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Rough Changelog for Mozilla 1.8 Alpha2

This is a list of bugs pulled from Bonsai and Bugzilla. It's a "rough" list because I didn't verify each bug on the list as actually having been fixed in the 1.8 Alpha2 development cycle and I may have missed some that were; I just used the smartest Bugzilla and Bonsai queries I could devise. It's not perfect but if you're interested in what got fixed during this cycle, this is probably the best place to start. --Asa

17602Arrow keys should change radio buttons, not Tab
20022:hover state not set until mouse move
30057Add Option to use one Local Mail tree for all POP3 accounts
47762Installer switches focus to itself repeatedly
48718Proxy: "No proxy for" does not support wildcards correctly
64157Should be able to pick options in <menulist> when it's not dropped down
67111JS_GetImplementationVersion() date string needs to be updated
67755if you first do ok, get the alert about "list name exists", cancel will still change mailing list name in the UI"text/plain") creates an html document instead of plain text.
75187platformGlobalOverlay.xul in xpfe/communicator/resources content is obsolete
78509Can't make an Internet shortcut with :, /, \ in title (by dragging link to desktop)
80918Proxy: "No Proxy for:" does not support ip address masks - format: ipaddr[/mask][:port]
86786Expanding a folder on the Personal Toolbar stays on top ofall other windows
87928Implement sorting in the subscribe dialog for news.
88633Attachments menu persists even when INBOX selected.
89143make Customize sidebar dialog accessible
103468Mozilla creates .url files with zero byte at end, confusingIE (Internet shortcut)
103844Comment why BoxFrame debug code is not #if DEBUG
105892`Resolving host' should be `Looking up'
106864Strange string behavior on ARM Linux systems
108067Missing null pointer check in nsScanner::RewindToMark()
108745js errors in mailNavigatorOverlay.xul (popup has no properties)
111496implement preserveAspectRatio
117751Change Set/Get(Bidi)Property api
118438Gopher 'information' tag not supported.
120410Select a profile name and it is not highlighted
120525Windows classic skin button focus outlines 1px too big
124029Roaming - 4.x-HTTP-compatible
126066Changing caret (cursor) color
127118Pressing access key for radio button doesn't focus radio group or show focus on radio button
128025show a confirm dialog when turning ON caret browsing (F7)
129602Embedders need to be able to reach the window root.
130477Double-click on last file in filepicker window opens 2nd file past target file
131477Improve design of about:plugins page
135079On multiple/dual/secondary monitor setup, highlighting/hover on items broken
135309location.hash should not be unescaped
137254"Web Search for" should be "Search Web for"
138069-moz-user-focus elements have no tab interface or means of setting focus
140611When a block element is first in RTL <LI>, bullet moves left
140690createTextNode turns double newlines into triple newlines (windows-only)
144072[FIX]Reduce cost of FlushPendingNotifications
145557cookperm.txt / hostperm.1 truncated when disk full needs to link with X libraries on gtk2
147892askSendFormat.xul dialog is still a <window>
148994'clear' misses floats that don't overlap the box (margins)
151375focus outline should be drawn outside of element
153586Date.prototype.toLocaleString ( ) not implemented correctly
154120whitespace around equals sign shown inside attribute's quote marks
155567PAC: isResolvable() does not work when executed from global scope.
156422Win32's nsILocalFile.reveal() (used by Reveal Location)doesn't select file
157067Inconsistency in appearance of "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons
157566Enhance MailNews to work with WinZip's "Zip and e-mail" shell extension
162020pop up XPInstall/security dialog when user is about to click
164049SVGTransform.prototype.setMatrix crashes on null or undefined argument
164249button attribute on handler element not filtering properly
166068address field guess policy
167128[FIX]Japanese named printer cannot be recognized.
168624Microsoft Narrator hangs Mozilla
169271Displaying message with all parts inline doesn't save the msg for offline use
169380RFE: Add LED to tab labels to indicate tab load status
171366Implement navindex/tabindex for all elements
171713[FIX]<input> should imply missing/misplaced</select>
175893Make XUL <tab>'s focusable
178729opener.location replaces parent history.
