You are currently viewing a snapshot of taken on April 21, 2008. Most of this content is highly out of date (some pages haven't been updated since the project began in 1998) and exists for historical purposes only. If there are any pages on this archive site that you think should be added back to, please file a bug.

Rough Changelog for Mozilla 1.5 (about 1,000 issues)

This is a list of bugs pulled from Bonsai and Bugzilla. It's a "rough" list because I didn't verify each bug on the list as actually having been fixed in the 1.5 development cycle and I may have missed some that were; I just used the smartest queries I could devise. It's not perfect but if you're interested in what got fixed during this cycle, this is probably the best place to start. --Asa

22879 Download window should GetAttention when download is completed
27002 Cyrus IMAP: Send and Save as Draft/Template problems on Cyrus
42634 nsSliderFrame::GetContentOf hides inherited method
43297 Mail imported from Outlook Express repeatedly gets marked as unread
45495 gui for editing form elements
47534 [FIX]image.longdesc not an absolute URL if given relative...
52531 Setting and removing table cell border produces errors (removeproperty shorthand)
53579 calling this.blur() in onfocus handler or this.focus() in an onblur handler do not work
58327 Make profiles dir names configurable (fix --enable-homedir, now called --with-user-appdir)
61408 [FIXr]please document mimeTypes.rdf helper app database fields
62843 [FIX][CSS3] Need to support '::' for pseudo-elements in the CSS parser
67111 JS_GetImplementationVersion() date string needs to be updated
67216 Three different .xul files for the download progress window
68541 no checkmark for View|Toolbar in bookmarks manager
69329 Use plain text editor for HTML source view
72359 Anonymous table cells get extra margins?
73757 Local files not handled by moz should not be copied to temp directory
76772 Disable menu item saveas->file|template-with multiple mssgs
77296 NOSCRIPT not treated as a block when JS is turned off
78320 javascript strict warnings and error in urlbarBindings.xml
79612 Source file links in JS Console should jump to line number of problem
80125 Logging facility in Chatzilla.
86526 chatzilla stores default prefs in prefs.js
87353 nsIWebNavigation::Reload() using mask flag crashes embedding app
87677 implement CopyUTF8toUCS2() and CopyUCS2toUTF8()
89214 Caret in URL Bar is left visible without focus
91927 P should not contain TABLE (block-level elements) in strict mode
94688 black text instead of white
97413 Dragging non-link image to Finder/Explorer should save image, not link shortcut
98765 CSS parser produces multiple rules for comma-separated selectors
98811 Remove GPL and LGPLed libIDL code from tree
99467 [quirks]options of <a>-tag inside textarea are stripped (compare to source)
100649 Length() being used when IsEmpty() is meant
107291 |nsCOMPtr|: is it time to remove the 'don't forward declare T hack'?
108973 Multi-tabbed windows should confirm close
110028 IDN rendering in URL bar
110801 alt+arrow opens <select> in a random location on the screen
112098 Font download dialog too small and lacks a title.
113779 The site displays badly (lots of blank space) and scroll bar acts strangely (?)
114104 messaging from private chat tab does not show the addressee
114744 File->Close vs. View-Close
114962 [FIX] Bookmarks menu in menubar should open when link is dragged over it.
118899 Time Zone Never Displayed Within Message Headers
118912 Can't delete smily/smiley/emoticon
119102 Investigate why Xprt PS DDX does not download PostScript fonts
119746 Should be able to set charset for each channel
120431 Optimizer bug - Mozilla crashes in GKCONTNT.DLL
120789 checking for text/css sheets should only happen for http with a type header
123370 Entering a new profile name pushes the buttons out of the dialog box
123401 image loader should cache ioservice.
124014 URL handled by helper app never marked visited
125246 Further reduce dynamic footprint of nsCSSDeclaration and things it owns (nsCSSMargin, etc.)
126937 PR_GetSysfdTableMax incorrectly implemented on OS/2, PR_SetSysfdTableSize not implemented
127585 xpidl usage is incorrect
127755 ISO-8859-11 (Latin/Thai) Support
128153 need to get MathML fonts working with Xft
129332 nsIWebBrowserPersist should clean up files after cancel of error
130985 Useless section on classic status bar
132019 Download manager context menu
132756 fast-update doesn't handle cvs removed subdirs
134800 Opening a bookmark group clobbers all open tabs
137092 Absolute position support in Composer/editor core
137331 rewrite viewer in XUL
141605 Need to work around non-standard Digest auth served implementations [was: Digest Authorization do not quote certain values]
143575 URL: http ignores username and passwora(http://user:passwd/domain) for auth cache
145309 [turbo] On exit after unloading accts we are again loading accts because we are rebuilding tree
145638 Wrong message showing up on IMAP folder
146722 Enable HP IPF (ia64) XPTcall code
149106 [FIX]text-decoration does not work on font with color
153736 Warning ``reference to undefined property this.mLinkedPanel'' [xs] in fila``chrome://inspector/content/inspector.xml#panel.linkedPanea(setter)'', line 1, character 0.
153888 "Redirection limit" error dialog should implicate cookie blocking
155918 inefficent use of search and match in linkToolbarHandler.js
156072 DOM inspector omits the #document node
158006 save as, save link target as, save image as : non-ASCIAfilename/title/URL handling
158713 use hints in nsCSSPropList.h less
158729 nmake removal breaks the installer
161623 Embedding APIs are overly burdensome on Mac
162079 installer: lack of objdir support
162765 RFC2231 filename support for nsExternalAppHandler
163215 [FIXr]nsIHTMLMappedAttributes should inherit froansIStyleRule
163645 User defined properties of Javascript navigator object are not remembered when a new page is loaded.
163988 Crashes at (HREF="&#)
166504 Mozilla crashes when magnifier is used
166617 corruption after compacting imap folders configured for offline use
166996 [FIX]TriggerLink/GetHrefCString charset weirdness
167068 [CSS3] implement ::selection pseudo-element
169039 Text widgets append duplicate character in ko_KR locale
173308 Browser crashes when javascript closes a window [@nsDocShell::InternalLoad]
173408 Bug fix for Ethiopic Number Conversion Algorithm
173469 Implement a BeOS native dialog for pref_Alert
174885 SEC_ASN1DecodeItem returns NULL and SECSuccess
174910 Mutation events inside anchor elements are not propogated up in tree
176095 A preference references Ctrl on Mac when it should be Command
176709 can't apply font styles to pasted HTML which includes user defined tags
177486 configure script should check for minimum Sun compiled version
177912 Problem compiling nsSigHandlers.cpp, gcc 3.2, RH 8.0
177972 Cannot type anything in Editor of MfcEmbed build.
179084 Bookmark Export uses Unix carriage returns on all platforms
180169 ASSERTION: RgnRectMemoryAllocator not thread-safe triggers because static class exists past nspr shutdown
180512 Textboxes do not support context attribute overriding default context menu
180927 nsNNTPNewsgroupList::CleanUp deletes uninitialized m_knownArts.set
181453 url box too close to personal toolbar in modern theme
182318 Make the backward compatibility tests work with NSS 3.7
183582 HTML Drop does not provide contextual info
184108 Save As <<filename>> withoua<<.html>> extention result is a html fila<<filename>> and a directory <<_files>>
184228 Spelling error in irc.js: "function net_conenct()".
184509 midas - unable to insert html (cmd_insertHTML)
184549 mac: space no longer activates buttons in dialogs
184618 window.opener is not read-only and can be overwritten, which enables a user to close windows he did not open by changing the openeaproperty
185000 Make Integration of mozilla and Java Plugin be better
186725 nntp service NewURI doesn't check to see if SetSpec failed..
186932 nsBlockFrame::PullFrameFrom calls nsFrame::Invalidate with an empty combinedArea
187031 [nsLocalFileWin] nsLocalFile::Remove returns os remove values (-1) as nsresults
187442 change PL_strcmp to strcmp in nsIOService
188058 When saving a .zip file "as...," Moz appends a .x after the .zip extension.
188071 Missing style entity for default appearance of buttons
188803 make style rules immutable?
