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Rough Changelog for Mozilla 1.6 (about 1,000 issues)

This is a list of bugs pulled from Bonsai and Bugzilla. It's a "rough" list because I didn't verify each bug on the list as actually having been fixed in the 1.6 development cycle and I may have missed some that were; I just used the smartest Bugzilla and Bonsai queries I could devise. It's not perfect but if you're interested in what got fixed during this cycle, this is probably the best place to start. --Asa

155192-crash [@nsRDFResource::~nsRDFResource] if gRDFService wasn't created
217342-change close tab message
217852-ASSERTION: nsDebugImpl not thread-safe: '_mOwningThread.GetThread() == PR_GetCurrentThread()'
217007-nsCAutoString charsetBuf is unused
217896-ASSERTION: nsMemoryImpl::Alloc of 0: 'size' in GlobalWindowImpl::Unescape
211291-void nsCertTree::InitCompareHash doesn't check the return value of PL_DHashTableInit
214549-Warnings in nsMenuBarX.cpp
174218-nsXPInstallManager::ConfirmChromeInstall leaks return from nsTextFormatter::smprintf
214497-Unused variable initMovieCount in nsSound.cpp
215951-[gtk2] pointer shows "X" cursor in menus
218758-Array bounds error in png decoder
218832-[W] UMR: Uninitialized memory read in nsView::ConvertToParentCoords(int *,int *)const
216721-Make mAttachedQueue a Stack
218584-about:config uses nsHttpChannel::Open
60245-no tooltips for "title" attribute in sidebar
200656-MailAreaHasFocus() is no longer necessary
217656-"make clean" doesn't delete .ilk files
217509-wrong app description shown in helper app dialog
217432-finger/datetime channel always return failure on suspend/resume
217090-middlemouse.contentLoadURL doesn't work on windows
218732-Return receipts contain invalid headers for offline IMAP messages
213512-Sweep from nsIRDFPurgeableDataSource does not purge all the content!
218888-cleanup unused methods in mailnews backend
217260-Message Total out of synch
78605-display bytes [size] in Status when download is complete
211493-nsXBLProtoImplMethod::CompileMember doesn't check rv from aContext->CompileFunction. Crash [@ JS_CloneFunctionObject]
158240-setting NSPR_LOG_FILE causing mozilla to crash on startup global constructors keyed to TimerThread::AddRef(
206811-xp_iconv in nsNativeCharsetutils.cpp should use UTF-16 if available
214824-NSS build fails with Apple GCC 3.3
120045-Multi-character character constants in nsExternalHelperAppService.cpp
218885-crash in nsMsgFilter::MatchHdr with null folder
218132-Ask for confirm to notify the send in my sent folder
203344-Small optimisation in nsJARChannel: prevents creation/deletion of ZipItem object
214535-crash in token object cache during SSL client auth stress test with smartcard
217247-CERT_DestroyCertList does not free the appData fields of the cert list nodes returned by PK11_ListCerts
207802-allow Windows codesighs to work with objdir
206279-Recent files list should not truncate end of file name
218920-nsDataChannel uses WriteSegments for no good reason
218645-string bundles: use setcontenttype after ::open
218766-SASL mechanism PLAIN not supported
212903-XSLT bug -- incorrectly added <meta> element to results tree
215220-Unable to receive caret-move event in HTML document
217311-[ATK Accessibility] wrong text structure for HTML text
218255-[ATK Accessibility] ATKText's bounds is reported incorrectly
215042-[FIX]frame source is not shown
190941-mailWindowOverlay.js uses obsolete outliner reference
219218-center the ab card dialog when launched from the message headers
219217-can't send data: url attachments
216670-for several italicized bitmap fonts, the overhang value is not available
217124-nsEventListenerManager::HandleEvent is unnecessarily bloated
216367-GLIB_PREFIX & LIBIDL_PREFIX must point to same directory to build
219095-filter/make bug....
218906-awk required. But with only gawk installed get confusing error message
203137-RDF problems with RDFContentSinkImpl::OpenObject in some MingW builds
216030-InvalidateScrollbar() should be internal to nsTreeBodyFrame
219094-XPConnect MINIMO bustage.
218969-Get IPC working on OS/2
213281-make mozilla build with mingw gcc on win98 (windres no resources error)
217766-use nsIObserverService in place of nsINetModuleMgr (eliminate nsIHttpNotify)
217025-GIF decoder cleanup
219230-winembed should use the simpliest profile solution - minimo
219185-checkin for bug 218874 probably broke IMAP mail
219245-Mail window starts spinning chewing up 100% CPU [related perhaps to checkin for bug 218874]
216854-make necko not REQUIRE exthandler
211267-nsSocketTransportService::Run doesn't check the return value of PL_DHashTableInit
127269-unneeded null checks in attribute mapping / rule mapping functions
188618-Get rid of nsITextFrame
218820-remove useless nsIExternalHelperAppService::canHandleContent
219328-search.gif's dimensions in nav_help.html are specified wrong.
216612-junk status not shown for courier imap servers
218021-nsIPromptService::ConfirmCheck doesn't set checkValue, if Cancel
219389-View\Syntax Highlighting in Menu Bar in ViewSource does nothing
219282-add support for CAPA command
218754-Don't double init nsPrefLocalizedString::mUnicodeString
218675-ipcService::~ipcService() ASSERTION: no xpcom-shutdown event??: 'mTransport == nsnull' is incorrect
218671-If ipcThreadInit fails to create ipcThread then ipcTrans and ipcMonitor will leak
191408-Change security policy check in nsWindowWatcher::OpenWindowJS so that xpcshell can use the prompt service
219580-If local mail server directory doesn't exist, we should create it
219573-compile warning - unused variables in nsSelection.cpp
73642-Incorrect calling convention in JPEG
215214-certutil only lists one instance of duplicate certs when using -L -h all
216512-X-remote code leaks gdk windows
219524-Support GeneralizedTime in S/MIME libraries
143334-Support GeneralizedTime option in certificate validity field
219082-Support for GeneralizedTime in PKCS#7 signatures
206353-DOM Lists (NodeList, HTMLCollection, etc) should be enumerable
219621-sender column now at the end with a new profile
218344-[ps] grayscale postscript printing only uses red channel of images
219239-Junk Mail Controls dialog size and placement are not remembered
218462-nsScreen facelift...
216789-"Server Settings" tab in "Account Settings" is too big for preferences window
219713-NSS trunk build fails on all platforms except Windows
219722-bayesian filter code uses profile manager
202751-nsBlender can have issues on 24-bit GTK setups
218938-document.lastModified returns current time for local file
219673-Uninitialized memory read in nsHTMLEditor
217971-kEventHandlerMap in nsXULElement.cpp doesn't need to store iid pointers
217000-calling from a javascript: src= mixed with frames causes silent failures
206321-Share event listeners between XBL event handlers
218874-Make IMAP use blocking reads
33282-enable external scheme handlers (like aim: and telnet:) in Linux
219769-Mozilla and Firebird start in a zero height window
80971-cleanup: remove the hidden menu item from compose (currently necessary to get the offline indicator to work)
207221-Autocomplete URL in [Image/]Link Properties dialog
116752-Manage Bookmarks does not retain custom column settings
219284-"nsISupports is not defined" in inspector-cmdline.js
219003-vr_stubs.c(186) : warning C4013: 'free' undefined; assuming extern returning int
205938-Clean up download rate in nsDownloadProgressListener.js
207416-Access keys clash in print preview.
