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About the Mozilla Advisory Committee

As part of the process leading up to the establishment of the Mozilla Corporation, the Board of Directors of the Mozilla Foundation established an advisory committee to provide feedback on the board's proposed plan. The membership of the committee was selected to include views from Mozilla project community members and other people familiar with open source community and business issues, and an entrepreneurial perspective.

The charter of the committee was to review and discuss the proposed reorganization plan and advise the Board on how best to strike the appropriate balance of roles and responsibilities between the Mozilla Foundation and the Mozilla Corporation to ensure that the reorganization would be successful and would advance the goals of the overall Mozilla project.

The committee also assisted with creating the FAQ and other material published as part of the announcement of the reorganization, and helped in other ways with announcement-related activities.

The committee members were as follows:

Frank Hecker (Chair). Frank is a long-time Mozilla contributor (particularly in crypto, export and policy matters) and staff member. As part of the reorganization Frank joined the Mozilla Foundation as Director of Policy.

Danese Cooper. Danese was a long-time open source evangelist for Sun, and is now in a similar position at Intel; she is also a board member of Open Source Initiative (OSI).

Karim Lakhani. Karim is a PhD candidate at MIT and actively involved in academic research on open source; among other things, he co-edited the book "Perspectives on Free and Open Source Software". Karim is also a lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management, and is affiliated with the Boston Consulting Group.

John Lilly. John is a board member of the Open Source Applications Foundation (OSAF), a founder of Reactivity, and recently an extremely helpful volunteer for the Mozilla Foundation. As part of the reorganization John joined the Mozilla Corporation.

Bob Lisbonne. Bob is the former head of the Netscape Client group and a long-time friend of the Mozilla project.

Scott MacGregor. Scott is the Thunderbird project lead and one of the original Mozilla Foundation employees. As part of the reorganization he will now be working at the Mozilla Corporation.

Gervase Markham. Gerv is a long-time Mozilla contributor and staff member, and recently joined the Mozilla Foundation as a part-time employee.

Tristan Nitot. Tristan is a long-time Mozilla contributor, and is co-founder and President of Mozilla Europe.