189225 Deleting text at begining of a line adds an extra space
190279 Can select <div> inside <input>?
190772 sort order isn't very friendly
191159 Use xpt_link on .xpt files in dist/Embed/components
191246 [FIX]Crash [@ nsObjectFrame::GetDesiredSize] when object is fixed pos
191483 bugs in intl/uconv/src/nsUnicodeToUTF8.cpp
191954 using profile with non-present theme modifies build and profile chrome.rdf, differently
192090 Cruft in nsListControlFrame.cpp
192342 Use EnumFontFamiliesEx rather then EnumFontFamilies (gdi leak)
192355 web page can put text on clipboard (cut/copy) using Midas
193031 AddCategoryEntry ignores its aPersist parameter
193246 /list doesn't work on RFC2812 compliant IRC servers
193257 AIM Today page renders incorrectly
193698 "attachment" content shows a checkbox for "don't ask"
193728 data: Base64-encoded URIs don't support %-encoded characters
193730 typo in "intl.menuitems.alwaysappendacceskeys" pref name
193953 WSDL Proxy callback doesn't allow access to the SOAP Response
194024 Table cell not calculated correctly if cellpadding=0 and border=(0 or undefined)
194185 reason parameter of exit command isn't converted from Unicode
194330 crash on trying to print or print preview the above url
194761 [ps] Huge static buffer in gfx/src/ps/nsPostScriptObj.cpp
194791 assertion from nsImageWin::DrawTile() when I load a message
194802 Cannot drag and drop text from or to textarea or input
195280 Removal of MNG/JNG support
195733 In <chrome://messenger/content/commandglue.js>, "Error: redeclaration of const MSG_FOLDER_FLAG_TRASH"; (when opening Mail &Newsgroups)
195794 missing access keys for Personal panel
196133 Table borders with border-collapse: collapse rendering incorrectly
196499 duplicate entries in final-link-comps
196557 [FIX]Lots of empty <style> tags slow rendering down [100% processor utilization]
196612 FizzillaMach shows no icons in the Attachments pane
197530 Removal of PPM support
197737 [qt] misc cleanup for qt port
198538 Chat views tab titles are lowcase
199068 tab completion not working
199143 Some Persian and Urdu characters in Code Page 1256 are not displayed
199200 Make Networking Tests XP friendly by using the eventqueueservice
199201 sound settings blocks stalked messages if WAV sound file is set
199331 modifying the DOM of a stylesheet after calling .importStylesheet does nothing
199501 Fix "Update alias" command
199503 [minimo]consolidate layout atoms
199989 Remove gNoisy code from libeditor.
200097 lowcase ``<nickname> has changed the topic to...''
200188 PgDn/PgUp scroll left and right Chatzilla panes
200389 better constness in mailnews/imap
200632 cookie rewrite, phase 3
200984 [FIX]Arabic text in Javascript "unescape" function returns the wrong output
201048 Copying and pasting a bookmark folder or tab group is not working properly
201103 Trunk M140RC1 crash [@ nsXBLPrototypeHandler::GetEventName]
201324 Userlist not always kept sorted as requested
201412 Uninstaller crashes removing pathtoexe entry
201585 [FIXr]inIDOMView should expose contentDocument nodes
201625 expose request and response versions via new nsIHttpChannel2 interface
201769 Security panel is confusing - order of controls should be changed
201891 Lazily instantiate CSSFrameConstructor::gXBLService
202037 switching useCSS and executing commands issue; mixing html tags and css is broken
202046 Empty (inline) elements cause caret movement to fail
202080 Use new THashtable in accessibility
202166 Edit actions place caret on invalid position
202305 warnings about two mac prefs (editor.use_html_editor, editor.use_image_editor)
202388 runtime switch between system prefs and mozilla prefs
202393 Add DOM class info for nsIXULTreeBuilder
202543 Useless assertion in mozilla/dom/src/base/
202622 mozilla can't subscribe to existing imap folders
202644 Column sort behavior should parallel mailnews
202826 NSPR should use __declspec instead of _declspec
202845 Implement nsIBookmarksService::SortFolder()
202849 don't allow label filters as criteria for pop incoming (makes no sense)
203167 Clean up nsDeckFrame a little
203179 String.prototype.localeCompare() not sorting according to locale
203254 Outgoing message by quote command isn't converted from Unicode
203356 In methoa`xptiInterfaceInfoManager::AddOnlyNewFilesFromFileList' warning: unuseavariable `PRUint32 countOfFilesInWorkingSet'
203371 Enhancement to the security model proposed in bug 183824
203387 warning: cannot pass objects of type `NS_ConvertUCS2toUTF8' through `...'
203391 InPlaceConvertLineEndings(class nsAString &)' defined but not used
203396 unused variables in nsRegion::SubRect
203723 Table cell data shifts out of table on indent
203797 IDispatch support should allow FUNC_VIRTUAL anaFUNC_PUREVIRTUAL
203847 Make sure that dragged file is deleted from intermediate location
203973 txXSLTProcessor::shutdown releases a log module it doesn't own
203978 Invalid read of size 4 const nsStrinaFunctionCall::INVALID_PARAM_VALUE(NS_LITERAL_STRING("invalid parameteavalue for function: "));
204005 optimize caret timer usage
204039 write a converter for Tamil rendering with TSCII-encoded TTFa
204067 Creating ";1" and then deleting it crashes because m_ecx isn't initialized
204073 more data could be const in layout
204076 Remove unused variable `PRBool sameNode' from nsHTMLEditorStyle.cpp:524
204124 minor codesize optimizations for nsNetUtil.h
204145 too many nsXULPDGlobalObjects with attendant JSContexts
204146 Undefined symbols during autoregistration should go to stdout
204211 Template builder enhancements
204242 Make SDK downloads available in nightly builds
204386 Allow setting Image.src to empty
204388 rename Ctrl+= to Ctrl++
204389 warning: unused variable `const class nsView * zParent' in nsView::GetClippedRect
204405 warning: unused variable `PRUnichar nullChar' in nsNodeInfo::Equals
204407 cleanup warnings in nsToolkit.cpp and nsLookAndFeel.cpp
204426 Warnings in nsTypeAheadFind.cpp/nsTypeAheadFind.h
204532 more data could be const in content
204555 CA cert with unusual extension in email signature caused crash.
204634 remove dynamically allocated hashtable in xpcom where possible.
204765 Parameterized properties expression don't return the assigned value
204781 crash dragging bookmark groups to and from personal toolbar - Trunk M140B [@ nsEventStateManager::GenerateMouseEnterExit]
204894 Implement GeckoActiveXObject.supports(clsid)
204962 PLEvent should lazily allocate lock and cvar
205017 Uninitialized variables ialayout/html/base/src/nsPresShell.cpp
205083 Composer's Selection List Properties dialog appears with a XML parsing error
205213 [FIX]Cannot back to non-existant destination anchor after visiting another destination anchor
205247 warning: `JSBool ReportOutOfMemory(class XPCCallContexa&)' defined but not used_
205251 warning: normalize(...) declared `static' but never defined
205262 warning nsSampleWordBreaker::Next was hidden by nsSemanticUnitScanner::Next
205347 warning: `PRBool IsInlineNode(class nsIDOMNode *)' defined but not used
205358 warning: comma at end of enumerator list (nsTabFocusModel)
205363 Remove SendStatusNotification/nsIPrintStatusCallback
205366 ifdef WIN/MACOS(X) ConvertTwipsToPixels because it isn't used elsewhere
205378 Meta bug for changes in bookmarks sorting code
205379 "This folder is being processed" alert getting mail from ATTBI.COM
205380 Update UserAgent string to 1.5a
205440 JavaScript error in internetresults.xul/.js
205523 `java_wrapper_obj' might be used uninitialized in jsj_WrapJSObject
205571 Create UI for mail pref mail.server.server*.useSecAuth
205586 IDispatch should convert VT_EMPTY as JSVAL_VOID and VT_NULL as JSVAL_NULL
205603 Cleanup warnings in xul..grid
205608 Warning: C++ style comments are not allowed in ISO C89
205609 control reaches end of non-void function GetSpecialSystemDirectory and lots of unhandled enumeration values
205622 [ps] warning: CreateFontPS declared `static' but never defined
205692 gint nsFreeTypeXImageSBC::GetWidth, nsFreeTypeXImageSBC::DrawString return nsresults for a failure state
205768 Enumeration of wrapped IDispatch objects is broken
205789 Bad HTML SPAM mostlly from hangs IMAP communication
205792 important text notification does not properly differentiate between similar nicknames.