213753-[ps] Runtime bloat in gfx/src/ps/nsPostScriptObj.cpp from fprintf()s
192267-choosing SELECT option causes DIV to change position until Reload
65596-"Manage Stored Passwords" window should be wider and remember previous size and position
197520-XHTML entity parsing is broken
203292-Remove MingW resource hacks
219930-HPUX aCC rejects C++ Header file
219976-make it easier for embedders to connect to mail servers with stored passwords
219928-Add direction:ltr to mathml.css
219908-Remove some layout warnings
204518-`void * GetItemsNativeData(class nsISupports *)' defined but not used
219981-remove unused variables
219695-Update Installer to 1.6a in mozilla/config/milestone.txt for trunk
215182-certutil prints incorrect nickname
215694-View -> Messages -> Unread setting is broken on restart
219188-Getting mails via POP(3) broken
165744-Some Mozilla icons are ugly in certain colour schemes/depths
219819-.nodeValue shouldn't throw NO_MODIFICATION_ALLOWED_ERR for documents and elements
85798-INUSE_ATTRIBUTE_ERR expected when using setNamedItem()
127205-setNamedItemNS() in NamedNodeMap doesn't set the item properly
206416-tagName property of element created with xmlDocument.createElementNS should contain the qualified name but contains only the local name
220020-PR_EnumerateAddrInfo should not special case port 0
220016-certutil and PP print bogus cert fingerprints
219479-further cleanup for pref backend
219608-compile warning in helperappservice
219681-log save/launch errors to nspr log
220057-Crash using nsBoxObject w/ null mContent
220060-Crash using nsJar w/ null mZipFile
220093-inCSSValueSearch incorrectly uses strings
215735-[FIXr]DOM CSS declarations can have extra mRefCnt member
169000-Write a wrapper library to access XPConnect native wrapped objects from within chrome JS
219355-XML Parsing Error: undefined entity on files with Mime-Type: application/xhtml+xml, including about:, or "text/xml"
220080-Wrong numeric code for DOM Level 2 errors
220097-Change 'Plugins' to 'Plug-ins' in the Script & Plug-ins panel to match the rest of the application.
220027-[FIX]Excessive assertions triggered by nsXMLElement::GetID()
203121-Debug > Verification > Javascript menu item should say "DOM" instead
147028-"Mozilla Theme Park" in Error Message
156168-IMAP: messages not really deleted with delete immediately delete model
215795-build config for standalone composer
215629-Page not displayed correctly when Sidebar is visible (Windows and Linux)
143570-assign more than one helper application to one MIME type using file extensions
220111-nsIDownload should indicate that Init must be called
204549-NSS crashes in cert cache during client auth stress test
87924-Search in subscribe should only begin after user stops typing.
169825-[FIX]DOM inspector does not show many attributes (GetAttributes broken in XUL)
182681-[FIX]<select size="0"> draws an inappropriate control
139188-Form Manager - Manage Sites window not resizeable
13188-Mailnews prefs use white text, I can't read this
220195-scrollbars in iframes even if it has been disabled by attribute scrolling="no" and css-attribute overflow:none
151153-Advanced Preferences -- Scripts & Plugins incorrect
220198-helperappservice qi's to httpchannel when it wants encodedchannel
218817-Split nsIHelperAppLauncher::GetDownloadInfo
206947-Synchronous XMLHttpRequest crashes the browser on approx. 500th call on Mac and Linux [@ nsEventQueueImpl::GetYoungestActive]
220203-[FIX]Server sent encoding headers ignored since Mozilla 1.5
219493-nsPersistentProperties doesn't handle multi-line properties files correctly
217765-HTTP: does not always handle username+password from URL correctly
220272-Accesskey W for "Paste without formatting" collides with W for "Rewrap" in plain text editor
219552-Improve performance of RowCellColumnToCollationKey
38370-Can't change <HR> and <BR> color
78992-HR with size="1" (height) produces size="2" effect.
216752-[gtk2]tooltip make mozilla crash on Solaris
214935-Spelling error in a help section
206445-ExprLexer, ExprParser should return nsresult on errors
220174-[FIX]Bullet frames think image coords are 1-based
214832-document title changes to/bookmarks as [object HTMLImageElement]
184686-convert HTMLFormElement.cpp to use nsTHashtable
220363-use doxygen-style comments in nsExternalHelperAppService.h
219944-Junk Mail Icon could use some spacing in the "About Junk Mail" dialog
172921-Window close, without printing.
220327-'Netcape' reference in cs_nav_prefs_advanced.html should read Mozilla
220169-Change references to 'plugins' to 'plug-ins' in Help.
207711-Recognize all cert name attribute types in RFC 3280
220406-nsLocalFileWin::Launch should return more specific errors
96506-overflow:visible not working on FIELDSETs
214678-right-click menus in Help window has useless items.
220516-[FIX]crash in sort by speed [@ XULSortServiceImpl::Sort]
208461-MSVC++ .net 2003: midl semantics changed (ISimpleDOMNode_p.c(86) compile error)
170985-table-based content object creation
219456-proxy browsing broken on todays cvs 20030917
220092-[ActiveX] Make edit mode work a bit
187899-table cells overlap if wrapped before "&nbsp;"
217972-nsRDFDOMNodeList.cpp could use some cleanup
220595-embedding/browser/activex rebuilds too often
137331-rewrite viewer in XUL
99264-"Search Messages" and "Search Addresses" windows should remember Size & Position
219327-mingw build fails with w32api 2.4;1 uses null mInner
220418-Crash during txExecutionState::init
204753-[addrbook] optimize dir_GetChildList
128668-Use GNOME application associations
94413-OCSP needs more fine tuned error messages.
141882-NSS should convert email query keys to lowercase before searching
220246-fails to authenticate when copying message to Sent folder
219487-Make new DNS code build/run on OpenVMS
220768-Warning: assignment to undeclared variable gDefaultSpecialFolderPickerMode
220820-Make substitution filter fail on undefined variables
201622-codesighs gives incorrect symbol sizes
220519-[FIX]Imagemaps are broken in 27th nightly builds - latest CVS pulls.
220913-SMTP account panel's port field sometimes changed
167890-opening the move/copy menu slow for imap accounts with lots of folders
213735-new bookmark/bookmark properties dialog should stay LTR when UI is right to left
220875-mingw build hangs generating dependencies
220706-Strict JavaScript warning in msgMail3PaneWindow.js line 949: redeclaration of var beforeCol
220963-PK11_ImportSymKeyWithFlags can dereference null pointer
220460-"About Popups" dialog is too small with larger fonts, shouldn't be resizable
220303-Need to tidy up onclick/listeners in mail/news windows
220991-Update Debug menu URLs to reflect komodo decomission
221035-nsMsgDBView::ExpandAll should use tree batching
200931-[FIX]Implement batching of style sheet addition/removal
184523-support Solaris Packaging in NSS 3.3.3
201807-DBM: Security databases get corrupt in gcc OS/2 build
202593-NSS does not lock non-threadsafe modules correctly.
205524-Reading encrypted mail sent by N7.01 causes infinite memory leak
205948-Backport leak fixes to NSS_3_3_BRANCH
220463-use more error codes in nsExternalAppHandler::SendStatusChange
220477-convert nsIURILoader comments to doxygen-style comments
220770-Warning: assignment to undeclared variable gNewAccountToLoad
214626-[FIX]<a> tag attrib type="image/jpeg" ignored when using href="javascript:foo()" where foo() returns contents of a binary jpeg file
221187-Can't build with Forte6 Update2 on Solaris
220302-glossary needs cleaning.
221189-[FIX]nsUnknownDecoder can read uninitialized data
221186-xbl binding is no longer installed when xpconnect wrapper is created
220969-Use higher optimization for windows mkdepend
220266-element height is 0 with overflow hidden, height 0 and padding x px
220672-consider nsIUTF8StringEnumerator for nsIEncodedChannel
215668-[FIX]prefs style sheet seems to be looked at after userContent.css
221292-Test for unsigned >=0 in mozilla/content/events/src/nsEventStateManager.cpp
215981-DeCOMtaminate nsIContent more...
221323-crash due to refcount reaching 0 in txMozillaXMLOutput
179728-work offline not unchecked when toggled from status bar
210125-need to be able to AsyncWait for closure only
221243-Add PNG to hardcoded extensions/mime type list
221374-Add .vcf to vCards when attached to an email
221289-Test for unsigned >= 0 in content/base/src/nsGenericElement.cpp
161610-testclnt doesn't accept IPv6 format addresses
200225-NSS reports untrusted built in CA certs as invalid CA certs
221242-allow TestGtkEmbed to use jprof profiling
211535-add Sort() to nsCOMArray
197318-No help content for Link Prefetching option
203846-'Web search' context menu item for selection doesn't
221157-Help - Composer should note objects are not active in editing mode.
201469-Add smtp server's username field to Account Wizard
136659-Use shading or color to differentiate the active tab more clearly from the other three tabs.