178895Quick decoder updates in lib/cryptohi, lib/pk11wrap,lib/softoken
178897Quick decoder updates in lib/pkcs7 lib/pkcs12 lib/smime lib/util
178898ASN.1 decoder used without arena in lib/crmf
180598link within a page created by a POST, then RELOAD, POST data not resubmitted
180810Cannot install Mozilla nightly build on Linux. "Fatal Error[-618]: Couldn't open xpistub library"
184219get cvs version of Ldap C-SDK and make of ldap c sdk failed
185184Add an option to download only mail headers from POP account
185357crash printing / print previewing due to view tree mangling
186540document.createRange() should create a usable Range object
186789Ctrl+Shift+[0-9a-f] Shortcuts in Mozilla conflict with ISO14755 Input methods (shift+ctrl keys don't work) [mark all read]
187252Cannot insert question mark in template-generated attributes
188955CSS list item images are loaded even if image loading is blocked or disabled
189344recipient not filled out when mapi is used from MS Access
192557Each instance of editing an HTML draft/template copies the<head> to the <body>
193723installer fails as non-administrator due to GRE
193891Wrong message: "Maximum Message Size set in Preferences"
193921unable to http publish because not prompted for a password
195022.gif has random horizontal black lines
196380Image location copying code should use nsIImageLoadingContent
196749Problem with x-mozilla-status
197079Status bar doesn't display "Stopped" when stop button is clicked
197289Progress meters fail to show progress, remaining blank
197375Hebrew or Arabic string being copy/pasted, reverses
197964incorrect handling of certificate with two CN's
198118Support nsIAccessible::getKeyboardShortcut for xul:textbox
198846Add a way to manually show a single blocked pop-up window(unblock using right click)
200373OS/2- crash when Chatzilla unable to steal focus from other apps
201040Unable to view page source of the page that uses IDN
201055Automatic mail collection does not work with movemail
201922Make XUL tree accessibles keep track of their own tree item accessibles
202471List item bullet sometimes placed in the middle of the text
203041[FIX] M17rc2 - Removing nodes with line wraps can cause immediate crash of Mozilla - Trunk [@ 0x00000000 -nsCSSFrameConstructor::FindFrameWithContent ][@nsCSSFrameConstructor::FindFrameWithContent ] (crash on file input)
203257Win32 shows wrong error if there are no printers installed in the system
203761After 117026 is checked in, notification-icon and schedule-icon can be removed from themes
205235RTL first line overlaps "float: left" elements
206376accesskey doesn't work when field type is "file"
206716Composer can not use Chinese font.
208214Build Linux RPMS (NSS_3_3_BRANCH)
208271Remove accessproxy component from build, but keep in tree
208607Reconfigure libpng for smaller imglib2
210179pk12util produces grossly inflated pkcs 12 files
210719M17rc1 Trunk [@ nsTreeBodyFrame::ScrollCallback] - Bookmark Manager persistently scrolls up/down if a bookmark is dragged into the'scroll up'/'scroll down' area just above/below the bookmarks, and dropped there
212265files missing in .cvsignore
212747ChatZilla preferences are too big for Preferences window
213004Localized "Re:" strings are not removed when Replying
214819sidebar - can't add tabs [bad link]
215777Labels and mail status is cleared when moving mails between folders using IMAP.
216101Cursor fragments in <textarea>/<editor> after hitting DEL/BS/ENTER
217527{inc}left column on slashdot is sometimes too narrow or too wide for its contents
217560Left/Right clicks undiscriminated for double-clicks(ondblclick event)
217715Java applet fails to get some of its parameters --getParameter() returns null
218070preferences dialog is broken in Firefox
219622SpellChecker component has no disk size
220215use the xpcnativewrapper for the current callers of components.lookupmethod
220390ACCESSKEY incorrectly supported on multiline SELECT tag
221521vCard UI does not save some fields.