205895 nsIMIMEInfo.getFileExtensions should use nsIStringEnumerator
205980 mozipcd.exe fails to initialize modules if launched from command line
205996 Control reaches end of non-void function nsAddrBookSession::GeneratePhoneticNameFromCard
206066 chatzilla reverses networks in the initial urls
206111 more MinGW Thunderbird gcc build bustage
206123 need a way to specify script-specific fonts for many other scripts
206162 unused variable `nsresult result' in nsPolicyReference::ProcessExpiryElement
206163 unused variable `nsresult rv' in nsMathMLmactionFrame::GetSelectedFrame()
206165 Unused variable `PRBool aCanCacheFrameOffset' in nsCaret::GetCaretRectAndInvert
206166 Unused variable `PRInt32 cnt' in nsSHistory::CompareFrames
206204 `nsHTMLTag gWatchTags[3]', nsEditorParserObserver defined but not used
206254 Can't call IsInitialized on nsBaseHashtable and derived classes
206312 16 color bmp not recognized (attachments of bug 196977)
206319 "Save Page As... Web Page, complete" saves files outside the _files directory
206338 Improve txStack
206379 Stop using nsIAtom in nsICharsetConverterManager
206470 editing text files shouldn't have HTML features in menus
206473 messages corrupted after moving between folders
206528 nsBaseHashtable should init its mLock variable
206682 ToNewUTF8String is inefficient
206696 Double-struck identifiers are inconsistently styled in MathMA
206726 Using nsTHashtable breaks Mac build
206743 Fix double initialization of nsDocAccessible's
206791 imap does not correctly set seen flag unless the user has Write Flag ACL on the mail box. Should only need Seen Flag ACL
206835 nsSVGElement::List() and nsSVGElement::DumpContent() should be #ifdef DEBUG
206864 Incorrect comparison in content/html/style/src/nsCSSParser.cpp
206901 [AxPlugin] Share activex control's implementation of the DOM
206915 /join reports joining new channel in current window
206926 Do not export blapi.h, secrng.h, and pqgutil.h.
206934 Mozilla should use __declspec, not _declspec
206943 Slightly optimize NS_GetSpecialDirectory
206971 selfserv should not OptimizeSpace
207019 unused code in htmlparser/
207021 remove unused code in mozilla/content
207023 unused code in mozilla/widget/src/[cocoa,mac]
207038 Putting Mail on an FAT32 Partition results in rebuilding summary files
207081 only create profile window comes up on start attempt
207106 Get rid of nsContainerAccessible
207145 nsTableRowGroupFrame::InitRepeatedFrame looks pretty dangerous
207171 nsBlockAccessible inheritence incorrect with respect to documents
207183 Smiley gets deleted, editor tries to manipulate whitespace in the -moz-user-select:all block
207260 OS X: cmd+shift+M should open mail compose
207292 move/copying messages into imap folder from another account updates the dest folder for every message copied into it.
207313 Windows QA failures. tstclnt reports connections reset
207318 nsTreeBodyFrame needs to check rv of GetParentIndex
207327;2 isn't registering itself correctly as an app-startup observer service
207328;1 isn't registering itself correctly as an app-startup observer service
207329 profileSelection.js should .getService the directory service...
207330 nsHTMLDocument::TryChannelCharset should use do_GetServica(like everyone else) to get;1
207336 Should nsXULDocument GetService kHTMLElementFactoryCID like everyone else?
207379 Update built-in roots.
207399 IntelC 7.1 Win32 compile problem workaround
207407 Enable building a linkable library of gecko components
207421 XSLT format-number() function formats number incorrectly causing it to be rounded down and the fractional part to begin with a colon (:)
207438 Glyph-detection code for iso10646-1 fonts should conform more to the Xlib specs
207456 tab/shift-tab should cycle through all enabled buttons in account wizard
207469 optimize timer usage in nsComposerCommandsUpdater::PrimeUpdateTimer()
207486 Do not report empty tree item container as "expanded"
207542 better constness in intl
207554 Crash nsHTMLSelectOptionAccessible::GetAccNextSibling()
207583 imgLoader::LoadImage called with null pointer from nsImageBoxFrame::UpdateImage
207603 nsXULDocument should CallGetService kXMLElementFactoryCID
207614 prcpucfg.h always updated
207635 duplicate mail entries in IMAP inbox window when using "read messages"
207642 update localeVersion for 1.5a
207700 a little box code cleanup
207740 Browser crashes on HTTPS urls - Trunk M140RC1 [@cert_get_next_general_name]
207798 Mail crashes when moving mail between folders
207822 remove nsIFrame::ContentStateChanged
207840 about:config enhancement - filtering/searching preferences
207908 Attempts to drag (move) a line from tree control (thread pane, bookmarks, etc) hang client
207936 [trunk] JA IME: cursor position is off before and after text is committed
208004 deCOMtaminate nsIFrame::GetView and SetView
208038 crashes in genname.c after memory allocation failures
208043 downloading for offline use is slow
208047 name constraint checking logic does not comply with RFC 3280
208087 [FIX]Stylesheet ignored if authentication needed
208093 Tree body frame could cache row count
208094 Form/Image doesn't convert <img>
208098 XPCOM_DEBUG_BREAK=stack no longer works
208108 Read Messages in acct manager selects imap inbox twice
208111 remove nsIDocument::GetArena
208159 [FIX]rename -moz-hsl() to hsl()
208177 Build nsinstall as 32-bit HP-UX PA-RISC executable for 64-bit HP-UX PA-RISC build
208188 Remove nsCOMPtr/nsRefPtr-created dependencies in XSLT
208265 Accessibility can crash after profile manager closes
208277 Not allowed to add "art-lojban" in "Add languages" preferences
208343 Remove Baltimore root certificates
208437 separate threadsafe nsBaseHashtable into superclass
208439 MSVC++ .net 2003: nsSupportsArray.cpp(327) compile error
208449 MSVC++ .net 2003: nsFrameManager.cpp(1497) compile error
208457 Do not define UNIX_ASYNC_DNS for OpenVMS
208467 queryCommandValue for "inserthtml" should return serialized html of selection
208496 Incorrect scope when |with (f)| is used inside the definition of |function f()|
208539 extend notifyOfInsertion api to include the sourceDocument
208544 getcommandstate for document commands should return values
208548 Inconsistency in link determination in HTMLStyleSheetImpl
208561 simple grammar error in xslt failure message
208586 Minimal no-extensions ECMA-2 Edition 3 JS engine configuration
208588 [FIX] LINK element with href attribute should match :link
208607 Reconfigure libpng for smaller imglib2
208627 Incorrect comparison in nsMailDatabase.cpp
208649 CERT_CompareAVA compares improperly
208660 Creat new folder or rename existing folder: Loose existing folders email headers/bodies
208704 Memory leaks in DOM Inspector's PNG Encoder
208762 [gtk2] mozilla hangs on some sparc ultra 60 due to multi visual
208763 system accessibility preference changed
208781 Accessible focus events not getting fired for profile manager list items
208803 Need XP way for destroyed docs to be removed from accessibility cache
208812 Create events for internal accessibility clients
208834 [ActiveX] control complains in in embedding dist that data:url is not supported
208842 [AxPlugin] update .xpi installer to install nsAxSecurityPolicy.js and activex.js on Mozilla 1.4