144158-"Site" is no longer selectable in "group by"
182359-Cookie manager: multiple windows can be opened
221288-XUL tree builder abuses tree batching
204686-libSSL doesn't detect zero-length cert or CA names
207033-Add func to export encrypted private key info using SECKEYPrivateKey
218770-ideas for faster sorting
221431-crash: @nsHTMLDocument::ResolveName
221316-nsCOMPtr operator== doesn't handle multiple inheritance correctly
55898-Certutil - print name of cert causing validation to fail
26020-resource files under mozilla/extensions/wallet need to be re-arranged
218656-Unthreading does not resort
221331-nsAutoLock: bogus deadlock warning if unlock/lock are used.
192284-support nsIChannel::open for all protocols
218777-move MoreFiles into xpcom/
216566-Elements in <defs> sections should not be rendered.
220727-MailNews forgets horizontal splitter position in the main window
40048-Grammar: Each account "can" have an identity => Each account has an identity
221253-IRC Chat key incorrectly listed as 3. Is now 6.
220562-Camino build busted. Fixes applied to widget/src/mozilla not applied to widget/src/cocoa
86955-Window positions not saved or restored correctly
180109-Global history performance poor with large (60 day) history size; delays on page load
221124-assignment discards qualifiers from pointer target type in `pr_LoadLibraryByPathname'
193917-incorporate changes from bz's comments in bug 176919
171025-[FIX]Handle content conversion failure in nsURILoader.cpp
220451-Popup Manager's "Allowed Sites" dialog doesn't persist size and position
55634-Position of horizontal divider not maintained in current AB session
201929-renaming "create message filters" in account central view
221578-Double click to edit property
220006-drag and drop to the bookmarks folder doesn't work
218756-Update to latest DOM Level 3 XPath specification
119853-aSink.removeXMLSinkObserver is not a function
221319-need to port the UI changes from the vCard feature to tbird
203450-Missing declaration in security/nss/lib/jar/jarevil.c
216977-'overflow:hidden' not working correctly on Linux (fine on Windows, DHTML Lemmings)
220741-[FIX]nsBlockFrame::CombineRects seems redundant
195905-[FIX]Clicking on link does not activate it (line with tall image and link)
221763-XPTC_InvokeByIndex crashes when cross-compiled under GCC 3.x for target arm-linux
221643-regression: escape sequences in pref name not handled correctly
217433-make datachannel support suspend/resume
209689-document.cookie from hostless file: URL bypasses "ask me before storing"
203866-modutil -list doesn't list all modules in secmod.db
191467-Multipart signing and verifying broken for several mechanisms in softoken
221697-<wizard> ignores specified size
221042-[FIX]gnome settings shouldn't override ~/.mailcap
209532-[Patch] Prefs to override user agent app name and app version
221719-"Paste as Quotation" should not apply to single-line textboxes
18293-My ISP complains about not receiving a "HELO" command first...
221743-certificate usage macro mismatch in CERT_VerifyCertificate
220624-[cookies] refactor prompting helper to where it belongs
132862-wrong mem check after allocation in nsMsgDBView.cpp
219208-duplicate entities in messengercompose.dtd
213035-replace NS_ConvertUTF8toUCS2 with IsUTF8 for UTF8-ness checking
218915-[FIX]UTF16-LE stylesheet with BOM but no @charset is not used (Latin1 document)
210561-[minimo][m1] move cookies into necko
216800-drag-n-drop to a GTK2 mozilla build often fails
221665-Subscribe dialog doesn't remember its size and position
215928-onDblClick event handler IS fired on select multiple form element, WHEN clicking on scroll controls
221381-Add Attach Personal Card (vCard) option to Attach button in compose window toolbar
204348-Reason parameter of exit command displayed as garbage
207182-Use nsScriptableUnicodeConverter::Finish()
220839-Can't set topic in non-ASCII characters
213782-not asking for password even if "needs password" in server options is enabled
217358-Chatzilla should use prompt service instead of alert
221068-Connection close with status message user server port for status
221631-vcard do not support accented characters
95513-Account setup wizard: window size needs to be externalized
14373-[FEATURE] Need UI in account manager to add/edit vCard
98533-[minimo] Remove JS from prefs backend; use lightweight parser instead [was: store in .properties]
114077-New Account Setup Wizard screens should be fixed size like Import Wizard
177608-Accelerators needed for Account Wizard's 1st dialog (New Account Setup dialog)
54441-Large Fonts: Outbound server field not visible in Account Wizard.
219536-nsWidget::InitEvent leaks events, and thus the main window
219523-nsNativeThemeGTK leaks gdk windows since it shuts down after event loop
218967-warning: initializer does not fit or is out of range: -128
221987-Don't create frames for XUL <script>
219104-Mac builds not loading URLs because is 4098 instead of 2
208854-numerous functions declared in both cert.h and genname.h
218414-IMAP folder becomes corrupt; causes crash when clicked on [@ FnSortIdKeyPtr ][@ MSVCRT.DLL]
222055-Symbolic manipulation error in mozilla/js/src/fdlibm/e_sqrt.c
220217-modutil -rawlist falsely reports a module spec when none exists
215186-PK11_ListCerts missing options
219825-Remove search-db.rdf and use the index and contents to search instead.
219060-Freetype printing does not work for Xft build
222158-jprof doesn't resolve symbols in libc
110933-nsRenderingContext impls use THREADSAFE refcounting
222165-jprof should use dynamic symbol table as fallback
197997-Two broken links in help-glossary.rdf
139376-View Page Source doesn't work on Help
219318-Display Search Tips on a failed Search in Help window
214693-Copyrights messed up in Help files.
149048-Text in help window has page colors but background is white
221254-Help For Internet Explorer Users discriminates against Solaris and HPUX users
221531-clean up selector matching code
222180-pp is broken for CRLs
220464-Crash on [@ SelectorMatchesTree]
142163-Should be able to set UA stylesheet's ALINK (:active color colour pref)
220067-Cookie Manager: sort by Cookie Name should be case-insensitive
220210-Bookmarks root is always English "Bookmarks" if using one profile named "default"
219362-make chrome target recursive
214969-[FIX]using application/xhtml+xml, the background of body fills entire viewport
217159-[FIX]Implement DOM L3 DOMStringList
222029-Make our f.caller property match IE's w.r.t. f.apply and
221598-regression test pain relief
207401-Win32 compiler/linker option correction
222390-format toolbarbuttons' width is too large in classic theme
220095-Navigator->Languages for Web Pages empty, wrong character coding
220230-Change PSM preferences windows behaviour to be more consistent with the rest of the Preference windows;1 doesn't null check mTreeArray
217604-using alternative CSS mess the z-order of elements
131775-[FIX]BeginUpdate is not always matched by EndUpdate in DOM code
211022-Make nsXULElement a good content update citizen
45524-Mail Compose: Toolbar buttons should have dropdown menus
220603-The above URL causes Mozilla to peg the CPU and hang
222023-regression: pref parser should accept single-quote delimited strings [was: Extension default preferences in [application folder]/defaults/pref are not parsed]
219204-sending message adds line break at its end
220930-[FIX]inspecting getElementsByTagName().length while a page is loading has strange consequences
220341-nsRenderingContextGTK::DrawPolyline very noisy in debug builds
219693-[FIXr]percentage height doesn't "work" inside overflow:hidden child of body
222524-CompareRawSortKey should be null-safe
199613-We should not put textnodes as children of the documentnode
222585-dialogheader should crop
221988-Kill doesQI
203529-Navigator Help - Picture/pictures shouldn't be used. Replace with image/images
156770-When we do a file import and give a bad password we get wrong errors back
221784-[FIX]On builds beginning with 20031009 vertical scroll bar is "too long" by appr. 4000%
220165-Mozilla crashes after clicking HTML button embedded in SVG document
94468-Bad offset for "position:absolute" DIV when "top" missing
221217-gtk2+xft builds since 1st Oct don't work
221078-unfork firebird/mozilla cookie prefs
222730-[FIX]Possible optimization in reflow state (call CalcQuirkContainingBlockHeight less)
179828-plarena.h and plarena,c (was: NSPR) should be tri-licensed...
221950-Drop the 'My' reference in 'My Sidebar' (used in Netscape 7 only).