221872Method GetWindowsFolder return paths in upper case
222297Cannot toggle input checkbox via accesskey without taking focus off of input field first
222954Opening Options dialog if there is already a modified dialog open causes crash - FF092 [@ nsXULCommandDispatcher::UpdateCommands]
224237PAC: make failover behave according to specification
225245image shown as attachment instead of inline if the cid uses single quotes
226439Reduce footprint of nsA(C?)String::Equals() applied to ASCII strings
226733Upgrade to zlib 1.2.1
227313unused code related to PresShell::ScrollFrameIntoView(nsIFrame*)
227547[PATCH] need NFD <-> NFC conversion into and out of Mac OS X file system (Unicode normalization)
227976nsHttpCompressConv can fail to read any data in OnDataAvailable and return success
228033Incorrect import from Outlook Express if a message line is very long (> ~513-1024 characters)
229451pref-notifications.xul should have more IDs
229753search sidebar does not automatically open on first addressfield search
229763"Work offline" checkbox does not set browser to offline mode
230275XML RDF parser stops parsing at valid unicode char
230603Impedance mismatch between nsILanguageAtom and nsIDeviceContext
231135NS_NewLocalFile rv isn't checked in nsProfile::CreateNewProfileWithLocales cleanup (remove unused strings + fix capitalization)
232520nsImageBeOS needs cleanup
232913nsIScrollbarMediator should support multiple scrollbars[patch]
233091In <FilterEditor.js>, "Warning: assignment to undeclared variable targetUri"
233320pk11_OpenKeyDB returns SECFailure.
234608Removal of some deadcode in nsDiskCacheBinding
234686fix scaling of images in response to min/max-width/height
235113Cannot drag and drop URL from Location Bar to bookmarks sidebar
2353812004-02-23-12-trunk Solaris nightly crashes at nsComponentManagerImpl::GetLoaderForType()
235457blocked popup window opened from menu circumvents content restrictions
235505Make nsIMIMEInfo::MIMEType readonly
235744Expose StorageStream class to Javascript
235763Print dialog show list printer descriptions if available
235826Implement <svg:script> tag
235872add description property to menuitems
236028[GTK2] MouseScroll event returns incorrect target
236215certain selection and junk mail maneuvers in thread pane cause crash in nsTreeRange::Count after timeout
236408deCOMtaminate nsINodeInfoManager
236584need to keep alive IDLE connections
236772Sprint Local Bill Redirection Limit Exceeded
236812When getting IHtmlElement::parentElement property the control crashes
236853Crash when SVG text element is placed inside XUL template
236894[ActiveX] IHtmlElementCollection methods tags() & item(),when more than one element is found, are not implemented
236913Colon in search show in sidebar as %3A
236941UTF-8 converter looses full lines of text if they contain invalid characters
237366Page layout is broken when the page was loaded first or super-reloaded.
237535prelight text invisible in high-contrast inverse themes
237568Add CSS3 pseudo-class selector :only-child
237586Implement negotiateauth using SSPI for Windows
237819nsStandardURL should automatically convert ACE hostnames to UTF8
237919Windows seamonkey static builds are busted
237934nss_InitLock not atomic
2381658bit CTE is used in plaintext part of plaintext + html(multipart) message although in the header (Content-Transfer-Encoding)is set to base64
238166Wording for obsolete themes warning now incorrect
238688Cannot subscribe to newsgroups with a + in its name
238771Want NT3.51 fallback code for EnumFontFamiliesEx
239160Under windows there are file extensions to be regarded as dangerous windows executables.
239181IMAP STATUS command should not be used on selected mailbox
239196Folders "borrow" the unread count from other folders,confuses folders.
239580default button in script-permission dialog should be "No"
239663NSPR tip no longer builds with VAC++ compiler for OS/2
239827NSS has race condition in unwrap key code.