208845 multiple content-type headers combined breaks mozilla
208846 nsElementTable.cpp shouldn't hard code array lengths
208868 New nsCSSDataBlock.cpp produces "may be used uninitialized" warning.
208870 remove :before search in nsCSSFrameConstructor::FindFrameWithContent()
208872 cloneNode doesn't copy style attribute correctly
208879 js and xpc shells need environment reflection and argument handling cleanup
208898 In-process accessibility clients need XPCOM notification of newly initiialized doc views
208912 DOMParser produces documents with about:blank uri
208922 Convert nsIAccessNode into an interface for internal accessibility clients
208967 remove unused aCharset params in nsHTMLDataTransfer.cpp
208979 txStylesheet::init ENSUREs on wrong variable
208996 Remove an assertion in sec_pkcs7_decoder_start_digests().
209087 Content interfaces' out parameters should use ptr-to-ptrainstead of ref-to-ptrs
209088 Remove Scrolled() method on nsIFrame and nsIViewObserver
209091 error in nsDOMCSSAttributeDeclaration::GetCSSDeclaration
209121 Digest authentication incorrectly includes fragment identifier in URI when computing A2
209220 Gecko & friends should store/access charsets as ASCII
209226 String constants in mork should be char arrays
209271 Dodgy SetCaseSensitive() call in nsDOMCSSAttrDeclaration.cpp
209328 Mailto: links are not recognized and are not working properly
209338 Make nsSoapEncoding instantiable from JS again.
209356 Loading personal certificates
209359 HRs cause wrong style context parent warnings
209475 Make nsIPermissionManager more flexible for extensions
209485 [FIX]View source eats parts of CDATA sections when ']' encountered
209494 A few loops in content could use swap()
209506 [cookies] remove contractid's for nsICookie &nsIPermission
209513 Mozilla doesn't handle some text/html files correctly
209516 Requests for return receipts in Newsgroups - and I shouldn't get them
209524 stalk word list cannot have length one
209566 remove duplicated GetHrefCString code
209568 [FIX]Freetype code leaks all over
209569 view selection source shows style attribute with 0,5 instead of 0.5
209571 leak regression from bug 200632 landing
209573 [FIX]Move GetBaseURI up to nsIContent
209575 trunk topcrash [@ CSSStyleRuleImpl::MapRuleInfoInto]
209583 getElementById is broken for XML documents
209593 Moving mails via Drag'n'Drop crashes Mozilla [TB21092337G]
209615 textarea contents misaligned when 'word-spacing' specified on ancestor
209622 nsTHashtable cause bustage on Solaris with F6U2
209634 [FIX]No-op attribute changes can lead to processing and mutation events
209661 :%s/NS_LITERAL_CSTRING(\("[^"]*"\)).get()/\1/g
209667 can't hold a nsRefPtr to a class without empty ctor
209680 Debug builds crash when requesting a non-existant contractid
209681 improve XPCOM_CHECK_PENDING_CIDS: prevent some crashes, enable component manager to block components by contract
209733 more efficient codepath for style changes on 'display: none' and descendant frames
209780 document.getElementById converts ucs2 to utf8 too often
209806 MfcEmbed preferences not sticking on restart
209808 Mismatched delete / delete [] in nsCategoryManager.cpp
209823 Composer shows unexpected tooltip (not the title) in Preview
209827 import of certificate/privatekey+CA-certificate from pkcs12 file fails
209828 be able to startup images other than mozilla-bin
209852 Remove |dont_QueryInterface|
209866 some members in nsGlobalWindow.h can use nsRefPtr
209878 [trunk] Character coding menu corruption
209884 Fix bad users of JS_GetContextPrivate()
209911 XUL tree blob sort ignores sort direction
209925 Remove the temporary hack for bug 192124
209946 Copying the text on the web by the right mouse button doesn'awork.
209963 Clean up nsLocalFileOS2
209965 XPConnect IDispatch support causes sporadic crashes during garbage collection
209972 Reduce FTP states
209990 Crash in accessibility when doc is destroyed
210036 tmTransactionService doesn't init mObservers
210069 Leaks caused by new in process accessibility events
210088 ipc exports static libs it doesn't need to
210109 GetInt() can crash mozilla and thunderbird on misaligned address assignment
210119 Browser crashes when opening URL
210128 Lists with Roman numerals don't fail gracefully for large numbers
210141 JAVASCRIPT_GLOBAL_PROPERTY_CATEGORY stuff shouldn't be readonly
210160 Add nsStringComparator parameter to String(Begins)|(Ends)Wita
210169 remove unused widget interfaces
210185 Command access keys underlined, but not the first instance of the letter
210254 nsEventListenerManager::mPrincipal is unused
210279 crash if clicking on compose when an addressbook entry does not have an email
210314 [FIX]Need to properly handle attribute selectors with wildcard namespace
210337 Remove dead cruft from XPCOM
210443 nsImageLoadingContent shouldn't malloc as much...
210451 Implement Node.textContent
210458 dynamic :hover changes don't work inside :not()
210471 gtk2 build crashes at exit
210491 [p3p] shouldn't be observing nsIHttpNotify notifications
210539 mFd is not initialized in nsJAR [@ PR_Close]
210541 Bookmarks now crash if nsIProfile impl is not present.
210550 avoid callback functions in GetStyleData
210556 Should be able to serialize <li> in plaintext without the bullet characters added in.
210560 popup windows from form submit are not blocked
210579 hang trying to access page with invalid headers
210601 DOM XPath from chrome:// throwaNS_ERROR_DOM_PROP_ACCESS_DENIED
210630 Make be smarter
210638 Tree should be able to maintain the selection during a batch update
210639 Confirm tab close ignores "Close Window".
210641 Crash using Japanese IME
210660 New PK11Context's adoption of the PK11SymKey's session is not thread-safe
210704 nsPIDOMWindow.h should not include nsIScriptContext.h
210713 [gtk2] leaks in nsWindow and nsAppShell
210727 [xft] leak in nsFontMetricsXft::PrepareToDraw
210730 Can optimize ClassInfoData::GetName a little in failure case
210734 IDN: Invalid codepoint encoded in ACE label
210782 Split accessibility interfaces into publc and private interfaces
210800 IMAP Mail headers are not decoded correctly on windows platform (possible newline problem)
210873 Relative positioned float disregarded as containing block
210912 ignore clicks to the filter tree header in the filter dialoag (causes problems if you don't, and you sort)
210948 Some file dialogs have harcoded filter description
210955 remove CanvasFrame::AttributeChanged
211010 Memory leak of 576 bytes from 3 blocks allocated in PR_Malloc
211020 [ps] Unused data in gfx/src/ps/font_metrics.c
211030 Incorrect hack in nsGenericHTMLElement.cpp breaks scroll model
211049 "security error: domain name mismatch" when page is opened
211078 addressbook views shows blank name field, when we could use email address
211105 advertisement of CRAM-MD5 not always recognize
211116 plugins leak an acrobat hkey
211166 [FIX]Fix random leaks in Inspector
211169 nsIHelperAppLauncherDialog::ShowProgressDialog unused
211181 [FIXr]URI fixup should work with UTF8 strings
211183 Infinite loop in nsBlockFrame::DoRemoveFrame
211193 [FIXr] random array cleanup in exthandler
211195 [FIX]GetFocusControllerForDocument should not return raw addrefed ptr
211196 [FIX]Clean up some array stuff in nsXMLContentSink
211265 Log doesn't check the return value of PL_DHashTableInit
211271 RDFServiceImpl::Init doesn't check the return value on PL_DHashTableInit
211275 GetAtomHashEntry doesn't check the return value of PL_DHashTableInit
211281 optimization for 'rare' oom check
211296 [FIX]Setting attributes with non-null namespace of HTMAelements broken
211357 [FIX]Crash - accessing TR.rowIndex
211360 add contract ids for commonly used components (so cid usage can be removed)
211378 Unable to paste into editor widgets with middle mouse button
211380 [FIX]random already_AddRefed fu could be useful in nsScreen
211384 Importing a CRL that already exists in the DB caused NSS_Shutdown to fail
211432 Building without XUL is busted.
211440 BGCOLOR does not work without a # char in the color code on table which is output dynamically using getElementByID function anainnerHTML property
