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Rough Changelog for Mozilla 1.8 Alpha1

This is a list of bugs pulled from Bonsai and Bugzilla. It's a "rough" list because I didn't verify each bug on the list as actually having been fixed in the 1.8 Alpha1 development cycle and I may have missed some that were; I just used the smartest Bugzilla and Bonsai queries I could devise. It's not perfect but if you're interested in what got fixed during this cycle, this is probably the best place to start. --Asa

233810 investigate compiler option to make HP aCC compiler do correct for loop scoping
84692 Offline UI: Offline panel is too large (to use, for some people)
240309 Remove \n from JavaScript [error:\n|warning:\n]
238257 File URLs don't respect XUL directory listing format preference
227135 TestCallTemplates crashes - erroneous test
233795 rename FOR_CSS_SIDES to NS_FOR_CSS_SIDES and use it more
240122 document.body setter cleanup, and accesskey code cleanup.
237453 [FIXr]Less QIing in nsXBLWindowHandler::WalkHandlersInternal
237566 Remove nsIContent::ReplaceChildAt codepath
117128 [FIXr]Mutation events are cancelable, but the specification says otherwise
237213 [FIXr]Replace nodetype check with IsContentOfType in nsContentList
239939 IMAP status commands should be chained, not all fired at once
169559 Accessing global and local variables performance diff
165201 Crash from composer exit dialog
206599 GCC 3.3 type-punning/strict-aliasing warnings (in <js*.c>)
227938 nsIFormControlFrame::RequiresWidget is unused
239953 Remove duplicated code in nsContentUtils
238455 warning C4244: 'argument' : conversion from 'PRInt64' to 'size_t', possible loss of data
236703 Better, faster, smaller Table layout patch
209032 crash if right clicking on bookmarked search result after opening the page from the sidebar
240318 move HasMoreThanOneCell into the cellmap code
240256 Some .xul files don't have the right DOCTYPE line
225045 [ActiveX] OLECMDID_PAGESETUP gives an exception
237954 "nsAccessibleHyperText::GetLink" doesn't return proper link
207400 Mail not being displayed when mail file exceeds 2GB in size. When I move email to another folder, list of emails in inbox is lost.
237091 Remove unused WindowOffset and RootWidget functionality from nsViewManager
23435 Implement navigator.onLine
239298 compile warnings with gcc
198087 Mark new items in Unsent and Drafts folders to Unread
240458 js_DecompileValueGenerator doesn't take a JSBool
240457 remove view manager assertion
116376 installer deletes its own dir instead of the moz-dir
215587 memory leak in nsClipboard::GetData
239391 in NativeReplaceFile condition for rename failure is reversed
234192 Visio file in filepicker crashes mozilla
234761 [FIXr]Crash by invalid Content-Style-Type on typing Enters in textarea [@ nsSelection::GetFrameForNodeOffset ]
240291 [FIXr]nsBlockFrame::AddFrames should handle <br> better
240240 [FIXr]Possible double-delete of style set
231166 [FIXr]Can't click on a element with an :after content, but with a child with dispay none
240414 Copying to the clipboard sometimes crashes Mozilla
240449 Infinite loop in DocumentViewerImpl::CreateStyleSet
240444 ISO-8859-7 and ISO-8859-8 converters are wrong
76994 O(n^2) algorithm in GenericElementCollection::Item()
240502 Checkin for Bug 116376 breaks AIX build (wait.h not found)
239546 ASSERTION: Namespaces left on the stack!
219506 ASSERTION: This function was called on two disconnected nodes!
230397 In <nsPresShell.cpp>, 2 * ['type var' might be used uninitialized in this function] from 'Blamed Build Warnings; Linux brad Clobber'
149110 Memory leak of 20 bytes from 1 block allocated in nsMsgKeySet::Create(char const*)
236974 remove /xpfe/global/resources/content/widgetStateManager.js
235262 The PromptService is a service and should be accessed through getService instead of createInstance
201630 javascript strict warnings in nsPolicyViewer.js and pageInfoOverlay.js
226167 DRefTool analysis for soap files
239101 row frame view not synced.