239875Fix xpconnect static guards so we can restart
239925Fix static initializers in DOM etc so that XPCOM can be restarted
240300IDN: Domain in "Connection refused" dialog poorly encoded
240456OCSP fails if responder's cert key usage is non-repudiation only
240466nsDocument uses wrong interface to get intl.accept_languages preference
240542Firefox crashes on simple example
240552Make nsInstallTrigger::UpdateEnabled check with permission manager
240643Suppress bogus Kerberos prompt on Mac OSX [was:Autthentication Failover not fully supported between connection based Authentication Types]
240821Remove unneeded try+catch associated to |smtpService|
240903Clicking image input highlights the image in purple/blue
240943Update bidi data files to Unicode 4.0.1
241110password manager won't show passwords
241157nsDefaultEncoder::Decode does not handle null valued elements correctly
241161[quirks] empty TABLE should hide
241177remove nsXIContext::itoa
241187[gtk2]combo box shows up unexpectly due to nsWindow::IsVisible() does not return the right value
241296Add "/usr/lib" for "" searching
241384nsProfileDirServiceProvider should be GRE friendly
241507Don't create new rendering contexts for each caret drawn on unix platforms
241607[ps] Separate postscript generation from print job handling
241729Preference- Advanced-Scripts and Plugins can not be locked
241854JavaScript-Error when Subscribing to Newsgroups in quicksearch result list (without further problems)
241939content with CSS3 opacity <1 is invisible in 256color mode
241942Parent window should also get focus when input textbox gets focus
241948Change RDF nsprlogging to spam all:4/all:5 instead of all:2
241952Change XUL nsprlogging to spam all:4/all:5 instead of all:2
241971potential crash [@nsPrimitiveHelpers::ConvertUnicodeToPlatformPlainText]
241991Active Accessibility: state change event at doc load finish shouldn't report STATE_BUSY
242044Reduce number of allocations by nsSpaceManager::PushState
242110[nsTXTToHTMLConv] angle brackets in gopher pages are not properly escaped/displayed
242122[Gtk2] Flash not rendered correctly in table
242146no "slop time" for nextUpdate time in OCSP responses
242346"Customize Character Encoding" dialog doesn't remember its size and position and is opened to small when using larger fonts
242382Trunk build failure in nsObjectFrame.cpp
242441Port fix to bug 242082 to SeaMonkey
242454Some fieldMapImport cleanup
242589Optimize accessible tree walking
242594Nodeless text frames for ordered list item ordinals not exposed
242799synaptics touchpad scroll function stopped working 2 days ago
242856Slow image, text, view source rendering / page takes long time to load or blank
242905remove nsXIEngine::ParseURL
242970Bug 241708 has broken Mail&News when mail directry on different drive from one for profile directry. (Server Settings/Local directory was changed to \\.\D:\ after 2004-04-29build)
243027shift+down arrow doesn't scroll
243028strange tab behaviour on lxr
243040HTML sanitizer misinterprets attribute values
243079Crash on startup of debug build (from cvs) (in nsStandardURL- mixed allocators)
243203Crash removing address line in message compose window [@nsCSSFrameConstructor::AttributeChanged]
243245addbuiltins program fails on Windows
243294M17rc2 Crash [@ nsCaret::GetViewForRendering] when printing a schedule from
243313Anonymous frames for :before and :after are not exposed in accessibility
243359Need a way to coerce JS line number and filename for XUL preprocessor
243372[port]GTK2 theme menuitem support from Firefox classic skin
243379mozilla hangs when doing Shift+Tab over an input field
243392Execution of external javascript included by src don't stop
243419gtkmozembed doesn't handle being moved between toplevels
243473nsLocalFileWin shortcut resolver does more work than necessary
243579Change nsIOnReadystatechangeHandler to nsIOnReadyStateChangeHandler
243580no license block in nss/cms/pk11util/pk11table.c
243618Windows registry (non-ascii values) for MAPI are garbled
243629Land ChatZilla 0.9.63b
243655pk11util crashes when using indexed array element
243679Fix for "change bookmark's icon" notification
243680training.dat is not updated/created by junk/spam filter, so no learning across sessions
243692Bookmarks overflow menu should collapse when item is dragged out
243699arbitrary code execution using disk:// and help:// URLs
243724[FIX]deCOMtaminate nsIWidget::GetChildren
243728[FIX]CSS2PropertiesTearoff could avoid property name lookups and reduce codesize
243757Crash when browsing airfrance site [@nsView::ConvertFromParentCoords ][@ nsViewManager::DispatchEvent ]
243807profile manager hangs other dialogs' action
243808keynav: can't select mail folders for offline from keyboard
243809M17rc2 M18a1 mozilla crash at [@nsHTMLEditor::CheckSelectionStateForAnonymousButtons]
243820Relicensing libgtkxtbin
243837UI for Global Inbox and deferring storage for pop3 servers to other accounts
243854MIME hang while sanitizing a message
243870Suppress stderr output in release builds for components that cannot be loaded.