219120-help.js needs cleaning.
222127-IP network/mask format for "No Proxy For" is not documented
153789-Navigator Preferences - Appearances - corrections
161130-*** FIX ME: '_elementIDs' in 'pref-images.xul' contains a reference to a non-existent element ID 'networkImageWarnAboutImages'
218639-[FIX]after purging the session history the index and count properties may become negative, which breaks history
206464-Search Sidebar does not remember chosen search engine in advanced mode
221503-an empty Personal Toolbar causes the browser window to continually vibrate
218919-[FIX]Composer reverses order of attributes when reading files/source
168226-XPCOM Wrapper does not support ldap port numbers greater than 32k
183700-Text in cookie confirmation dialog doesn't wrap
221329-need to add nsIX509Cert::isPerm and nsIX509CertDB::addCert methods
222042-mail compose window zlevel is unconstrained
221472-Move current attach items to submenu of File
222726-SSL_NO_CACHE option should obviate server cache
222539-[FIX]xml pretty printing is broken [last worked in 10/10 build]
222419-remove wallet.TutorialFromMenu key from
183497-nsImapProtocol::~nsImapProtocol fatally asserted destroying a lock
221318-migrate vCard from 4.x to mozilla (when we migrate the 4.x mailnews user prefs)
221422-Unix builds after 2003/09/13 don't start when run with a relative path
195722-Want simple event when splitter finishes drag or grippy clicked
211416-Issues with Linux filepicker
222864-[FIX]textarea created through javascript is messed up
208744-[FIX]Any attribute 'id' in an XHTML document acts as an id
220448-make debug statement more compact
222990-[FIX]Changing select element style mistakenly alters its height
222342-Speed up txStylesheet::isStripSpaceAllowed
205138-"New Folder" button in "File Bookmark" dialog does nothing
220703-txExprParser::createExpr should either return NS_FAILED or an Expr
135269-No Open Bookmarks Menu Option
221070-Minimised windows do not restore
184890-hangs when help window opened and minimized twice
212937-incorrect login <username>@<servername> instead of just <username>
221586-install size can be reduced by removing unreferenced files
222542-delayed profile install fails
221826-only create stack objects in Cut if they'll be used
56764-Document appendChild, insertBefore fail to throw HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR when inserting Text Nodes
223158-Crash searching from partially loaded bugzilla query with magnifier running [@ nsDocAccessible::HandleMutationEvent]
222997-Remove attach vCard from options menu
222134-deCOMtaminate nsIDocument
223064-browser crashes or locks up when visiting (position: absolute div inside <a>) [@ nsHTMLReflowState::CalculateHypotheticalBox ]
218312-OS/2 drag/drop & copy/paste updates
143939-[cookies] move to hashtables
220291-mixing DEBUG and non-DEBUG leaks due to ~nsCOMPtr_base() hack
211462-Crash turning on JA IME on Mac 10.1 [@ Kotoeri]
222065-SSL_ShutdownServerSessionIDCache leaks the cache memory
85721-Regexp performance degraded from 4.7
193788-[ATK Accessibility] implement accessible object for <editor>
65881-mozilla appears to be using two colormaps
222588-Mozilla creates too many threads and seems to never terminate them
186936-move stuff out of gfx/public/
220692-Syntax error in /js/src/xpconnect/xpcmodule.cpp if MOZ_JSLOADER not defined
223427-include changes to get mozilla working with execshield
223394-[FIXr]Replaced element with "height: n%;" and "position: absolute;" is not correctly height.
92726-the Save As filename should default to the Subject of the message
222468-Creating a mail filter causes Mozilla to crash [@ nsLayoutUtils::CompareTreePosition]
223551-Printing produces illegal postscript
117026-bookmark properties dialog very slow to load
196575-Add comments to IDL interfaces
223535-Regular expression with empty last alternative crashs, e.g. /x|/ [@ processOp]
214400-4.x Profile Migration
222667-Composition inserts three blank lines between headers and message
80190-[ps] Poor Postscript Rendering
221734-Prompt for starting up in offline mode
223365-Cookies are not sent when accessing localhost
223625-[ps] Printing landscape doesn't work following bug 80190
221491-crash [@ nsHostResolver::GetHostToLookup]
217717-crash [@ nsHTMLEditor::GetCSSBackgroundColorState] deleting table in compose window
221012-nsGNOMERegistry must not call gnome_program_init when embedded
222054-mozilla-installer doesn't set LIBPATH
223810-/js/src/jsscript.c js_alloc_entry may cause damaged heap memory
147927-javascript focus() only moves the cursor not the focus
36816-news should use the server's username / password when authenticating
223494-cmsutil signing does not work with hardware tokens
223336-Cannot perform search from sidebar
135357-Implement Secure SMTP port 465 protocol, using SSL, not STARTTLS
220776-[FIX]Frameset in jar file failed to be shown
7639-XUL - nsXULElement::GetStyle() not implemented
221260-p3p isn't in the glossary
193740-timebomb code should be removed
64030-Right click pop-up menu for address book does not work (context menu)
216022-Unresolved reference when trying to compile static Firebird cvs
201521-2DES encrypt/decrypt references missing third 3DES key
68345-Don't show Mail Start Page before Account Central loads
188934-Junk Mail Controls: J key for mark as junk, Shift-J for mark as not junk
223201-Crash in permissions [opening popup blocking?]
185186-Unable to connect to IMAP server, may have exceeded maximum connections.
223624-Miscellaneous compiler warning fixes
224267-recreating local msf files needs to retain folder settings
218025-International (Polish) characters cause pop3 login failure
90293-allow for mailnews stand alone application
218433-Inbox lost regulary. Suspect problem with bayes filters and compacting?
224478--moz-opacity: 1.1 makes transparent GIF color appear black
223084-enable the static component loader by default (for the GRE)
224505-slight static component loader cleanup
216736-regression from patch for bug 86947
224231-Need AppendASCIItoUTF16
223530-null pointer dereference in nsTreeContentView.cpp [@ nsTreeContentView::ContentRemoved ]
107150-Classic Navbar buttons need more spacing between text and icons
221845-(Patch) (OS X) put type ahead find string on find pasteboard
224621-convert imgContainerGIF to use nsCOMArray
223349-[FIXr]DOMSubtreeModified not fired in XUL, SVG, or XML
224537-[FIXr]Handling of 1xx provisional responses not RFC2616-compliant
224188-selector html* parsed as html * (universal selector implies combinator)
116413-negative VoidArray index in GetMenuAt() in View menu on Mac
107883-Feature request: Remove from server after x days (POP)
224672-usemap="#mapname" always changes into usemap="#testing"
149961-Mail list addresses are not imported from Outlook
224608-Remove shortcut keys from mail context menus
224091-[FIX] crash on loading of page [@ DoCleanupFrameReferences ]
224737-[FIX] thumbnails on aren't spaced out
219979-remove unused variable and function
215581-Build with GCC 3.2.2 for OS/2
223595-speed up nsHTMLTags id-string-atom mapping (and thus nsParserService)
221023-IMAP connection seem unreliable over wan connection
224644-crash (pressing backspace) [@ nsTypeAheadFind::BackOneChar]
222759-Replace "Copyright ©" by "Copyright (C)" in JS test suite sources
188800-js errors on addressing pref panel with --disable-ldap, address collection prefs broken
200152-Clean up usage of nsImapProtocol::m_imapThreadIsRunning
224087-IS_CJ_CHAR should not return true for u > 0xFFEF
223707-IS_CJK_CHAR should not return true for u > 0xFFEF
224215-Edit Attribute says "Enter the attribute name" instead of "Enter the attribute value"
211266-void nsHTMLEntities::AddRefTable doesn't check the return value of PL_DHashTableInit
224127-warning: `int posix_locale_category[6]' defined but not used in nsLocaleService.cpp
224849-won't recreate local folder .msf file if missing
224380-some items in message menu should be disabled if no messages are selected
152264-font pick up issue for zh-TW lang group (and make zh-HK lang group)
209496-"Paste" is not possble after a "Cut" on GTK2 build
224657-errors in pref-advanced.xul when;1 or;1 are unavailable
224058-Error invalid active window while closing a window
161452-Twisty icon remains after deleting all its children
224871-[FIX]resource:///res/samples/test9.html warnings/errors
212222-need way to specify "default pref files" to preservice
224598-[FIX] one " around cols value causes weirdness in <frameset>
64647-"Paste without Formatting" (plain text) on context menus and edit menu (e-mail & composer)
224856-nsGenericDOMDataNode::AppendTextTo is broken
213445-XSLT form elements radio button - html/xml pages don't match
186578-Escape key doesn't close standalone message window
223782-[cookies] remove support for dom.disable_cookie_[get,set] prefs
196097-Implementation of '__noSuchMethod__' handler for SpiderMonkey
220536-crash when i modify (by JS) colSpan value
42557-`Always on Top' and `Always on Bottom' options for windows
225150-remove ununused setter/getter in overrideHandler.js
224240-nsURIChecker cleanup
224331-inline nsIContent document and parent getters
225005-assign t access key to File>Ge_t Next x News Messages
218297-disabled property of input elements is not stored in history
225188-Crash on quit after posting a news article (nsMsgAccountManager::hashElementRelease)
221666-remove redundant copies of nsCompressedCharMap.* and move them into intl/unicharutil
221024-transliterator needs an option to turn ignorable characters to nothingness
224251-Bookmarks panel doesn't focus bookmarks tree when selected
219505-Change MOZ_PHOENIX to MOZ_XUL_APP in themes
224514-automate localeVersion updates based on milestone.txt
219165-Hiting Alt-Enter in url location doesn't work
50223-Clicking on Sidebar tab should set focus to sidebar page or widget
209641-no newsdownload if newserver directory is missing
223560-clean up the ldap server migration code
103293-[FIX]Input and option box sizes incorrect
224607-Dynamic change of CSS 'display' does not repaint view correctly
224306-can't mutate empty object delegating to sealed prototype object
224320-remove bogus IsDirectory canonicalization
225203-Weird AddRef/Release pair if AddCookieToList fails
189307-typeahead initializes sound when it's uninitialized instead of if it's unitialized and there's a sound to play
224455-[ActiveX] Profile error causes Initialize() to return early, breaks targetted links, new windows
65827-File extension (.php) determined from Content-Type header (or url extension) overrides filename in Content-Disposition header.