234847 "overflow:hidden" doesn't hide events
233438 {inc}extra margin at end of page on some loads
188377 Percentile table width (75%) is 1 pixel more than should.
236479 Kill nsMappedAttributes::GetAttribute
240465 new flag on folder not getting cleared when last new message is read
240500 JS_DefineFunctions APIDoc for return is wrong
240596 Add euro to 850, 852, 857, 862, 864 - update 862 with new codepoints
238847 working path's problem of FTP connection
195078 Gecko provides the wrong URL when rendering Framset
239115 deCOM nsDownload
235504 Remove nsCString::EqualsWithConversion(const char*)
238818 xpfe/browser/src contains lots of useless files
230219 go button is set off even when set on in prefs in installer
240358 [FIXr]XUL documents resulting from redirect get wrong base URI
240577 code predates cloned function objects, uses fun->object wrongly
235887 Add .win, .mac, .pc and .unix classes to show platform-specific help content
121495 nsXULElement::GetChildNodes returns a non-live nodelist
24861 Quotes nesting doesn't work [GC]
219556 necko support for resumable downloads via http
238087 Message ID not recognized on folded MESSAGE-ID: lines in TOP response
240670 memory leak in MIME_DecodeMimeHeader [
186999 current record scrolls out of thread pane viewport after sort
231823 When attempting to print or print preview the map is separated into hundreds of pages
196602 no bookmarks in xlib builds
240498 FreeType 2.1.8 compilation error
222013 Add support for cross-compiling to mingw (win32)
108305 Upgrade to the current version of dtoa.c
234688 Icons don't display in Firefox download manager
235502 nsIMIMEService, nsIMIMEInfo should use nsACString/nsAString instead of string/wstring
235832 Crash on Save Image As with jpeg images and Save Page As on local files
240448 Set as Default button does not disable when used
210824 In <msgMail3PaneWindow.js>, "Error/Exception ... nsIRDFService.GetResource ... SelectFolder"
240745 decomtaminate nsIScriptObjectPrincipal
240174 Starting mozilla prints "No running window found" every time
197474 Event.altKey && Event.ctrlKey not true together unlike IE
240273 nsRenderingContextGTK::PushState/PopState are malloc-happy
232175 Refactor nsNativeThemeWin
237078 Remove table background quirk
240900 [FIX]CSS parser allows negative line-heights in "font" shorthand
232025 Change HTML output to XML
224759 Tree displays text "null" for values pulled from database that are null
230776 Component.classes enumerator includes non-existent contract id's
189480 OS/2 only - some big5 characters show as "?"
237598 Remove nsUCRegUtils
196441 Mail/News filter action "Label Message" - "none" could be useable
240504 REGRESSION: Cannot tab backwards from mail text compose area
237303 [ActiveX] IHTMLDocument2 cookie methods not implemented
240767 [FIX]Crash looking at style rules matching node in a display:none iframe
240533 memory leak in nsImapUrl::AddOnlineDirectoryIfNecessary
215866 Unknown gopher document types give strange error message
241022 nsXPComInit.cpp has wrong offset checking for post 1.6 functions
240562 In <nsStyleStruct.cpp>, [Unused variable `nsIFrame*parentFrame']
240628 Problem with showing origin of privilege request
240717 DOMParser.parseFromString() confused by character encodings
239716 inout wstring methods are difficult to implement with nsEmbedString
240597 Add support for CP869
240920 random netwerk/base/ changes
237138 Disabled form controls are not always grayed out.
241103 add ability to open address book from nsIFile
240727 soapcall example should use (new XMLSerializer()).serializeToString(...) instead of new XMLSerializer().serializeToString(...)
230579 regular text seem to be rendered in white instead of black; < > = are not visible as well
226241 Anonymous unions may only contain non-static data members and not define types.
239644 FreeBSD build error in nsHostResolver
240106 ns(C)String::AppendInt(PRInt64) would be nice
240766 [FIX]GetAttributeDependentStyle assumes the class attribute is "class"
142120 Too many stops for Ctrl-RightArrow ("a b" stop 3 times instead of 2)
214063 Compiler warnings in <nsMsgFolder.cpp>, <nsMsgProtocol.cpp>, <wallet.cpp>: "defined but not used"
86132 "Local Folders" (and movemail) should have "Disk Space" settings in account manager
238039 Integrate Mozilla with Innotek Font Engine
238242 Shift+keypad keys do not work in mail editor
232487 Text identified as lang="sa" (Sanskrit) uses Western fonts, not Devanagari fonts
192566 selected image in editor shouldn't tint
240892 [FIX]select element by click doesn't work for content in an iframe nested in a frame
206602 [FIXr]list-style-images load only when resizing browser
222502 last closed window position not remembered at restart
241128 Thunderbird and Seamonkey Mail crash on some messages with JS enabled
241054 Add additional ATK ROLE
237717 [FIXr]loading iframe or object with html file inta a positioned div causes extra entries of current document in history
241254 crash on message w/ HTML attachment that document.writes LINK rel=stylesheet with relative URL