243882Switch hints for left/right/top/bottom to ReflowFrame
243888stream converter tidy up
243937nsILocalFile.getRelativeDescriptor should be case-insensitive on windows
243961When dragging a bookmark in the personal toolbar to the overflow menu it does not open when never dragged anything before
243966getPropertyValue truncates values for computed system font value
243974Download Manager can't handle files > 4gb
243998Visiting the networkassociates, noggin, upromise crashes Mozilla & Firefox
244016Mozilla does not pick up user-specified"applications.tmp_dir" property
244017Parts of the surrounding div not painted/drawed with large floating div
244060xremote doesn't work on aviary branch
244062Solaris build failure - "response" in HandleRemoteArgument()needs cast
244080Compiler warning in mozilla/extensions/cookie/nsPermissionManager.cpp
244095several libraries need to be linked with -R $ORIGIN
244106Crash on shutdown attempting to unload JS component.
244137[FIX]Anchor traversals in an HTML document in a jar don't add history entries
244140Listitem should support type "checkbox".
244141Composition -> (default) Character Encoding should include Hebrew (Windows-1255)
244156xpconnect/src does not build with /GL
244178Crash reloading gmail mailbox page
244193Giving out the wrong IAccessible for top Mozilla content and UI windows
244220[FIX]newURI fails for external protocols blocked via prefs
244221OS/2 installer removes old WPS folder
244235[FIX]window.sizeToContent should flush out reflows first
244279Enabling popup blocking from About Popups fails to set the preference.
244282Busy cursor displays on IMAP folders while Download/Sync& Offline
244288MSAA's WindowFromAccessibleObject() doesn't work with Mozilla
244292Implement createSVGTransformFromMatrix()
244299reply to message sometime fails, if identity/account is missing/invalid
244300nsMutationEvent.h not protected against double inclusion
244334Text Zoom Ctrl++ broken
244349doesn't finish translation using Babelfish Webservice from English to Japanese/Chinese
244413Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings \ Server Settings\Checkboxes
244448Exthandler changes for download resuming
244449nsClipboard.cpp tends to include urlmon.h. However, it is not in MinGW.
244454Browser crashes in [@ nsBlockFrame::ReflowFloat] when visiting that page
244475string optimization in HTMLContentSink::AddAttributes
244489Customize Sidebar dialog clipped in Modern
244490[FIX]Crash when ":before" having URL with wrong document base element [@ nsCSSFrameConstructor::CreateGeneratedFrameFor ]
244531allow a hidden pref ("imageblocker.enabled") to hide image blocking context menu UI
244554[FIX]Non-displayed invalid frames processed - bypasses recursion check resulting in memory leak / crash
244610Running in turbo mode , launch behaviour not same
244624XUL:textbox and XUL:menulist not properly exposed
244649SMTP: send dialog flashing during big attachment sending if you have a fast connection
244651nsTextFrame::Reflow does too much work
244677Window-Eyes saying "loading page" and "load done" for non-visible documents
244688In <FilterEditor.js>, "Warning: assignment to undeclared variable gChangeJunkScoreCheckbox"
244717SOAP requests should state the charset of their payloads
244722Message truncated in headers stops mail from automatically moving all junk messages
244744clicking characters once in help triggers dialog "Opening help.dtd"
244753Support STATE_READONLY / STATE_EDITABLE for editors
244776Don't fire page loading events when jumping to named anchor
244876Remove 2 unnecessary memsets in nsTextFrame.cpp
244907NSS needs to handle unprotected keys in tokens.
