.
On its own, lists help for all commands.

There is also an extensive ChatZilla introduction on MozTips.