240559 nsTableCellFrame::InitCellFrame does lots of unnecessary work
241214 Trap while clicking on CLOSE button of Print Preview.
238880 Cannot eliminate group tabs as home page
226669 Thunderbird tries to download nonexisting messages with POP3
241013 [FIX]nsNSSComponent::VerifySignature leaks on errors
241247 no keycode for scroll_lock
75622 3pane Mail Menu: Add/Change/Move/Delete menu items
232742 Mozilla incl. firebird does not build on Amd64 cpu
240942 .EML files (message/rfc822) are shown as source code/plain text in browser window
162786 PR_snprintf returns wrong string length
166455 localstore.rdf: after manual deletion, it is recreated, but out of synchronization with prefs.js
206937 Mozilla crashes using this SELECT menu/weird layout of SELECTmenu [@ nsComboboxControlFrame::SetChildFrameSize]
241348 emptying mail files causes crash
238704 RFE: Need sample plugin for plugin printing
211438 nsContentAreaDragDrop misidentifies plain-text as a URL if the selection includes an anchor
241328 Make the HTML parser more 64-bit friendly, and clean up some code.
241329 Spidermonkey doesn't build with OpenWatcom
240919 warning: `void* nsToolkitWindowProc(long unsigned int, long unsigned int, void*, void*)' declared `static' but never defined
241369 Installer can't close mozturbo.exe
241164 gtkmozembed API uses |char*| in 2 places where it should use |const char*|
239604 make uriloader more doxygen-friendly
239085 smime cert fetching via ldap broken
240719 show all the To's in the recipient column, not just the first.
240770 spell checker asserts when it has no suggestions
238680 On a heavily filtered inbox, "mark as read" generates needlessly long IMAP commands
233275 spell checker incorrectly replaces words on double-click
240274 nsRenderingContextGTK::PopState calls nsRegionGTK::IsEmpty too much
240879 until we have junk support for news accounts, we should not be able to set junk status in news filters
236228 NSPR LOG Buffering isn't WinDebug safe
226408 Need simple "set charset" command for current view
210222 %21%21channelname%21%21 causes cz to return no such channel when added to autostartup but manually joining #!!channelname!! works fine cz does reports !! as %21%21 but fails to reckognize it unless attached to server
144018 Up/Dn Arrows Randomly Act Like PgUp/PgDn
241524 Shift-J does not work as keyboard shortcut for Message -> Mark ->As Not Junk
241482 Editor pops up if multimedia isn't installed
241480 Add support for additional components
241337 Make nsWebScriptsAccess::IsPublicService deal better with errors
223536 Exposing XPConnect jsval <-> nsIVariant to conversion functionality
241499 pop3 mail filters on custom headers broken
237975 [FIXr]Crash with xbl generated link, opening in new tab [@ nsAttributeTextNode::DetachListener ]
240798 crash when I try to use "Open File" and "Ctrl-O" to open file [@ nsFilePicker::ShowW ]
234851 crash on after toggling CSS via bookmarklet
135082 [FIXr]{ib}rel pos inlines not leading to right containing block for abs pos kids
241151 Get rid of nsSpringFrame
241201 Clean up some webservices code
237231 make xpistub interface description and implementation agree
237001 clean up nsLegacyCheck and nsObjectIgnore
126042 Dialogs should be confirmable with Keyboard, not mouse only
241173 Parse errors result in seg fault
241130 si_CheckGetUsernamePassword does work to get a better dialog title and then does nothing with it
241200 It should not be an error for a;1 to not have a file
225994 DRefTool analysis for universalchardet files
19403 Edit filters for multiple newsgroups simultaneously, a.k.a "server wide news filters"
231534 ReferenceError: XMLHttpRequest is not defined @ <chrome://venkman/content/venkman-static.js> 651
239753 "Open Windows" tab does not show any open windows in Firefox
162144 can throw exceptions
228017 UI Consistency: "make default search engine" dialog's button choice is counter-intuitive
240665 Can't navigate through some page lines using left or right arrow
240404 Site context menu broken
236782 all preference items in "HTTP Networking" is not lockable;
237998 DIV's with overflow:auto have odd onMouseOut and onMouseOver behaviour
238133 [nt 3.51] installer suggests invalid directory
233574 Installing extensions crashes Firefox 0.8
240275 Painting large tables is slow
240538 local folder message search should cache open file handle across messages
102798 Security issue for simple MAPI
241314 Can't mouse though images (nsStackFrame::GetFrameForPoint not implemented)
236294 installer exits before user sees CRC Failed dialog
240929 make dialogs modal
238962 Menus have stopped using consistent font
241876 nsIDHashKey does not define a KeyEquals method
241778 imap empty trash broken
213688 memory leak copying multiple messages between servers to an imap folder
