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Mozilla Foundation Security Advisory 2006-66

Title: RSA Signature Forgery (variant)
Impact: Critical
Announced: November 7, 2006
Reporter: Ulrich Kuehn
Products: Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey

Fixed in: Firefox
  SeaMonkey 1.0.6


MFSA 2006-60 reported that RSA digital signatures with a low exponent (typically 3) could be forged. This flaw was corrected in the Mozilla Network Security Services (NSS) library version 3.11.3 used by Firefox 2.0 and current development versions of Mozilla clients.

Ulrich Kuehn reported that Firefox, which incorporated NSS version 3.10.2, was incompletely patched and remained vulnerable to a variant of this attack.


None, upgrade to a fixed version.