211476 Should not depend on internal region struct
211479 pop3 password failed error msg missing
211488 gtk2 native theme cleanup
211537 Dom Inspector not working properly-doesn't display full tree of nodes
211599 Can't open link with javascript and linefeed in the href
211645 Minimo continues to link against xpcom_compat
211729 FTP listing in latest builds is broken.
211846 Alt-Down not working consistently with combo boxes
211889 remove DataURI attribute from nsIMIMEInfo
211895 When building on xcode, should use pbbuild instead of pbxbuild
211992 Shift + F10 doesn't open the context menu on OS/2
212004 A crash in CERT_IsUserCert because cert->trust is NULL
212112 A recursive deadlock on td->cache->lock
212114 FormatStatusMessage broken for aStatusArg with more than two args
212118 Small bug in net_ParseFileURL: Substring(inURL, schemeBeg, schemeBeg + schemeEnd)
212132 Allow disabling of profile locking.
212133 [FIXr]Images flub xml:base
212284 Adding a web site to allowed popup site list crashes Mozilla [@ nsPermissionManager::Add ]
212157 Get ready to start freezing some accessibility interfaces
65472 X-mailer in addition to User-Agent
162249 Running external program - lack of decent error messages
201046 Rename Elapsed Time to Time Elapsed
168743 Keep Only Unread Messages Does Not Work Consistently
198898 Rename Time Remaining to Time Left in Download Manager
181372 Mozilla crashes when I try to download/sync my IMAP folders for later offline use [@ nsImapMailFolder::SyncFlags]
160198 Mozilla 1.1 exposes Epson problem Epirpe10
213620 Bad painting / invalidation on incremental reflow
213595 Docshell should check for OOM w/ ToNewCString
211852 Tab enters iframes but does not leave them
212626 iframe shortens shift+tab cycle
213611 comment lies: looping macro does not handle observers removing themselves in nsImageLoadingContent
211174 Calling Get() on an nsSupportsHashtable and casting leaks
211263 DomainPolicy::DomainPolicy doesn't check the return value of PL_DHashTableInit
174531 caret is not visible when typing
15364 Add line numbers to View Source
213465 There is no way to collapse the space below a caption when giving a margin-top to a table.
182193 crash opening bugtraq-digest mails via IMAP, no error message
213601 Switch some users of NS_NewAtom over to do_GetAtom
209885 Support <tab linkedpanel="panelId"/>
213495 Incorrect rendering of after clicking on any link
213341 nsGenericElement and derivatives should use smart pointers where plausible
161069 Java applet not initialized
188761 Change visible:invisible times in <blink> (make it less evil)
66857 disabling javascript still loads javascript into cache.
211634 [FIX]Add GetOwnerDocument on nsIContent or nsGenericElement
205709 javascript script warning in abDragDrop.js
182166 strict javascript warnings in pref-winhooks.js
213768 reverse sorting by thread broken
213854 strange text selection when doubleclicking on a word
178122 Calling GetFromExtension() from GetFromMIMEType() is broken
148960 Wrong window returns to top when file dialog window is used in mail account settings
161958 .pps files not recongnized correctly
211270 InMemoryDataSource::Init doesn't check the return value of PL_DHashTableInit
163882 downloading a PDF file in hotmail causes it to be renamed to abc.pdf.EXE
207742 Mozilla crash after closing blank window created when exiting screensaver
213918 Applet crashes latest Mozilla [@nsCSecurityContext::GetOrigin ][@ jlSystem ]
213961 missing check in ensureSelection()
199237 non-textual docs(image/media) opened in a new win/tab have url-escaped names in title/tab
213912 Mozilla crashes when you go to .js-File in chrome://
164188 MPEG saved as video.mpg.mpeg
213978 Mozilla crashes when trying to open an .XPI
213781 Floating object rendered vertically incorrectly
213894 XPI Installation crashes [@ nsXPITriggerItem::SetPrincipal]
213882 consider making aFileExt the primary extension if it is an extension
132153 mail folders are coming up empty
207634 Want AllocateRawSortKey function
198293 support alpha channel for .ico images
210044 midle-click will open the webpage on two equal tabs
165059 Delete key to put in trash
211470 A nsIURI-based hashtable key could be useful
192729 Keyboard focus non-functional after error when opening link in new tab
213796 Crash In CAPS.DLL On Startup [@ nsPrincipal::GetHashValue]
213847 Error: uncaught exception: enablePrivilege not granted
213344 mozilla (and Netscape 6.x & 7.x) parse .SMIL files incorrectly
214006 [FIX]Update Linux helper app code a tad
175488 Mozilla sometimes doesn't display Sent Items folder with correct headers
214020 Null security callbacks [@ nsHttpConnection::GetInterface]
193526 italicized links containing 'p (apostrophe-p) in text not completely visible
109823 Account Wizard Identity window size does not contain all text
214107 help-index1.rdf - not-wf xml - nc:link attr missing end quote
213291 Crash in compose window when editing address book information
201805 Multiple Messages with Same Subject line from same sender incorrectly marked as Junk
185536 Using of different phrases for the almost the same problem
212683 cleanup usage of Is* utility methods; add new methods
209548 code cleanup in mozilla/editor
214167 missing resources for Positioning and Inline Table Editing
214173 Crash in typeFromExtEquals
214120 Remove unused nsIMsgFolder methods.
213902 In function `cert_DecodeNameConstraintSubTree': warning: unused variable `next'
214143 /content/SidebarPanel.xul cannot be found. Please check the location and try again.
209717 Doc.load fails, when using relative path
213903 unused variables in pcertdb.c
212075 Submit buttons require three clicks when using HTTPS
211222 Entering a # in the smtp auth username textbox results in the smtp servers name dissapearing from the smtp server dropdown list (Mozilla Mail 1.3)
190305 XML prettyprint message can't be localized
214178 Crash Exiting Mozilla
214048 accounts out of order in mail-news folder pane
214190 Browser fails to start after splash screen.
184177 Build 1.3a 12-07, tabbed browser, middle-click option when checked scrolls, doesn't open link in tabbed window.. Does not open link in new tab window.
214050 Localize CAPS more
213985 Browser hangs when left clicking on link to download external application associated files.
212509 nsToolkitCompsCID.h: No such file or directory (and numerous firebird build failures)
213974 too much checkbox in subscribe window
112656 nsDependentString assertions when ScanTxt() runs on certains news messages
214336 crashes in mime_find_class() when editing (ctrl-e) a signed email
213962 js warning about referrer property on xul documents
214337 Window shows XUL source, not web page
213273 Browser just exits when open a link in a new tab while running with gtk 2.2 and atk libraries
165847 file:///c:/ has icons but file:///c:\ does not
213899 disable encoders for X11core fonts (in ucvcn and ucvtw2) on non-Unix
111346 remove content quality stubs
207208 {inc}Table lays out too wide when image is not pulled from image cache
214398 Refactor some copied code into a function in nsXMLHttpRequest
213688 Possible memory leak copying messages (between servers)?
214025 [@ nsHTMLCSSUtils::IsCSSEditableProperty]
213852 Address book crashes when validating a card modification
214391 Dragservice isn't always available
213516 Mozilla 1.5b saves web pages with .html extension as .html.htm
213914 [FIX]Helper app panel blank
213921 [FIX]Backwards assumptions in helper app service could be security issues
103401 mozilla cannot open imap folders that have too many UID gaps
210694 build warnings in nsImapProtocol.cpp
182275 IMAP_OUT_OF_MEMORY is negative
214026 crash opening address book
212827 mozilla very slow to render page
214487 [FIX]Parsing border-side shorthands messes up with colors
162152 Font too narrow with "system setting" dpi
213992 [FIX]Will not load page if you do not run java scipts
208809 Filenames in XP filepicker are garbage
213897 Order Received column is not sortable
181677 delete first word in table cell, caret jumps to previous cell
192507 extra new lines added when breaking up quoted material
214463 "Get New Themes" doesn't have link appearance
214447 Shorten attribute and method names in nsIAccessible
214343 [FIX]Selection missing pieces and does not cancel properly
214597 Build fails if using french version of MSFT VC7
148187 Remove session-logout code from cookies module
213591 iframes, input images/buttons are not displayed/rendered/visible/are missing 20030723 regression
187686 frame contents wrong at
212415 crash when closing a window opened by java script [@GlobalWindowImpl::RunTimeout ]
214695 Incorrect use of PR_AtomicDecrement on reference count
213513 Infinite retry loop after APOP support when server setting mismatch
214445 View Page Source fails
214577 [FIX]most of the page is black
214669 Remove unneeded references to nsIComponentManagerObsolete
159998 typing named anchor into address bar makes address bar appear to keep focus
213881 Properties for large RDF literals are repeated
214381 Incorrect characters in prettyprint.dtd
213841 Crash on context destruction if 2 breakpoints set at same PC
65727 Change from XP_PC to XP_WIN
182051 Browser crashes [@ CorePlayer::DoCallFunction ]
214681 nsDebugImpl is listed as a leak
214049 null domwindow [@ nsAccessibilityService::OnStateChange]
213543 In function `nsresult Register(const char *)': warning:return of negative value `-1' to `nsresult' warning: negative integer implicitly converted to unsigned type
213549 regxpcom thinks SelfRegisterDll FAILED = successful registration.