241124 move GSSAPI code behind nsIAuthModule so it can be used by mail protocols
240759 necko DNS cache stops working
164821'text/html','replace') does not replace history entry
176306 Mozilla fails to build properly with Perl < 5.6
240889 Crash when selecting a folder of an IMAP server in mailnews - Trunk [@ nsMsgDatabase::ClearNewList ]
241830 missing in packages-unix
220187 TABINDEX property ignored for input type=file
241249 Text in column picker "restore natural order" is unclear to user
240720 crash in nsSupportsHashtable::ReleaseElement()
232321 Control-backspace doesn't delete words in URL bar
136016 'Set as wallpaper' should be disabled for broken image - M140RC1 M140BR [@ nsWindowsHooks::SetImageAsWallpaper]
195355 listBoxObject.getRowCount() returns wrong value
230965 Error: uncaught exception: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIDOMWindowInternal.scrollMaxY]" nsresult: "0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://messenger/content/mailWindowOverlay.js :: SpaceHit :: line 1757" data: no]
235090 CSS stylesheets labeled as "UTF-16" don't load
239038 rev IIDs for all modified interfaces
123910 Get Next 500 news messages shouldn't be displayed when server selected.
240340 Key events broken in plugins on MacOSX
240522 ABR in PL_strlen, nsMsgSearchTerm::MatchArbitraryHeader(nsIMsgSearchScopeTerm *,UINT,UINT,char const*,int,nsIMsgDBHdr *,nsIMsgDatabase *,char const*,UINT,int,int *) [nsMsgSearchTerm.cpp:725]
240754 Escape dots in the username and password when canonicalizing URIs
240897 Autoconfig doesn't work unless LDAP is built
241464 Crash @ nsImapProtocol::HandleIdleResponses
241147 DecodeStructParticle fails on 'sequences' and 'choices'
240496 [FIXr]Signed jar file on https site shows as unsecured/unverified
53124 [FIXr] fails for pages loaded from jar
240285 form change event not properly detected by the popup blocker
232958 [BEOS] Condvar implementation is not properly implemented
240611 silent mode has gtk errors from bug 57089
240724 Memory leak in nsAccessibleWrap.cpp
239132 nsIWidget::SetTitle should use nsAString, not nsString
241591 Leak in seamonkey profile manager if you tab through elements
241288 installer and browser files not stripped in installer build
124868 i have never seen an Accoun Manager and never hope to see one
237956 Gnopernicus can't report the content of a StaticText while the cursor is at the tail.
123403 LL_INIT should use PR_UINT32, not PR_INT32
240837 [FIXr]strange text ' ">P ' inserted into retrieved text.
226238 64bit safe code for mozilla/db (WinXP AMD64)
241261 remove nsSample.js comment about bug 14460
241053 find in textarea misses some matches
241710 nsILocalFile.getRelativeDescriptor(null) crashes
181973 Many pref panels need to reverse the sense of boolean prefs
223148 Move Open Bookmark File to the File menu where it belongs
182642 'available profiles' label can be 'deleted' by user
240963 short cookie lifetime overridden by "limit to current session" setting
233094 [FIXr]input text doesn't appear in text box if text box is in floated cell
238218 M17beta topcrash [@ nsJSContext::DOMBranchCallback ]
240851 [FIX]Content lists don't ignore anonymous nodes
230289 Size reduction in nsFontMetricsXft.cpp
240264 SYS3175 on opening M17beta follow installation of optimoz
240854 M17beta crash in paint code [@ nsTableFrame::GetRowGroupFrame ]
242149 GlobalWindowImpl gets prefs for no reason during page load and new-window
238095 rework pause/resume of net installer
238472 {inc} table cell too narrow
240257 directory listings show wrong sizes for files > 4 GB
242014 Creating a new LDAP directory always sets the protocolVersion to 2
242151 document.body does not handle frameset properly if the document is XHTML
240543 Hide some nsIPref bloatiness in nsContentUtils
241272 Various nsAttrValue methods don't reset properly
242098 widgets missing in search when first opened
242153 Trivial whitespace cleanup of 2 lines in abCardOverlay.dtd
57906 :root element grows to fit contents [BG] (stretches)
15405 :root element stretches vertically to fit viewport [BG] (grows)
103833 [FIX]no newline with preformatted text when there is quotation mark at the end of the line
224650 nsXPCOM.h included twice
241975 nsSOAPPropertyBag cleanup
241970 Make webservices use static atoms
241694 [FIXr]Incorrect sizing of canvas when root element has borders
205550 Mozilla WSDL leaks memory
238914 M17beta topcrash in [@ secmod_DecodeData]
236897 text-decoration: blink: it's impossible to turn off, or on via DOM
242148 Some character references lacking needed ; in test0.html
242021 Minor cleanup for the new "Disk Space" pane for Local Folders/Movemail
77019 <tr style="visibility: collapse;"> looks like hidden and collapsed
241997 make GetFrameAtOrBefore usuable for non Cell frames.
