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XPInstall QA - Getting Started

by David Epstein
maintained by Jimmy Lee and Grace Bush

This page will help you get started with XPInstall testing. XPInstall is a convenient way to upgrade your software. It allows users to install packages, themes, files, directories, and perform a host of file operations such as copying a file from one location to another. Test cases are executed by triggering .xpi files (.xpi is an archive format).

Try out our latest released build and do some testing.

  • Make sure to read the release notes.
  • Download the build, install, and run the application.
  • Now you're ready to start your triggering adventure.

Here are the steps for triggering a .xpi test case:

  • Go to XPInstall Test Page.
  • Select an item from the Acceptance or Functional Test Case menu.
  • Press the Trigger button.
  • When you see the "Items to install" dialog, press Install.
  • Check your hard drive for installed contents.
  • Check the logfile called install.log for test results. Located in program folder.

Triggering test cases by clicking file name (mime type support):

Alternatively, you can trigger a .xpi test case simply by clicking on it.

Some tips for verifying test cases:

  • When something is installed on your hard drive, make sure it corresponds to the location mentioned in the log file.
  • The log file entry should indicate whether a test case has succeeded or failed. Errors are reported by error number.
  • Here's an example of a successful log file entry:
http://jimbob/jars/a_addtestfile.xpi -- 06/01/2000 17:21:25
Acceptance: a_addtestfile
[1/2] Create Folder: C:\Program Files\Netscape\Netscape6\testFolder
[2/2] Installing: C:\Program Files\NetscapeNetscape6\testFolder\smrtupdt.txt
Install completed successfully
Finished Installation 06/01/2000 17:21:25

Here's an example of a test case that didn't go too well:

file:///C|/XPIStage/test/test.xpi -- 05/31/2000 18:22:09
Acceptance: a_getfolder_win_fileurl
Install **FAILED** with error -229
Install **FAILED** with error -229
Finished Installation 05/31/2000 18:22:09

Creating new test cases:

If you want to help out by creating new test cases, here's what to do:

  • Write a test case in JavaScript. Use one or more of the XPInstall APIs.
  • Name the script install.js.
  • Zip up the script and any other file or executable into an .xpi archive.
  • Send us the archive and we'll review it.

Here is a sample install.js file (installs a text file):

var regName = "a_addtextfile";
var vi = "";
var xpiSource = "foo.txt";

initInstall("Acceptance: a_addtextfile", "addtextfile", vi, 0);
f = getFolder("Program", "a_addtextfile");
err = addFile(regName, vi, xpiSource, f, xpiSource, true);
logComment("add file should return 0 (success) = " + err);

if (0 == getLastError())

If you have any suggestions or ideas, contact us.

Did you find a bug? Go to Mozilla's bug tracking system called Bugzilla.

  • Get a Bugzilla account. You have to do this in order to enter or update/comment in any bug reports
  • Read the bug writing guidelines. Or you can use the bug writing helper.
  • Want to review some open XPInstall bugs? For example, here is a list of all open XPInstall bugs.
  • Some points to keep in mind: If you think that you've found a bug, you should:
    • perform a search to see if the bug has already been reported
    • check the XPInstall development newsgroup to see if there has been recent discussion on a feature
    • if a search doesn't turn up a bug report, go ahead and file one, making sure you follow the bug writing guidelines
    • if you are unsure of how to perform a search, please check with us
    • narrow your search by setting Program = Browser and Component = Installer:XPInstall Engine

You've been a great help!

Thank you for your participation. We greatly value your input and efforts.
Please send feedback, questions, and test results to us.