214186 Background-image not shown (only in latest nightly-trunks)
111720 table cell height does not match content height when shorten with overflow:hidden
214403 opening text/xml without a stylesheet no longer displays pretty XML source
213482 setting a watched property within the function called by a watch results in crash
164618 Printer Configuration Not Loading
202465 The page is not rendered correctly
200732 crash on utf8 locales on HP-UX
208903 download manager doesn't work with non-ASCII file names.
214191 Crash when trying to print a certain page.
215006 browser crashes on viewing this article
214989 Stretchy MathML frames don't stretch anymore
193585 nsCOMPtr logging broken in GRE builds
127423 Offline prefs appear when Mail&Newsgroups aren't installed
204742 Selecting bookmark from Bookmarks menu opens new window
201866 spellcheck should not check quoted text (plain text compose)
214115 [FIXr]Selection sticks when tabbing through textboxes
165679 Proxy: change in settings not recognized
212892 nsXMLCDATASection::IsContentOfType(nsIContent::eTEXT) claims false
212804 Enable installation of movemail.rdf on non-AIX systems
211285 void nsRuleNetwork::Init doesn't check the return value of PL_DHashTableInit
211286 void nsContentSupportMap::Init doesn't check the return value of PL_DHashTableInit
211290 PRBool nsTemplateMatchRefSet::Add doesn't check the return value of PL_DHashTableInit
214210 crash in JS_strdup ()
208030 JS errors report incorrect line numbers in the source code
214134 No need to define MOZ_ENABLE_COREXFONTS on windows
214839 Need shared PLDHashTableOps for [const] char *key use-cases
215117 SetRootContent handling in nsXMLContentSink is rotten
207377 txMozillaXMLOutput::endHTMLElement needs improvement
214954 embedded stylesheets from scripts don't work, like importStylesheet(elem)
212269 Memory leak on continuous reloading
16967 Need to implement Mark|by Date
215163 nsComposerCommandsUpdater leaks due to incorrect timer usage
215193 Typeahead find resets itself if typing too fast.
205703 Refcount ExprResults
98158 Recursive frames exhaust memory
199345 [minimo] minimo mozconfig options - including replace zlib with system zlib - remove libstdc++ - remove type ahead find - make dist in /embed confgurable
214623 iframe overlaps text until i force a reflow
212244 move ExcludeRemoveList to config.ini
213573 Won't let me install in my preffered directory because it contains the same letters as my windows directory
215307 [minimo] tracking for disable ftp, stream converters, gopher, finger protocol features
213313 shlibsign exception using VC++ 2003
215250 crash in nsTimerImpl::InitWithCallback
211311 courier imap sent mail folder does not have recepient column
154778 Can't access the content of Courier IMAP server after setting 'IMAP server directory' to "INBOX."
213096 Double-click on last word on line selects both that word and the first word on the next line if given line ends with <br>
214155 Mozilla 1.4 no longer allows me to drag bookmarks to toolbar (though normal bookmarking still works).
209375 Form apparently submitted twice; second time empty
208378 junk mail controls on IMAP shared folders causes many "permission denied" popups
210985 Mail & News not closing summary files for newsgroups
165253 Courier-IMAP: Can't see IMAP folders the first time
206811 xp_iconv in nsNativeCharsetutils.cpp should use UTF-16 if available
210107 When you switch from normal to html, composer doubles blank lines in head
52548 Sidebar Links opening in Composer window.
213347 [FIX] Avoid calling HasAttr in AddAttributes
215347 shlibsign exception using VC++ 2003
214743 remove unnecessary/ununsed jamo fallback encoder/decoder helper functions in usca/ugen.c
205682 Save page as (complete) : URLs referred to are turned to/sent back in UTF-8
213477 Right Click menus in composer has items enabled when they should be disabled.
173708 Scrollbar disappears on sidebar bookmarks display after theme change
213973 Bookmarks 'sort by name' doesn't work!
214769 a couple of more registry-encoding pairs for ISO10646 identity mapping fonts
213287 cycling from/to other applciations with Alt+Esc causes menu activation
214152 Crash (Sys3175) when opening URL as bookmarklet
214180 Holding the mouse button down and scrolling down doesn't scroll the window
176290 enabling custom font encoding support in Xft-enabled Mozilla (mathml on xft)
210731 Setup should delete target installation dir on upgrade
198081 Old GRE's left on disk when upgrading Mozilla
213880 Koren font KSC5601.1987-1 support
215316 browser loads page source twice
202608 "unblock images from server" should override "Accept images from orig server only"
212363 OLEAUT32.dll error on startup
215440 Support titledefault attribute for specifying titles to use in lieu of document titles
126626 getNumUnread(true) and getTotalMessages(true) return incorrect values for servers
215496 Fork the chrome registry for Firebird/Thunderbird into mozilla/chrome
215599 Fork xpfe/components/sidebar for Firebird/Thunderbird
213538 fix #ifdef MOZ_THUNDERBIRD code in nsWebShell::OnLinkClickSync()
213823 [FIXr]deCOMify GetParent/GetDocument/GetBindingParent on nsIContent
213416 nsUnknownDecoder: [FIX]Should detect stuff starting with <HEAD> as HTML
212919 MSVC++ .net 2003: Breaks with nsAutoPtr<T>
214081 [FIX]Content sink can get confused about pending script loads
215685 Table cells to not line up properly. Cells display fine in IE
128916 Need new method to the view's js interface that returns header flags from a URI
166219 offline load handler never removed and fires multiple times
214207 update localeVersion for 1.5b
215703 "My Recent Quotes" partition always empty when starting/restarting Mozilla
115710 meta bug: ftang's mac bidi tracking bug
91970 test bug for saari
12985 Uber Mac software conflicts tracking bug
188247 Build LDAP with GCC 3.x on OS/2
179812 gif images get stretched on gdi printer
215776 Mozilla stops sending IMAP command to server after a while,then resumes some 20-25 minutes later
215371 long freeze when Mozilla Mail loses connection to IMAP server and reconnects memory is leaked in stairway to heaven pattern
215598 image submit buttons cause two http hits
215458 mac classic dialog.css: error parsing value for color property
193011 Some tabs unresponsive/won't close when many tabs are open:followup from bug 156405
215634 Corrupt pdf attachments on send, but receive is OK
214941 [FIXr]ASSERTION loading this page
208622 Some animated GIF images don't display properly
214985 nsIHelperAppLauncherDialog + Helper App Service changes
201761 CSS Error (chrome://global/skin/scrollbars.css :43.8):Unknown namespace prefix 'html'. Selector expected. Ruleset ignored due to bad selector.