68877 "HELO/EHLO domain of sending mail account" should be "HELO/EHLO host.domain of machine running Mozilla"
240934 Investigate speeding up PresShell::AlreadyInQueue
158071 Input undo/redo buffers cleared after Javascript changes to input values
242056 Selection doesn't scroll to find position when the match is inside a very long <a> tag
242248 IPC synchronous message support needs to be reworked
242446 nsHttpNegotiateAuth::MatchesBaseURI fixes
229401 M17rc1 Crash while importing address book from OL 2000 - [@ nsOutlookMail::CreateList]
241592 page with flash object and unsized image never finishes loading
242261 Save Page As... works only if Web Page, Complete is selected
241530 linux stub installers are too big
197166 [nsILineInputStream] shouldn't be allocating/using AString buffers
209499 convert PL_str* impls to use ANSI C equivalents
242495 Extension to type mapping broken on Linux
240139 [FIX]Remove kOmitWS from HTMLParser
229962 charset parameter in attached vCards should be utf-8, not utf8
238999 document colframe creation
240558 Message filters with action to move to folder with "@" or "!" in the name was corrupted again (Bug 229345 was regressed)
238807 Compilation error in txXPathTreeWalker.h when building txXMLParser
102138 get REQUIRES failsafe for transformiix
185714 [IMAGE] EMBED child of OBJECT shows no contextual menu
241036 Minimo arm-linux build crashes on startup
64485 [Linux] Intellimouse Explorer Backwards and Forwards button support
242378 Dynamically modifying cursor fails
242157 Deal with WSDL that has a <types> element with more than one <schema> children
242019 crash clicking links that trigger popup blocking
239227 nsScreenGTK::GetAvailRect() should take the taskbar/panel/dock/etc into account if possible
239111 Rework Pause/Resume handling in Download Manager
187907 Expr::toString should be removed or debug-only
81572 Never provide only a text field for file/folder input (newsrc file)
242591 r:/mozilla\xpcom\io\nsFastLoadService.cpp(...) : warning C4244: '=' : conversion from 'PRInt64' to 'PRUint32', possible loss of data
242583 nsStringStream.cpp(270) : warning C4244: 'initializing' : conversion from 'PRInt64' to 'PRInt32', possible loss of data
170644 [RR]dynamic offset changes not working on fixed-positioned elements (auto only?)
208731 possible improvements to nsCSSRect type
241320 [FIXr]Incorrect link URL generation on pages with a URL of the form
234861 presentation attributes don't work in anonymous content
241700 alt+spacebar must be pressed twice to activate Windows control menu
242588 r:\mozilla\extensions\cookie\nsCookiePermission.h(65) : warning C4244: 'initializing' : conversion from 'PRInt64' to 'PRUint8', possible loss of data
242189 Get branding working on OS/2 Firefox
241966 Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird can't launch each other
