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What's New in Mozilla 1.8 Alpha3

This document outlines some of the new features implemented in Mozilla 1.8 Alpha3, important bugfixes and any new problems. See the "rough changelog" for a more comprehensive list of 1.8 Alpha3 fixes.

New Features and Fixes

  • Users can now disable CSS via Use Style > None or a global preference (bug 32372.)
  • It is now possible to open a bookmark in a new tab with ctrl+click/middle click (bug 72361.)
  • ChatZilla now supports RTL text alignment (bug 250864.)
Under the Hood
  • Mozilla now supports a at-rule for matching on site/document URL. Among other things, this makes site-specific user style rules possible (bug 238099.)
  • Mozilla has support for translucent windows on Windows and GTK2. (bug 252067 and bug 252525.)
  • The new npruntime plugin scriptability API has been added to Mozilla 1.8a3 (bug 250666.)
  • Undetected document.all support has been added to Mozilla. (bug 248549.)

New Issues

These are items that have been added to the Known Issues page since the last milestone, although the bugs themselves may have existed previously.