214217 too many attempts to autologin with incorrect passwd locks out win2k account
212232 Upon launch, browser window is moved away from sides of screen
214051 configure thinks new gcc 3.3.1 has -pedantic long long bug
126216 allow wrapping of error messages
160055 Copy Email Address should unescape e.g. %40 to @
211695 Bugs in nsCertTree.cpp
133503 [REPRO]Ctrl+F4 active during print preview
147679 GetFromMIMEType on Windows only gets one extension and needs rethinking - application/octet-stream always saved as / renamed to EXE with download
213103 Events should go to capturing views even when clip rect is empty [Patch included]
213303 no userlist when room name is made with german "umlauten" like ä ö ü
214761 Loading page crashes when js.options.strict is true [@MSVCRT.DLL ] [@ js_DecompileCode]
194385 deCOMification gfx , widget, layout dll
213461 Want a way to specify single-sided or double-sided printing
211031 Mail with only BCCs cannot be sent "Later" (also saves corrupt draft)
214874 [FIXr]scripts are executed when innerHTML is set
199335 [minimo]make all viewsource stuff configurable
215620 never sends FLAGS for FETCH BODY[]
198004 Broken links in search-db.rdf
214498 Receiving "UID STORE no matching messages" error
216002 [ATK Accessibility] wrong inheritance for nsXULTreeColumnsAccessibleWrap
199507 Once focus is lost, keyboard navigation doesn't work in URL field anymore
213685 POP3 APOP failed error msg missing
149907 Print Preview allows TAB switching -> invalid behaviour
209707 Rendering of shows columns way off
184104 hr inside table cell loses width on certain css values
215001 Thread mode: last message in folder no longer displayed after deleting first message of a collapsed thread
209370 Mozilla won't start on WinXP
103732 mail status "replied" not set if mail replied "offline"
215159 nsViewManager::CreateDisplayList leaks hash keys
207637 Regression: Clicking in scrollbar of multiline <select> erroneously fires onchange
215878 Assertion failure with JS Strict warnings enabled
133243 JS Console icons misnamed in Classic theme.
213084 crash when reading signed messages with some certs
27126 Window positioning on multiple monitors: no localstore.rdf, browser window opens with titlebar under menubar
13180 [PI] Smart window positioning (multi-screen aware)
214690 xpcom should not generate chrome files
206643 [PATCH] major performance improvement in cygwin-wrapper
211834 Crash when trying to show prompts without a parent window
81895 New Bookmark/Folder/Separator should be disabled in Search Results Window
215985 Debugger shows nsDOMClassInfo.cpp as a loaded script
215842 [FIX]Javascript resets Fieldset absolute positioning
52596 for several fonts, bold text expands when selected (mostly sans serif fonts?)
216128 address book worked only once. after that crashed mozilla and stopped working
215768 nsAutoPtr is used where nsAutoArrayPtr should've been used : nsUTF8ConverterService.cpp
214844 [FIX] relatively positioned block w/ overflow:auto should be absolute pos. containing block
210568 Double click doesn't work - Right click doesn't work - Save as doesn't work sometimes
184971 display MIME type of the server in download dialog and not the mime-type returned by windows registry
174322 link opened in a new tab causes primary window to jump to top of page
162655 /stalk action should be configurable: beep, top window
215473 Implement tooltips for z-index and layer buttons in Composer.
136294 Default charset should be localizable
146432 [RFE] add key= to irc urls
180518 Context menu in ChatZilla appears to be corrupted.
184883 JS error appears when clicking on the IRC sort bars
83699 'comma' isn't intl safe for lists; need to make it a separate translatable entity
176971 multiline textbox does not clear after message is sent
199791 parseInt used instead of Math.floor in ChatZilla and Venkman utilities
204347 Chatzilla treats channel name as case sensitive
205150 Grant or Revoke Op/Voice doesn't work
139159 Chatzilla lost connection to IRC server silently
176026 Drag and Drop bug in Bookmark Groups
179138 nsSound::Play doesn't
216237 Stopping event propagation should not cancel system event group handlers
174693 Exception occurs when leaving a channel
215447 Click on Help, Help Context, Index, click on "java and javascript" OR on "Enabling" found therein. No pertinent information is displayed? Yet in Netscape 7.1 it works.
197998 Broken links in help-index1.rdf
212839 Tree control used in preferences dialog does not handle collapsing properly
56301 connect a spellchecker engine for Mozilla
109162 unify advanced server settings into a tabbed dialog
214525 Syncing/downloading newsgroups for offline reading is extremely slow.
176167 Cursor key scrolling doesn't work after opening new tab
212556 mouse wheel scrolling doesn't work on some other sites after window has been minimized
176171 Home page doesn't load when browser opens.
122693 Javascript errors in viewZoomOverlay.js
215487 NTLM Auth doesn't work for Java
215895 Firebird does not unzip or install properly... Stays in "unzipped" folder. Cannot uninstall it cleanly!
134851 security icon does not initially recognize secure site (in first browser window)
211593 Problem building 1.4 on HP-UX 11i with aCC A.03.45
186770 WinXP launch is exceedingly slow (30 sec +) as it gets memory
214637 IMAP access is slow in general [@nsImapMailFolder::CopyMessages]
202179 MAC computation failed with strsclnt
216063 Crashes as it opens the page. It just exits with no other discernible symptoms.
186431 some preference revert to old value when switching to and back from other sub-panels
204672 Menu item "View">"Toolbars">"Navigation Toolbar" and Menu item "View">"Toolbars">"Bookmarks Toolbar" not working
215460 accept cookie dialog's "...all cookies from this site" checkbox does not always suppress further prompting
215270 Crash (in cookies?) [nsHttpChannel::GetCallback]
214077 input type=image with vspace misaligned when attributes set in wrong order
216076 X11 , freetype needed when building portable Calendar , calendar_mac.xpi
61520 Add additional headers to *every* msg
210755 Improve FE performance of multiple message delete
215977 Tooltips corrupt display of text underneath
144053 header for server view should display server statistics
119847 irc:// links with ,isnick sometime fail to connect if server specified without ,isserver modifier
206177 Command list on auto-connect network, not client tab
200413 PgDn/PgUp should scroll chat pane more than 50%
206178 Use Unicode double-quotes in context menus
215730 No "Close View" after joining +k channel without key
201504 Manually hidden channels cannot be shown again with /join #channel
121152 [RFE] Add support for the command manager to chatzilla
136528 command aliases
213037 when i change my /nick, it doesn't change in the nick window but does next to the chat bar.
208376 CTRL-W Does not close channel windows
216120 statusbar broken on CZ open from bookmark or web page link
103378 userlist context menu doesn't contain QUERY comand
126116 Make Chatzilla use utf-8 by default
216018 Want to exclude people when stalking
180873 ChatZilla doesn't remember different nicks
204475 Need user defined commands in chatzilla
207182 Use nsScriptableUnicodeConverter::Finish()
207349 Default nick tab-completion string adds extra space
133011 Safer key mapping for show/hide tabs
206003 View->Close Should Mean /leave on Channel Tabs
116013 tabs are missing a context menu w/ option to close/leave the tab/view
115214 Move Munger submenu to View menu
211518 JavaScript strict warnings in static.js
117848 Closing ChatZilla window does not signoff from channel
216202 When chatzilla receives a JOIN Command from an IRC server, it don't open the new corresponding tab
198548 ``Open at Startup'' view is duplicated when re-connection to network occurs
141531 move quote reply pref (reply below/above) to account settings
215814 ChatZilla no longer displays icons for Voices and Ops
213097 ChatZilla doesn't open it's preferences, but default (Navigator)
212747 ChatZilla preferences are too big for Preferences window
206639 land latest chatzilla
147372 Use .hidden and .collapsed instead of [GS]etAttribute
207617 This URL crashes Mozilla every time [@ js_CompareStrings]
207463 Site Navigation Bar displays when not needed with multiple tabs
216234 capability.principal prefs cause hang on exit and breaks duplicates.xul [@ nsPrincipal::Certificate::~Certificate ] [@ ntdll.dll ]
212965 Sometimes, ignoring a thread (K) also expands it
216646 Camino hangs at start-up
209242 [FIX]back button not using cached pages (when page headers say not to cache)
214259 Download System Upgrade Part 1
215296 Need to restore "- Mozilla Firebird" on Win32
160873 SMTP AUTH bug with server returns 4xx error code
147916 tinderbox sidebar panels shouldn't be on by default for 1.0
215278 "Manage Bookmarks" does not display "Last Visited" information, so cannot sort by "Last Visited"
170504 Compose from template containing "Inline Styles" and a background image loses the background image
200004 "match only previously typed sites" autocomplete pref doesn't work (type in location bar and nothing is matched)
203785 Can't send mails: already authenticated
215742 AUTH CRAM-MD5 authentication failure
216112 add ability to disable object tracking in jsd
210561 [minimo][m1] move cookies into necko
214402 Keep thread pane blank until we are logged in
56961 Bad functionality of arrows in custom mode
213790 Blank page when cache is enables
175896 crash when selecting data overflowing vertically in a textarea having the overflow = hidden property [@nsSelection::GetFrameForNodeOffset ]