242310 nsIStreamConverterService uses InitialCaps in idl instead of interCaps
242185 nsITXTToHTMLConv uses InitialCaps in idl instead of interCaps
242184 nsIStreamConverter uses InitialCaps in idl instead of interCaps
242183 CreateNewStreamConv and NS_NewStreamConv are silly/leaky/...
241697 Bulletproof the prefservice for multiple startup of XPCOM
240872 Chatzilla Unuseable in new nightly
241304 div overflow: hidden position: fixed shows scrollbar with a containing div
83396 Alert "message contains bare newlines" displays and lost messages when copying msgs from Local(or other IMAP account)folder to an IMAP account folder
200436 implement SPA (secure password authentication) using SSPI (aka NTLM for SMTP/IMAP/POP3/NNTP) - fixed for SMTP and POP3
242602 mozilla hangs after entering password fetching mail
235747 Move parser stuff into mozilla/parser
242712 '-moz-resizer' is unused and can probably die
242704 AIX debug build fails after recent AppendInt changes
241319 Can't find subfolders more than three levels deep on startup
241833 Simplify how to detect a textframe inside a form control in nsLineLayout
238149 clean up button removal between dialogs
242677 trunk crash while downloading mails [@ nsMsgSearchTerm::StripQuotedPrintable ]
186894 Only INBOX checked for new mail at startup, not subfolders
242111 decomify nsPIDOMWindow
242613 Crash [@ EncodeStructParticle] because getEnumerator returned null
198168 LDAP v3 isn't supported...
241342 notfound.wav is an invalidly formatted wav file.
237076 Object hierarchy is broken @ nsOuterDocAccessible
241757 Crash when "forward" mail is used
241050 M17rc1 and Trunk topcrash [@ nsJSContext::DOMBranchCallback]
240962 Charset in Content-Type header is ignored for XHTML
209804 Assertion in xpcom/threads/nsAutoLock.cpp
242368 Setting dynamically a table column's visibility in 1.8a will crash
202979 CERT_ImportCerts always returns SECSuccess
241424 proxy panel not shown second time if it's not needed first time
203086 fixed position 100% width table paints over the scroll bar
242564 Default p3p cookie action changed to reject
242707 Close menuitem has wrong position
242902 art_realloc doesn't return a value
242790 [REGRESSION] Tabbing skips sub documents, GetSubDocumentFor() broken
242718 message send sometimes spins
242065 "My Name" from account is ignored when email contains "special chars", full name extracted from email address
242212 Remove useless nsISecurityCheckedComponent code from nsXULTemplateBuilder
242282 [FIXr]M17rc1 crash quickly hitting back button [@ nsPluginDOMContextMenuListener::Destroy]
219832 Multiple checks in Window Menu (OS X)
242900 missing in packages-unix
238854 [gtk2] Changing GNOME2 theme doesn't apply until restarting Mozilla
240936 --disable-profilelocking option does not work
240723 nsIFilePicker cleanup.
240186 [FIX]GetElementsByAttribute should return live nodelists
240633 [FIX]document.write triggers nsHTMLDocument::ResolveName
242253 text in table cells not painted when visibility goes from collapsed to visible
243010 nsHTTPHandler::GetMimeService unused
239394 nsIMIMEInfo should use interCaps for functions and attributes
242886 Mozilla Mail freezes and starts using 100% CPU when I try to display Trash folder
241140 Consolidate DrawImage and DrawScaledImage
240234 -214 DOES_NOT_EXIST error while installing talkback
242691 Animated gifs do not animate properly.
235294 Text caret appears in wrong element after asynchronous script sets readOnly to false
123662 "File / cannot be found. Please check the location and try again" when loading page
206096 profiles_help.html not updated now profiles can be switched at run-time.
243098 nsIStreamIO and nsIFileTransportService unused
243107 make ipcIService and ipcILockService threadsafe
159466 Options under "Copies and folders" are active when they should be disabled
242877 Crash [@ FindInterfaceByName]
243100 css line-height ignored in textarea
243130 nsLocalMailFolder.cpp: Cannot assign const char* to char*
233963 [FIX]Javascript location.href="#foo" causes window contents to fail to appear.
