Roadmap for RDF in Navigator

Robert Churchill
John Giannandrea

RDF is a middleware or bridge technology. As with all such technologies, there are two areas of improvement.

More/better Backend

Here are some backend data sources that would be good to have.
  1. A z39.50 parser. This is the stuff that most libraries in the world use.
  2. MARC parser. Those of you who know what it is know how widely it is used.
  3. Finish the ldap data source.
  4. Appletalk, NFS, Novell and Microsoft networks.
  5. Netscape Cache.
  6. your idea goes here...

More/better Frontend

  1. Java (already done, but not in the public source)
  2. Javascript (we are working on this)
  3. Improvements to Aurora
  4. New and alternative graph viewers
  5. your idea goes here...

Feel free to send us mail if you have ideas or directions to add.