244911nsEscape should document the meaning of the nsEscapeMask enum values
244914NSS needs to provide applications access to "application private" objects.
244915freebl doesn't build correctly on Solaris 10 Sparc
244921tweak nsGenericHTMLElement for code size
244926[FIX]mailto protocol is not worked when using external mailer
244929bad CRMF lib assertion hides errors in debug builds
244951shrink to fit, background on, trap or hang during printing
245009Kill C++ urlbar history
245024crash in print preview with onClick in framesets [@nsFrame::Destroy ]
245035cleanup help-toc.rdf
245044Folder unread count keeps reverting
245063"mark as read by date" dialog too small?
245098Messages deleted locally are deleted from POP server, even if pref says not to.
245110Crash [@ nsAboutRedirector::NewChannel]
245113instanceof operator returns true for class prototype
245133[FIX]bad focus behaviour when moving a text input and immediately focus on it in the same function
245148[null].toSource() == [].toSource() : null in array is blank should mkdir with "0775" permissions, not "775"
245176Sign error in Bayesian spam filter causes spam to get through
245189sunbird should not need hacks to build
245274Make quirks mode not validate createElement's tagName argument to preserve 1.4 compat
245297Add style system support for CSS column properties
245365Current tree item not being spoken when tree view gets focus
245367Expose tree view position in tree item accessibles
245370Autocomplete dropdowns not exposing focus or selection events
245377CSS background images have broken transparency
245394Cannot walk into image map's area children
245399nsEscapeHTML* should escape single quote
245408'position' shouldn't apply to SVG elements
245420cert reference leaks in CMMF code
245460[Classic]Tree column shrinks while being clicked
245516SplitPath in nsLocalFileCommon reads off the end of the string
245518NSS tools should have an rpath of /usr/lib/mps/secv1
245529gtkmozembed is out of sync wrt how DOM event propagation is blocked
245570crash when setting a cookie on
245572Crash displaying[@ nsCSSValue::Reset ]
245615Random nsGlobalWindow cleanup...
245619Don't bother converting result of scripts into a string when the caller doesn't care about the value.
245627minor deCOMtamination of HTML element creation functions
245673Named literal strings aren't const
245689ftp channels report NS_ERROR_FAILURE when resuming fails,instead of NS_ERROR_NOT_RESUMABLE
245693Unicode->EUC-KR converter loses data on encountering characters not representable in 2bytes
245742Apparent memory corruption after successfully authenticating using NTLM
245751Can't drag scrollbars in Print Preview anymore (after bug245024's patch landed)
245758Persisting bookmarks file converts ' to &#39; in bookmark title (apostrophe, lsquo, entity)
245770backslash rendered as yen in japanese locale
245772Pointless null checks in SOAP code references sroaming/resources/Makefile
245794LDAP C SDK non-autoconf build problems
245795eval(uneval(function a(){b=function(){}})) is not stable
245813master password prompt per saved host before asking for POP password
245819Can't get accessibility info from 2 pages in a row, when they have <input type="text">
245826Checkin for Bug 240552 broke clobber builds and builds w/disable-cookie