224318 Bayes filtering should learn through use of external/serverside filters
146065 Accessibility module assumes HTML, does not work with XHTML
112541 ability to start/stop jprof from JS
242984 workaround for incomplete NSPR I/O layer in lib/ssl
243213 Don't waste time/space with a per-docshell reference to the nsIURIFixup service.
242985 Define module for IPC specific error codes
239819 Remove static guard so that we can restart XPCOM
214843 Space doesn't scroll when link's child has focus
237183 Reimplement handling of FPU control word corruption on OS/2
243243 nsTXTToHTMLConverter.cpp could use some documentation
243296 System doesn't shutdown if MOZTURBO.EXE is running
243133 we aren't getting the "ask format / html question" dialog when sending html mail to two recipients, one prefers plain, one prefers html
243151 Bogus assertion: nsThread::kIThreadSelfIndex != 0
232567 Warn when HTTP URL auth information isn't necessary or when it's provided
86462 Remove 'text-align:-moz-initial;' from UA CSS
242873 [FIX]Remove <input type="browse">
232907 profile manager ignores language and locale selected by the user
243349 Wrong image-Links in composer_help.html and composer_help.xhtml
243064 [FIX]Page content incorrectly replaced by script output
236312 Windows death after upgrade (PendingFileRenameOperations registry corruption)
242760 code cleaning: rechecking checked rc's, dropping a temporary comptr, a comment change
242457 NTLM should use nspr logging instead of printf with a special ifdef
234186 Messages with mail server identity should not be sent through newsserver
243281 SortThreads is inefficient
159958 Trunk M17rc1 crashes [@ nsImageWin::DrawToImage]
236313 Mozilla crashes after clicking "SKYPASS" at Korean Air site
239876 combined specification of one inner and one outer dimension of a popUp window is not honored
221673 SMTP: not removed from address if called via MAPI
237095 Wrong token counts when re-training against msgs already marked as junk / not junk
212177 image alt text not ever used in plaintext conversion
227497 String conversion cleanup in nsLDAPChannel
242991 export addressbook is broken
44494 remember the decision the user makes in the askSendFormat dialog so that we don't ask again.
230093 Improve the tokenizer for the spam filter using ideas from SpamBayes
58305 Find in page ignores text fields - does not search form textarea
218898 talkback for nightly builds. (non-installer builds)
206337 Trunk M17rc1 crash on exit [@ nsDownloadManager::Observe]
241773 Broken Animated GIF displays partially then may cause crash
243345 [FIX]bugzilla request dropdowns show strange character
136729 64bit problems in CreateThread/PostEvent
200659 Remove goto's from mimecms.cpp
132450 remove unused viewString parameter from OnItemAdded method
240784 FIPS mode does not work on OS/2
63654 Folder pane shouldn't be resized when mail window is resized
242503 [FIX]selectbox options are redendered as text outside of the selectbox
243471 nsDOMClassInfo::doCheckPropertyAccess should use isWindow more
241646 Shift+Mousewheel (scrollwheel) behavior backwards, unintuitive not correctable with configuration
240590 Can't click to select Helper Applications from list in Preferences panel in 1.7rc1
243250 reduce size of nsStandardURL
238684 Onload XPI installs should be blocked by default
242899 [FIX]timer munging slows down document.write
213963 Cookies get lost after a huge number of cookies is reached
242979 File -> Upload File needs an access key
243483 [FIX]realtime jprof has __restore_rt all over the profile results
243487 [FIX]Judiciously skip security check in nsDocumentSH::NewResolve
243498 nsStandardURL::BuildNormalizedSpec spends too much time in nsIDNService::IsACE
243511 crash on BMP image
160180 Unable to build on NetBSD
230216 No overflow check for regexp back reference and quantifier bounds
242990 Crash when LDAP query results content none UTF8 characters
113201 [FIX]Make XML detection more meaningful in BufferContainsHTML()
243149 Hostname and port appears where 'Use Password Manager to remember these values.' usually is.
243373 StrStrI symbol not found
236608 Domain Guessing: URL is not updated when guessing loads
243484 Add PRUint32 length out param to ToNewUTF8String() and UTF8ToNewUnicode()
243389 Crash when doing illegal regexp [@ProcessOp]
243476 Remove accesskeys from listitems in pref-winhooks.xul
232969 non-ASCII text in pref:global-platform\ prefsLabel should be saved with native coding in windows registry
182192 Remove quotes (") from collected addresses
243429 XPCOM_BREAK_ON_LOAD no longer works
191460 Virusmail executes embedded virus. (netsky.p@MM, W32/KLEZ.H@mm)
170128 PAC: myIpAddress() does not update to network changes
24867 basic UI for FTP upload (menu) not implemented
241209 "Show File Location" and "Launch File" buttons (on download progress dialog) don't work