224569-Cookie Manager and Exceptions window should remember column size
224714-if pab.filename not set, pab doesn't migrate
225400-Leaking 2 string bundles in nsAccessNode
215352-NS_IMPL_QUERY_HEAD shouldn't null check out param
168479-if smb has sign '<' in nickname (in From field) U cannot cite his letter well
57956-mailnews account settings dialog isn't sensitive to font size
197081-AIX: Preedit string is duplicated when committed
225003-Typo in spellchecker code
204503-Uninitialized variable in mozilla/netwerk/protocol/jar/src/nsJARChannel.cpp
218957-about:config should load with focus in filter textbox
225083-moz-icon urls show wrongly
225259-Link NSS dynamic shared libraries with the -headerpad_max_install_names option
225523-Minor dreftool change to get consistent bonsai output
8227-dreftool - rickg's phase 1 preventative crash maintenance
220700-switching tabs should always move focus to input box
85908-Add reload to View Page Source Window
224867-[FIX]resource:///res/samples/test0.html warnings/errors
224013-DOM Event targets depends on CSS display property of elements
225103-[FIX]Changing 'type' attribute from radio to bogus value have strange effects
224587-Biff shouldn't pop up alerts, except for severe errors e.g. server ALERT
224500-Some Customize Headers dialog clean up
217225-[FIX]"Wrong parent style context"
224956-crash if implied multiplication used in javascript statement
224768-update version string to 1.6b in milestone.txt etc
224254-make CSS parser use nsresult for |aErrorCode|
225301-cmsutil test program IGNORES BAD SIGNATURES
224932-[FIX]"iframe" should be detected as HTML
173277-investigate overflow area handling inside table layout
225651-Progressmeter broken for IMAP
225298-clean up p3p hooks in cookies
223692-Don't use the initial-response argument with AUTH LOGIN
222346-Switching character coding changes background color at Yahoo Mail
210208-nsIHttpNotify OnExamineResponse called with bad response when content cached
136049-Daylight savings change invalidates summary files
224760-window.moveTo works only once at identical position
194439-nsOSHelperAppService on windows destroys non-latin1 default description
56253-[FIX]<input> contents inherit text-indent
55967-[FIX]handling of "align" attribute change is slow
92928-Server socket support in Necko
211540-regression: cert->emailAddr is never NULL
225732-Menu items don't activate properly (see comment 12)
225565-[FIX]Browser ignores form fields with input type "article"
225060-deCOMtaminate nsINodeInfo / nsINodeInfoManager
220510-Help Search: "IMAP" matches "Adding Pictures (Images) to Your Web Page"
135607-Help toolbar needs work
169550-Help window must be <= 462px height by default
222784-Reflect UI changes from Bug 89212 in Help
180659-No way to zoom Mozilla help content
225825-clean up nodeinfo refcounting
197666-<ab[Edit|New]CardDialog.xul>: Convert <window class="dialog"> to <dialog>
197209-<folderProps.xul>: Convert <window class="dialog"> to <dialog>
193486-Make Inspector work on Mozilla Firebird
224707-NSPR and HPPA
219913-if gethostbyname() blocks because a hostname gets stuck resolving, the entire browser becomes unusable (with fix)
211501-NSPR should provide getaddrinfo
165653-mozilla/dom depends on mozilla/xpfe/components/sidebar (nsISideBar)
120903-"font-family: -moz-initial" doesn't reset the family as expected
225841-[FIX]nsCSSRect serialization broken for inherit/initial
88035-[QUIRKS]Table wrapped in <center> or <div> miscalculates height=100%
224748-'hard-coded' character encoding names should be canonical
225015-Out-of-bounds access in nsCOMArray in imgContainerGIF::inlinedGetCurrentFrame
140649-Mail and newsgroup "set as default" should be disabled on current default
225902-nsBlockReflowContext::mIsTable is useless
224339-Image blocker depends on MailNews
200644-rework port handling in permissions code
220424-Need to distinguish between Web links and Help links in Mozilla Help
223273-RegExp with too many )s produces invalid object and crashes near js_DestroyRegExp when it's destroyed | Debug Assertion failure: operandSP == 1, at mozilla/js/src/jsregexp.c:540 [@ JS_Assert ]
225911-simplify nsHTMLReflowState::DetermineFrameType
110718-CTRL-T, CTRL-N, and some menus / apps don't work / respond when current tab / page is loading.
123437-regexp backreferences /(a)? etc./ must hold |undefined| if not used
224797-nsJARURI should implement nsIURL
225936-remove unneeded chromeOverride variable
214387-nsAddressBook.h:81: warning: `struct ExportAttributesTableStruct EXPORT_ATTRIBUTES_TABLE[53]' defined but not used
224668-make dependency updating honor -s
225527-Crash [@ map2tsv] null section
223990-Should have a getPrimaryExtensionForType function
70213-XP_UNIX DNS lookups are serialized
212082-nsCOMPtr<T> breaks C++ aliasing rules when nsCOMPtr_base is used
225972-GetMIMEInfoForExtensionFromDS returns success even if nothing was found
220375-IMAP subfolders do not display, but do show up in subscribe list.
225653-Can we eliminate ConvertMessagesToResourceArray? (Appears unused)
225061-Option to js shell to limit stack size
225988-DRefTool analysis for stopwatch files
225991-DRefTool analysis for editor files
224771-backspace reverts to prefed search behavior
226012-nsMsgDBView.h:73: warning: comma at end of enumerator list
225550-RegExp toSource/toString return an invalid empty RE
225343-Regexp pattern /[A]/i not matching 'a'
216021-chekesp error if i link against a msvcrt that is built with strict calling rules
111855-first group not read on news server with login
223289-[cookies] optimize nsCookie
215656-Cookie manager window scrollbar resizes incorrectly when cookies are deleted
226016-[FIX]Removing all children from a <button> and inserting new ones doesn't work
126782-[FIX]Binary file with unknown type displayed as text/plain rather than saved
226022-overflow error in PR_Poll means timeout < 1 second returns too quickly
156928-Can't open simultaneous connections to different ports on the same server
226114-Non-inbox current folder not updated when new mail arrives
226059-nsITransferable* nsClipboard::GetTransferable() returns an addrefed raw pointer
225604-Dreftool should not follow symlinks (by default)
225411-Update document.xml* per latest core
226026-DRefTool analysis for profile migrator files
221651-OS/2 D&D Enhancements - Phase III
206080-server password pop-up dialog text box isn't masked!