245878Mozilla locks up when accessibility info requested from null plugin
245883List, list item objects should have STATE_READONLY
245902cleanup warning errors in nsNativeAppSupportOS2.cpp
245903no system console output in MinGW builds
245927nsUint64 would be nice
245930GTK2 branch (1.7 and aviary) builds crash on startup on Linux x86_64
245931Problems with accessibility API focus events
245943CERT_DestroyCertificate crashes on CMMF decoded cert
246062No accessible name for tree views and listboxes
246082nsSchemaComplexType crashes using WSDL Arrays
246106Defensive (anti-phishing) auth prompts are displayed when they should not be displayed
246193Mozilla doesn't revert to IPv4 if IPv6 connect fails
246194Crash setting character encoding to Unicode (UTF-16) on any random website [@ nsBlockFrame::GetFrameForPointUsing ]
246213background colors and images are not displayed/rendered/shown
246224Mozilla crashes if a chrome app uses Live Connect [@getScriptClassLoader]
246239add id to "Sidebar Directory..." menu item, so vendors can hide it
246263reserve more space for executable when using prebinding
246264nsHttpChannel may leak mResponseHead
246271treecell does not respond immediately to src attribute changes
246280Empty Open with default application should not be available
246329SchemeIs failure leaks nsHttpChannel
246337nsIProxy should be cvs removed
246447Alt/Control/Shift/Meta should generate KeyUp and KeyDown but not KeyPress
246448can spoof framed sites by changing frame contents
246512H1 { text-align: left } should be removed from content_style.css
246525Cache entries shall have intl-friendly date and time format(about:cache)
246556M17rc3 crashes [@ nsGenericHTMLElement::RecreateFrames] [@f2416033]
246575Drawing surface leak
246616moz-icon should be able to draw special desktop/my documents folder icons
246666Normalize text caret blink rate
246675create a non-overwriting file output stream
24669464-bit build: incorrect handling of password policy response
246700nsWyciwygChannel should store BOM for its UTF-16 data
246706inconsistency in dealing with inflexible spacers
246710[Roaming] Changes 1
246750Can't read menu/menuitem's "keyboard shortcut" and"accesskey"
246783Need support for params of type base64binary
246872PAC: myIpAddress gives "myIpAddress is not defined" error
246908template builder incorrectly identifies containers if isempty is present in rule
246911misbehave of switch() statement with variable as label
246923links in nested frame fail, give a false NS_ERROR_DOM_PROP_ACCESS_DENIED
246964Special-case 'if (document.all)...'-style object detection in JSClass.resolve
247006Apply NS_HIDDEN to necko net_ helper functions
247017popup window blocked at allowed site if disable_open_click_delay pref is set
247044Cannot select different SMTP server (except for POP3accounts)
247179\b assertion recognises non-ASCII alphanumerics as word characters
247239'gripper' should be in nsXULAtomList.h
247406secport.h has PORT_Strdup in C++ unsafe section
247421Popup blocker disabled but still blocks links and normal links on javascript menu
247445Useless/unreachable stale code from 1999 in GlobalWindowImpl::SetTimeoutOrInterval
247450File name have incorrect (base64) encoding when saving message.
