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Rough Changelog for Mozilla 1.7.6 (about 70 issues)

This is a list of bugs pulled from Bonsai and Bugzilla. It's a "rough" list because I didn't verify each bug on the list as actually having been fixed in the 1.7.6 development cycle and I may have missed some that were; I just used the smartest Bugzilla and Bonsai queries I could devise. It's not perfect but if you're interested in what got fixed during this cycle, this is probably the best place to start. --Asa

268535 -- crashes where rt->gcFreeList turns into a small int after last-ditch GCs
280063 -- 3 bugs in nsDragService for OS/2
271050 -- Improve Camino's handling of Gecko Events
242744 -- Junk mail preference delete junk after x days doesn't work if "Junk Purge" is enabled for multiple accounts
276482 -- opening windows using javascript: links fails
266225 -- Crash [@ nsFieldSetFrame::Reflow ]
270243 -- embed prompter mangles non-ascii input
279427 -- mozilla-xpcom.pc missing include directory
282520 -- nsIDNService::Normalize should call normalizeFullStops
281367 -- Segfault when using cups with no default printer set [@ GlobalPrinters::InitializeGlobalPrinters]
261934 -- regression: network.standard-url.encode.utf8 and network.enableIDN prefs are ignored
280086 -- Caught exception: “RangeError: reserved slot index out of range” evaluating a regexp in venkman
103638 -- targets with same name in different windows open in wrong window with javascript
282800 -- Potential NULL argument 3 to 'memset' in nsUnicodeToJamoTTF.cpp
275558 -- Filter based on custom header doesn't work automatically after upgrade to Moz 1.7.5
282894 -- crashes anytime it needs the master password dialog [@ nsPrompt::DispatchCustomEvent]
280928 -- crash when right-clicking a popup window with onmousedown=window.close
280947 -- Fix for bug 279945 breaks dragging of dynamic images
156422 -- Win32's nsILocalFile.reveal() (used by Reveal Location) doesn't select file
241987 -- Export bookmarks doesn't save the bookmarks to a file like bookmarks.html
270414 -- [FIX]Cannot reference parent frameset from window created using
271280 -- Crash in online lc2 suite - [@ FindConstructor] OBJ_IS_NATIVE
278143 -- "Force links that open new windows to open in tab" does not work for links inside mail body in GMail
282955 -- Run-on title in urlbar-less windows on Mac
279495 -- A link with an URL and additional javascript open shows a popup and an unwanted new window [link with TARGET and]
162392 -- Crash eval-ing void arguments in debugger [@ JS_GetReservedSlot]
282453 -- XFT crash when displaying page with bad font if character not found
262822 -- FIPS can't be enabled
236596 -- form element cannot get focus when loaded by XML/XSLT page
262887 -- Secunia background tab security issues (SA12712 - less critical) -
281984 -- FF10 crash viewing superbowl ads at [@ Detecting]
242845 -- Firefox disk image should use .dmg internal zlib-compression, not .dmg.gz
240473 -- Tell config tools where .idl files are installed
258048 -- Security indicators updated when page finishes load, not when it starts rendering
277322 -- XMLHttpRequest from chrome fails to prompt when auth needed
280522 -- Possible Buffer overflow due to missing terminating null [windows/nsToolkit.cpp:ConvertWtoA()]
268059 -- InstallTrigger.install doesn't check for username:password URL spoofing
276720 -- wrong behavior with "http/1.1 204 no content"
277564 -- lock icon and certificates spoofable with "wyciwyg:"
268483 -- Lock icon appears even though http connection failed.
237712 -- Gecko (? Firefox & Camino) doesn't interpret "macintosh" encoding as "x-mac-roman"
281284 -- malicious local users can remove mozilla users files (insecure use of /tmp/plugtmp)
279945 -- Image drag and drop allows to create executable files
271209 -- xsl:include and xsl:import allow at least checking for existance of documents on arbitrary servers
277549 -- Out of memory in MutatePrep is not well handled [@nsTSubstring_CharT]
241440 -- memory overflow in UTF8ToNewUnicode
280664 -- Using Flash and the -moz-opacity filter you can get access to about:config and make the user silently change values [secunia moderately critcial ]
280056 -- When dropping a javascript link to a tab, the script runs in the security context of the site currently displayed in the tab
283201 -- Entering/leaving security warnings when staying on https
180309 -- Xft Crash while loading page with MS .fon font or read-protected font - FF10RC2 [@ GetNormalLineHeight]
242677 -- trunk crash while downloading mails [@ nsMsgSearchTerm::StripQuotedPrintable ]
277069 -- venkman/jsd exposed a rooting problem (last ditch gc?) [@ str_resolve]
268231 -- crash on RC2/1.8a5/1.7.5 with malformed html
267352 -- printing doesn't print form inputs
281107 -- Google defaults to non-native language
277574 -- Http auth prompt from other tabs displays over current tab
277928 -- quitting while downloading a file causes crash
282295 -- Inverted screen Y-coords fix make drag snapback zoom to wrong place
22183  -- UI spoofing can cause user to mistake content for chrome
267828 -- nsLocalFileWin::IsExecutable needs to trim trailing dots
283103 -- security and download dialogs can be spoofed by covering them partially using popup windows
283733 -- accessing a relative anchor in a secure page removes the locked icon and yellow background UI
277657 -- (Xpfe) textbox.maxLength doesn't work
284551 -- SSL spoofing vulnerability: status bar disappears in small windows; popups can spoof the SSL lock.
271732 -- COMMAND.COM is overwritten by downloading the pif file
267378 -- open link from Mail&News in new tab doesn't work (XPCNativeWrapper is not defined)
282270 -- Display IDN urls as punycode by default (pref controlled)
272455 -- javascript statement "prompt(string)" fails with the latest nightly of TB or Fx 1.0.1
253787 -- In <nsContextMenu.js>, "Warning: reference to undefined property docshell.document.charset" (and other warnings/errors)
275779 -- bump version to 1.7.6