241092 make nsIStreamLoaderObserver usable from javascript
230417 M17b crash [@ 0x00000000 - nsIView::Destroy] - Print preview crashes at
243019 [FIX]"Wrong parent style context" warnings in profile wizard
241993 Use window class name corresponding to UI/content/general
161383 Checkmark indicating active window in Window menu only shows on second menu access
243588 Consider optimizing the inline style stuff in nsTextControlFrame
241215 Standalone window's File|Open File does not work
88593 Ctrl+select on thread button only selects top message
243273 mingw gcc 3.4.0 build bustage
239466 enable Xft by default in GTK2 builds
108275 Enabling the rest of simple MAPI ( 8 interfaces) in mail.
242833 mouse not scrolling properly in absolutely positioned iframes
240334 Make NR_RegOpen use const char*
54828 Build should default to non-debug/optimized build.
238327 implement <svg:style>
241155 Support multiple 'components' directories
243750 File am-advanced.xul is unused
240321 XHTML Documents should default to UTF-8 and not look at the "default" charset
180268 SSL step-up Government approval trust flags missing
102613 UMR: nsReadingIterator<WORD>::*(void)const UMR: Uninitialized memory read in nsScanner::ReadUntil(nsAString&,nsReadEndCondition const&,int)
243199 Messages with =00 truncated
243112 crash when closing window from onblur [@ nsEventStateManager::PreHandleEvent]
141090 New profiles do not display current theme w/ check flag
173586 [FIX]universal selector * is not prepended to pseudo elements
243169 nsStaticComponent.h should be standalone friendly
33045 Newsgroups: Show column for "size" (in KB), not "lines"
44863 UI for multiple identities per account
191578 "Close Other Tabs" Needs a Confirmation Dialog
209188 reading imap+ssl message occasionally stalls indefinitely
243605 IMAP IDLE support causes hang and delete entire Mozilla Profile(s)
243520 Remove txNamespaceManager ifdef's
201854 Can't drag/move bookmark from/to/within overflow/dropdown/chevron list of personal toolbar
53376 Drag image / link in frames loads image / link
239785 only first part blinks for elements split into multiple lines
241061 Action name exported by mozilla is messed up in at-poke
242425 nsIAccessible::GetBounds returns incorrect values with tabbed browsing
197451 Nested quantifiers in regexp should be a syntax error
241145 nsIPrintSettings should not include nsFont.h
240367 Saving page (Save Page As) or image results in "Download Error" dialog with hostname (but succeeds anyway) download error
243174 browser crashes when searching at [@ FreeArenaList ]
170588 [FIXr]frames (not just iframes) should own their content viewer/DOM (frame reload when frameset changed in some ways)
242709 Disabling Submit button prevents form from submitting
243948 blocked images no longer blocks background images
241998 sets -nologo multiple times for CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS
242404 Files fieldMapExport.* are unused and can be removed
242037 mkdir in many perl scripts contains a decimal 775, not the correct octal specification of 0775
238036 Build fail at tools/leaky/bfd.cpp with error "xpcom-config.h" not found
191839 Content Policy API (nsIContentPolicy) sucks rocks
181534 Update Junk mail filtering to use latest Bayesian techniques from
241058 DEBUG-only crash when visiting hixie's blog ( [@ nsINodeInfo::Equals]
242494 submit button with "submit(); return false" not working
242915 PNG out-of-bounds read during error message processing
193723 installer fails as non-administrator due to GRE
240212 Custom install "Please select.." keyboard commands do not update Description
239160 Under windows there are file extensions to be regarded as dangerous windows executables.
242123 remote option parsing broken
112252 Clicking on any part of a component in installer selects/deselects it
193891 Wrong message: "Maximum Message Size set in Preferences"
107518 M17rc1 xul Scrollbar within scrollbox causes crash [@ nsViewManager::UpdateView ][@ nsView::GetDimensions]
241942 Parent window should also get focus when input textbox gets focus
242708 Custom folder chosen as Junk folder has Junk icon, but keeps it even when not being the Junk folder anymore
242799 synaptics touchpad scroll function stopped working 2 days ago
237448 In <am-smtp.js>, "Warning: function onAdvanced does not always return a value"
243699 arbitrary code execution using disk:// and help:// URLs
237210 In <abCommon.js>, "Warning: function GetSelectedCardTypes does not always return a value"; plus various cleanups including a few additionnal fixes.
237658 In <pref-fonts.js>, "Warning: redeclaration of var dataEls"
243418 In <metadata.js>, "Warning: reference to undefined property tokens[0]"
243998 Visiting the networkassociates, noggin, upromise crashes Mozilla & Firefox
57089 Linux installer should run regxpcom and regchrome (or equiv)
243034 Make nsWyciwygChannel suck less
193625 Option to mark incoming junk mail as read
241447 Typing in toolbar affected by character duplication (doubled / duplicated characters in address bar / text fields)
225148 Implement moz-icon channel for linux/gtk2
242441 Port fix to bug 242082 to SeaMonkey