247491nsIStorageStream::Init needs to document its parameters
247541SOAP decoder sometimes encodes incorrect xsi:type
247542M17 crash [@ SBCopyDir32To16Clip()][@ SBCopyDir32To16() ] on loading and
247592header only pop3 download broke clicking on partial link
247607http-index-format -> html conversion should be moved out of the channels
247608add placeholder for another wizard page
247631gtk2 nsITheme fixes for checkbox/radio
247700[BEOS]Native message loop don't start for invisible windows
247702[BEOS]Site popups don't resize to content size
247711Remove outdated "tbautostretch" XUL attribute from the codebase
247715###!!! ASSERTION: unexpected progress values: 'progress <=progressMax', file/home/chb/mozilla/netwerk/protocol/http/src/nsHttpChannel.cpp, line 3712
247737PK11_PQG_ParamGenSeedLen returns invalid PQGParams and Verify
247738makepqg outputs invalid PQGParams
247739certutil program fails to read PQG files
247766deCOMtaminate nsBoxLayoutState
247877jsdouble hashing code is not strict-aliasing safe
247958labelling 'ASCII only messages' as in US-ASCII leads to an interoperability problem with MS OE
247964Fix memory leak in nsSVGRect.cpp
247965popup blocker should allow mouseup by default
248017Cannot get to ISimpleDOM* interfaces on Windows XP
248029XUL text with right-to-left text in mixed languages renders wrong
248071FF09 [@ nsXPCWrappedJSClass::GetInterfaceName] [@
248080Cannot store sent mail in IMAP INBOX, strored to INBOX.INBOX instead
248102Splashscreen mozilla.bmp is removed during Upgrade
248172XMLSerializer corrupts namespace prefixes when XHTML namespace is used
248193Better Attach Web Page dialog
248201necko should not overwrite specific error code when trying to resume a dir listing
248216Mismatched new[]/delete in nsTextFrame.cpp
248226don't count mouse enter/exit as user events for pageload perf hack
248240Can not save message to Drafts folder on IMAP server
248275In <am-identity-edit.js>, "Warning: function onOk does not always return a value"
248307lack of {} in mozilla\extensions\universalchardet\src\nsEUCJPProber.cpp:80
248343Opening crashs the browser [@ PresShell::UnsuppressAndInvalidate ]
248444toString/toSource of RegExp does not escape slashes
248453Preferences Pane Advanced-System: list widgets have wrong size (for file types too small, for protocols too large)
248458Crash [@ nsJSIID::Equals] for null other
248566<input type="file" /> gets focused by any alt+navigation key
248606"arrow" doesn't change to hand over links, links don't get bold font-weight inside frame
248616More build bustage in zlib for OpenVMS
248638HTMLInputElement.type doesn't return the "type of control created"
248687replace EqualsWithConversion by EqualsLiteral where possible
248706Failing Type ahead find crashes Mozilla
248753popup window creates duplicate window and directs content into wrong one.
248810nsIStreamConverter[Service] uses wide strings for mime types
248870When javascript loaded in an IFRAME calls self.resizeTo the whole window is resized.
248966In <EdAECSSAttributes.js>, 2 "Warning: assignment to undeclared variable" (i & value)
249107directory listings coming from session history (cache?)displayed in raw form
249172DashMatchCompare should take a comparator parameter
249284Duplicate declaration of CERT_DecodeDERCertificate (compiler warnings)
249310selfserv does not have an option to disable SSL2
249345find sticks on the same match should use CYGDRIVE_MOUNT
249522Unnecessary entry in DTD
249572Modify nsTextFragment::AppendTo to take nsAString
249665<textarea> does not recognize newlines
249737nsCommandLineService::GetProgName should copy string
249810Reduce allocations by nsViewManager
249882after forward as inline with body style, the next new message gets the body style (cached compose)
249923Code size reduction / speed up of nsViewManager class
249996Local store component returns wrong URI
250004Mail folders never synchronise: SSL Failure / Server xxx has disconnected. The server may have gone down or there is a networkproblem
250064xfeDoCommand(openBrowser) should open with start page
250119xmlextras: ParseFromString/ParseFromStream should use AUTF8Strings
250169<textarea>s have a focus rectangle now
250180Shell: protocol allows access to local files and can lead to a DOS
250198"find as you type" doesn't work
250208dropdown list clicks behave strangely
250230Gmail doesn't load with the July 7th build.
250276right-click, cut of BM inside folder inside PT crashes [@nsMenuPopupFrame::SetCurrentMenuItem ] (aviary)
250291html messages: forward as inline not quoting headers or inserting "original message" header
250559don't recognize .CR not as message terminator
250666Implement the npruntime plugin scriptability API
250692Unable to make selection, drag text or place the cursor with mouse on's Webmail - among other sites. Form textarea.
250771When using autofill Mozilla crashes [@GlobalWindowImpl::Close]
250845[P3P] Replace "Turn Off Privacy Settings" with "Allow all cookies" (Cookie notification dialog)
251117fix error propagation in nsFileStream::Close()
251213ftp urls fail to load