224676-JS RegExp failing on certain disjunction + character class patterns
226049-DRefTool analysis for nntp files
20385-Thread View: Sort threads by date of newest message
225832-plugin printing in wrong location
225995-crash in nsOSHelperAppService::GetValueString triggered by xmldoc.load()
225235-Newly created folder is not a mbx file.
225878-Server name for Movemail accounts spuriously hidden
226163-[FIX]Unsafe array accesses in nsTableFrame
221994-Patch for XPInstaller to help diagnose install error -239 during chrome registration
49813-"threadsafe" nsDirectoryIndexStream uses nsDirEnumeratorUnix triggering "not thread-safe" assertion
135181-Add Translate Page to the Tools menu
223012-XUL should be fully case sensitive
223802-no local folders after importing from netscape to mozilla
226146-add pref to auto migrate all profiles
214152-Crash (Sys3175) when opening URL as bookmarklet
218685-Liveconnect bug in ns4xPlugin.cpp
225513-NISCC SMIME tests require tool that decodes multiple messages
128985-nsHttpHandler::NewURI called too often
224138-Can't send S/MIME encrypted messages
9922-Large JPEG images fail to display
226123-Add configurable function list to DRefTool and limit |new| to c++
225887-trivial optimization in nsCharTraits.h
205419-Relicense LDAP C SDK (directory/c-sdk)
224952-javascript: iframe_element.src = href remain NULL
164021-mozilla 1.1b on hpux (acrobat installed) crash when open pdf file.
166369-download "foo.binary" fails at 100% "because an unexpected error occurred" [@ nsIFile.leafName]
170128-PAC: myIpaddress() does not update to network changes
225424-The View/Apply Theme menu of available themes should be sorted alphabetically
202587-Use CTRL instead of CONTROL for Navigator>Tabbed Browsing
225867-POP3 "Get All New Messages" does not work
200144-Keep OS/2 from going down MSVC paths in JS
120148-Tabs don't remember which element [frame, textfield, etc] was focused when switching tabs
214583-[gtk2] windows not activating correctly
226369-transmngr.dll won't load on OS/2
226340-Implement mLoadedFonts on OS/2
63137-[FIX]View Source converts tags to lower case
226356-DRefTool bug: PR_NewNamedMonitor crashes if PR_NewMonitor fails
225332-If "Leave Messages on Server"-Check is activated, old messages are downloaded from the Server too (on each Mail check).
9392-"document.plugins" returns null instead of returning Object Embed array.
223744-[gtk2] Flash plugin crashes mozilla following bug 211587
226406-[xft] instantiate unknown glyph (mini) font lazily
224197-NNTP error causes thunderbird to hang
220091-Force-override the GRE directory.
225431-iframe context menu does not appear.
189786-Advanced->Wheel mouse preference panel truncates translated text and box
226449-Can't Get or Send Mail (Thunderbird stuck in offline mode)
165532-Disable cross-site loading of XSLT stylesheets by default
112281-ctrl+shift+click whle making range selections in form <select> shouldn't wipe out other selected items
226476-Icons don't display properly
142459-Shift+click on scroll bar should jump to that location
226405-[gtk2] paste into html compose window doesn't work
226686-The WINNT version of PR_Accept leaks a socket handle if it fails.
192414-Parser recursion does not check stack overflow [@ GetChar ]
183940-[FIX] doesn't work for radios with ID
213877-update contentAreaUtils.js callers to pass type and extension to mimeservice
135793-In <win046.html> JavaScript Testcase: 'window.frames' value should be checked for 'Window' instead of 'WindowCollection'
130070-[RFE] "Mark All Read" should be added to mail folder contextual menu
226230-[FIX]Ha'aretz home page downloads ads as Excel files!
226639-[NTLM] Can't access host in NTLM mode
226011-annoying warning in nsGREDirServiceProvider::GetFile
179129-MfcEmbed: about: url does not work
226678-Starting Firebird a second time gives an XML error
226736-Typo in editor toolbar preferences
226299-Detabbify \editor\ui\
226342-Faulty links in glossary
225286-mozilla/extensions/help/resources/content/test.xul should be removed from build.
205790-do inheritance without layout-dependent computations (CSS2.1 change) (remove eStyleUnit_Inherit and nsStyleCoord::SetInheritValue)
53663-position:absolute table's top/left 'auto' treated as 0 [ABS POS]
225885-nsPresShell::DoCopy does not work if the focus is outside the window
224968-compiling nsFontMetricsXft.cpp with Sun Forte compilers fails due to inlined function definition *after* usage
123755-bad behavior with opacity, sidebars, and window resizing
226516-Copying empty local folders across servers can crash
166662-Arabic in mozilla is written "not connected" and from left to right
226496-mac scrollbarcorner should be white
214411-Solaris native thread support: GetThreadPrivate fails if thread not created via NSPR
226861-NSS_CMSSignedData_GetDigestValue and NSS_CMSSignedData_GetDigestByAlgTag are duplicates
206815-Purify UMR in PR_Poll's poll() call
221385-Crash in libc strftime on completion of downloading any files
226887-missed a #define in nsRuleNode.cpp
111744-Missing help for "Accept all images that come from the originating server"
220395-Help needs better Help and Support Center (welcome_help.html)
161740-Remove obsolete help files from builds
64230-Need to know which account is default when you have multiple mail accounts
222031-OSX getaddrinfo returns concatenated results from /etc/hosts and DNS, which breaks /etc/hosts based ad blocking
226507-[patch] No recursion check in js_EmitTree
226416-No way to detect when document loaded with finishes loading
225387-Need separate thread pane column for attachments
225809-Don't fall back to insecure authentication if "use secure authentication" is checked
224549-using addEventListener() for keypress handler prevents JavaScript error propagation
225423-Loading URL crashes Moz [@ JavaObject_getPropertyById ]
226555-nsCom.h is missing from gecko-sdk
163783-sending message adds line break at its end
203960-Make bookmark groups conditionally replace existing tabs instead of appending
223813-[xft] avoid sorting list of font matches
30579-"Scrollbar corner" should be skinnable (currently always white / displaying random garbage)
218825-Remove nsIFolder.idl (and nsMsgFolder.*)
226604-crash closing message compose window (with UI button)/message filter dialog
226612--remote openURL no longer works with null URL.
220126-crash in the Mailnews Filter Dialog [@ PresShell::PostReflowCallback]
221975-Browser crashes with sys3178 error "floating divide-by-zero exception" GKLAYOUT.DLL when accessing any or all URLs above.
226769-"Subscribe to newsgroups" text needs change
68341-Account Settings: Needs mnemonics
227139-mIRC color codes causing JS exceptions in post-1.5 builds
214764-'Click here to download rest of message' feature does not work
227235-'Subscribe to folders' text in Account Central should read 'Manage folder subscriptions'
226871-text in <tt> .. </tt> uses proportional font
226617-document.writing <script> with syntax error stops the first script
217287-/name command returns error "Unknown pref name". Doesn't change username section of username@host
196262-Enable primary selection in folder pane
179078-[gtk2] dnd to personal toolbar doesn't cancel properly
222920-[Xft] fix the conversion error in SUB/SUP/Underline position calculation
226377-localeVersion should be separate from milestone.txt
227011-Mailnews hangs when marking large amount of messages as read
226267-autocomplete in location bar takes minutes on some letters starting a most used URL
225243-[ps] Page appears reversed (mirrored) when printed
226919-SendStatusChange should check for NS_ERROR_FILE_TARGET_DOES_NOT_EXIST
200006-cannot dismiss alert when accessing a bogus url via open web location (target=current window or new tab, new window works fine)
227079-Mozilla asks for security privileges where it shouldn't
225413-Mail notification shows user name, not account name.