203037 sidebar doesn't redraw correctly
167468 Message body pane doesn't refresh correctly after collapsing headers
205649 convert U+00E5 in ISO-8859-1 in xul files to UTF-8
116867 background image left locally
22299 FTP support for VMS
76761 Add help for Microsoft Internet Explorer users
190735 deCOMtaminate nsIFrame
214591 Help text has typo
216599 Off by one errors printing transparent images
216851 On installing it removes every bookmark, eventhough its installed on top of an old 1.4 version of mozilla
216989 When accessing above site w/1.4 browser immediately crashes.
203443 main program icon doesnt get pulled in properly with MingW builds
215871 Can't run Mozilla, Firebird, and Thunderbird concurrently
199522 Unable to access stored passwords
63042 `Print' toolbar button shouldn't have a menu
215204 No spellchecker for me after downloading the latest nightly of Mozilla
195093 'modernize' nsILocale and nsIPlatformCharset
216927 Cannot Setup Email Account for SBC aDSL Email Account
217048 Opening the following URL causes Mozilla 1.5a to crash
212793 crash when following link with a file upload box is on the screen with XSLT generated content
213282 mozilla not sending basic authorization header
195851 Go Button not enabled when selected;
216452 land venkman 0.9.78
206029 Flash Plugin installer removes line endings from all.js
161206 should be able to reconnect in response to connection closed
214687 Show account name in identity field
187608 Using -moz-opacity and hover with images causes images to flicker on hover
214949 XUL error pages have no content except for Try Again link
215457 PAC: Autoproxy does not work first time browser is started
210647 [FIX] Crash when trying to change charsets to "user defined"
214176 Crash Opening Mail/News Component
168098 Binary attachments will be encoded as quoted-printable and get corrupted in some situations
215325 Mail/News Account Wizard starts up with Back/Finish buttons
212599 profile deleted when updating from 1.4b to 20030712 build (1.5b)
216939 Double-clicking a TEXT/html attachments shows helper app dialog
213602 Switch some users of NS_GetWeakReference over to do_GetWeakReference
216505 Support using $topsrcdir in mozconfig
216366 configure doesn't wrap all ActiveState Perl calls
170693 moz crashes randomly opening a new window [@nsWindowWatcher::GetActiveWindow ]
202085 Combine mai code into accessible/src/atk
170514 Language name representation not localisable
216243 "browser, file, save page as" to a write protected media: no error message
216533 Move the "Composition" settings *above* the "Addressing" settings in the Account Settings
216606 New advanced IMAP popup should have IMAP as the default tab
211088 Tabs menu does not show the installed sidebars
165261 <hr style="width : auto"> not working if <hr> is block
216908 MacOS X builds are incorrectly linked against libiconv if it's present.
214846 Browser Crashed upon loading of
211657 [FIXr]Should use '::' for anonymous boxes and other -moz pseudo-elements
214201 warning: unused variable `acrl' In function `CERT_CRLCacheRefreshIssuer'
179728 work offline not unchecked when toggled from status bar
190335 Include gdiplus.dll in SVG / GDI+ builds
167393 layout error on mailnews 3 pane horiz. grabber
79315 [rel pos]Overflow of relatively positioned elements not painted/repainted
214245 Downloading message bodies in folders for offline viewing from IMAP server (IMAP4rev1 v12.264 on Linux) is very slow. Seen in all Mozilla and Thunderbird versions since Mozilla 1.1
109044 Install error -239 registering chrome on some systems
209902 Images from same 2nd-level domain and another 3rd-level domain shouldn't be blocked
184059 cookperm.txt entries should override default cookie setting
210300 Incomplete Help Index
216705 Mozilla crashes after trying to open another message
217063 Preferences categories expand after being closed
172530 url drop-down box appears to the left of the url bar
210393 win32 fails to build using cygwin make 3.80 "unable to find"
192577 URL bar drop-down does not collapse on second click on down-arrow
206947 Synchronous XMLHttpRequest crashes the browser on approx. 500th call on Mac and Linux [@ nsEventQueueImpl::GetYoungestActive]
216467 "mail server responded: APPEND failed: Unknown flag: $MDNSent" when moving messages from local Sent folder to remote server
212145 [FIXr]Generated content with overflow:auto; declared fails
162640 an error occurred while creating a message compose window. Please try again. T
216111 Component Bar Icons have disappeared from status bar
194638 Message (bottom) pane of 3-pane not repainted (when selecting folder, expand from collapsed state)
213330 Rewrite of nsAppShell for OS/2
217238 Copying text to clipboard results in question marks
211984 List of printers doesn't update in Mozilla on OS/2
213390 Random crashes when loading some websites since 0718 build [@nsRenderingContextWin::GetWidth][@nsRenderingContextWin::GetTextDimensions][@ 0x00616e61 ]
208721 Can't type Unicode Keysyms when compiled with Gtk2
216940 mailnews channels violate nsIChannel api (contentType)
213337 Saving PDF different from viewing PDF
211788 GTK - Universal prompt should invert buttons order
210588 Cancelling download of .lnk file deletes target of .lnk file
121164 Unignored threads never properly returned to All or Unread Threads view
38370 Can't change <HR> and <BR> color
215041 Add support for WinIE's _main target for sidebars (in addition to _content)
216736 regression from patch for bug 86947
198506 Text in XML pretty printing overlaps (first time only)
55368 Right and bottom scrollbars disappear! (Regression)
203239 Unable to scroll down with mousewheel over objects contained in IFRAMEs
98399 hang when STARTTLS returns failure
216848 When trying to start browser, error SYS 3175 in XPCOM.DLL on some PC's
209048 recent mozilla build corrupt the .mozilla folder on shutdown (2003061100)
210089 crash if I try to read a posting in a newsgroup containing a "&" in its name
216920 Enhancements to OS/2 D&D code - Phase II
115096 In reply composition, RFC2047 encoded characters of Subject are mis-interpreted if not in charset of body
89285 Often get "message was sent but copying to sent folder failed" error dialog
198823 Should be able to set Default Character Coding in Preferences dialog
214116 Lots of references to Netscape Webmail in the Mailnews Section of Help Window.
207779 Bookmark Manager View->Show Columns menu does nothing.
209113 |Node| should grab constants on nsIDOM3Node
209079 crash while opening broken GIF image [@ do_lzw]
216926 need correctness fixes for newer g++
216285 nsAddressBook.cpp:1267: error: comma at end of enumerator list; gcc 3.3.1
134492 Print list of attachments / List of attached files in printed E-Mails
210744 make chatzilla better
207243 -moz-image-region dimensions for spelling button are wrong
211289 select all / delete leaves the thread pane in a bad state (dots in thread pane)
214855 Update browser.startup.homepage to new 1.4 start page
58613 "last page visited" cannot handle framed pages properly
209545 use XPIDL for nsImapMiscellaneousSink and nsImapExtensionSink
210229 Helper app Window for text/html document (two comma-delimited charsets in http content-type header)
213825 [FIX]attempts to download balances.dll file on logout of site
214700 move string into mozilla/xpcom
200439 Last character typed in text field when creating new profile is not displayed in target location
151002 abstract the content by a treewalker
216800 drag-n-drop to a GTK2 mozilla build often fails
194582 gklayout.dll causes crash when saveEdit() function is called on the page (DOM node insertion and removal) [@nsHTMLButtonElement::HandleDOMEvent]
198515 When print a plugin, browser give the wrong file pointer to plugin.
205023 nsTraceRefcnt::LogAddCOMPtr and LogReleaseCOMPtr missing in debug buld
211982 CSS error in EditorOverride.css
212641 Alt+Down in URL bar leads to historty popup that won't go away
213035 replace NS_ConvertUTF8toUCS2 with IsUTF8 for UTF8-ness checking