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You are here: Known Vulnerabilities in Mozilla Products (Firefox 1.0.2) > MFSA 2005-32

Mozilla Foundation Security Advisory 2005-32

Title: Drag and drop loading of privileged XUL
Severity: Low
Reporter: Michael Krax
Products: Firefox, Mozilla Suite

Fixed in: Firefox 1.0.2
  Mozilla Suite 1.7.7


A malicious page that could lure a user into dragging something (such as a fake scrollbar) can bypass the restriction on opening privileged XUL. The startup scripts in the XUL will run with enhanced privilege, though the actions taken upon merely opening most XUL are benign. So far no way to run arbitrary code supplied by the attacker has been found, but this could be a stepping-stone to future attacks.


Disable Javascript. Upgrade to the fixed version.