220846-Change of Window Configuration affect on Character Coding
222733-document.config should be renamed to document.domConfig to match the changes in DOM Level 3 Core (not yet published)
224546-Change Win 'Regional Settings' -> lose button functions & text
226593-[FIXr]Dynamic changes to rules attribute do not work
227334-land chatzilla 0.9.49
227022-"make" in extensions/p3p does not what you expect it to
226989-getting a lot of "failed creating protocol instance to play queued"
89212-Account Settings dialogs should be a fixed size, no scroll bars
226870-FMR in outer table frame
227490-POP3: messages in inbox doubled when get new mail runs after labelling a msg
151002-abstract the content by a treewalker
216154-Anchors in e-mails are broken (Clicking Anchor doesn't go to target in e-mail) (is not a registered protocol)
224449-Clicking Cancel doesn't close download window
226264-Windows static build is broken
176096-Mozilla (Firebird) should not register as default HTML editor, when Composer is not installed.
98251-Implement Half-Op (mode +h) in Chatzilla
178910-beos.js in libprefs is currently underused.
224119-Spell Check dialog needs url for localized dictionaries
226549-[FIX]Type Ahead Find settings are backwards
224765-[FIX][@ nsXBLService::LoadBindings]
154927-automate localeVersion updates based on milestone.txt
220611-[FIX]binhex regression (endianness issue)
226071-xremote: openURL doesn't work well when multiple apps with different capabilities are present
215784-segmentation violation when clicking on Edit/Preferences/Appearance/Fonts
227378-Error: the STAT command did not succeed
219645-imap #mh namespace broken
227417-Cross-domain exploit on zombie document with event handlers
203340-Switching to Inbox folder while mail is downloading gets pointer stuck as hourglass
199386-Set Default Browser registers pref.xul as Preferences entry in WinXP Start Menu (Internet Shortcuts opens Seamonkey preferences/wrong preferences)
102578-Clicking wrongfully fires onmouseout (dhtml menus, css/edge menus)
227507-Add ability to skip syncing of address books
227598-make work phone number show up in contact list
220827-soapAction set to "" should still generate a soapAction header
208721-Can't type Unicode Keysyms when compiled with Gtk2
227432-Engine crash when calling Script.exec() from JS_CallFunctionName
224519-Label changes on messages are only stored in .msf file and not propagated to mbox file.
158868-Bad interline spacing when minimum font size is set (need to scale line-height)
220891-Create Profile Wizard overhaul
227458-Very slow rendering of thousands of overflow:hidden divs
224653-provide cross-platform NTLM auth implementation
189289-No new mail notification (biff) when junk mail (spam) arrives
225340-Unaligned accesses in DoCharsetConversion
227815-need to list both native font names and English names in* for CJK fonts
226623-XFT crashes on PLHashRawAdd
215857-{inc}percentage-width blocks inside table cells can make cells too big
227359-Command + Alt + Click should drag scroll
227991-nsNSSCertificateDB::AddCertFromBase64 crashes
199898-Custom header/footer in non-ASCII is displayed as garbage
228181-Trying to customize toolbar causes crash
227374-no space between bitmap menu font letters & underscores
227914-Warpsans bold fonts are not printed bold.
228210-XPCOM glue is not backwards compatible -> NS_GetFrozenFunction trashes memory
225837-DeCOMtaminate nsIContent::GetTag()
150881-scaled transparent png badly rendered
227711-wrong mime type shown when helper app entry present
217328-Send Link ... incorrectly cuts url after first variable
219787-Clicking thread icon in column header should toggle threaded/flat view (and NOT affect the sort order of the other collumns)
143687-Bring back site icons (favicons) in personal toolbar
214116-Lots of references to Netscape Webmail in the Mailnews Section of Help Window.
227074-nsTraceRefcnt.h should not include stdio.h
227496-text disappears when you move the mouse over the main menu
217012-browser window won't come to foreground with help window open
227651-[calendar] [mozilla 1.x] if native calendar app is available, and mozilla calendar is not there, show chrome to launch a native calendar, if specified by a pref
228062-NTLM authentication fails with mod_ntlm, mod_ntlm reports "missing/corrupt NTLM header"
224337-Mozilla crashes viewing forcing FONTCONFIG_PATH
228095-AIX: 64-bit build error in nsScriptSecurityManager.cpp
226470-NSS incorrectly uses C++ compiler to compile C code on AIX
228271-Autocomplete's scrollbar is always visible
213337-Saving PDF different from viewing PDF
227958-big5, gb2312 and ksc5601.1987-0 fonts are not listed in the font selection menu
228561-mailnews backend has a few memory leaks
60782-Cross folder/acct navigation won't land in collapsed structure
227963-[gtk2] native window code leaks
195047-doesn't automatically delete mail in junk mail folder
228124-Crash nsXMLPrettyPrinter::EndUpdate removing bindings for null root
24954-[deployment]Need ability to specify with -installer the Users directory
228567-Land usability fixes for 1.6
223815-a coded character in "base href =" shortens the resulted link by two characters
94651-Sherlock search plugins don't decode &amp; in URLs
183185-In <pageInfo.js>, (JS) "Error:[row] has no properties" (on pages with meta tags)
228383-Runaway memory on folder compact (after installing RAM)
221140-'overflow: hidden' on table cells broken
208121-Some String properties of a Java object are read as 'null' by Javascript
219162-Password Manager forgets password when checking mail
223578-need to account for new regexp behavior
73801-Need to disable the Delete button & menu item Delete Address Book when PAB or CAB is selected
222336-Incredibly huge horizontal scrollbar although no scroll is needed at all.
224018-unused variables gDumpFileNameCnt, gDumpLOFileNameCnt in nsDocumentViewer.cpp
219705-Crash on loading Java plugin INTERNAL ERROR on Browser End
224929-Focus issues with Java applets
222509-In OS/2 onkeydown onkeyup do not report the DOM_VK_* constants
226078-Crash on
44272-javascript escape and unescape don't work properly with unicode chars
181294-Text colors wrong on personal toolbar (classic skin)
217875-Selecting "Download more" from the language part of the spellchecker dialog results in a freeze
228752-[FIX] Scrollbar appears and disappears on textarea
225893-Autocomplete selects first address in list when user attempts to scroll down.
212366-implement CSS3/SVG "group opacity"
206252-'send page/image' assume non-ASCII filenames are always in ISO-8859-1
179834-Make chrome/res protocol to refer both application level and GRE level chrome directories.
228799-Opening Chatzilla gives "Invalid IRC URL ``%S"
228922-Official 1.6b overlooks math fonts properties files
225819-<no_space.xul>: Remove it and convert profile migrator to use prompt service
153671-Navigator Help - some corrections
145572-[ABS] abs. pos. table does not honour the right: xxpx
216187-Fix Windows icon association and reenable it.
206472-"Bookmark This Link" does not create bookmark
222293-browser crashes rendering this animated gif
101320-[FIX]CSS padding causes rendering problems for checkboxes and radios
181936-libpng conflicts with system libpng in static builds
221494-[FIX][@ nsXULContentBuilder::RemoveGeneratedContent][@ 0x00000100 | nsXULContentBuilder::RemoveGeneratedContent][@ 0x00680064]
225016-ping ipcd module
224727-IBM doctype should trigger quirks mode
224313-thunderbird crashes when clicking on mail/news accounts
220378-Unicode font not properly set on DBCS systems
212563-[FIXr]crash in GlobalWindowImpl::HandleDOMEvent involving document.write to frameset
223108-Syntax error when loading non-existant external javascript file.
