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Mozilla Foundation Security Advisory 2006-18

Title: Mozilla Firefox Tag Order Vulnerability
Impact: Critical
Date: April 13, 2006
Reporter: TippingPoint and the Zero Day Initiative
Products: Firefox, Thunderbird, Mozilla Suite

Fixed in: Firefox 1.5
  Firefox 1.0.8
  Thunderbird 1.5
  Thunderbird 1.0.8
  SeaMonkey 1.0
  Mozilla Suite 1.7.13


A particular sequence of HTML tags that reliably crash Mozilla clients was reported by an anonymous researcher via TippingPoint and the Zero Day Initiative. The crash is due to memory corruption that can be exploited to run arbitary code.

Mozilla mail clients will crash on the tag sequence, but without the ability to run scripts to fill memory with the attack code it may not be possible for an attacker to exploit this crash.


Upgrade to a fixed version.