216897-Search Bar menu item does not stay unchecked
224942-IPCD cleanup
225260-Link NSPR dynamic shared libraries with the -headerpad_max_install_names option
225986-DRefTool analysis for libjar files
225984-DRefTool analysis for beos files
226285-regression: certs with odd RSA key sizes don't work
118685-browser crashes if user clicks on a disabled and collapsed file selection form input [@ nsEventStateManager::PreHandleEvent]
225106-remove redundant charset alias resolution in charset converter manager
208920-If the Print command is issued, the browser crashes
197294-[FIXr]The value of a cloned <input> is lost
192318-clean up fix for bug #191817 in msgHdrViewOverlay.js
135533-support preprocessing / compiling of XUL files
224088-warning: unused variable `nsresult rv' in member function `nsDocShellEditorData::~nsDocShellEditorData()'
220653-Wrong total cell width with table-layout: fixed + colspan + cellspacing
224951-testcase regress-57631.js is erroneous
217562-UMR in nsJSEventListener::HandleEvent after mContext->CallEventHandler
158941-install items should be a <dialog> not a <window>
128673-jprof should use Linux's /dev/rtc for up-to-8KHz sampling
224918-closing download window doesn`t stop download
223997-PluginHostImpl should use GetTypeFromURI not FromExtension
222846-dynamic reflow targetting at table and caption is broken
224901-oom crash in MakeContentObject for form controls
221876-Latest Builds in QA menu doesn't work anymore
225357-total crash on above URL
225289-Regexp pattern /a|[^a]/ not matching correctly
224749-REUSABLE_CREDENTIALS and REUSABLE_CHALLENGE flags ignored in nsHttpChannel::setAuthorization
228321-content-encoding: gzip page gets saved gzipped when no extension present in the url
226615-PAC: cannot specify SOCKS5 proxy
223900-Clean up the MFCEmbed situation using the GRE, and other cleanup
201209--moz-opacity makes things invisible in GTK2 port
211590-Math.random() uses bad algorithm
214956-too long underline in a button i XUL
36492-Optional separate Recipient and Sender columns in thread pane
155957-[FIXr]input:before { content: ...; } causes caret placement problems for text inputs
140532-With 'Headers > All', forwarded message (non Normal) headers display/show parent (= Sent/Received) headers instead of the forwarded ones, in Mail Window (both 3-pane/stand-alone)
218512-[FIXr]browser freezes (SCO kills Mozilla through TechNewsWorld (hang)) [@ PositionChildViews]
220486-when i try to get mail from lycos i'm getting : "Sending of password did not succeed..."
194678-Move pageSetup out of comm.jar into the toolkit
205761-A GIF image cannot be displayed
210867-mozilla should use esmtp size extension (rfc1870)
224959-ctrl-pgup and ctrl-pgdn are backwards
222940-Offline & Diskspace and Server Setting panes are too large in Account Manager
194862-Incorrect encoding warning dialog should be more user friendly (maybe add button 'Use UNICODE' ?)
220708-email created with a template does not use template's bgcolor
217201-mozilla >= 1.4 crashes when browsing a specific URL [@ nsBlockFrame::GetTopBlockChild ]
219376-DNS: attempting IP address resolution (Failed connections stall instead of giving Connection Failure Error; pages stop/don't finish/complete loading if ad hosts/scripts fail)
227612-[FIX]Cookie settings not shown in preferences
172525-[ps] print legal size page fails to set '<< /PageSize [612 1008] >> setpagedevice'
113173-Cache nsIURIs instead of strings for list-style-image and -moz-binding
228620-Add AskJeeves search to build
221387-XPathExpression.createExpression doesn't throw NAMESPACE_ERR
225109-SUP and SUB positioning : follow the 'rule of thumb' extracted from TeX algorithm
218697-[BEOS] Looper not always unlocked on a resize
205921-Preference browser.cache.disk_cache_ssl does nothing
201455-Small optimization in MetaData of nsCacheEntry, and 'unsafe' relation removed
164816-Extension fixup in nsExternalHelperAppService should only happen when executing
220832-Url extension gets added to the filename specified in content-disposition if it doesn't have one.
225362-nsIStreamConverter.idl has pretty outdated comment
205310-PNG image is displayed as garbage
220576-.png image corruption on first load or Shift-Reload
226788-Find-as-you-type not in Index and TOC
131470-Case insensitive history search
229783-Download which tries to overwrite read-only file doesn't fail until download is complete
227267-Upload file doesn't work well. It just upload file with zero size. [ftp only?]
228720-Don't down-convert message to plain text if dir attribute is set
225848-[FIX]browser slows down and then stops, process must be killed to exit browser
227107-Help button in Offline & Disk Space preferences is broken
220413-Help Index has no entry for "plug-in", "helper application", or "java"
226964-Lots of dead links in help
212625-drop-down box doesn't open after selecting customize header in Filter rules/Search messages dialogs
206199-redeclaration of const in script containing try block(s) causes UMR+crash - e.g. MozMail with Enigmail (0.82.5 and older) results in crash on startup
229362-history stops working when using dist created by "make install"
227077-No unique anchors for"Addressing" and "Return Receipts" preference panels
68902-thread-related columns (unread, total) are poorly named
162242-BiDi: Text input is auto switching between Arabic/Hebrew and English
207865-ASSERTION: unable to normalize attribute name: 'NS_SUCCEEDED(rv)', file i:/build/mozilla/content/xul/content/src/nsXULElement.cpp, line 1301
217009-build issues with mingw gcc 3.3.1
221142-warning: missing initializer for `nameprep_versions[1].unassigned_proc
126071-"Subject" moves when collapsing header in classic
221413-Palm Sync UI
212684-Some chars use Times New Roman MT 30 unnecessarily
225125-open / save dialog (file picker) causes crash with files with characters outside the repertoire of the current locale encoding in their names
230200-Slow printing of
123465-compose window can't open with address filled in when click on email address.
227078-build should not require File::Spec version 0.8
62429-The "Start my reply above the quoted text" setting should ALSO allow to prepend the signature above the quote text. (top)
132517-prefs.js frequently truncated on exit or crash
230283-crashes when aborting pageload of another site [@nsHTMLDocument::RegisterNamedItems]
229270-[xft] non-BMP Unicode character rendering broken
66834-autocomplete/popup widgets should not block clicks outside of themselves
205541-Selecting "Unblock Cookies..." while on a site that you'd previously blocked allows the site to set cookies rather than just removing the block
211587-Acrobat plugin crashes on Solaris in Moz 1.4, not loaded
217286-Session cookie option overrides cookie whitelist
226380-ActiveX plugin's properties not properly reflected in Mozilla 1.5a and 1.5
204548-Download Location defaults to ~/Desktop Folder/ and shouldn't
189007-Switch group without clearing QuickSearch resets view (to All from Threads with Unread)
228156-RTL textareas containing text originated in HTML code are misaligned [Regression]
213734-Browser crashes when loading URL [@ XftDrawGlyphFontSpec ][@ nsFontMetricsXft::DrawString ]
152275-[FIX]saved files with GZIP encoding are not ungziped automatically
230204-IWB installer updates
221797-Losing history on every Win98 crash due to missing directory flush
226188-Reflect UI changes from bug 222940 in Help
228176-%00 in a URL causes incorrect display of hovered link in status bar
193998-Crash on exiting Mozilla after using MailNews [@ ntdll.dll] [@ nsRDFResource::~nsRDFResource]
119825-URL (location) bar Search Feature ignores national encoding (google)
221843-easily reproducible bookmarks corrupted and lost scenario
225811-if body overflow is set to hidden and the position of a DIV is set to absolute, the div is invisible
95770-The help documentation should be formatted in some better way
222300-Resizing Mozilla window past end of web page causes rendering artifacts
230621-localeVersion is not changed yet for 1.6 final (i.e. on 1.6 branch)
54911-News article gets sent [posted] to the right news group but on the wrong [first] server [account]
226294-format-number() ignores the sign of its numerical argument
220220-make UA string depend on config/milestone.txt
223111-Shrink to fit and Scaling values do not persist
224381-GUI freezes during IMAP connect
218031-[FIXr]crash [@ MathMLElementFactoryImpl::CreateInstanceByTag] opening MathML + CSS page
183729-Segmentation fault in XftLockFace (.ttf files need to be world-readable)
205492-Browser crashes as it loads the URL [@ nsWindow::NativeCreate]
221232-[permmgr] js error in chrome://navigator/content/navigator.js
195645-When trying to read a forwarded HTML message sometime mozilla enters endless wait
225490-netscape search plugin (mozilla's default) is no longer functioning. search is broken
221437-two "network.enableIDN" prefs in all.js
226221-Mapping Issues for AB Palm Sync Conduit
205726-nsDnsService rewrite
223861-default value of network.dnsCacheExpiration should be reduced
228087-bug with braces in JavaScript regular expressions
78360-JavaScript Error: gContextMenu has no properties